John D. Thompson Jr, Jacksonville, Florida ODAR Office, Administrative Law Judge

For the 2019 *fiscal year, Judge John D Thompson Jr has disposed 222 cases at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Jacksonville, Florida. Out of those 222 dispostions, 57 were dismissed, 69 were approved and 96 were denied. This means that the percentage of dispositions that Judge Thompson has approved in Jacksonville for the 2019 fiscal year is 31%. The information below for Judge John D Thompson Jr was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
Office*Fiscal YearTotal DispositionsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal AwardsCases
Jacksonville 2010 385 268 201 67 30%17%52%
Jacksonville 2012 416 269 221 48 35%12%53%
Jacksonville 2013 410 283 230 53 31%13%56%
Jacksonville 2014 388 237 195 42 39%11%50%
Jacksonville 2015 337 243 199 44 28%13%59%
Jacksonville 2016 357 248 185 63 31%18%52%
Jacksonville 2017 358 238 157 81 34%23%44%
Jacksonville 2018 135 97 55 42 28%31%41%
Jacksonville 2019 222 165 96 69 26%31%43%
*The United States Government fiscal year is from October 1st - September 30th.
John D Thompson JrNo Stats for FY 2020
All ALJs in Jacksonville Office 24% 39% 38%
All ALJs in Florida20%44%36%
All ALJs in the Nation20%42%38%
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Judge: John D. Thompson
10/30/2019 2:28:14 AM

Thompson is a disgrace to the judiciary system. He is a sad man who is cruel to those with mental illnesses. After having been treated for 17 years (only for the condition to get worse due to side effects of medication), psychiatrist completing a mental residual capacity form, and the Vocational Expert flat out stating that there is NO work for me; he had the nerve to say that I was a liar to my face. Apparently, he thinks that the 5 medical doctors that I've seen AND my psychiatrist AND the Vocational Expert are ignorant fools. I truly feel sorry for all the disability deserving individuals who were denied by this ignorant judge. Let's hope judge "ignorant" thompson can get his eyes fixed so that he can actually read the medical reports that are right in front of him or a brain transplant because he is an ignorant fool and a sad, sad man. He lies and twists the truth in his own narratives. He is the Liar. Thompson can't admit when he is wrong, worried about his percentages, and a SORE LOSER.

Judge: John D. Thompson
2/22/2019 6:34:42 AM

I had a hearing on February 21, 2019. I give zero stars. I'm normally a humbled guy. I rarely let anything get to me. Judge John Thompson is the most arrogant and narcissistic person I've ever encountered. He tries to discredit medical information that's documented and he tried to take on the role like he was the doctor and making a medical assessment. I've never felt so humiliated, degraded and out right belittled. I think his approval ratings and reviews speaks for itself. I really think he should retire.

Judge: John D. Thompson
3/16/2018 9:36:29 AM

I have been handling Social Security cases for over 20 years. I have heard all of the nightmare/horror stories about Judge Thompson. And don't get me wrong, I understand he has a low approval rating, but I am going to point out some positives. Judge Thompson is probably the smartest Judge in the area. Maybe this is bad for your case, but if you have a legitimate case, and your client has truly suffered from what they say and they have taken the necessary medications to try to get better, you will appreciate his knowledge. He knows that based on a diagnosis, where you should and should not have pain. He does all of the questioning, this is not the case with all Judge's, and when you have a Judge that does do questions, they ask the questions that paint your client in the worst light, then your representative has to go back over everything, often frustrating some judges. Judge Thompson asks questions of the claimant even if it is possible the answer is going to help your case. Now I know many people probably think that because I gave Judge Thompson 4 stars, and was not completely negative, that someone must be doing this review on behalf of Judge. I do not know him personally, I have just taken clients in front of him. I have seen him deny files that should be approved, and I do understand that this is unfair. But I also believe that as you read all of these reviews that it is also unfair not to acknowledge the places where he excels. So I would like to Thank Judge Thompson, for being dedicated to your work, and making sure you have the medical knowledge that even most medical experts do not have.

Judge: John D. Thompson
1/2/2018 3:53:40 PM

Zero stars. John D. Thompson Jr. is racist against Native Americans. I’ve been declared disabled by TWO Doctors. He couldn’t have cared less about their observations. TWO Occupational Therapists explained that I would NOT be able to maintain gainful employment. He ignored them as well.

Judge: John D. Thompson
9/17/2016 9:32:18 PM

I went before Judge Thompson in 2012. My medical file is 4850 pages. I was hit by a bus. He treated me like a criminal, dismissed ALL of my treating physicians. He relied solely upon his Dr. Who couldn't tell me my eye or hair color. I had an independent Medical Evaluation declared 100% disabled. The State has me listed as disabled. I had emergency neck surgery the day after my hearing where he declared me fit for duty. Also his expert on work that I can do was 2 jobs that doesn't even exist in our state . No evidence of mine was considered he literally had to stick papers to his coke bottle glasses and still couldn't read. I'm trying again different ALJ, my date of accident was 9-13-2006. He ruled that my back pay scratched and ordered it not to be found disabled and it cannot go back to date of accident rather it goes back to to 90 days after my hearing in 2012. This man is a disgrace to the system. You cannot get a Lawyer to take a case vs him as they know he is lowest approval in the US! He yelled at me when I crossed his expert witnesses and I began reading all of the qualifying adult disabilities that I have in black and white and in pictures. Broken neck, sternum, ribs, broken lumbar, both hips, both shoulders. My nose was ripped off my face and I also suffered from open skull fracture and left front lobe injury, or TBI. If you are assigned this ALJ scrub your claim and start fresh and hope he doesn't draw you again. I have suffered enormously due to his inability to do his job professionally or legally!

