Florence, Alabama ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Florence, Alabama, 9 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Florence, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 15.0 months. The average case processing time in Florence is 552 days.The Florence average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 37%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Florence ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Florence 9 15.0 months 552 days 2.2 23% 37% 40%
Alabama15.6 months558 days2.220%44%35%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Jason A Lewis
1/10/2020 11:37:36 AM

He denied my claim. Lied in my paperwork about me not standing up in court, when clearly I stood 3 times and took me being suicidal as a joke. I pray for anyone that has him.

Judge: Cynthia G Weaver
8/6/2019 2:25:50 PM

Judge Cynthia G Weaver received my request for off the record, she had all of my information medical, my backup proof of things I disputed, and all my work credits were correct. She paid no attention to a previous judge, didn't care about real evidence and what my many illnesses have done to me and my life. She couldn't have had my file for over 1/2 day and probably didn't read it because within the next day my online social security account said medical decision made(I thought it was in my favor), but two days later it said claim denied(ssdi) and case closed. She ignored my request to keep my hearing as scheduled and if she could not return a favorable decision it would go on. She closed it, and now I have nothing to show for all the credits I have earned. Can't get anything now because my credits have expired for this time frame. I am not sure how she gets away with being so unfair, but the comments left by everyone else about her show the same thing. Maybe she needs to be looked at., her approval rating is the lowest of any ODAR Judge-16%. You have officially ruin my life Judge Weaver

Judge: Tresie Kinnell
6/4/2019 3:38:42 PM

Amazing and very thorough!

Judge: Earl C. Cates
5/13/2019 9:43:53 PM

This judge was not rude with me, if people feel this judge was rude to them, they must of gave the judge a reason, and another thing this judge has been working with social security for a very long time, I'm pretty sure he knows what he is doing, regardless of the outcome of your case

Deborah wallace
Judge: Mallette Richey
12/15/2018 1:44:13 PM

This judge was very nice and asked a lot of questions. She seemed like a caring judge . But, it has been 3 months since I had my hearing and I still don’t know anything yet. My life is just barely hanging in there waiting on a decision. I have 2 minor children at home I am struggling to support. I am a single mother. I hope I hear something soon. I really need this. The drs are sending me to a pain clinic now, my condition is getting worse.

Judge: Earl C. Cates
11/2/2018 3:47:44 PM

My first review needs some updating a year later: Unfortunately, I found my attorney's warnings about Judge Cates to be valid the second time around also. Judge Cates sympathized with an abuser from my past on two occasions. During both of my hearings, Judge Cates justified the abuser's actions and berated me – on the record – as though I were at fault and the abuser were justified. During the second hearing, Judge Cates even admitted – on the record – to identifying personally with the abuser's position in a direct way. So strange was this behavior, that I wonder how the Chief Judge and Appeals Council have not caught on by now. Such predatory behavior in the courtroom makes this judge a wild card. My attorney's goal is to win my appeal, so he only plans to file a potential judicial conduct review if I don't win the third upcoming appeal.

Judge: Amy H Naylor
10/13/2018 8:18:28 AM

ALJ Naylor reviews pending cases and makes OTR allowances as warranted by evidence in file. My clients appreciate this so much, as do I.

David B. McCulley
Judge: Cynthia G Weaver
9/29/2018 1:57:50 PM

Dishonest, Lying, Corrupt, vicious, unfair, federaly appointed judge that treated my case with NO concerns except her own. Weaver dismissed reports from all doctors and testimony from myself and witnesses that spoke on my behalf. She is nothing more than a federally appointed bully... Before my case was dismissed by Weaver and SSD I was diagnosed with "Occipital Neuralgia" by the VA with a 90% disability rating and approved for full disability by the military. Those records were submitted to Weaver and the SSD Appeals Council and Weaver and SSD refused to consider or review my New evidence in my case and closed my case forever. SHAME ON YOU Cynthia G. Weaver!!!

