Fort Smith, Arkansas ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Fort Smith, Arkansas, 6 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Fort Smith, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 12.0 months. The average case processing time in Fort Smith is 444 days.The Fort Smith average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 45%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Fort Smith ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Fort Smith 6 12.0 months 444 days 2.0 15% 45% 40%
Arkansas12.0 months455 days2.315%38%47%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Teresa Higdon
Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
3/16/2020 5:19:16 PM

Judge Larry Shepherd is a very good person and the process is long exspeically when I had no idea what to do or how to do it I have been in terrible pain I have pain everyday some I can deal with some I can not some days can walk some days can't I have no money I have missed Doctor visit due to no medical I can't do things anymore and he was very understanding and he helped me by telling me what I needed but I don't want to live under a bridge I am miserable most of my 6 years I have not been to see friends in 6 years and I have no life my legs are swelled bad I have no family left died from the same thing I have but Judge Larry Thank You and God Bless You

Judge: Elisabeth McGee
2/22/2020 3:48:06 AM

Her supervisors and our congressional members need to be made aware of her conduct. No judge should get by with putting false information and contradictory info into the rulings. If she is doing this to get back at some attorney's because she does not like how they argue a case, that is btw them. Leave us out of it.

Judge: Glenn A Neel
2/7/2020 8:17:29 AM

Took a while but he saw what nobody else which lead to my approval. Over 5 years of fighting, two hearings and I’m done fighting, thanks to Judge Neel! I thank God for him and his sight.

Judge: Elisabeth McGee
1/17/2020 2:18:35 AM

This judge’s ruling was shocking and unfair. Many hurtful assumptions were made and both my legal team and physicians were at a loss, meanwhile I continue to suffer and am unable to get the treatment needed to save my life. The ruling also contradicts itself and lacks important data proving my daily hardship and disability.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
1/8/2020 3:01:29 AM

Very unfair and bias, I got denied after what seemed like the trial went very well my attorney said. I got the denial almost a year later and it was very poorly written, did not list the disease that made me disabled, never mentioned how the VE said no jobs, also never mentioned how my PCP and the specialist I see both told me I needed disability, and never mentioned the letter the specialist wrote explaining why I am disabled. Instead said he denied because he felt with my treatments I can still work. Which in the letter the specialist said the opposite.

James Fitch
Judge: David W Engel
12/20/2019 12:17:20 PM

A real piece of work for a Judge, doesn't care if you've stopped using drugs or not, if it's in you're record that you've used in your past you will be judged for it and denied unfairly without regard. Kinda makes a person wish they were dishonest about using in the first place, so while over half the population at the homeless shelter in Tulsa get free room and board all the drugs and alchohol they want they can collect for being disabled but let someone apply who actually is disabled but has a "history" of marijuana use and they get denied.. doesn't make ANY SENSE. So by this judge's actions i give him one star by my standards one star is too much have a great day.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
11/19/2019 8:02:34 PM

Very good judge. He was very respectful and understanding.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
11/7/2019 2:31:26 PM

I had my hearing in February and 9 months later I call and they tell me that Judge has not even looked at my case. I liked the judge he was understanding and took time with me but why so long for an answer and why after 9 months he hasn’t even looked at my case. This is so upsetting I just want an answer.

Judge: Glenn A Neel
10/31/2019 4:32:01 PM

People wait years just to still get a no after even seeing a judge. People who absolutely need the money who are actually disabled to still get a NO. People who get approved that have no disabilities ruin it for the ones who are. Headaches or anxiety I guess is what we need to get a yes. I've had 2 hips replaced back surgery and still need another back surgery waited over 6 years to see the judge yet again and still waiting to get a decision. I saw there dr that they wanted me to see who said I'm 100 percent disabled but yet it means nothing to them. Everyone who is still waiting claim migraines and just anxiety you'll get approved in 3 months. Good luck to everyone who has applied and actually are disabled not for the ones who lie and fake there's..

Judge: Glenn A Neel
10/24/2019 10:09:58 AM

Had my hearing in June of this year and still haven't heard anything back. It's like the law (Code of Federal Regulations) telling you that the judge is suppose to issue a decision within 90 days doesn't even exist! America. Smh

Otis brooks
Judge: Elisabeth McGee
8/28/2019 9:07:05 AM

I felt her ruling was unfair and she made assumptions without asking me any questions.

