Fresno, California ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Fresno, California, 8 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Fresno, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 19.0 months. The average case processing time in Fresno is 665 days.The Fresno average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 49%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Fresno ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Fresno 8 19.0 months 665 days 2.2 14% 49% 37%
California17.1 months562 days2.220%45%35%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Nancy M Stewart
3/26/2020 2:54:09 AM

Nancy this is gurinder the voices stopped but I need help and you didn't help me or decide fairly and fix my first problem

Judge: Michael J Kopicki
3/23/2020 5:22:51 PM

Very unfair he didnt review my whole chart, dimissed things that were important. ty

Judge: Caroline H Beers
1/16/2020 12:44:30 PM

It is so terrible when you truly really need help from disability and have to fight like hell to get it and then still get denied. Your health gets worse because you don't have health insurance, and depression starts in. Judge H Beers was nice to my face, but came back with a quick judgement. She was wrong on a few things when it came to information from my doctors and my MRI. Maybe she should look into things better than being so judgemental. This is one of the reasons why this world is falling apart. It's because where people should care, they don't. I can't even give her a rating because it would be a lie.

Judge: Kelly Walls
12/10/2019 11:36:30 AM

Casio williams
Judge: Vincent A. Misenti
12/7/2019 11:44:23 PM

When will the final decision be mailed out to me,,,,,I'm just wondering when will I get my funds back it's really messing me up mentally physically and emotionally it's putting alot of stress on me not been able to do for's not a good feeling and I've been without funds for 2yrs now.......I would like to know something about my SSI benefits

Judge: Kelly Walls
11/8/2019 7:31:35 PM

10 years and still waiting. 123 exhibits of doctors notes with issues I have. That's not the problem. The problem is if you can wiggle your toes or fingers, you can work. After being a Office Manager/bookkeeper for 18 years she said I can clean houses or work in a cleaners. That's what the so called vocational expert said telephonically. We just have to take his word for it. Mind you the medical records show I can't even do my own housework. I have carpel tunnel in both wrists, my fingers go numb and my hands and wrists hurt all the time. I also have bad knees which I get a new shot that can only be given yearly, trying to prolong getting surgery. My feet are always cold and hurt. I have a bad back and have to get ablations every few months for the pain. They burn the nerves. That's just a few things that are wrong with me. Depression and anxiety that go back to childhood. Judge Walls doesn't even believe my primary doctor or my doctors at the Core Institute. I'm turning 60 in a few weeks. Judge Walls knew she was going to deny me, so why don't they just tell you then instead of waiting 3 months. About 6 years ago the appeals council indicated that the judge needed to change their decision. The problem with that is you don't get the same judge so no one follows the rules. I truly believe that she is a DEMOCRAT that's why she wasted my attorneys and my time, then she waits almost the full 3 months. Well I'm not going away. I worked for 40 years and paid into the system along with my employers. That's for in case of a disability. I really find it hard to believe that a disability judge has the power to destroy someone's life. I bet she doesn't lose any sleep at night. The disabilty judges don't even do their jobs. I hope she doesn't get re-appointed. I will also be getting in touch with Governor Ducey and Senator McSally about why judges can dismiss a direct order from the Appeals Council. My last court date only covered what kind of jobs I can do. She didn't even take into account, my current condition. In 10 years my conditions have only gotten worst. Who gives her the right to call my doctors liars. No compassion. If she can call my doctors liars then why can't we call the employment expert a liar. We didn't even get to see his resources and how many other people has he given the same results to and how many jobs were there and in what state are they in. Cleaners, I didn't even know they still exist!!! What an insult and demeaning after what I have done and gotten paid in the past. They do base it on the national job search at the time of your hearing. I'm sure it changes every week. Just because we are disabled doesn't mean we're stupid. Very disappointed in the Arizona court system. This judge doesn't deserve any stars. Amazing. I bet if I were an illegal, I would of been approved 10 years ago and I probably didn't even need to be disabled. It's a shame that no one reads the comments except maybe the people that were denied.....

Judge: Laura Fernandez
11/7/2019 8:33:00 PM

She couldn't do the right thing and keep me on Social Security so I could keep my transplant doctors after TriCare really screwed me when my Social Security was initially denied by a person who claimed to have been a doctor but if that were the case then they need to go back to medical school; I lost all of my doctors and my insurance insisted I go to a doctor that wasn't taking new patients and told me I was scat out of luck on getting the needed referrals to specialist doctors so I can stay alive and continue getting the life-saving, anti-rejection drugs that I need to stay alive. Laura Fernandez clearly does not know what she is doing an is willing to do anything to hurt a patient, especially one who needs such expert care as a heart transplant patient. Truly uncaring and doesn't understand the plight of the patient or the specialized, expert medical care a heart transplant patient needs. A true joke of a human being and a bigger joke for a judge. Truly pathetic. I literally gave my heart in service to the United States and now I'm in a position to be killed by the very system that is supposed to keep me alive.

Judge: John Cusker
11/2/2019 7:19:52 PM

Wes, If they testified on your behalf, then yes it's usually good.. You may get a favorable outcome. Unlike my judge, judge Ryan Johannes. Judge Johannes had his friend testify against me, didn't let me testify on my behalf, only allowed yes or no answers from me and ignored the facts from the state doctors. My judge made his decision out of spite and my political affiliation. I wish you luck and hope your judge sides with facts and doesn't pull what my dishonorable judge pulled. Signed, The Victim Of dishonorable Johannes

Judge: John Cusker
11/2/2019 12:19:50 PM

I had my hearing a few days ago. He is sort of rude by right to point. He asked the SSD expert about 8 questions regarding my work history and the expert said NO i can not work in this economy and NO on every other question. Does anybody know if thats good the expert is on my side?

Judge: John Cusker
10/9/2019 3:29:58 PM

I believe Judge Cusker is an outstanding judge. He is tough but extremely fair. He needs out the fakers from the truly disabled!

