Savannah, Georgia ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Savannah, Georgia, 9 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Savannah, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 16.0 months. The average case processing time in Savannah is 542 days.The Savannah average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 44%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Savannah ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Savannah 9 16.0 months 542 days 2.0 19% 44% 37%
Georgia14.6 months523 days1.720%43%36%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Matthew Flournoy
Judge: Donald B Fishman
2/28/2020 11:40:42 PM

I’ve had the extreme displeasure of having him as my judge as well. I’ve had two hearings with him. The first hearing I poured out my soul to him In vain. He denied me and my case was remanded back to him. At the second hearing he actually said he didn’t want to hear any testimony and berated my lawyer for the case being remanded in the first place. The only smile he gave was asking me if I was on drugs, and when I stated that I didn’t believe he would give me a fair hearing. He seemed to revel in the fact that he was causing me pain. I even had to be put under suicide watch for 10 hours after meeting with him, which was also submitted as evidence. It’s unfortunate for me that the second hearing wasn’t on video to capture his facial expressions. There’s no doubt in my mind that I was discriminated against by this man. Two weeks after my second hearing I received my unfavorable ruling yet again. His empathy meter is nonexistent. My heart goes out to all those who share my experience. And to anyone looking at this to find out the character of this judge; just know that if your a minority then it’s probably a 96% chance that the appeals council is your only hope to a hopefully fair decision.

Annesah Nasheed
Judge: Paul S Carter
5/14/2019 6:34:53 PM

Judge Carter is a man full of wisdom and fair in his judgment. Thank you, your Honor, God bless you!

Judge: Paul S Carter
5/4/2019 3:39:00 PM

I would rather be in prison than let him just steal from me my wife has to work 2 job to support us I will get my justice

Judge: Millard L Biloon
3/20/2019 5:09:55 PM

God bless you judge billion, E Jeanice Barnett

Darren kitchend
Judge: Constance D Carter
10/23/2018 11:34:05 PM

She hated me from the time she laid eyes on me..Didnt go by there. Own social security. Dr..She needs to look at by congress. .I also was remaned by appeals council. .she still Denied. Me Didnt follow Appeals. Council. Instructions. If i was a different. Race i would have been approved. All medical. Records text book ssa qualifications. ..If congress. Read this she. Needs to be impeached

Judge: Donald B Fishman
9/4/2018 1:57:27 PM

I agree with other reviews of this judge . he makes things up and puts his opinions above evidence. He actually wrote in his denial that not only was my personal Drs. Lying but also 3 of the Drs social security sent me to for review were lying and the hospital who treated me for 2 heart attacks within a month. Which resulted in 2 stents and plans for more . very bullying mentality about this man. He must be Republican.

C U Soon
Judge: Craig R Petersen
6/11/2018 7:18:37 AM

This is NOT a judge nor A MAN OR DECENT HUMAN BEING. Had a video hearing with this ***** ** ****. Seems he finds humor in completely destroying someones family and life that was already bad enough. Nothing but an oxygen thief. KARMA

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
4/5/2018 8:34:34 AM

Hope you don’t get G. Casher. He thinks he’s a god as he sits high on his thrown. He does not give you a chance of telling your story. He just asks three or four questions. And doesn’t want to hear anymore from you. Waisted three years of my life. If I did not find God in those last 3 years. I would have killed myself. Why go on in such pain. But I have faith in Jesus Christ. Everything will be ok.

Judge: Constance D Carter
2/25/2018 7:42:39 AM

I love Judge Constance Carter!!! She took the time and listened to my lawyer and I. If I didn't understand something, she explained it to me. She approved me for full benefits. God bless her. I really would advise people to always pray and have faith!!

Judge: L. E Davis
12/16/2017 5:27:03 PM

Had my hearing on 12/15/2017 everyone was very nice and judge Davis seemed like he cared what I had to say.. I have to wait for my decision but it was not stressful. I just told the truth.. all I can do!