Judge: Elisabeth McGee
7/31/2019 5:00:43 PM

I was denied. Her ruling was full of lies and assumptions. She contradicts herself several times. Lots of miss information.

Judge: Glenn A Neel
7/30/2019 2:59:45 PM

I agree with the two other comments posted. I had my hearing in September of last year. Hear it is August of 2019, he's had all that he requested sense April 've lost everything and everyone. There is no excuse for this. I think you have taken your power too far. You should have to live the life you force us to live while you take your time with it for just one day. I bet you would feel something then. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR LACK OF DUE PROCESS. THAT INCLUDES MY LAWYER TOO! HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED LAST YEAR ALONE WAITING FOR A SIMPLE YES OR NO!!?? LIKE 2000? AND I WONDER.... HOW MANY WERE SUICIDES? It will be four years in October for me. I worked all my life....... Now I'm all alone because I've become a burden on those I cared about most. But hey, "Make sure you keep your percentages consistent Mr Neel".

Judge: Edward M Starr
3/27/2019 1:04:59 AM

I pray Starr has a heart that god wants him to have. Yes.... sometimes bad decisions are made, But as a human we live an learn. I truly pray Starr has found his caring heart for his fellow neighbors. We as suffering people have worked very hard our whole life. An when it comes down to HAVE TO NOT WORKING DUE TO HEALTH ITS DEVASTATING! I’d rather be working any day than to have to beg an beg an prove my life an health has left me worthless . That’s how Uve made me feel. God teaches give , love, respect, An one day ur faith will come thru. I pray my faith is ther for u to feel the feeling I’ve had for so long . Nobody should have a feeling of being worthless when my whole life I’ve done all the above give , love, care , etc.. I just need alittle bit of that back to help me get thru this life we all shortly live.

Judge: Glenn A Neel
3/12/2019 6:22:42 PM

I went before Judge Neel. I had a lawyer, medical documents, mri, specialists, surgeries, diagnosis, etc. He asked me why I did not get a fusion in my back after one doctor suggested it "might" help. I had already undergone a lumbar laminectomy with no help. I told him that I feared the fusion because it had the potential to paralyze me permanently. He told me that he didn't see that in the doctor's notes.....well of course a doctor isn't going to write that in a medical document! So after sitting in the chair that was very uncomfortable and having to stand 3-4 times in the middle of court to keep my back from spasming, he tells me that he wants to wait to make a decision until 2 records that had not came in yet were in. I told him after finding out which two records it was that they were consultations for referral to other doctors that he already had records for. He didn't now I'm on 2 months of who knows how long to wait to see if he returns a decision. I have had several friends and family elsewhere go through SSA cases and be done with them that filed after I had filed. This is a huge joke and nobody in social security considers the people that used to work that have real bills. They just hand out checks to **** ****** that never worked and would have never worked anyways.

Judge: Edward M Starr
3/10/2019 8:32:15 AM

I have fibromyalgia,p tad,gad w panic attacks ,discoid lips,mmd,ddd,depression,aniexty,apresonailty disorder,learning disabilities,and i have fought this 3 years now took it all the way to federal court won and going bk Infront of Starr once again and feel like I am a winner at the losing game cause he can turn me down again I do not see how when I have all medical doc proving all these things and I am past ready to give up on all and everything ...

Judge: Michael S Hertzig
2/21/2019 11:38:31 AM

I applied in 2011, 2016,2017, and appealed in 2018. I was DENIED, by this *******. It is documented I can not hold a job because of my medical issues, and written by several of my doctors for me NOT TO WORK. I am diagnosed with Bipolar, PTSD, Stockholm's, Carpal Tunnel, Raynaud's, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Arthritis, Trauma from Sexual Abuse, and DOmestic Violence, Panic and Anxiety attacks, Social anxiety, Migraines, Eating Disorder, Chronic Fatigue, Add, Asthma. I CAN NOT WORK. HAVE BEEN HOMELESS ( COUCH HOPING FOR 5 YEARS) NO INCOME, AND LOSING FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY. I HAVE BEEN FALSELY ACCUSED OF CRIMES BY MY ABUSERS SO I WOULDN'T BE ALE TO SEE MY CHILDREN, AND DESPERATELY TRYING TO STAY POSITIVE. I HAVE SOUGHT SHELTER ANYWHERE I COULD, IN THE MOST DESPERATE TIMES, AND IT TURNED OUT HORRIBLY. THE JUDGE, JUDGED ME WRONG, AND FALSELY ACCUSED ME OF DOING DRUGS WHEN I HAD NOT. I'M NOT THE TYPICAL HOMELESS. I DON'T DO DRUGS. I'M NOT AN ALCOHOLIC. I'M COLLEGE EDUCATED. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, I FELL VICTIM TO ABUSE, AND CAN NOT RECOVER. HE IS MAKING IT WORSE FOR ME!!