Patricia Flores
Judge: Timothy S Snelling
6/27/2019 9:06:37 PM

I was seen by Judge Snelling on 426/2019, he was very professional and he was very attentive and he looked directly at me when asking questions so that made me fewl very comfortable. He is a fair Judge and he is very thorough. They need more judges like him in the system because i truly believe that he cares about doing what is right and fair. I just want to say thank you Judge Snelling.

Judge: Vincent A. Misenti
6/26/2019 10:55:10 AM

I wanted to give a review of Judge Misenti before my decision came back so it could be unbiased by the results. I did not have an attorney for my case (I do not recommend this). Judge Misenti took this into account and was kind and compassionate throughout my hearing. He asked questions which seemed both relevant as well as in ways to make sure I was being truthful in my answers. The loss of one star is for two reasons for me. 1. While I do believe he gave me time to collect my thoughts throughout the hearing, I do think he may have breezed through a couple of the key sections a little quickly for knowing I did not have representation. For instance, was going to dismiss the vocational expert without having me question him. A judge knows what is important and what is not, I see no downside to taking a little extra time in those areas if needed in a non-adversarial case. And the other reason for the one star loss is his current approval percentage of cases being one of the lowest in the state. This could be due to a small sample size and/or how the cases are assigned. I would challenge Judge Misenti to adjust his interpretations of the law as well as his human empathetic decisions to be somewhat more in line with the national average. As someone who is in pain each and every day, it was certainly a worry of mine that I would not get a fair shake because I was assigned one judge vs another. That being said, I did actually feel like I was treated fairly at the hearing. Judge Misenti was personable and seemed caring. His knowledge of law was never in question. I hope for the best in the end. And thank Judge Misenti for making what was a fairly trying experience in my life as pleasant as could be expected.

Judge: Christopher Larsen
4/2/2019 8:59:29 AM

I had the same situation where the judge made a false accusations about me and made up evidence to make his decision fit his decision on paper he also sing to the opposing side when Irish eyes are smiling I'm Italian it didn't make me feel too well that he was Irish also and that he had prejudice feelings feelings towards me... Which shows in the testimony.he also joked with the opposing side on how I got hurt and thought it was a big joke took my case as it was frivolous.... Today I'm still paying for his decision I suffer everyday I don't sleep.. due to my pain I would never wish this on to anyone due to all the hours and days of suffering no one can help me nor docotors with these injuries.. when I'm suffering I still see this judges face and is ****** suede shoes that he wore that day.. this judge is a clown I went to The courts and told the truth and he treated me as though I was a ***** ** **** right from the start as I was answering questions to my lawyer this judge interrupted and said that I was being led he couldn't even see set the other side was coached and had many meetings on what they were going to say and do while me and my lawyer.. couldn't believe the things that were coming out of this judges mouth real piece of work.with his decision he made it hard for my appeal because the other judges would never read it they just agree and pass it on let's be real the appeal was a joke also because he's judges did not read the full case. They would have picked up on what was set on the court and reading the evidence my lawyer made liars out of all of them in front of this judge they Purge themselves and they got caught but the judge didn't care. With medical evidence MRIs the judge still said you didn't believe me and threw out my doctors testimonies due to my credibility

Liseth Ramos
Judge: Cynthia Floyd
3/20/2019 1:41:08 PM

She is a very pleasent judge and very respectful she did a good thing for my appeal

Judge: Christine Hilleren
11/27/2018 1:29:23 PM

It would be a good thing if judges could walk one day in the same shoes of the people they denied. A lot of decisions would be reversed. 00 star rating!!

Judge: Regina L Sleater
10/21/2018 12:56:20 PM

Judge Regina L. Sleater once came to work still intoxicated and when she opened the door to the office kitchen cabinet she slammed it into her head so hard that she passed out on the floor... when she worked in Anchorage, Alaska...she also had liquid lunches at Simon and Seaford and would leave with her glass half full.

Judge: Nancy M Stewart
10/13/2018 3:31:31 PM

Judge Nancy Stewart was so nice and fair. I wish I could of gave her a hug. She helped me when I was going to give up on life. She could see I have been suffering from my illnesses. I love her so much for caring and believing in me.Thank you Judge Stewart. I will forever be grateful. Now I can focus on my illnesses and try to get better. God help me..please.... I love you god. And I pray for you to bless Judge Stewart. Amen

Judge: Caroline H Beers
10/8/2018 10:34:36 PM

Judge Beers scoffed, then scolded my lawyer during my hearing for reading from a law book to ensure that a technicality we wanted to point out was recognized. It made me feel like she had a personal vendetta against him prior to my case. I had a sick feeling in my gut after that & I knew I'd be denied. Just as I suspected- Denied! I'm literally unable to use my shoulders to move or raise my arms, my hands lock up into fists, & I can barely walk from the Lupus & Fibromyalgia that's wrecking my body. But now I have to find a way to work- SOMEWHERE. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm terrified & want to kill myself sometimes because I see no real solutions for me. She has ruined my faith in the system.

Debra L Case
Judge: John Trunick
9/5/2018 11:31:37 AM

I dont know my outcome yet . but Judge Trunik was a pleasant man, and very calm and patient. a gentlemen. He gave me as much time as I needed to cope with my illness in the court setting. He is soft spoken, and not pushy. He even told me due to my sciatica I can't sit long so he said I can walk around the room if It made me more comfortable. I really liked his demeanor, and disposition. Very mellow.......

Debra Benton
Judge: Sandra R DiMaggio Wallis
7/31/2018 9:04:16 AM

Please Help Me.Please

Thomas Krause
Judge: William Sharp
3/3/2018 7:58:34 PM

during my hearing Judge Sharp followed close protocol, gave me ample time and latitude in speech, and seemed fair and equitable the WHOLE time. a good judge.

Judge: John Cusker
2/23/2018 12:51:02 AM

This is a fair judge. He asked important questions and was very thorough as well as patient.. If you not are truly disabled he will know that and be denied.. He does not play games. I am grateful for the favorable decision on February 7th, 2018.. If you have to see Judge Cusker.. Come in with the truth about your condition/s and leave the games outside...