Robert Brian Harrell
Judge: Constance D Carter
10/4/2017 8:16:38 AM

If you get this judge for your disability, my advice is to change it somehow. She denied me disability when I was assaulted by a cab driver. I am half blind and can’t obtain a drivers license. I also have mental health issues from my brain injury. She threw out all evidence supporting my claim. I served my country four years with honor. The stress that I have endured because of this lady should be a crime. I would sue her, but you can’t sue ssa judges. She is a horrible human being. Please stay clear and good luck.

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
10/2/2017 1:56:50 PM

I was wrong. This Judge is wrong. If you get this Judge be prepared to get denied.

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
6/15/2017 8:00:30 PM

I read every review of this judge and all I can say about this man is that he is very thorough. I was asked just about every question imaginable so that he could get an accurate picture of my disabilities. I have yet to get the results and we are praying that he gets it right. Judge Casher was very professional. If you are really disabled don't worry. If you are faking I imagine you will be found out. If I get negative results I will be sure to report. Good luck everyone.

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
6/5/2017 10:09:49 AM

My families welfare depended on this crooks last words, and he got it wrong but my family suffers badly, I can no longer stand to watch this it's my fault,I've become the anchor around their necks, if I was able to work I would love to, so it's my turn to check out and my bloods on cahers hands, if my back was broke in half he would not have cared, shame on a supposed judge,, may my spirit haunt him the days of his life, it's time for me to go now, goodbye cruel world goodbye, you were very wrong casher,so very so,

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
4/4/2017 10:57:13 AM

I am a decorated veteran I was prepared to give of my life,if that is what's required of me to expose the likes of Jeff casher then it's a worthy cause if it'll keep him from hurting others,

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
4/4/2017 10:21:08 AM

It's not the point my case was denied but the outritht lies and partial truths he used, and how he twisted it around,but he did put it in writing and signed it,so all I know. To do is file complaint with lcq and write letter to potus,which I intend to do,I mean outright lied and left out anything positive for my case!

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
4/3/2017 5:47:59 PM

I made the mistake of using Freedom Disability and after close to 3 years, just got a denial from my hearing. The judge on the case Geoffrey Casher used lies and fabrications in his denial notice; which doesn’t surprise me when he has an approval rating of 25% compared to 60% for the Nation. I guess that is why his salary increased from $106K to $167K in the last 10 years. Just a couple of the ludicrous points the judge made: - Taking more importance from a med consult that lasted 4 minutes and was supposed to be for examining my migraines when he did not even mention the migraines, only my back problems. My back was hurting from sitting in a car 45 minutes being driven to Hinesville for this 4 minute appt. but was supposed to mainly be for the migraines from what the judge said at the hearing. He wrote out all kinds of stuff i supposedly can and cannot do, all based on a 4 minute appt. The judge took this as fact instead or the numerous doctors notes and appointments from my Neurologist and Psychiatrist and Coastal Harbor and Mayo Clinic. - He mentioned me not having medical records or on medicine in the last year. Well that is only because I could not afford to go to my doctors or get medicine without insurance or being on Disability. I went from $65K a year working at St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System to being on Food Stamps. When I applied for Food Stamps I also applied for Medicaid but was turned down, they said I could reapply after getting Disability. I also tried ObamaCare… they told me I did not make any money so that would not apply for me either. So all i could do is wait these almost 3 years since applying for Disability, hoping to make it to the point i could go back to the doctor and get back on my medication. - He mentioned 3 scenarios during the hearing to the Vocational Expert, the 1st had the Expert give 3 jobs (Delivery driver- hard to do since I can not drive from my light sensitivity and migraines, Addresser and Marker- both of which would consist of reading and being in the light)… the 2nd and 3rd scenarios had the Expert say there was no job I could do at all. But mysteriously on the denial report, he fails to mention anything about the 2nd or 3rd scenarios, only the first one listed above. People are prosecuted for fraud, and judge casher deserves to be imprisoned for the fraud he is committing on disabled citizens.