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
1/23/2019 12:40:18 AM

I wish I can put a zero, I am 100 percent permanent disable veteran, went thru federal appeals and return to him for the federal appeal and still got denied. Someone needs to fire him,or social security purposely gives him disable veterans on purpose since he denies seems like all of us, and yes it's TRUE he says stuff and they don't put it on record with his sly comments like you should be good with your va pension and working at Walmart as a greeter. He seems to enjoy destroying lives, I hope you read this. You have my info we can drink coffee to debate your evilness and I heard he was prior service at that, shame on you

Twisted life
Judge: Edward M Starr
9/30/2018 2:16:43 AM

Cheers to the hard footwork I helped along as bending over backwards, getting everything An anything my doctors state clearly in illnesses, what I’m doing to help my severe issues, meds, BY THE BOOK! 1-2-3-4-5 ! As my journey of my life turned into me not able to help myself when my passion is helping an taking care of others ended!!! Depression, anxiety, mentally lost !!! As I spoke gods word the truth the only way to be, doesn’t work when u fight with the ***** An things are odd An medical records, mri, labs, 3,000 plus medical document in Black An white. That document DONT LIE! An to get a DENIAL mailed to me 6 months AFTER my hearing date was devastating.... live in ur car, lose all u ever worked for, fight to prove what’s right from wrong! Life’s not suppose to be this way. I won’t give up. PEOPLE have no clue how this system works, pointing fingers An blaming the other person as to WHY , WHAT, an HOW did all my things get twisted an lied about??? Slap my face! An wow, assuming false statements made is a LIE! Ur turn prove I’m doing ur assumptions. Why be cold, why did it take BEYOND time for decision, when all u said is Only 1 paper from ur primary doctor is what I need. I made sure u got it an ur secutary at the time Mona got it done. So so so much went on during this 5 yr long wall of life I never thought I’d be on this side of the fence. I love with all, I gave, give, helped others my whole life knowing that’s what god wants me to be like , guess in this life we live in now compassion , caring , respect, has left the world we are in today. We live once , I’m thankful I’m still alive going thru what I’ve been thru. My hand can stil give , it can only give another true hand to hold . Bless each one that’s read this. Yes I’m mad, torn to peices inside, I know how I feel each day, words u can’t describe of the pain .... those who made ther call on what they thought was right , I’m sorry u don’t know me an walk in my shoes . I leave that thought in ur mind ther, u know who u are. It’s ok. I know what I’ve been thru U wudnt be happy at all. An ur pain an mental state keeps getting more An more beatin down. From simply not taking the time to understand that 1 person u have turned 1 person into just a # number. We aren’t numbers, we all have names, behind that name an person is a heart cryin for alittle help in this life we are living hurting begging for peace, happiness an feeling good again is all we ever want.

Toni Washburn
Judge: Bill Jones
9/14/2018 9:18:34 AM

Does anyone know the estimated time judge jones takes to issue a disicion on disability. He seemed to really be a good judge. I'm just curious, been waiting almost 6 weeks now since my hearing.

Tina trueblood
Judge: Monica LaPolt
9/4/2018 8:11:43 AM

Good morning I don't know if you are going to be my judge. I just want to. Let you know I sit in. Pain daily. Cannot have a good time with my grandkids and family. I wish I could. Get my claim approved. I sit daily and cry cause I can't do the things I used to. I can't drive long. If I clean I'm down for 4day. I been falling down studdering this is all new too me. I have a lawer I thought getting one would help me. I have had back surgery. I have manic depression bypolar. I'm really sorry to bother you. Welfare told me to apply years ago but I didn't want to cause there's others that need it. Now I have applied and the wait is terrible. I'm sorry hunny.

