Michael A Kilroy , Billings, Montana ODAR Office, Administrative Law Judge

For the 2019 *fiscal year, Judge Michael A Kilroy has disposed 274 cases at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Billings, Montana. Out of those 274 dispostions, 53 were dismissed, 102 were approved and 119 were denied. This means that the percentage of dispositions that Judge Kilroy has approved in Billings for the 2019 fiscal year is 37%. The information below for Judge Michael A Kilroy was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
Office*Fiscal YearTotal DispositionsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal AwardsCases
Billings 2010 540 460 231 229 15%42%43%
Billings 2011 572 494 281 213 14%37%49%
Billings 2012 600 501 284 217 16%36%47%
Billings 2013 585 478 247 231 18%39%42%
Billings 2014 577 464 239 225 20%39%41%
Billings 2015 589 498 309 189 15%32%52%
Billings 2016 513 437 227 210 15%41%44%
Billings 2017 510 396 221 175 22%34%43%
Billings 2018 207 165 85 80 20%39%41%
Billings 2019 274 221 119 102 19%37%43%
*The United States Government fiscal year is from October 1st - September 30th.
Michael A KilroyNo Stats for FY 2020
All ALJs in Billings Office 19% 37% 44%
All ALJs in Montana19%37%44%
All ALJs in the Nation20%42%38%
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Judge: Michael A Kilroy
5/5/2018 9:32:48 PM

Saw Kilroy last year. Denied me stating that I wasn't in enough pain. Can barely use thumbs and have severe pain in back due to degenerative osteoarthritis. Employment specialist was unable to find a job I could do in his book. Guy is a shyster. Acts like we are taking money from HIM.

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
4/8/2018 11:09:00 AM

Thanks Judge Kilroy, I'd rather eat crumbs with bumbs than steaks with snakes!

Kevin Loader
Judge: Michael A Kilroy
4/5/2018 5:02:37 PM

It's me again! Year's later... After dealing with ALJ Kilroy I had to take it to the 9th Circuit Supreme Court. Affirm, reverse and remand. ALJ made many errors. Want to thank him for making my living hell and becoming homeless at one point. Don't give up folks! They want you to do that. Had ALJ Kilroy in 2012 and 2014. It's 2018 and finally being fixed. He will try and belittle you but that's just who he is. Fight until the end.

Carl Rysn
Judge: Michael A Kilroy
9/21/2017 3:00:17 PM

Judge Kilroy is a criminal. He reviewed my sons case and found him disabled for the first two years of his disability when the other reviewers said he was not disabled. Later, he used a doctors statement that said he was doing better than before while ignoring totslly the same doctors statement that was written later saying he was totally disabled and could never work again. How do people like this live with themselves? I couldnt.

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
7/12/2015 7:16:36 AM

Him and Kelley must have a bet, who can deny the most cases. Why not, they can't get fired, and Social Security is proud of them for saving them money. I bet there is a year end bonus. I can't wait for the day that 60 minutes exposes these guys.

Kevin Loader
Judge: Michael A Kilroy
2/14/2015 10:24:43 AM

Mr. Kilroy falls under borderline "paranoia" and has a very vague mind. He review's your notes and already has his mind made up before your hearing. 1st claim denied: He states that a nurse practitioner or chiropractor notes are not credible in federal court. 2nd claim denied: MD notes conflict with nurse and chiro whome he claims are not credible. Is this some kind of sick joke!???

Lydia Mitchell
Judge: Michael A Kilroy
10/13/2014 7:49:33 AM

My disability file presented to Judge Killroy is a foot tall mess. There is a huge chance I will loose my case but I do not find patient , mature , and tries to work with you. He is not God he has to follow the rules but after going thru the ssid being treated poorly he at least gives me dignity and is patient. It's not personal to this man. He is following the rules. I'm already getting ready to file again because denial rates are high. I respect this man and staff.

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
2/5/2014 8:40:44 AM

People, when are you going to learn, this is why no one wants to move to Montana, look at the judges approval ratings, lowest in the country. Until someone is willing to do what was done in Queens, New York, judges like this Kilroy will run amok. I would venture to say they have a private pool amongst themselves, who can deny the most claims especially against minorities. Hopefully 60 Minutes will do a show on our situation in Montana. I would imagine this state has the most cases remanded.

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
2/11/2013 4:55:42 PM

Anyone up for class action lawsuit against this judge, Michael Kilroy will end up ruining more lives than Bernie Madoff. It worked in Queens, New York, a class action lawsuit against 5 bias aljs there. There is something rotten in Montana, everybody else 50 percent, this guy 38. Hm

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
2/2/2013 5:35:36 PM

Despite lawsuit against Queens,Ny aljs, senate hearings, this guy is getting worse, like the song says, "How long will this keep going on"

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
10/27/2012 10:27:36 PM

Typical Government worker.Probably never held a real job.I have lost my home and dignity due to his uncaring,lying.For what reason I don't know.Maybe someday his back will go out rendering him paralyzed and in unthinkable pain!Only then could he understand the damage his decisions create!

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
10/8/2012 8:30:15 PM

What am I missing, Judge Kilroy is not only the worst judge in Montana, but the worst in the USA, he generally already his mind set before he sits down, disregards medical findings even from social security own doctors, why is he still a judge? You would think the money is coming out of his pocket, I wonder how many of his cases are remanded?

Randy Stewart
Judge: Michael A Kilroy
7/31/2012 8:19:03 AM

another lie from Kilroy, when deciding against me he left out in his "finding of fact" the fact that i had a herniated disc causing a deformation of the ventral aspect of my spinal cord and claimed that i didn't suffer any pain. he also didn't give any validity to my treating physicians statements, calling him a liar more or less and relied on some other physicians testimony that has never even met me. Kilroy is the only liar here, that is the only fact.

Judge: Michael A Kilroy
5/30/2012 10:44:09 PM

Judge Kilroy is a liar. He had approved my husbands disability at the hearing but was arguing the onset date. So our attorney asked for an extension to submit more evidence. The new evidence was submitted and we got a letter in the mail stating that my husband is capable of working. All the jobs that were suggested had been backed up by medical evidence as to why he couldn't perform said job. Point is, he lied. He said that he would approve his disability but then didn't.

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