Janet Jones
Judge: Richard Furcolo
3/15/2017 6:07:17 AM

I am nervous and I am scared, have been in front of this man before and denied by him twice.I was very deeply disappointed by the entire process, my attorney failed me so I have a new attorney and have just received the paper work that I'm to appear in front of him again. My family tells me to stay strong but I am so very tired and my health is so very much worse.Not to mention that I have worked and paid into what I consider my money and for whomever reads this: I have been fighting for my disability benefits for 11 years. I just pray to God my fight is coming to an end.

**** *** ******...
Judge: L. E Davis
3/1/2017 12:36:55 PM

someone needs to hang this ******.. Hes fighting for attorneys and our loving federal gov... **** him.. ***** look me and show up at my door ****** and i will ***** you in your ******* face. now you can say i am not disabled. dare you *****

Judge: Richard Furcolo
1/28/2017 8:55:52 PM

I wonder if he would treat his sick daughter, wife or even mother the way he does some. I don't agree with the only posts I see, of course all the positive ones, where are the real ones, you know, life of lifes terms.

Protest callthenews
Judge: Craig R Petersen
7/6/2016 9:38:22 PM

People please know your rights.. We will parish for a lack of knowledge... The judges will be kind and they will appear to be concern, but truthful they are not.. They will fixed your file to agree with what they want to say... Justice is not for all.. You have have 15 years of treatment that shows the illness continue to get worse , but he will find one thing out of 100 years of medical records to base his ruling off. People read your rights, go to your congressman , right the president about how corrupt SSI system is.. I am not blaming the judges because the are a victim of this system too. The have to go against the ethic training and deny you so their number of approval is low.. They want to continue to feed their family.. The best way to expose corruption in the SSI system is to take it to new press , protest, have rallies until your cry is heard..

Steven m potter
Judge: L. E Davis
6/6/2016 10:46:59 AM

No one is listening

Steven m potter
Judge: L. E Davis
6/6/2016 8:13:02 AM

My doctor's told me that I had one thing and charged me money for treatment but then told the judge that I was fine!! Then the consultant exam from SSI was texting someone while he was supposed to be giving me an exam!!! I have never been involved with so many liers!!! These people are all losers!! Lies lies lies!!! Don't waste your time just go and gang yourself cause that is you only option!

Steven m potter
Judge: L. E Davis
6/6/2016 8:06:26 AM

Don't waste your time! They will take truths and make them anything that works to their advantage. My BS rheumatologist tell me that I have spondylitis and give me poison that does work and says that I am better after it doesn't work and then gives me something stronger that doesn't work and then something else that doesn't work finally they said there is nothing that they can do and that I will only get worse. So they dropped me and said they cannot help me and referred me to pain management seeing how I got better!! All of my medical records are contradictory to what the doctors told lies lies lies!!!!!

Steven m potter
Judge: L. E Davis
6/5/2016 12:44:39 PM

I put so much FAITH in this guy.But like everyone else whom I thought cared just goes to show you i can not trust anyone. The CDC calls it abandonment I call just another LIE and more false hope. I thought if I could just make it until the hearing that I might be able to keep on living with just a little help.There is no reason to live in a world of lies and deceit. SSI if a fraud!

Steven m potter
Judge: L. E Davis
6/5/2016 7:44:16 AM

The VE said I cannot return to my old job and the VE said there were no jobs that I could do. My medical records show everything that that would make me me eligible for help! 4years of compiling evidence and I was still rejected!

Judge: Constance D Carter
5/24/2016 9:37:58 AM

I believe Judge Carter is the meanest woman I've had the displeasure to meet. She totally disregards evidence and formed an opinion before the hearing. I believe that medical professionals should be making decisions. She is delusional and made up information in my final report. I knew it would be bad when the person in front of me came out cursing. He was disabled but she does not feel that benefits are justified. Dissatisfied

Judge: L. E Davis
4/24/2016 12:14:38 PM

I am not sure how it will turn out. ALJ Davis! This fellow really does care.. He was really listening, I cannot describe it. I feared that i would say to much, so i paraphrased how i felt to keep it short and to the point and i feel like he heard what i was trying to convey...if i am denied i hope that i feel the same way, but at that point nothing will really matter, because i tried, and i am running out of energy. Hypertension mixed with depression is an awful mix.