Valerie Holmes
Judge: Clifford Shilling
8/5/2018 10:02:50 AM

This judge, as of the 9th of August 2018, will have taken a year to give my husband a decision. We do have a lawyer, and from him we have also heard that my husband is not the only client of our lawyer to have this long of a wait with this judge. We also know of people that have applied for disability after my husband applied and have already gotten it not necessarily with this judge. This is the most rediculois thing we have ever experience! We have been dealing with trying to get his disability for 3 years. Why is this taking so long and why is this exceptable? It should not take this long for a decision after his court date!

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
8/2/2018 10:12:16 AM

It appears if you have debilitating mental health issues from a combat veteran, you will never get a fair shake with judge Shepard. It seems he does not believe in debilitating mental health cases, even when the veteran is rated 100% UNEMPLOYABLE from the Veterans Administration and being paid HOUSEBOUND compensation; folks if that alone is not the definition of not being able to work, I do not know what is. I am curious if he has ever approved a case that did not involve a physical disability... if he hasn't that's called bias.

Judge: Michael S Hertzig
3/14/2018 1:23:25 PM

He seem a nice judge waiting for the outcome

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
3/2/2018 2:45:43 PM

Guy is 82 years old and basically denies everyone.

Judge: Edward M Starr
12/30/2017 9:56:54 PM

After listening to everything I had to say and me breaking down and crying, after he seemed to be understanding and fair and compassionate, after the vocational expert said I couldn't retain a job...he STILL DENIED my disability. I've been fighting for this for almost 2 years. I need this! They didn't even take in to consideration 3 of my illnesses and my mental health was disputed because I was 'peppy and gained rapport rapidly' when talking to the state psychiatrist they made me see. This is unfair. I cannot work. They completely ignored my illnesses. I was 'disabled', but not 'disabled' enough. I am so upset...I received my dental today after my hearing in October. I am so lost...I don't know what to do.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
9/2/2017 8:15:23 AM

He was very easy to understand and was easy to talk too. I waited almost 3 yrs total and I was very nervous about this process. I'm very thankful for your fair decision.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
9/2/2017 8:14:40 AM

THanks for finally making a decision on my case and helping me and my family Judge !!!!! He was very easy to understand and was easy to talk too. I waited almost 3 yrs total and I was very nervous about this process. I'm very thankful for your fair decision.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/27/2017 5:28:43 PM

This judge was down right rude, mean & made findings about me & my character based on a mistake in the paperwork! Completely unprofessional. She was so mean that even my lawyer couldn't believe it!

Radha beaty
Judge: Bill Jones
1/17/2017 5:39:43 PM

The sheriff office just stole my phone judge schrantz who rape me with gun and stick

Judge: Glenn A Neel
1/16/2017 8:39:28 PM

My mom went before this judge Nov 2015. Took him until Oct 2016 to make a decision, took his office until Jan 2017 to write up the decision. A denial. From what all the medical records agreed (including the doctors the social security sent her to) that she had a disability. But according to him and his office she's not. I think they all should have to answer to someone for why it takes 14 months to let someone know a denial, she could have already started her appeal to a higher court. Must be nice to sit there and get paid a nice paycheck while your taking your time. People's lives are on hold, squeaking by on bills just for a man to decide on your future. His office is a joke!!!!! But you can get out of prison and within 3 months you can draw a SSI check without ever paying anything in. If you work for 25 years and your job finally takes a tole on you and you are forever disabled don't think you will be taken care of, instead be lazy, obese and a convict and your good to go.

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
10/24/2016 11:10:06 PM

Proper weight was not given to a veteran with 100 % permanent and total in mental alone. The veteran received unfavorable decision. He did not even include his degenerative joint disease. 100 % mental and is still unfavorable. That just aggravates his condition. Veterans with mental conditions are being unfairly treated and put to the wayside. He also stated items in the decision that the client never stated in the hearing. He is the highest paid SSDI judge in Oklahoma.

Judge: Charles L Brower
10/11/2016 9:59:36 AM

I found Judge Charles Brower to be very just and willing to hear the claimant expressing himself. Judge Brower was very humane and polite to the claimant and myself. He explained the whole hearing process to the claimant, he then went to admit the evidence into record. He swore the claimant and VE in. Then Judge Brower immediately interviewed the claimant, he then asked me if I had any questions for my claimant. I then interviewed my claimant and when done the Judge asked the VE two questions then got off the record.