Judge: Vincent A. Misenti
2/10/2018 6:29:05 AM


Judge: William Sharp
12/26/2017 11:26:31 AM

Judge Sharpe seems to be unfair in most of his denials of disability, see above. Case in point: I am a 100% disabled veteran and suffer from two major problems (not listed for privacy) accompanied by several complications from the two. The judge failed to follow several SSR rulings, Hallex directives, as well as Fifth Circuit legal precedent such as the Stone Decision (Stone, 752 F.2d at 1101) as required. Being Judge Sharpe's approval rating is only 38% I would say it suggests a bias in many cases. Especially when he fails to follow the rules! Because of my disability determination from the VA the SSA is supposed to expedite its determination when a veteran rated at 100% total and permanent applies for disability. My case has been pending since May 2012; 5 1/2 years. It is now Dec. 26, 2017.

Sharon Moten
Judge: Sandra R DiMaggio Wallis
11/15/2017 8:24:27 PM

Judge Sandra Dimaggio Wallis really helped my wife in receiving her fully favorable decision. She was a very understanding Judge being that my wife suffers with debilitating complex regional pain syndrome (crps) and bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome (cts). Thank you so very much Judge Sandra Dimaggio Wallis!!! You are the best!! May God bless you tremendously! 👏👏👏👏👏

Judge: Kelly Walls
11/1/2017 2:26:00 PM

I’ve been thinking about that judge a lot over the past year, feeling rage as I remember her skepticism at the severity of my illnesses. Why? Because I am reserved. Because I was raised in a home where it was not safe to express pain, grief, depression, anxiety-not even joy was welcome, because it was “too much.” The only welcome expressions were piety and submission. I covered my physical and emotional pain for three decades. And now I’m supposed to perform for a woman who has the details of my life in great detail? She has medical records, personal accounts, counseling notes, the nitty gritty descriptions of the trauma I’ve been through, the acts of violence I have survived, the repercussions of physical, chronic illness-many of them the result of said trauma. And now I’m supposed to be a marionette and SHOW her my pain? I am not a faker. I am not a malingerer. I struggled with a flat affect for most of my life. I learned through the violence bestowed upon me that expressing my emotions or any sign of weakness will only end in harm. I have been beaten, raped, dismissed, denied, and even made homeless because of weakness, pain, and even compassion. I have experienced things that would make this woman catatonic. And now she wants to shoot at my feet with the power she wields to make my life livable, and order me to dance? At what point in the seven years of scrutiny, of madness and excruciating pain, were my symptoms, my cries for help, my doctors’ words that I could never work-I may become more whole mentally, but my health will continue to deteriorate-at what point did my evidence become not evidentiary of my disability? Oh, that’s right. I lost that right when I sought help. When I went to visit my family in another state, because clearly someone who is as grievously ill as I am couldn’t be wheeled in a wheelchair to and from the plane. Surely it’s common that a WELL ADJUSTED, HEALTHY PERSON would need to bring her emotional support CAT just to survive being home. Nevermind that my dad is a severely ill Vietnam vet. Obviously if I were REALLY ill, I’d just let him die alone with the primary cause of my CPTSD. Because disabled people don’t ensure there are no regrets when a loved one passes. Disabled people don’t live on the second floor of an apartment (which I didn’t even choose, and I live here for the grace of God). Nevermind that I go for days without ever going downstairs, because the pain of traversing them isn’t worth it. It’s almost as if the judges appointed to decide whether I’m worthy of receiving the money I put INTO Social Security, have never cracked open a book in their lives. Never spoken to an articulate, damaged, chronically ill person. I may howl like a wounded animal when I’m alone in my bed, vomiting over the side of the mattress into a barf bucket, but I can hold it together, thanks to the adrenaline of fear and anxiety, for half an hour in public. I may excuse myself to go vomit in the bathroom from pain…I may close my eyes and try to distract myself, but my illnesses have never been performative. Sorry, not sorry. Ironically enough, my chronic illnesses-there are eight-have rapidly progressed since my hearing. I haven’t been able to attend any social functions since December. I’ve had to cancel appointments with doctors because I was literally too sick to take a cab there. I’ve skipped appointments and went to the emergency room instead, barfing into a bag, praying the driver wouldn’t kick me out before we reached the hospital. I began low dose chemotherapy in June, because the pain from my illnesses, especially rheumatoid arthritis, was becoming so unbearable that I became suicidal. I wasn’t about to kill myself after the literal hell I’ve survived. So once a week, my partner injects me with poison, in hopes that I can participate in my life again, maybe go to some mental health classes at an organization downtown. Because I do want to live. I want the rest of my life to be the best of my life. When I look back on all the violence and evil I’ve endured, I don’t want that to be all that’s remembered about my life. We need to get rid of this idea that disabled people don’t want to get better. That they’re not allowed to be intelligent or self motivated. I can’t even count the times I was told I was too smart, too articulate, too hopeful, too driven to be disabled. This judge hammered another nail in my proverbial coffin when she declared I was making great progress. I guess any amount of effort in bettering my life disqualifies me from a quality of life through SSDI. Don’t crack open any self help books, you rape and abuse survivors! You’d sure as heck not try to grow as a person! And submit to every doctor that shoves a script in your direction, because you will be considered complicit in falsehood if you don’t! But don’t try *too* hard to feel better, or you’ll be declared “cured,” and left to fend for yourself for the rest of your existence! Maybe being denied will lead you to a life of accepting whatever scraps of compassion you can find. Maybe you’ll be homeless. Maybe you’ll settle for living with an abuser who demands you pay for your housing with your dignity and your body. But likely, you may just die. I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I lived in gov’t housing until a friend who lived two doors down hung himself on a Sunday morning while I was sleeping at another friend’s house across town. My best friend saw I was declining, and possibly not long for this earth, because losing yet another person to suicide, seeing his empty home every day, might just be the thing that did me in. When my illness progressed, that person couldn’t bear to see me suffer, and treated me with a kindness that changed my view on how I saw them. So now, I have a place to live. It’s not ideal-they have their own anger issues to settle, and things are not always as peaceful as I’d like-but it sure beats dying alone, homeless, helpless, in the Arizona heat. I don’t know what I’ll do if they pass away. I have no way to support myself. What employer will hire me to do work from bed, at sporadic moments of the day, or middle of the night, typing words into a device while I’m in a fetal position, face smashed against the pillow? Oh, that’s right. I CAN STUFF ENVELOPES. I’ve been looking for this mythical employer since my SSDI decision was rendered, but I can’t seem to find the Xerox shop, or a time machine, to travel to a time when that was a real job and would pay me enough to live and pay my doctors/pharmacy/insurance company, and be okay with me doing it from my bed. Let me know if you guys find it. Because I *do* want to work-that’s never been a question. I want to work, contribute to the GNP, grow some pride in my job. I’d love to work nine hours a day, take the bus home, and feel satisfied. But, I’d also like to play racquetball, learn how to make boeuf en boite, go for a jog, teach yoga in San Francisco, and go on a date with Dwayne Johnson. However, I don’t see any of that happening in this lifetime. So, thanks, Judge W, for the consolation prize of back pay for a couple years when I was in gov’t housing. It really helps when I think of the corruption I experienced in state funded housing during that period. The sexual harassment, authoritarian rules, threats of homelessness, rape by another person in the program, as well as the constant gaslighting. You would really dig this place, they told me I was too intelligent to be mentally ill, too! Then they threatened to take me to a homeless shelter if I didn’t get a job. One of the bht’s would show up at my home at random times, sometimes 9, 9:30 at night, and make lewd inferences and stare at my breasts. It was a really edifying experience. I actually did get a job at my old employer, actually! And then I was fired because I was sick too much in the first two weeks of training. My anxiety was so bad, I’d get on the bus, and I’d hold onto the bus pole, my arms shaking from panic, as if I were holding a jackhammer. Eventually, I couldn’t even get on the bus. But, yeah-if that alleviated your guilt in denying a fellow woman, a domestic violence, child abuse, multiple rape survivor with degenerative, incurable diseases that will eventually kill me, good on ya! I think about you all the time as I’m retching into the toilet, praying for the pain to stop. I think about you when I’m sitting in the living room, crying because I’m in too much pain to fold clothes, and I can’t even let my emotional support animal lay against me, because any touch hurts. I hope you think about me when the people in your life get devastating diagnoses or have partners or loved ones that do. It’s a shame that I was too composed, too proud, too whatever it was that made you think I was a liar and made you deny me the chance of having more say in my life. What do the others do? What will I do when my partner dies or tires of me? I’ll die, likely. So, in closing, this week’s plunger of poison going into my thigh goes out to you. So do the tears, anger, and disgust I carry with me every day. Jsyk, I used quite a bit of the back pay to support my household and better my life. I didn’t buy drugs or stupid stuff. I have self help books, medical supplies, a stockpile of meds, hygiene supplies, toilet paper…I even went to Flagstaff (I had to take lots of pain and anti anxiety meds and lay in the back of the truck on a pillow nest the whole way to and from, got a script for steroids, and almost ended up in the hospital, btw) to do some soul searching in the mountain air and be far, far away from toxic humans. I used the hot tub and the sauna and wheeled my walker back to my room. I rode around the mountains, and thanked my lucky stars that I lived long enough to experience such beauty in the midst of all this pain. I bought my partner a vehicle (they did keep me off the streets, after all). I’m going to stay motivated and try to stay positive, even when I’m taking my fourth shower in my old lady shower chair because I’m having a hot flash-again. I hope my partner writes you a letter to let you know when I die, because I’m working on forgiving you, but you need to know that you are denying a very sick, damaged person the very right to dignity and any kind of independence. I’m ringing my metaphorical bell and repeating, “SHAME! SHAME!” every time an unscrupulous judge denies a disabled person the income that is rightly theirs. There are a lot of fakers, but I am not one of them. I will not dumb myself down or do a cripple jig just because the person appointed to give me mercy demands I do. My pain is not performative. Shame on you.