Judge: Ricky V South
9/26/2018 11:03:35 PM

Judge South was very nice and helpful and advised me to retain counsel before proceeding with my hearing, promising he would get me a new hearing date in a timely manner and he did so. He was suppose to reside over that case, however he had a conference on that date and Judge Anderson proceeded over my case. I was absolutely terrified, but Judge Anderson was very diligent and asked many questions, the right questions if you will, he was extremely nice and compassionate and I was given a fully favorable decision at the hearing and received it by mail in less than two weeks as he so promised. I feel both judges played a part in my favorable decision so I thank them both. Having a disability and waiting years to see a judge is terribly stressful and I am very grateful for these two judges being so compassionate.

Randy russell
Judge: Earl C. Cates
9/4/2018 11:41:58 PM

Earl c cates is one of the ***** that troll planet earth He has the mentality of a ***** Hopefully he will have a massive heart attack And die I pray every day this Foul excuse for a human lives eternity in ****

Judge: Gloria W Green
8/15/2018 1:06:04 AM

Incredibly detailed judge who reviewed every facet of my case and the detailed court records were amazing, reflecting a deep medical understanding of my case that I would have only expected from an MD, so she understood the key points of my records to an astonishing level of detail. Very fair judge and exceptionally thorough. Unfortunately I won my case, and I'm very sad to have lost my career and all my work friends. I'd give it up in a heartbeat if I could be made well, but it just doesn't seem in the cards, despite so many major surgeries I've lost count. As long as you have objective evidence clearly indicated in your medical records and have done your best to work and be made well, you will get a very fair hearing. Social security disability has a much higher standard than normal private disability so learn the differences before your case. Also, make sure you hire a good reputable attorney because they are worth the fee. Judge Green is one of the best at what she does, and if you have done your homework and tried your best and simply cannot work, and you meet the stringent social security disability standards, you'll not go wrong with this judge.

Judge: Tresie Kinnell
7/18/2018 1:06:45 PM

Has anyone been to see judge tresie kinnell.What was the experiance.

Judge: Gloria W Green
6/29/2018 10:49:42 AM

Went to a hearing in February of this year for my 9 year old daughter. She had ADHD currently taking medication which is considered a narcotic. Dyslexia (currently in a class for kids with dyslexia) and a learning disability she has an IEP and has been place in special education ( special ED) state testing shows she's below her age level. Her reading level is on a kindergarten level she's in the 3rd grade , and math skills are very weak as well after already having to redo the kindergarten. Her teacher state she has made some improvement but still far behind her peers. I found out on the 15th of July her case was closed and it was ruled unfavorable wow and I haven't received a letter in the mail. Not sure how this decision was made but in my opinion it was the wrong decision. Clearly these disabilities has and will continue to affect her, not sure what the judge was thinking.

Judge: Tresie Kinnell
6/10/2018 3:10:29 AM

Anyone know about this Judge.

Judge: Earl C. Cates
8/24/2017 3:22:05 PM

My attorney did tell me that Judge Cates is an egotistical, condescending person who likes to insult people. Unfortunately, I found this to be true. In my case, no amount of sensible evidence in support of my case erased this wealthy man's contempt for a person like me who is unable to defend myself. He even attacked my character and intergrity. In fact, he has a 10% higher rate of denial and a 10% lower rate of approval than both the state and national averages for SSDI judges. This means most judges are more impartial than Judge Cates, and few deny or dismiss more cases.

Judge: Earl C. Cates
8/8/2017 4:31:33 AM

This judge and social security are pushing the idea on my case that my intelligence is reason enough for my denial. My case has nothing to do with my intellect and it is infuriating. My health problems have destroyed my life and taken almost everything from me and this problem has plagued me since I was born. My problem has no short term cure and could continue until my death. My life situation deepened on this and I could become homeless in less than 10 years due to those who provide for me. My denial was insulting and I now have to wait for another four years to come back to this judge according to my lawyer. The reason for denial completely ignored testimony and seems as if my records were not read except for one positive. I have four doctors who said I was incapable of sustaining work, three of which were not my doctor. This situation makes me steam in hatred for a amount of time that I have forgotten. I can't sleep at night because of this some days. This judge should not be employed and should answer to the state bar. I do not feel my case was taken seriously.