Judge: Charles L Brower
9/15/2016 8:27:25 AM

I recently represented a claimant before Judge Charles Brower. Judge Brower was very humane and polite to the claimant and myself. He explained the whole hearing process to the client, he then went to admit the evidence into record. He swore the claimant and VE in. He immediately interviewed the claimant, he then asked me to explain and prove on the Medical record evidence, the client's dx that meets the SSA Listing, I presented the evidence to prove dx limitations he experiences and history his symptoms. I believe this Judge was very just and willing to hear the claimant expressing himself.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
5/15/2016 10:56:23 AM

Is he in Las Vegas now? I have a May 2016 hearing with a Judge Gary L. Vanderhoof in Las Vegas.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
4/11/2016 5:20:50 PM

A very special thank you to Judge Schilling whom heard my case in Aug '15. I'm sorry to hear of your illness but am grateful for a decision in a timely manner. I would also like to thank you for your compassion and understanding that I've waited 3 years for this determination. Your competence and command of the proceedings was valued greatly, Godspeed!! I'm hopeful that you get well soon so that others who are deserving may have this same experience under your professionalism. My lawyer was Jason Jouett and his care of my case was appreciated. So grateful and will now be able to contribute to my well-being and needs within my family and community.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
4/4/2016 7:46:50 PM

I find him to be conservative but very fair. I have been a disability lawyer since 1984. He knows the law and follows it.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
4/1/2016 5:55:15 PM

Well I just found out, via my attorney, that my case along with several others my lawyer handles have been reassigned. I had my hearing June 2015. Now some of us, not sure how many, who have waited about 10 month for his or her results have to have a new hearing this summer with our new judge. I'm not handling this news well. It's hard to be so invested in an outcome then find out you're starting over at no fault of your own. I am sorry that Mr. Schilling isn't or was not well. I do not harbor ill feelings towards him and truly hope he gets better. I do however, want to say to the SSA that there should have been checks in the process so that no one ever has to wait 10 months just to find out the administration was unable to complete its duty. Red flags should have been popping up much sooner.

Robert Scott Philpott
Judge: Edward M Starr
3/23/2016 8:47:32 PM

Hay tell that Native American woman who's a Fort Smith Police officer Maddie to come see me.I'm not going to say anything about her being a cop but I'm not going to introduce her to anybody either....We kinda went out...

Judge: Clifford Shilling
3/21/2016 11:44:17 AM

My case was denied after waiting 9 months AFTER MY HEARING. Why??? Because he was in and out of the hospital with illness. So I suffer because of that?? I applied for disability because I cannot and have not been able to work. So I guess it's better to go to work and not be able to do a job properly and screw over other people then it is to get disability. Well I'm NOT GIVING UP I WILL APPEAL AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES!!!

Jackquine Thomas
Judge: Michael S Hertzig
12/1/2015 5:04:52 PM

I think judge hertzig was very nice

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
8/24/2015 6:38:23 PM

you have a better chance of winning the powerball than a favorable decision from him. completely dismissed all my dr diagnosis. you wouldnt win if you were just a head on a stick.

Leanne Freeman
Judge: Edward M Starr
6/19/2015 6:09:46 AM

I am in dier means now and about to loose everything. IM at a lose of what to do now. I was denide countinuing of my diability that I received starting March of 2007. I lost it Sep. 2012. I was told I could get a job driving, even though I have no lower reflexs abd show a drivers record in 2009 showing a violation for following to close which is a common priblem with not having the reflexes to stop in time. Other than that, I realized in my medical records after the denial, it shows multiple doctors commenting on my case, saying things that were completely false, even though I had only seen one medical doctor when I was denied. That one medical doctor, to evaluate my MS, was an Orthopedic doctor who did not speak ENGLISH well. The entire visit is undependable. I could not understand him & he had could not understand me. To top it off, the x-ray machine was BROKEN & had to at least 30+ years old.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
6/16/2015 1:50:02 PM

This judge is a joke, and I haven't even been in front of her yet. A "Peggy" in her office just called and told me that I had to come downtown, taking a day unpaid off work, bring my daughter (who has Down Syndrome) to show them that my daughter is disabled. As if the doctors letter showing her as having Down Syndrome wasn't enough! What does this judge think? She lost her extra chromosome since we filed the paperwork? Not only that but my wife has to take an unpaid day off work as well because someone needs to be there to take care of our daughter during the remainder of the session. All of this after 15 months of waiting for this judge to hear the appeal, and cancelling once, within 7 days of the initial appointment. It's no wonder people hate the government so much, if all government employees are as incompetent as this I now know why.