Judge: Vincent A. Misenti
10/30/2017 11:29:57 AM

Vincent A Misente. My disabled son of a Traumatic Brain Injury and left side leg, hip, arm, hand and fingers are severely stroke ridin. He has short term memory loss from head on collision which had 2 fatalities. This judge approved .y son for ssi for ONE (1) month!! How is this even possible or allowed? This judge denies more then 50% of ssi applicants. Makes me wonder how many lives he has made worse by dening their disablty ssi? This judge should be removed from this position..

Judge: Vincent A. Misenti
10/30/2017 11:19:14 AM

My son just went infront of this judge. My son has a Traumatic brain injury and had 3 major strokes in a coma . due to strokes his left side is very stroke ridin. Leg arm and fingers.. This judge approved his SSI for 1 month.. This judge has no purpose to be in his position. Makes me wonder how many other people he has ruined by his inaccurate decisions. People who truly need ssi. For a month? How is this even possible? Why would any judge deem this ignoramus decision? Appeal again and requesting a different judge.

David hart
Judge: William Wallis
10/20/2017 12:50:18 PM

This is one of the most fair and down to earth judges ive had the pleasure to be question by. Professional and compassionate person. Keep up the great work and thank you. D.Hart 2017

Nicholas Watson
Judge: William Sharp
8/9/2017 2:58:40 AM

I had my hearing 8-8-17 in judge William sharp court room he was a very nice judge he listen to the facts in my medical records. And made his decision i was approved on the spot i didn't have to wait for a decision to come in the mail even though he doesn't approve a lot of cases he is a super fair judge so if you find your self in his court room just tell the truth like i did and you should be ok thanks judge sharp

Jimmy Frederickson
Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
8/3/2017 12:37:57 PM

I always wished I could personally have Thanked! him outside the court room for his kindness and understanding!