Judge: Ricky V South
7/9/2017 9:02:09 PM

I felt that Judge South knew somehow exactly where i was coming from and how much ive suffered. He was compassionate and took time with me answering questions, etc. I have been in so much pain with so many health problems and i dont know how i would have lived without my approval, which means income and insurance. Just make sure that your doctors give good legible notes because otherwise ANY judge will have a hard time determining your case.

6/12/2017 5:48:04 PM

Judge Taylor is very understanding am glad he was my judge

Judge: Randall C. Stout
12/7/2016 8:49:17 AM

This is the Judge that denied my claim in a letter stating that my "credibility was in question". The short story, after getting sick and ending up in the ICU of a hospital, a Dr told me I needed to be on insulin. After discovering the cost of the meds, I realized I was in trouble because it was something beyond my limited budget having no income and limited help from family. So, a hospital social worker advised me to go to a local clinic that would help me get it but he said they won't help those with a SSD claim and he advised me not to tell the clinic about it. So I didn't, but I did tell my attorney how I was getting the medicine, he asked and I saw no reason to be secretive about it. Well, after being denied, I had an ALJ review (after waiting about 3 years) and in the meeting my attorney informed the Judge about the clinic and how I did not tell the clinic about my claim and we could not seek any records from the clinic. Well, the Judge apparently had a field day with that. After the meeting my attorney jumps up up and congratulates me on winning my case and does this in front of the Judge who says noting. Then a few weeks later I get this letter of denial from the Judge stating that because of my being dishonest with the clinic then I had no credibility according to him. So, denied. I guess this Judge would have preferred that I just accept my fate and go away to die quietly.

Judge: Earl C. Cates
11/10/2016 2:02:06 PM

Judge Cates was rude and accusatory. He started off by asking why I don't think I have to work. I told him about the health issues that have plagued me since childhood. He then said, "Just because you don't want to work doesn't mean you don't have to work." I knew at this point that the hearing was a lost cause. Of course, I was denied benefits, and the reasons were a joke. For instance, he said that I had no corroborating evidence from my doctors that I was sick. When I told 2 of my doctors what he said, they just shook their heads in disbelief, because my records are overflowing with evidence. For anyone who is scheduled to see this judge, you have my deepest sympathies.

Stacey rivers
Judge: Ricky V South
6/1/2016 1:23:24 AM

I just had hearing with judge South I was denied I have choric pain in legs back also neck I use a crane to walk also stomach ucle and bad headaches this judge is so not Fair I have no income what so every I don't no how unfair people sleep at night just unfair! I am on different pills that makes me sleep others help me this is not Right no God in this judge .

Judge: Gloria W Green
4/19/2016 10:47:09 AM

I went to court Dec. 4, 2015 and I haven't been able to work going on 3 years. It is extremely hard to function day to day without income. I'm on my way to being homeless because the bills are getting high and no money to help pay them. I live with my brother and he cant afford to take care of his household and myself..unfair for him and anyone else whom I lived with. Waiting for a judge to decide my fate is very hectic..and if my body could take on everyday work I would be working..but I just can't do it.

Judge: Earl C. Cates
1/9/2016 3:53:01 PM

I've met with this judge once during the summer of 2015 and will be meeting with him again for a followup soon to cover some additional evaluations Judge Earl C. Cates Jr. requested. My opinion of Judge Cates is that he's thorough. Whether or not he's fair, favorable, or partial is a perspective I believe everyone must understand. He is a human being and makes decisions based on personal experiences and knowledge. Personally, I wouldn't be in the appeals process unless there was both personal opinions combined with the agreeable perspectives from 3rd parties to appeal another human beings decision. So, know that whether you will agree with the perspectives of Judge Earl C. Cates Jr. or not, he is very thorough and may require additional information, time, hearings, etc. How he uses the additional information one can only speculate. Just be aware that any favorable decisions he makes are not handled lightly or without numerous inputs and considerations throughout his evaluation of your case.

Bridgett Graham
10/18/2015 8:22:41 AM

My first time before a judge and I am glad it was Judge Taylor. I felt he was very fair, understanding, and truly listened.

7/6/2015 5:09:31 PM

judge taylor not fair,has spanish voc lady,

Judge: Cynthia G Weaver
6/7/2015 1:22:46 PM

Very unfair and completely overturned a fully favorable by illegally disregarding 4 of my doctors diagnosis. Now my condition is worse and still waiting for appeals. Has zero regard for anyones health.