Judge: Charles L Brower
5/19/2015 1:00:54 PM

Please hope that you dont get this judge. He was not only arrogant but also unprofessional. Talking about the case before me and how he knows shes faking it.. That he can tell when someone is in pain. Really? How can you physically see pain. Because of this judge i am bed bound, unemployed, no income, 35 and living with my parents. Im legally disabled, yet a man with no medical degree decides if i suffer or starve. I never got to bring in my witnesses, my lawyer was unprepared, ssi never sent me to their doctors, and I couldn't even read my statement.. seam fair?? What a joke.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
5/19/2015 10:16:51 AM

Please does anyone know how long it takes to get a decision after you have a hearing with judge Shilling whom appeared to be very understanding and sympathetic but I had a hearing in February of this year and still have not heard anything. I am getting really depressed about this waiting more and more waiting seems like that's all I do is wait for help that never comes.

Radha Beaty
Judge: Bill Jones
3/2/2015 1:18:27 PM

Real good Judge. He encouraged me to graduate and I did. He could tell I have back problems. I want to help him speak to the government to help change the proscription slots to more than 6 when on Ssi. He was right I needed the insurance. Thank you so much. I want to meet you and thank you.

Judge: Ronald L Burton
11/13/2014 8:29:21 PM

My hearing was 11/7/14 Judge Burton started off the hearing with kind of ajoke smiling and making me feel at ease. He was very easy to talk to and I didn't feel like I was being looked down at. I actually felt like I was talking to anold ffriend. My hearing lasted all of 15 minuets at the most, and while a V.E. was present the judge asked him no questions and he did not speak. He said that he was going to get things expeidited for me and I should receive his written decision in the next 2 to 3 weeks. After it ended my lawyer stated that I had won. I guess in all o the nervousness I didn't catch him saying that but he did I guess. He definitely appreciates well documented cases that are easy to make a decision on I do remember that. This judge was fair kind hearted and like I stated before easy to talk to. Make sure you have your ducks in a row and all of your Dr backing you and you will have a pleasant experience with this judge. I did and would have regardless of the outcome

Judge: Monica LaPolt
10/2/2014 7:12:41 AM

She runs a fair hearing but is severe in her rulings with a low approval rate. Not an ALJ you necessarily want to be in front of with anything but a very good case.

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
7/27/2014 6:29:07 PM

Judge Shepherd is a Very fair man, I thank him for what he has done,

Judge: Michael S Hertzig
7/8/2014 2:06:17 PM

This guy is a nightmare to work with, so good luck. He's completely unreasonable and will soon be facing a number of formal complaints filed with the Agency.

Kelley Greer
Judge: Monica LaPolt
6/26/2014 12:57:28 PM

After having a hearing with this ALJ which doesn't impress me that she is even considered a judge! After reading reviews on this gal, how is she still a so called "Judge?" She lied right to my face under oath at my hearing! Does she NOT know that is perjury? This gal needs to lose her title, and her job with her dishonest behavior! I was lied to by several in this office and nobody knows what they are doing! I've taken my complaint higher to the Indiana Bar, I would be happy to see this gal lose her job and legal license! Unreal!! Why is a "judge" allowed to lie??? I shall keep you posted that whole office needs to be investigated and further more-jobless!! Give the jobs to honest Americans that wl do the job!! Sometimes authority gets ya "judge!"

Judge: Monica LaPolt
4/6/2014 5:36:05 AM

She dismissed my doctors recommendations and decided to think she was my doctors. Denied by her with untrue things in denial letter. I really think she didn't read my file right as she stated as she said I was still doing some hobbies which it clearly stated I have not done them in years. Anyway federal appeal ruled she was wrong so that tells you right there she doesn't do her job right and should find another job. If denied by her take it to federal and you will win.