Judge: Sharon L Madsen
7/18/2017 4:03:45 PM

Just had my hearing with Judge Madsen today. She is very thorough and excellent at asking all possible questions. She seems conservative in her findings, I did not get the impression she took excruciating pain very seriously nor chronic fatigue syndrome as her hypotheticals all included 6-8 hours of sitting which I cannot see myself do. However, she did ask all possible questions and wants to get a good idea of what's going on. I went without a lawyer and was extremely well prepared, I don't think it mattered if I would have had an attorney. Curious what the outcome will be, am cautiously optimistic but will adjust review when decision comes in (if that's possible). Her approval ratings make me nervous, without knowing those I would have thought to likely have won based on the continuous "no jobs" from VE in her responses.

Judge: John Cusker
6/15/2017 9:47:49 AM

This judge does not play around but he is also fair. If you are REALLY disable and have PROOF then you are going to be ok but if you are trying to milk the system he will smoke you.

Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
1/20/2017 11:17:56 AM

This judge seemed very fair but also very thorough. I didn't have any suprises from this judge but my attorney also did an excellent job of preparing for the case.

Gilbert Gutierrez
Judge: Timothy S Snelling
11/6/2016 11:55:46 PM

Im looking for attorney or judge to help me get my ssi...

lucky me
Judge: Tamia N Gordon
10/26/2016 11:05:02 AM

SHE IS A NASTY ASS JUDGE AND WILL NOT BE A JUDGE LONGER SHE VERY UNFAIR REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL SHE DOING I WENT FOR HEAR AUGUST 2015 gt letter five days afterwArd not approve could told me THAT in court room and I hD good lawyer but been on appeal since my lawyer said she made a legal error did not consider anything my doctor said or my diagnosis schizophrenia anxiety DEPRESSION pstd they need to throw her ass out courtroom pn streets y cars driving

Judge: Kelly Walls
10/2/2016 7:57:47 PM

I will post for judge Kelly walls first of all she was a very nice judge my hearing was the first my lawyer had with her since she came to az. I had lots of medical records I've seen my mental dr since 2006 my dr filled out rfc with restrictions that meet a listing for anxiety and depression she even said I would miss at least 4 days a month for dr apps or for my conditions judge walls completely ignored my rfcs and my side effects from medication she went by Dr notes that stated on 1 visit I felt a little better with new medication which a month later it wasn't helping anymore which was about my 12 medication try ed for anxiety and depression also I have physical issues she ignored too

Faith scott
Judge: Paula Fow
9/8/2016 11:49:25 AM

Even though I was nervous and must have had a seizure in her court room. This judge seem to be nice.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Mom
Judge: James P Berry
8/3/2016 2:22:11 PM

In 2008, Judge Barry said there was nothing wrong with my son and requested I pay back all the disability payments which also resulted in wedge garnishments. It became a difficult time for us but I never gave up on my son like Judge Barry did. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers in 2013. It took this long for them to find out what was wrong with my son. If I listen to Barry at that time to he knows what my son needs, sighing. My son would not received the help from clinical psychologist, Upac program, Wrap Around program, school psychologist and children's hospital satellite clinic from Michigan. Judge Barry because you really didn't take the time to examine throughly my son's case and made your decision blindly on May 1, 2008, my son could've had help much sooner than later. Our prayers were finally answered in 2013, not what we wanted to hear but we have answers. I'm glad to see he is retired so other may have had a fair chance.

Judge: Tamia N Gordon
8/1/2016 10:47:15 PM

Worst Judge of its kind! At the hearing i broke down crying explaining my condition and she didn't show one bit of compassion. A month later she denied me even with a good Lawyer and a well prepared medical record from my doctor. She has send me to a state psychologist who along with my doctor agreed on my condition and still denied me. I hope she can sleep at night.

Kim B
Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
7/14/2016 9:28:11 PM

Judge Sherrill LaPrade Carvelho was very patient and kind. I pray all is in my favor and just wanted to express my experience. Thank you !

Judge: Kelly Walls
7/12/2016 6:35:47 PM

I have not seen any comments on Kelly walls.

Judge: Kelly Walls
6/22/2016 1:51:24 PM

Judge: Nancy M Stewart
6/1/2016 7:01:45 PM

Had hearing this am with Judge Stewart. It was a pleasant experience. She made me feel at ease, listen to everything I had to say and approved my claim after five years waiting. Thanks Again Your Honor.

Ronald Pierce
Judge: John Cusker
5/19/2016 7:52:33 PM

Got a partially favorable out of this pugnacious judge back in 2012. Was find with his ruling but appealed a couple of things he erred on. Appeals Council appeared to agree with me and vacated his decision on remand to fix those things. He was not happy. So he waits almost ninety days and rules on my birthday I'm now no longer disabled at all. This judge is a menace to the public and will use his office to target claimants he doesn't like. He's rude and insinuating. You get this judge? Request recusal for your own sake.

Jon Martin
Judge: Serena S Hong
2/1/2016 4:55:24 PM

Had my hearing in Jan, 2016! Judge Hong was very nice and easy to talk with, I thought I would have time to meet with my lawyer but it didn't happen. Not her fault! Hope all goes well.

D J Davis
Judge: Serena S Hong
1/21/2016 9:36:33 PM

Judge Hong was friendly and personable during my hearing in October; hoping to hear her decision soon!

Judge: Timothy S Snelling
12/22/2015 6:55:27 PM

he needs to be reviewed on his cases based on how many hispanics he denied.

Bernadine Martin
Judge: Danny Pittman
12/18/2015 4:27:04 PM

Danny Pittman has denied me twice I have worked about 30years. First denied he made a decision before more medical records came. Then they tell me I can work with limitations then I hear I can't work then they I can work. As I deal with since 2010 until this year he denied me again. Medical records and X-rays don't lie and doctors will not put their jobs on the line to lie. I am a dietbic, depression, insomnia, shoulder needs to be replace knee replacement glacoma, two disc problems in my lower back, can't sleep on my back. I feel it's discrimination because I am native Americans/African American. I wasn't treated fairly and that's not right or fair I have other medical condition but my records is on file. I been fighting to get my Disabilty since 2010.

None comment
Judge: Sharon L Madsen
12/6/2015 9:06:27 PM

I just had a hearing with judge madden just recently and my case was denied even though my doctor signed off on my disability. I guess have 6 screws n your neck does not qualify you to be disabled. My attorney was shocked that we lost. If my hearing was in San Jose I would hav been award on this case. Now my attorney appealing this case.