Judge: Robert O Foerster
11/28/2015 10:51:45 PM

One of the best, goes over Your case and makes sure you understand what he is looking for.Reads more from your med records then most.Likes to see you in person.Kind and courteous!!!

Angel Timmons
Judge: Millard L Biloon
11/3/2015 4:36:40 PM

My case was Oct 6. The honorable Judge Biloon is a very knowledgeable man. I suffer from depression and a mental illness disorder. And have pain in my arms legs and have problems with the disks in my neck. I call it arthristis I been trying to work for the last 14 years and can't hold employment. I hope and pray that the Judge will approve my disability. I been unemployed and waiting three long stressful years. I first file disability in 2004 and trying to keep a job, but been unsuccessful. Now I am waiting 60 more days for the outcome of some more doctors.

Judge: Millard L Biloon
5/12/2015 5:05:39 AM

Judge Miloon heard my case April 16th 2015, have not received decision yet, but this judge made me feel he was concerned about my well being. He was patient and didn't mind explaining any questions you don't understand. He didn't make me feel intimidated and was sympathetic to my situation. Knowledgeable about the notes he had. Just be honest with him because he is very knowledgeable about any subjects you talk about.

Judge: Geoffrey S Casher
4/24/2015 7:28:47 PM

Judge Mr. Casher was understanding . Mr. Casher made me feel very comfortable during my recent hearing . Also Judge Mr. Casher was VERY concerned and also VERY fair with his decision with my hearing case and files .

Easter Smith
Judge: John H Maclean
2/4/2015 6:02:58 AM

I been through so much sickness since may 2012 on top of caring for sister with some of the same sickness who died like my and another sister had lumps in breast one sister had cancer all over body 6 months after a supposed benign mass removed, the other 2 and a half years after hers was removed then my mom died 2015 of breast cancer this is so hard for me can't afford to get all medicine on the way losing ever thing including my thoughts my trip to ER the Dr told me my primary needed to get me help to get left breast evaluated. Since then having siezures

Tammra Biggers
Judge: Richard Furcolo
7/10/2014 5:54:37 PM

Judge Furcolo is a very kind and considerate man. He is very patient and caring. He takes his time with you and your lawyer. Have all your paperwork in order, have notes of your disabilities and any medications you are on to make it easier for everyone involved. He does not make you feel like lesser of a person for filling for disability. He has great questions for the vocational representative also.

Judge: Richard Furcolo
7/8/2014 1:07:54 PM

Judge Furcolo not only is a fair and patient judge, but also very professional. He did everything he could to make me comfortable. He was very respectful. If your going before this judge, make sure all your ducklings are marching in a row, and things will go smoothly.

Dawn Jones
Judge: Richard Furcolo
3/27/2014 9:51:50 PM

A very nice man. Very respectable, patient, and caring. Please stand up when he enters the room. He deserves this and likes it.

Judge: John H Maclean
2/25/2014 1:42:23 PM

I appeared before Judge Maclean on January 14th, 2014, and he was very prepared for my case. He was very considerate, and seemed understand my circumstances and my case very well. He is very fair in my opinion. I think he tries to always do what is right for the people. For this reason, I am writing this with hope that Judge Maclean will see this and hopefully, I will get my case handed to the UNDERWRITING DEPARTMENT. I really need your help Mr. Maclean, and I do hope that you will get them to work on my case very soon. I have been waiting, and I called the office today, but all I got was voice mail, and I left 3 messages with no return phone call, or reply. PLEASE HELP ME!! MY CAR WAS REPOSSESSED AND I AM ABOUT TO BECOME HOMELESS! I just don't understand why this process is taking so very long to simply send over to the underwriters...PLEASE HE ME!!!