Sharon Hummel
Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/10/2014 2:18:35 PM

This judge is a joke! She threw out or had a negative response to everything in my file. I couldn't believe the untrue or negative responses in my denial letter. Someone isn't doing their job properly. Threw out both of my doctors responses, said I was a liar, my daughter and sister. I am very sick have been for a long time now and no one will help me. I am about to loose my house and anything I have. I have worked my entire life very hard and to be treated like this is a insult. This judge needs replaced. They need to take in to account their responses. I would be interested in knowing how many suicides occur from judges and doctors that seem like their only goal is to kick you when your down. Be a professional like you are supposed to be!!!! I am very angry how good people are treated from judges and doctors, people we are suppose to respect.

Judge: Edward M Starr
2/23/2014 8:23:25 PM

I think judge Starr was very unfair, my husband is deathly ill, he worked 38 years and paid into social security but will probably die before he receives benefits. This is the way people that work all of their lives are treated? We'll thanks alot. I have seen people that are healthier than my husband prob healthier than me receive benefits, I guess judge Starr feels that because my husband went to work sick or not for 38 years that he doesn't deserve what he paid into social security benefits. He can't work anymore and deserves his benefits before he dies, it's so sad to watch him deteriorate and nothing that I can do to help him. Thanks judge Starr for nothing

Judge: Charles L Brower
2/4/2014 6:16:48 PM

Judge Brower started my hearing by asking about how I was and breaking the ice with Super Bowl small talk. He asked why I thought I was disabled and I went on to explain. He sincerely viewed all the medical evidence that my lawyers turned in prior to the hearing And asked me questions about my various Dr. visits. There was some evidence and things I said, however, that did make him have some doubts about the validity of my claim. In the end he gave Me sufficient opportunity to explain myself and he took my sincerity into serious consideration in regards to making his final decision. He apologized for upsetting me emotionally and thanked me for "fighting for myself". Things look very good. He's a good and fair judge.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
2/4/2014 12:00:43 PM

I thought she was very nice and understanding. She was very knowlegable about my file and all the evidence included. I have not yet receieved a decision, but felt she was fair during the hearing.

Frieda Parson
Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
2/3/2014 10:42:13 AM

Wow I was sitting here reading everyone's comments about this ALJ I was denied also and I have stage 3 colon cancer and have a statement from my treating doctor stating I was permanently disable and he threw that out so I'm going through the appeal process I hope each and everyone of you guys appeal your cases because I don't think his decisions was the right decision on all of our cases

Judge: Edward M Starr
11/6/2013 9:23:33 PM

This judge was very fair. He listened to everything my attorney, as well as I had to say. I have a rate illness that cause me to have many secondary illnesses secondary that primary illness. He asked many questions. He read my file before the hearing, and had many questions for me. He was very timely, and fair. He even apologized for the amount of time I had waited on a hearing (right at a year), and he knew it was hard to attend the heating. He would make the hearing as brief as he could. Went nicely, and he is a very caring professional man. And when I received my approval I was pleased to see my real diagnosis on there even as rare as it is.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
8/21/2013 5:52:33 AM

well of course I thought he was a great judge, he understood the truth and made a fair decision....what more could you ask for in a judge?

Judge: Harold D Davis
5/22/2013 7:13:34 AM

As a rep I have had several cases with Judge Davis. He will typically call you in ahead of time, make sure you understand that he doesn't allow leading questions and doesn't want you to elicit extremely emotional testimony about suicide attempts, etc. He generally does not ask for opening statement. He begins questioning with a nice, easy pace; his questions are very clear and straightforward covering the basics about onset and impairments. He likes documentation re any income after onset (STD, LTD, WC, UE, etc). If client is 50+ and has good strong work history it's a plus. He usually has a VE and likes to do hearings that take about 30-45 min. I have found him to be very pleasant, very fair and he does a good job.

Judge: David W Engel
3/27/2013 6:56:35 AM

This ALJ is thorough and methodical. Will ask for opening statement and do general questioning. Usually does one hypo based on DDS opinions of RFC and one based on FCE or client's testimony.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/18/2013 2:45:24 PM

Her numbers say it, 25% you are going in just to make a record to appeal. She will interrupt you often. She pulls a lot of negatives out of the file so be prepared for drug/alochol and yes prison time even though it is outside the time frame of an AOD or PFD. She will also have the VE classify work as PRW although it doesnt fit SS definitions of PRW. If your client worked doing anything at all for any length of time it is PRW.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/18/2013 2:39:59 PM

She is the new CJ in Indy. VERY NICE!!! But she specifically asked me to let the other attorneys know that she expects you and the claimant to be at hearing and ready to go 30 minutes prior to the hearing time. The notice says that, and she EXPECTS that! She asks most questions, then turns it over to attorney. AND she told me she does not want me to get testimony regarding what doctors have told them, or what she could read in the medical evidence.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/18/2013 2:39:20 PM

nice judge, she knows the file, usually will let you cover sections on limitations and adl's. Moves quickly through the hearing.