Carlos Rafael Diaz
Judge: Tamia N Gordon
8/9/2015 8:11:39 AM

The judge Gordon is very professional,human,and respectfully.I had a hearing with Judge Gordon on August 4,2015.I still waiting for my decision.She is a very special person.

Georgia Martin
Judge: Tamia N Gordon
6/20/2015 1:02:36 PM

I had this judge on 05/15/2015 was denied but i can't fault her she was on doing her job by going by the rules and after reading her decision why I was denied I would have to agree because lawyers don't summit all your medical documents, medical history also your doctor's don't properly document your findings and history properly. So don't blame the judge blame the ones we have represented us and ourselves for not making sure everything is in files before meeting with judges. I went before this judge and was denied but I would give her a 5 star rating because she was polite, listen and took every piece of evidence that was given to her in to consideration, because they most important part of my disability was not present like my fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. Thank you. ALJ for doing your job well. May the Lord continue blessing you in all areas of your life God Bless.

Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
6/17/2015 6:20:52 AM

Good Judge! Walked in the court room nervous, but got relaxed quickly. Asked me few questions and I answered it as is. My lawyer also answered it. Judge asked me if I could shower, cook and drive. I said yes, yes and yes, but may have hard time to cook if I have to reach anything over my head level. And Judge asked me again, if everything is below your head level, can you cook? I said yes. Fully won. Great weight given to my 100% VA and great weight given to my doctors statement. Very nice guy. Thank you.

Kimberly Hansen
Judge: Timothy S Snelling
6/8/2015 2:48:10 PM

I was very nervous at first, but he assured me that he just wanted to know my story...I cried a little, he was understanding, compassionate, and mase me feel much more relaxed. I do not yet know my results but I would rather go in front of Judge Snelling than any other judge.

Judge: Timothy S Snelling
5/22/2015 4:10:01 PM

very high kudos to Judge Snelling,he was professional in my ALJ Atty was also very professional in asking me the questions..Judge wasnt harse but investigative at the trial I was really nervous and being that I am in Texas he decided to have my trial by phone..he didn't act like he wasn't going to make the decision that day he was fair and Honest.we went to local SSI office on 22nd of May and had person print out letter which is Favorable in Judge Snellings decision. to me which I've never have seen him or my Atty he had to go over all the evidence my Atty presented to him.Judge snelling in my book is fair.

Judge: Andrew Verne
3/3/2015 3:36:46 PM

I had the pleasure to have my hearing with Judge Verne and before I go on I have not had a decision made on my claim. Judge Verne was very compassionate and patient man. He listens to you very carefully and speaks to you in a soft demeanor which will help you to relax and get through your hearing. However caution should be used for Judge Verne he is highly intelligent and does his homework reviewing your case records. He is a new SSA ALJ but you would never know this based on the above mentioned. I wish him luck on his new career and everyone that will appear before him.

Jerry Ballard
Judge: Danny Pittman
1/14/2015 3:04:44 PM

This judge did not do his Home work. the court refused to allow me to present evidence I thought important and in the letter that followed after my day in Court, I was called a liar while my disabilities are fully documented from the military. He chose to use a reference from a Doctor at VA Hospital named Dr. Martin Lauber who lied and falsified my Medical Records and He never mentioned that I said under oath that the Doctor lied and i could prove it. In my view, This Judge must get paid by Social Security to deny certain cases. I worked 40 years and paid into Social Security and when I become Disabled? I can't draw my Social Security because the social Security Administration robes us who are disabled I am 80% disabled from VA I have 50% sleeping Disorder and 30% nerve damage from active duty in the Military. I have been to 4 Physical Rehabs and over 3000 pages of medical records. The fact is I did not get my Disability because I am white and not Hispanic. Social Security you are crooks and i bet you pay an incentive to judges who deny cases too but that is my view and my right to hold it. my social security goes to social Security unions for their trips not to those who need it

Judge: Michael J Kopicki
8/13/2014 3:41:30 PM

A fairly good judge. I have appeared in front of Judge Kopicki a number of times and I find him to be intelligent, sincere, and thorough, even in cases he turned down. If a case he turned down is remanded to him he has been fair about reconsidering his prior decision. He is neither liberal nor conservative in his decisions. On occasion he has prejudged a case and digs in his heels during the hearing, but usually he is open-minded. I have not seen him to be cyncial.

Judge: Cynthia Floyd
4/12/2014 5:31:46 PM

Be prepared for the worst. She rolls her eyes, gasps for air, and plunges her body on the bench incessantly. When attempting to coax you into telling her things you can do, she bobs her head up and down. She will not allow you to talk about all your conditions; only the ones she wants to talk about. She will omit any medical evidence which supports your case. She is also a liar. She will state you said things and reported conditions that are not supported by the transcript. Maybe she doesn't know that the claimant and attorney are privy to transcripts. With this judge, if you can make a sandwich, you're a chef. If you can take a bath, you're a lifeguard. If you can drive a car, you're a taxi driver. If you can buy a gallon of milk, you're a seasoned shopper. If you can pick up a broken glass, you're a housekeeper. If you can watch television, you're a movie producer. If you live with someone, you are a socialite and get along well with others. If you live alone, you are 100% self sufficient and therefore, not disabled. If you stopped taking meds due to finances, you've not followed doctors orders. If you have continually taken prescribed medicines, your medical condition is being controlled with said medicines. She relies heavily on the initial SSDI findings of years past and discredits opposing and more recent medical opinions. This, in spite of the fact that you have probably never met with a state employed doctor. Her apparent knowledge of the law is nil. Her propensity for error is unmatched. Her ethics do not encompass common honesty as falsehoods and lies abound.

Takyesha Allen
Judge: Duane D Young
3/17/2014 6:48:46 PM

I seen Judge Young on March 12 and I must say, he was very respectful and actually LISTENED!!!! He did not rush through my hearing and I feel he is a very fair Judge.I can say I was one of the blessed ones to have had a Judge that knows what he is doing!! Good luck to everyone on your hearings.

Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
3/6/2014 11:33:14 AM

Prepare your client to be cross-examined. This judge is not rude or hostile, but she comes across as not believing anything the client says. My client testified that a doctor told her something, and the ALJ crossed her on who and when. She did this repeatedly.

Judge: Tamia N Gordon
2/28/2014 3:22:58 PM

Denied my very mentally ill son, this judge is one of the worst in Fresno. Totally non compassionate. Hopefully we don't lose our son because of her decision.

Judge: Danny Pittman
1/17/2014 2:58:56 PM

This is the worst alu judge I know he denied me cause I visit my dad and go to church he reasons other then that were lies said I had surgery I never did claimed I made statements that werent true and attacked my character waiting for appeals decision to take case to federal court

Judge: Sandra R DiMaggio Wallis
11/25/2013 5:31:13 AM

i am just sicken to be denied again. i worked hard in my young yrs and now that im sick i have to beg to be approved what i have paid into.

Judge: Sharon L Madsen
10/31/2013 1:44:20 PM

Judge Madsen will be pleasant enough at the hearings. She use to be a decision writer. Her life experiences do not make for a sympathic judge. She has no feel for what people are saying nor does it seem to register that some people may be in real pain. I many times wonder why bother having a hearing with her. Her approval ratings are dismal. She interprets the medical evidence in a harsh light and adverse to the claimant. Even if she approves someone she then amends the onset date to a later date for not real strong reasons. You will leave the hearing thinking she is a nice judge, sympathetic and she will be fair. That has not been my experience at all. I have been in front of her over 25 times.

Judge: Duane D Young
9/7/2013 12:01:21 AM

I haven't received my decision regarding my SSDI hearing yet, but I do want to say that Judge Duane Young is a pretty fair judge. I didn't see this page until after my hearing when I was told the judges have their approval ratings online, so I wanted to present a fair view of him now and how I feel regardless of how he rules. He's good when it comes to your records and will allow you to explain what's in your records. I was honest with him about my records and my physical limitations and he was respectful. He did ask me a couple of tricky yes or no questions that were hard to answer in my situation but he understood what I was talking about. I've heard about other judges and how they do things, but Judge Duane Young actually seems to be one of the more respectful judges. Plus there are a lot of people out there who hope for a judge that gives them a fair shake and they don't always get that, especially from the sound of some of the newspaper articles around the country talking about how the judges don't hear them out or pay attention to the medical evidence. My final 2 cents is that as long as you're honest with him and you try to answer his questions the best you can, he's fair and you'll feel comfortable.

Judge: John Cusker
8/10/2013 6:19:21 PM

I was declared %100 disabled around 2000 by a board certified pain specialist. I have applied foe dissability 16 previous. I have been denied every time. Over these many years I have lost my home and every possesion worth anything to support my two children. I have developed savier depression i have attempted suicide 7 times before seeing this judge and once when again I recieved his denial after waiting 70 day.s for a responce.I am couch ridden and cannot walk without really bad back pain froma spinal tear. I went befor Cuscer may 29th 2013. I was bankrupt and owed friends and relatives $30,000. I am unable to sit in a chair without pillows allowing my back to be at 45' angle. Cuscer mocked me for bringing the pillows to court. Both my G.P. and psychiatrist reported limitations that resulted in no jobs available for me.He still denied me!STUNNED

Judge: John Cusker
5/26/2013 9:03:21 PM

I went to court on 03/22/2013 This Judge comes across as being rude, However he really does listen. He asked questions about my case that were really important. By the end of the trial I wasn't sure if he was on my side or against me. With all that said, I just received a fully favorable award letter on 05/23/2013. I'm so excited!!!!

Judge: Christopher Larsen
5/17/2013 9:17:15 AM

Judge Larsen is a knowledgable, thorough, and fair judge. It's too bad any hot-headed sore loser can post whatever they want onto this website with impunity.

Steven Sanchez
Judge: Duane D Young
4/30/2013 10:34:42 PM

My husband just saw judge young the other day and he was very nice. He seemed to know what he was talking about! Prayers to all that are in the process!

vance adams
Judge: Sandra R DiMaggio Wallis
4/19/2013 9:32:33 PM

I have found through personal interaction that Judge S oandra R DiMaggio Wallis is a consummate professional who engages claimants with an object and open mindset. It is my hope that she continue to facilitate her duties with the application of knowledge and the faculty of wisdom with which she has received from our Most High God.

Judge: Vincent Misenti
4/19/2013 6:30:55 AM

This ALJ challenged my question to the claimant as to what restrictions his doctor had given him. The ALJ said the question was not admissible because it was hearsay. What does this say about his knowledge about administrative/SS hearings

Judge: Vincent Misenti
4/12/2013 8:12:37 PM

Misenti was an ALJ for the California Department of Social Services, widely regarded as the worst in the state. He doesn't listen, learn or reason, and thinks most claimants/applicants are malingerers.

Joe Applicant
Judge: Tamia N Gordon
3/24/2013 9:42:40 PM

Very Fair, very thorough in her decision process, I wish to address all of the people leaving negative feedback on this website. If you have all of your documents in order and have followed all of the rules you have nothing to worried about. This is a legal process that goes by the guidelines that are thoroughly spelled out for each individual if you follow them and meet the requirements for being disabled you will be given a favorable decision, If you do not meet the requirements then stop crying and complaining about the Judge was not fair to you, because baby the judge was fair, you where the one that was unprepared. You and you your self are to blame if you do not get a favorable rating. Follow the law and the law will prevail in your favor.

Judge: John Cusker
3/24/2013 10:58:42 AM


anthony dominguez
Judge: Michael J Kopicki
1/26/2013 5:49:06 PM

Judge was fair

Judge: John Cusker
1/26/2013 2:12:33 PM

This Judge is RUDE and inconsiderate. I wish they would allow the lawyers to choose the judge that will review your case.Everything you say he acts as if it is a lie.

Judge: Caroline H Beers
1/18/2013 1:15:39 PM

Her approval rating must be an error. She may seem nice, but she NEVER grants.

