Lowell Fortune , San Bernardino, California ODAR Office, Administrative Law Judge

For the 2010 *fiscal year, Judge Lowell Fortune has disposed 245 cases at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in San Bernardino, California. Out of those 245 dispostions, 43 were dismissed, 95 were approved and 107 were denied. This means that the percentage of dispositions that Judge Fortune has approved in San Bernardino for the 2010 fiscal year is 39%. The information below for Judge Lowell Fortune was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
Office*Fiscal YearTotal DispositionsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal AwardsCases
Denver 2010 267 225 107 118 16%44%40%
San Bernardino 2010 245 202 107 95 18%39%44%
Denver 2011 501 407 204 203 19%41%41%
Denver 2012 514 394 193 201 23%39%38%
Denver 2013 465 370 171 199 20%43%37%
Denver 2014 449 359 179 180 20%40%40%
Denver 2015 409 314 155 159 23%39%38%
Denver 2016 374 301 159 142 20%38%43%
Denver 2017 168 133 73 60 21%36%43%
*The United States Government fiscal year is from October 1st - September 30th.
Lowell FortuneNo Stats for FY 2020
All ALJs in San Bernardino Office 17% 47% 36%
All ALJs in California20%45%35%
All ALJs in the Nation20%42%38%
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Judge: Lowell Fortune
6/14/2016 11:20:19 AM

I found Judge Lowell Fortune to be fair, kind and pleasant. My disability hearing was presented to Judge Fortune after I had brain surgery in 2014. I had never been to a disability hearing much less my own, so I admit I was a little afraid. I was happy that it was over with quickly and Judge Fortune decided in my favor at the end of the hearing instead of making me wait for weeks as I was told could be possible. During the questioning he was very pleasant and smiled several times. I am thankful that my experience during the hearing process was simple, quick and not as stressful as I thought it would be.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
1/20/2015 12:57:35 AM

This "man" is the worst type of person possible and should not be adjudicating disability cases. He is heartless and has zero empathy for anyone appearing before him. He has denied me twice and I demanded my case be sent before a new judge this third time. I'm hoping that Judge Hartman is more sympathetic to my situation.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
2/4/2014 11:22:12 PM

Judge Fortune wrote in his decision that I did not display the symptoms of PTSD in the courtroom. I thought it was the judge's job to examine the facts and put together the puzzle from what the doctors diagnosed, not to diagnose conditions themselves, after all they are not doctors so they do not have the training to diagnose medical conditions. I was discharged from the military for PTSD and am currently rated 100% disabled by the Veteran's Administration for PTSD, based on their doctors who specialize in PTSD, but I guess judge fortune (I did not capitalize intentionally) knows more about PTSD than the dozen or so doctors I have seen and am still seeing from the military and VA. Also, he was very disrespectful and utterly rude. Two things that have no place from a judge. Maybe his parents never taught him to treat people properly. I have never said someone should be fired but judge lowell fortune has no business as a judge!!!

Judge: Lowell Fortune
4/19/2013 10:23:18 AM

What is Judge Fortune's allowance rate on remand?

Shawn West
Judge: Lowell Fortune
1/16/2013 4:51:33 PM

Judge fortune or mis-fortune as he is referred to by those who have the mis fortune to be in his court is the worst type of person the world has produced. I have been in front of him three times and each time he is more rude and strange the previous times. I had four experts witnesses find in my favor, two are doctors, one was fortunes own expert on my kind of heart condition and the vocation expert, he had gone out and found another doctor that said I was not disabled. To call this obscene is an understatement and to call him a professional or judge is and over statement. If you get this judge, be afraid, very afraid. He is charge of peoples lives and shouldn't be in charge of a broom.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
11/30/2012 11:31:55 PM

This man needs to see a therapist himself!

Judge: Lowell Fortune
11/27/2012 11:32:36 AM

This man is very disrespectfull he started my hearing by lecturing me. He went so far as to call one of my highly reguarded doctors a lire, He was very hostile and seemed to have an agenda of making a personal attack

Ben T. Over
Judge: Lowell Fortune
9/17/2012 4:17:32 AM

He should be called a federal pre-judge. He is the epitome of disrespect and biased analysis. After destroying so many lives, I can only hope that he doesn't sleep well at night. But, then again, I should know better; a psychopath is incapcable of empathy or remorse.

Judge: Lowell Fortune
7/16/2012 6:50:21 AM

He is far from a fair judge and he should be brought up on charges for how he treats the people who come before him. I have never met a more unpleasant person in my life and for him to be someone in authority and sit in judgement of others lives is wrong. VERY WRONG. To call people liars and say they are fat, lazy, or any of those things is wrong. He should not be allowed to stand in judgement of people until he has walked in their shoes! He has no respect for anyone's problems in life, so why should they give him respect. FOR HEAVENS SAKE, he rolled his eyes. Teenage girls do that when they are told to do something. This man is no better than a spoiled teenager only he is given the job of calling someone a liar!! I sure would like to see if he treats his family & possible friends the same way he treats the people who come before him in his job. Being a fair judge is a good thing, being one who does not actually listen to the facts before him and makes a decision is a whole other ball game.

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