Judge: Donald B Fishman
11/26/2013 12:58:35 PM

I agree with everyone else, he dismissed my case before I even sat down I think. As the others said he is a bully, who wants to confuse you. But you can win a appeal against him but if you win your appeal you have to go right back to the same judge. Yes someone please move this judge to drug cases.

karen barrett
Judge: John R Mason
10/15/2013 8:38:13 AM

judge mason I'am trying to reach you youheard my case and I was denied but thats ok the file you have for me needs to be sighned off on by you to cancel your decision because I have a clark case allready opened so if you would please sighn my file please thanks.

Michael Smith
Judge: John H Maclean
10/3/2013 1:58:49 AM

I appeared before Judge Maclean last week. Judge Mac lean was extremely prepared for my hearing. He wasvery concerned, I felt, for my well being and that of my family. However my attorney, Mr. Shapiro of Herd and Smith, was in my opinion not prepared for the hearing. He failed to produce the pre trial brief requested by Judge Maclean,now a week out, after being given 30 days to complete the brief,my attorneyhas notified me that they have been given additional time to complete the brief and I should anticipate a 2 to 4 month wait before Mr. Maclean makes a final ruling in my case. I do not feel like this is at the Judges request. I believe it is in some way an attempt in the behalf if my attorney to draw out the decision in my case in an effort to increase their revenues received, as a % of my back pay. I don't knowwhat to do I can barely put a meal together for my children and my psychological conditions continue to get worse. Judge Maclean in my opinion will not allow this if he knew the current temperature of my families financial conditions. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! HELP JUDGE MACLEAN

Ms. Rose
Judge: O. Lisa Dabreu
8/22/2013 11:17:33 AM

It was very nice seeing an confidently smart African American Judge. I use to want to be a lawyer before i got sick. I have been working since i was 14, and hate that I became ill. With no help or family it is hard taking care of 5 children disable. I love my children so I will continue to fight the good fight of faith. I have lost everything my home, car, credit, ambition, & husband. I just pray that approved or denied. God will use me to continue to spread faith hope & love, I do believe I am pregnant with divine purpose so I will wait to see what the end will be.

Judge: John R Mason
8/20/2013 4:28:39 PM

Very knowledgeable and stern. Although I was very nervous sitting in front of him, he listened to what I had to say and asked questions. I believe in my heart Judge Mason treated me like a human and that is what meant the most to me. I was convinced my claim would be denied because I was so nervous and I had/have a decent claim. Judge Mason was able to see this and review the law and put his masterful touch on my claim. I am greatly proud to say to Judge Mason you are a Great Man with a load of responsibility but yet you took the time to read and review my case and listen. I salute you Judge Mason "Rangers Lead the way".Thanks for all that you do...

Judge: L. E Davis
6/18/2013 7:47:05 PM

I think the judge is 50% fair he listens to a social worker that says you can or cant work. In my case she was unfair and bias. Fact in case is I was able to work in child care. I'm an old man over 50 working in child care and the jobs she read off OR NOT ON FILE at the dept. of labor. I see that she is very biased and needs to be moved to another dept due to the jobs she makes up.

Duane B
Judge: Craig R Petersen
5/13/2013 6:37:46 AM

Still waiting on final decision because my case went to "Quality Review" after the Judge's decision. Judge Peterson helped me to feel comfortable at my hearing. Do yourself a favor and be completely honest. Give him the benefit of the doubt because I got the feeling he knows when you're blowing smoke. I was "totally" honest about my being Bipolar and how it's been hard for me to keep a job because of my mood swings and personality disorder. I was so nervous. I take different medications ( 7 ) to manage my Bipolar. He asked a lot of questions but I didn't feel irritated as I normally do ( part of my illness) when someone asks me " a lot" of questions. I'm also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and my illness has been really ******* my relationships with family, friends and employers. Because Judge Peterson really was kind respectful and courteous, I didn't feel that way at all. Even though his case approval rating is less than 50%, I really feel good about my outcome.