Judge: Michael J Haubner
12/26/2012 9:27:43 AM

He left Social Security in Dec. 2012 for a judge job back east.

Pete R.
Judge: Michael J Haubner
12/11/2012 9:29:08 PM

He's definitely persistent, so I wouldn't beat around the bush or try to B.S. him. Bottom line, he's fair and he obviously does his homework, he knew my case better than my own lawyer.

Judge: Christopher Larsen
11/30/2012 6:20:03 PM

He actually lied and manipulated evidence. He wrote things in the report without ever having asked me what my side of the story was. (The truth was MARKEDLY different than what he wrote!!)Larsen is very weaselly and cannot be trusted. Be SURE you have an attorney. You will not be treated fairly and he will have no qualms about lying in order to "win".

Judge: Christopher Larsen
11/16/2012 11:16:09 PM

I just wanted to say thank you Judge Larsen for allowing me to speak my case. When I stood, to compose myself, your intent look, I knew you where concerned about me as a human being. I don't know what way this man is going to see my case, all I can say is - no matter what the outcome, your conduct was very professional. Have a great Thanksgiving - and Christmas. .

Richard Donaldson
Judge: Robert E Lowenstein
10/23/2012 3:14:38 PM

I knew Mr. Lowenstein before he became a judge. He is an extremely knowledgeable attorney and a decent human being, a combination of qualities rarely possessed by the same person. The Agency is fortunate to have him; claimants are blessed to have their cases decided by him, and the hearing level adjudication process is far better off merely because he is a part of it.

Jim Hustin
Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
10/18/2012 1:25:44 PM

I waited over a year! ....and was denied the first time filing upon my own. It was over a year before I went in front of Judge Hatfield. I had a strong disability case ..and I truly suffered while waiting to see the judge. He was a very compassionate, and I will never forget him! for listening and helping me with my case.. HOWEVER?.. he's not a push over by no means! he looks at all the facts very well before making his final decision, but he will be fare and is a very good listener! and a good judge!

Judge: Duane D Young
9/12/2012 9:35:56 AM

Ever notice how if approved, someone rates a judge great, but if denied, he is a devil? Just sayin'.

stacey meals
Judge: Duane D Young
8/28/2012 11:11:13 PM

Judge Young Alj odar is not fair and dont no the system of mental and psychical disability.He needs to be removed of bench.God dont like ugly you devil.

Stacey Meals
Judge: Duane D Young
7/12/2012 6:55:53 PM

Judge Duane young was the adminstrative law judge on my case July,11. He was very knowledgeable about my mental and physical disablity, Thank you for being a sincere judge. GOD bless....

Judge: Sandra R DiMaggio Wallis
7/11/2012 1:36:20 PM


Judge: Danny Pittman
7/6/2012 11:35:43 PM

This so called Judge ( puppet ) is Put in a position to do the right thing And completely and utterly failed us. Looking over his ruling with our Newley Hired attorney I'm completely beside Myself, that his ruling was unfavorable. He left out so much! If I were to do my Job like he did for us we would be in the Soup line. I do find solace in the fact That every knee shall bow. And everyone Will give an account for the things they've Done and in this case haven't done.

Judge: Tamia N Gordon
7/5/2012 6:20:24 PM

comes off very nice and sweet but her decisions due not refect her attitude on the bench.

Judge: Michael J Haubner
6/26/2012 7:58:12 AM

Many clients and attorneys are put off by his demeanor. He gives a first impression of being very rigid, brusque--almost to the point of rudeness. (I think he was either a prosecutor, a drill instructor, or a nun in his past life!) While I respect (and agree with) his well-intentioned attempts to expedite and bring more efficiency to the hearing process, I feel he goes a bit overboard in interrupting and reprimanding clients for every single (in his mind) "incorrect" response. Of course, this management style, especially his rigid insistence on limiting comments to only "yes" or "no" responses to questions is fertile, easy ground successful AC appeals.

Judge: Michael J Kopicki
6/2/2012 5:44:27 PM

Terrible judge. Ignores evidence; twists statements, and is one of the most cynical individuals I have ever dealt with. Believes he knows more than doctors' do. I sincerely feet sorry for any disabled individual that has to go in front of him. Personally speaking, I don't think he's that intelligent and informed medically, despite what I am sure he believes of himself.

Judge: Duane D Young
5/30/2012 10:28:37 PM

missed the star rating on my prior comment; 5x5 gold stars for Judge Duane Young

Judge: Duane D Young
5/30/2012 9:59:07 PM

I saw Judge Duane Young today. He was empathetic, knowledgeable about my case and handled my aged case in a way that I felt heard and understood unlike before. I feel providentially blessed that he was my judge

Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
5/22/2012 4:50:36 PM

This judge is pretty fair, he's appears to be all business with his findings, but is also very kind and seems compassionate if you are truly disabled. I personally went before him and at the end , he told me that he was sorry that the system had taken so long to review my case..

Judge: John Cusker
5/15/2012 3:06:43 PM

Below average ALJ. Not pleasant at all to deal with and borderline rude. He will search and search for any apparent inconsistency that would not be normally material to most average ALJs but use that against a Claimant in reference to credibility. I don't believe his decisions are well written so remand is frequent.

Brandon Fleming
Judge: Duane D Young
5/14/2012 1:17:22 PM

Judge Young recently saw my case. He was very nice and very thoughtful. He was extremely nice. I wish more people were like him. HE IS GREAT. God Bless you Judge.

Judge: Duane D Young
4/30/2012 2:22:05 PM

He was very patient,helpful,kind

Judge: Sharon L Madsen
4/30/2012 8:01:33 AM

went to court on the 17th of april and had this judge she was very kind and seemed to really care. i have been having anxiety on this hearing it's been a emotional rode but it wasn't so bad thanks to her thank you for that

Judge: Duane D Young
4/27/2012 11:39:15 AM

he was very nice

Judge: James P Berry
3/27/2012 2:42:44 PM

He retired at the end of December 2011

Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
3/14/2012 10:30:29 PM