Judge: Cynthia G Weaver
3/16/2015 4:11:29 PM

She is very unfair,and makes her on mind up without even considering the medical information.

Judge: Ricky V South
1/29/2014 7:30:09 AM

Knows his cases - keeps hearings short and to the point. Look forward to hearing with Judge South.

Judge: Patrick R. Digby
7/18/2013 7:42:05 AM

Had my hearing over 3 months ago and still no decision. Judges please understand that we still have bills coming in and kids to feed. For those of us who HONESTLY can not work, this is NOT where we want to be in life but there is nothing we can do about it but wait on you to decide our fate.

Judge: Lori J Williams
4/16/2013 10:17:03 PM

pray you dont get judge williams....to her it is not about your status or doctors statments......It all becomes her personal opinion. If you smoke, drink, or have any dollars to take care of bills....or any personal situation she thinks that is more important than the disibility facts..... All I can say to Judge williams is you need to rethink you position as a judge....this is not personal lisa....Hope you had a good xmas...I didn't.

Judge: Gloria W Green
1/26/2013 5:23:47 PM

Judge green give those who have disbilty an cannt work their benifit they deserve

1/9/2013 12:24:25 PM

He is very nice, understanding and caring. I have never met anyone like him!!

Judge: Patrick R. Digby
11/30/2012 9:57:15 AM

Had a hearing almost 3 months ago. Still no decision. Wondering what's going on.

Judge: Gloria W Green
11/20/2012 9:38:13 AM

Any one thinking to go before judge Green just to get signed up ,because tired of working or whatever is in for a very rude awakening.Do not expect to have it easy even with hard evidence.She makes sure that you are really at the end of your working life.She also leaves no stone unturned.She is an asset to ssa.The people that are in dire need and have all the evidence to prove you will be given a fair chance.I would not wish this experience on any one and I had years of documentation.They have gotten to a point where so many people that are trying to work the system,that it is hard for the people that actually want to still work but are not able are having to really prove your case.

Judge: Earl C. Cates
11/14/2012 12:34:57 PM

I haven't received notice yet. I know I didn't present my case well. Unfortunately, so overwhelmed with life that I didn't visit doctors I should have earlier so possibly not enough supporting documentation. I hope I'm wrong and I'm hoping that some last minute psych reports will help my case. This Judge in the hearing seemed nice, if not a little short with me. The employment advocate suggested I could, also, work as a parking attendant (this is where I needed more medical documentation that I didn't have-due to lack of money to visit other doctors. Doctors I hadn't seen in some time unfortunately and that I didn't even think about advising my disability attorney about until about 1 1/2 months ago). God grant me strength and be merciful towards me, whatever the outcome.

Judge: Ricky V South
9/20/2012 8:01:59 AM

Most thorough questioning from an ALJ I have seen in 30 years of practice. Done in a respectful and nonjudgmental manner.

Matthew Lamb
Judge: Joseph F Gilliland
9/4/2012 2:52:23 PM

Your decision on my wifes case does not make any sense to me. Would you be willing to discuss the exact reason that she was denied? Thanks.

Judge: Gloria W Green
9/2/2012 11:47:41 PM

I think this is a fair judge.She could have heard my case all the way thru, but she stopped me and suggested that I seek council.As she cases like mine are very complicated and hard to win without council.

Judge: Ricky V South
8/12/2012 7:27:19 AM

Awesome. Smart, efficient, productive and would be an asset to any office.

Judge: Gloria W Green
5/18/2012 1:01:54 AM

My bad her approval rating is not 76% it is 69%. But dad gum still seems high....wow..

Judge: Gloria W Green
5/18/2012 12:54:30 AM

Couldnt help but notice the national average for approved disability is 49%. But judge Green seems to give everybody disability at a approval rating of 76%. Wow! Sign me up so I dont ever have to work again, my back hurts...lol

Judge: Patrick R. Digby
5/15/2012 4:43:00 AM

Tough but fair!

Judge: Ricky V South
5/1/2012 3:35:09 PM

Excellent ALJ!