Prefer to Withhold from Public
Judge: Morton J Gold
4/30/2013 6:02:32 AM

I know Judge Gold does not have a high approval rate but I was honest and provided as much medical support as possible for one without insurance. As a result of some confusion in locating the venue, I was almost late and apologized but Judge Gold soothed that concern and continued the hearing without any negative discern. He was professional; listened without interruption and appeared to be genuinely open to what both my attorney and I had to say. I may not have had all that is required to win over a SSDI approval but I feel I did all that was possible and followed the guidelines of qualification as outlined on the SSA SSDI pages. My attorney reviewed with Judge Gold the “positives” of my being (no drugs, no drinking, no smoking, no switch from unemployment to disability filing, sparkling work history, etc.). I DO believe that if you try to smoke the Judge (or hide things), he has heard everything and would see right through you and any negativity of this Judge would be the result of one not being honest with themselves and thus, the courts. Know the rules, be completely honest, have facts not speculation and be concise in your presentation. I don’t believe this Judge comes into his court with any preconceived notions unless your case presents red flags that suggests possible fabrication. Regardless of a favorable/unfavorable decision of this Judge, I feel his overall delivery of my hearing was just and fair.

Judge: Morton J Gold
4/29/2013 8:13:50 PM

I felt fortunate for Judge Gold being the judge assigned to my disability hearing. Judge Gold conducts his hearings in a professional and dignified manner. He is very articulate and obviously highly intelligent (don't think for one second you can get something over on him) and hears the claimants case with patience and a sincere desire to know the case and it's merits from the claimants point of view. In any case involving mental disabilities embarrassing questions MUST be asked and answered with complete honesty for the judge to get the information he needs to make a fair decision. Don't try to downplay anything. That will only hurt your case and could easily lead to a denial. Don't be shy.Tell it exactly as it is. Judge Gold has heard worse I assure you.

Judge: John G Farrell
4/24/2013 11:24:04 AM

Judge Farrell was very fair. I was expecting him to be intimidating. He made me feel very comfortable. After a 5yr process; I am glad it is over finally. Now just awaiting back payment.

Randy Foster
Judge: L. E Davis
4/21/2013 7:08:04 PM

I know Judge Davis for more then 30 years, Outstanding Person and Judge, he is the best to handle your case.

Rita Kirkland
Judge: Morton J Gold
4/5/2013 10:25:44 AM

I went before Judge Gold for a mental disability. Sever depression disorder, anxiety disorder and bi-polar disorder. All very well documented for approx. 6 years. Prior to the hearing I was sent to the states doctor for an evaluation. He agreed with my doctor in that I could no longer work. During the hearing Gold asked the states Vocational Expert his opinion. Not once, but twice, he stated that I was unemployable. Gold STILL denied my claim. Although he was very kind and respectful during the hearing I question if he should determine the fate of SSDI claimants as he only approves 28% of the cases which come before him.

a judge
Judge: John H Maclean
2/26/2013 3:51:55 PM

Judge Maclean transferred to Savannah several yeats ago

Judge: John R Mason
2/26/2013 1:48:20 PM

gwendolyn hudson
Judge: L. E Davis
1/16/2013 12:17:05 PM

never been b4 a judge.This judge appeared sincere.i don'this decision but felt he wad fair.

Judge: Craig R Petersen
1/8/2013 1:38:07 PM

We are still waiting for a decision, but he was very polite and had reviewed the file prior to the hearing. He treats both the claimant and attorneys with respect.

Judge: Robert O Foerster
1/8/2013 1:22:27 PM

He is the greatest Judge. He is the very best Judge. His wife is a lucky woman!

Judge: L. E Davis
1/5/2013 2:16:25 PM

Judge Davis is an outstanding judge ......... He cares.....

Judge: G. W Davenport
1/2/2013 11:01:07 AM

I agree with the above comments. He is a very cruel and heartless person. He does not deserve to make decisions on the future of the disabled. He obviously has no compassion for people and enjoys belittling people. His decisions are written like a middle school note from a bully. He needs to be thrown out of office.