Judge: Bill Jones
2/20/2013 11:36:02 AM

Exceptional Judge!!!!! He showed me what a real judge is. Almost like a dectective who would get his feet muddy out in the sticks to find the truth and make sure justic is served. He should be more than a disability Judge. He is the man to Protect children and the left behind citizens of this country. Keep up the good work. I second the first post Professional effecient and Friendly.

Judge: Bill Jones
1/24/2013 10:28:52 AM

Very professional, efficient, and friendly.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
1/10/2013 10:13:30 AM

Judge Vanderhoof statistically denies almost everyone. You are very unlucky if you have him. Apparently he is dumped in the Corpus Christi, Texas area so he does not deny everyone in San Antonio, Texas.

Judge: Clifford Shilling
1/3/2013 2:54:40 PM

Great Judge. Very understanding

Judge: Bill Jones
12/21/2012 8:53:55 PM

Nice Judge. Don't try to give him any bull though.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/11/2012 7:02:10 AM

Judge Vanderhoof denied my case, I have medical evidence that shows 3 different dissabilities,Essential tremors,Anxiety disorder and Degenerative Arthritis and he still denied me. When I did receive my letter of denial he failed to mention in the report my Degenerative Arthritis which would have qualified me. I have trouble walking,sitting,standing because of my arthritis,my body is in a constent tremor which keeps me from holding an eating utensil or a pen to sign my name if I need to,my Anxiety disorder is because I cannot function like I use to. Why I was denied I will never know.

Fred F.
Judge: Monica LaPolt
12/4/2012 1:11:03 AM

I had Judge LaPolt as my disability judge and thought that she ignored my medical records and letters from employers about my disabilities.I am a diabetic and have denegenitive disc disease the lower 3 discs in my back are black on xrays and MRI's.She ignored these findings in all of my evidence presented to her.Her letter to me in my denial letter were very upsetting and I have lost my house and wife for her unprofessionable findings.I hope she gets into another type of law before she ruins more lives like mine.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/2/2012 7:00:02 PM

The guy denied my claim, based on not believing the psychiatric evidence that clearly showed my severe depression and my inabiity to work.Funny how a guy that needs a psychiatrist himself gets to deny my psychiatric case

Judge: Michael S Hertzig
11/26/2012 4:53:52 PM

My hearing lasted almost an hour and a half in front of this judge. My attorney presented medical evidence from my medical records proving I was diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar disorder. The vocational expert testified that I could get a job but not maintain it. After waiting 2 months he is requested a supplemental hearing and is now ordering that a medical expert be present and another vocation expert! It's already proven that I am disabled according to SSA guidelines yet he is still requesting another hearing when nothing has changed.

Judge: David W Engel
9/27/2012 6:27:50 AM

Fair judge, but be ready to address unemployment, inconsistent statements in the file, or drug and alcohol issues. He does not overlook that kind of thing at his hearings but tends to be cool that hit those issues head on honestlyrather than try to cover them up as if they did not exist.

Judge: David W Engel
9/17/2012 7:14:42 PM

With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my interent hope alive.

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
9/16/2012 6:19:48 AM

Judge Shepherd was fair to me with my claim that took a year from filling date to a decision, But very slow getting out decision letter

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
7/3/2012 8:29:23 AM

Judge Shepherd undoubtedly has never cleaned toilets for a living and undoubtedly has no idea of the physical capacity requirements for the one who so cleans. Too bad I can't show him how.

Judge: David W Engel
6/9/2012 8:22:36 PM

A lot nicer than wolfe but approves less cases. Pretty cool judge.

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
4/11/2012 3:19:21 PM

Judge Shepherd gave careful consideration to what is a very long and tedious process. His decision was based on 15 years of medical history and it truely a life changer for my wife and our family. It will ease the burden most of us face to survive, especially in this bad economy, and allow us to enjoy the little things in life that we have struggled with over the past 5 to 6 years. I want him to know he has made a positive difference in our lives.