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  1. Sharon Brooks says:

    Hi my name is Sharon Brooks, and on Friday December 10, 2021, I brought a friend to drop paperwork off at the Watts location. He had spoken to two agents who advised him to drop off his paperwork at the Watts location in CA. We arrive at or around 3:40/45pm when the security guard Mr. Cortes approach the door telling my friend that he can’t drop the paperwork off and will need to make an appointment. We then asked for an SSI supervisor and security guard refused to get one, even after looking at the paperwork to be dropped. The paperwork was his letter of verification of address. Mr Cortes was very rude and disrespectful. I did not appreciate the way he discriminated a person with an mental disability even after we explained that all we are doing is dropping off paperwork. Mr. Cortes laughed in our face and told us that we was not dropping off any paperwork.

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