The guy that Mrs Fishman was the judge for
Judge: Donald B Fishman
12/6/2012 3:06:10 AM

Fishman is a horrible judge. I agree with many of the negative comments that I read about this judge. I know that there is no way that he reviewed all of my evidence correctly. He even lied and put words in my mouth stating that I denied failing a drug test. There was so much that I wanted to get out and say but I froze up after I realized how much of a jerk that this guy was. That is exactly what is wrong with our society today. We are not looked at as equal and no one cares anymore. My brother went over seas and almost got killed fighting for Judge Fishmans freedom and this is how he treats me? Dear Mr Fishman. You are not better than nobody.

Judge: Constance D Carter
11/18/2012 2:17:17 PM

Judge C.Carter has a low approval rating. It is not the lowest but it is low in comparison to others. I found her to be objective and probing. I found her to be receptive to accurate honesty. I had to settle for a later on-set date but I fault primary care for that.

Judge: Craig R Petersen
11/9/2012 7:13:47 PM

Judge Petersen asked questions, but he allowed me time to respond. He asked another question if he didn't fully understand my initial response. He was mannerable and did not intimidate me as the others I have read about. He did not talk down to me and I did not feel degraded. He was not rude and was very professional.

Judge: Donald B Fishman
11/5/2012 3:39:35 PM

This is a very mean spirited Judge. He calls people liars, tries to make them look like they are lying, he bullies people, he yells at people, and makes you feel as if you are worthless. He definitely feels that he is much better than those that have to be in his court.He does Not care who he attacks: man, woman, or child. He should be removed.

Judge: Millard L Biloon
10/8/2012 2:22:46 PM

Judge Biloon is fair and knows the folder from cover to cover. He appreciates pre-hearing memos. Claimants should answer questions and not ramble. Overall, one of the most knowledgeable ALJ's in the business

John A Reese
Judge: G. W Davenport
9/25/2012 12:09:12 PM

My wife went beofre him twice he seemed to be focused on her having a stroke when the big picture is she's worked all of her life until she had a stroke as a result of heart catheral test, but besides that her heart is leaking very badly and they wanted to do open heart surgery 7 years ago, she has a fibulatir in her chess and now her heart is leaking very severely now, and he was about to turn her down again , as if she still can work

Judge: Donald B Fishman
9/18/2012 7:15:59 PM

very much a bully and does not respect you at all discriminates very much on his own personal opinions and must hate women who are heart broken

terry andaerson
Judge: John H Maclean
9/17/2012 2:33:07 AM

john h maclean is a good judge i listen to what you got to say. and if the medcail not right he send you to won of his doctors.i went in front of him a couple months ago and he a good judge .only dang i really dont care for he didnt ask me how long my kids been doing with out becuse of me that what really sad .but i was far and a good judge

Judge: Donald B Fishman
9/7/2012 10:58:35 AM

My hearing was 2 1/2 hours. Unnecessary. He badgered and actually attempted to confuse, quick to pounce on perceived inconsistencies rather than to seek clarification. Bully.

Judge: O. Lisa Dabreu
9/7/2012 10:13:21 AM

Fair, but not a pushover. Evidence must be in file. Often does not use VEs, and when she does, she seems to have difficulty constructing hypotheticals. Uses non-standard adjectives in hypotheticals.

Judge: Craig R Petersen
8/29/2012 7:30:18 PM

judge petersen is working at a fantastic pace on the backlog of cases.he is commended for his work ethic , only being on the job for one month...

Judge: Donald B Fishman
8/15/2012 11:47:07 AM

Agree with previous comments. He is a very negative ALJ. His questions are borderline badgering.

Judge: O. Lisa Dabreu
7/23/2012 10:09:14 AM

She is a fair judge. Her hypotheticals will mirror hard evidence in the file, so get you file squared away prior to the hearing.

Billie Jean Massey
Judge: Morton J Gold
7/23/2012 8:37:57 AM

I was more than pleased that Judge Gold reviewed my file and my SSA attorney's five page legal brief before the ODAR hearing. I believe that Judge Gold is efficient, thus effective: he realized my life long hard working life wrought with never-ending disability discrimination and perhaps that I would not have gotten one word out in the hearing without falling a part! My SSDI entitlement was approved immediately and without a hearing-question asked. Thank you so very kind sir! I was only on this website to check on hearing dates and although unsolicited, I am very displeased or rather seriously disgusted with the Savannah SSA clerks (not licensed to practice law - hint, hint SSA applicants) for unlawfully keeping 2/3rds of my SSDI entitlement back pay, etc; the Savannah SSA ignored my SSA attorney (whom is licensed to practice law) for over 2.5 ignored Appeal years and thanks to Congressman Barrow's office and the Savannah ODAR again (and in less than one day), my SSDI back pay is being released at some bureaucratic point and without a bothersome hearing! If that is because of Judge Gold too, I thank you again.

Judge: John H Maclean
6/11/2012 10:54:59 AM

Judge Maclean transferred to Savannah ODAR several years ago.

Judge: Millard L Biloon
6/6/2012 2:08:58 PM

This judge made you feel as though you are perfectly fine when he knows darn well youre sickly. I felt the warmth of this judge. He is sympathetic to your needs, but also see through bs so dont come before him lieing or he will know. I havent gotten my decision but he is a very sweet judge and most of all respectful!

diane sheely
Judge: Donald B Fishman
5/25/2012 9:44:06 AM

i think judge Donald Fishman to dismissed from his jurdisdiction..... he is not understanding at all not considerate... he is to quick to a case:::: he practically denies all: the case: without really looking all the evidence.... in the matter what is the case n reference... to .... he always get picked to be a judge in all case... no he is not a good ALJ... some one else should be appointed as a judge;;;;

teresa mizell
Judge: G. W Davenport
5/10/2012 1:53:28 PM

my name is teresa mizell i went in front of you april 11 2012 if you realy knwed me im a good person some of the drs you talked to didnt tell the truth dr jonnalagadda i saw him a few times he told me he wanted to in and cut some of my colon out because it was stretched then he got his security to call me to tell since i dont have anykind of medicaid or ins. that he wouldnt be able to do it .he preferd me to go to another dr. but i dont have the money in back may 2003 i had more than a small bruise i had 2 black eyes knot all over my head and body i was beat up really bad.please take this in consideration and help me with some kind of benefit i been trying sir for 7 years my health is not no better thats why i have 1 dr he treats me with my mental problems and my pain

teresa mizell
Judge: G. W Davenport
5/10/2012 1:25:25 PM

mr davenport he dont have a heart he dont care who he hurts i have been under a depression for 8 days know who going to fix my heart out of 44 years of my life ive never had no one to hurt me the way this maN HAS discriminated my name so bad he must have never had his heart broken i havent been the same since april 11 2012 he took the life out of me i want never be the same shame on him he dont know what it feels like to have to live like this i already problems but this takes the cake i just wish he would take in my consideration of the problems that i have know i am really got mental problems theres something that i could do about how hes discriminated my name when he dont know the real facts i m the only one that could tell him about my life.please who ever reads this take it in my consieration and have a heart for me i need help real bad if you have a heart please see that i can get some kind of benifits

Judge: Donald B Fishman
4/24/2012 5:01:41 PM

Not impressed by this ALJ. He gets a kick out of badgering Claimant's and holds long hearings

Judge: John H Maclean
4/11/2012 2:00:35 PM

If you have notice that he is your judge, be sure to write a pre-hearing memorandum, which he especially appreciates. If it's your first time before him, he may try to test a representative's preparation. Overall, he is respectful to both representatives and claimants. He is always prepared for a hearing, always fair, and does his best to make the right call by applying the regulations the way they were intended. A lot of ALJs could learn a lot from Judge Maclean.

Judge: G. W Davenport
4/11/2012 1:55:45 PM

Truculent and snide with representatives. Disrespectful to claimants. Writes poorly drafted decisions that cry out for appellate reversal.

Judge: Robert O Foerster
3/30/2012 7:59:03 AM