Judge: John D. Thompson
8/6/2016 12:34:32 PM

Went before this judge, and as it turned out he omitted a lot of the evidence stating I was disabled. My lawyer flatout told me the guy had, had his mind made up and simply ignored everything before him. He is also a fairly condescending, and rude judge. I also have to agree with some of the others on here. He CANNOT see, when I saw him staring at a page, he had it within two inches of his face. This isn't a man, or judge you want to review your case. Not only will he show bias and ignore evidence, he is clearly incapable of performing his duties due to his own handicap.

Judge: John D. Thompson
7/13/2016 11:48:53 AM

This judge yelled at me for two hours. I thought I was a criminal. He cannot see more than two inches away from the documents he is reading. He should be terminated for his disability. I am filing a complaint and an appeal.

Judge: John D. Thompson
6/13/2016 11:35:34 AM

We won our case with 5 years of back pay awarded, plus medicare right away. Why does Judge Thompson rate 1 star, then? During the hearing, it became fairly obvious Judge Thompson had read nothing of all the evidence provided. He is visually disabled and just doesn't read anything. But there is only so far an ALJ like this man can go - the regulations of 20 CFR must be upheld. During my research for this case I had discovered the "Worn-out WORKER" Rule. The claimant fit right into it - almost to the word. The ALJ had to declare her disabled on her 55th birthday, which was 5 years ago. Game - set - match, Judge Thompson The key to winning is having a check-mat position up your sleeve, i.e. selecting the right CFR Regulation and building your position around it. Thorough research is what wins - hard work and covering every base.

Gary Wagner
Judge: John D. Thompson
3/5/2015 1:25:32 PM

Judge Thompson proved to be an excellent and compassionate judge. He based his decision purely on the testimony of a medical expert and the medical evidence. He rendered his decision the day of the hearing and offered me hope for a possible recovery. He treated me with respect at all times. I can not praise this man enough.

Judge: John D. Thompson
8/22/2014 9:23:07 AM

By the numbers the second worst judge in the nation. By experience, one of the most disrespectful and unprofessional judges I have ever appeared in front of (22 year attorney). You have virtually no chance before this judge AND will be treated poorly.

Judge: John D. Thompson
7/26/2014 1:02:29 PM

This is a judge that commonly makes mistakes that are easily recognizable. In my decision form the Appeals Council they discovered at least 6 obvious mistakes. The judge did not even consider 5 years of medical records from my regular doctor which were submitted. Additionally, he misquoted his own medical expert and blatantly ignored evidence in his final decision. Without explanation he gives limitations that are different than those provided by my doctor and even their consultative doctor. Where does he get his information? Out of thin air it seems. I just wonder now how much longer I will have to wait for a new hearing. I sure hope I see another judge, but that is unlikely. The appeals council generally called him out for every mistake he made, thank God. At some point the SSA needs to recognize that this judge is not doing his job properly. His approval ratings are at best 1/2 of the other judges. That should show that he denies people who are actually entitled to receive benefits.

Judge: John D. Thompson
6/26/2014 12:09:09 PM


Judge: John D. Thompson
1/9/2014 4:03:54 PM

I am guessing that ss system uses him as a pawn to decline people. I have heard from a few lawyers that he brags about declining folks. No matter there condition. I totally feel sorry for such a man to pass over working class people to get his numbers as low as possible. I would love to see someone sue his rear end. He held me in the court room for almost two hours. And then he used this fake *** medical expert that has zero knowledge about neurological issues as a wittness. I and my attorney about fell out of our chairs with the disrespect this judge has proven and his so called medical experts. I look forward to my appeal. I would love to find a way to go after this judge directly in a civil lawsuit. Anyone with any ideas about how to name him in a case do let me know. I would do it in a heart beat. I am 56 years old with brain cancer and got denied.

Judge: John D. Thompson
12/15/2013 5:09:03 PM

I went in front of this judge for my minor child back in November of this year.I have not received a decision yet but another hearing scheduled with him...I can't get anyone to answer my qyestions or messages I leave no return call.I will say he was very unpleasant to be around as he belittled me and I don't want to have to do this all over again

Judge: John D. Thompson
11/19/2013 11:14:42 AM

This Judge totally over steps his boundries as an ALJ I 100% respect the position but this judge tries to play doctor as well. I suggest anyone who was denied by this judge to take it to the appeals. Thats how I won cause they found many things he done and said during my hearing that is totally not legit. He had records in front of him and declined to acknoledge them.

Judge: John D. Thompson
11/18/2013 6:17:22 AM

Wow is about all I can say here. Went before this judge and he brought in some medical expert that had no clue about my health. It's like the medical expert is working for the judge. The judge was reading my medical reports and it was like he was reading someone other then mine. He was trying to say I didn't have things that clearly was right in front of him. He also tried to say that I did not follow dr's orders to loose weight to control my medical issue. I am 5'10 170 lbs This judge looks to be shorter then I am and around the 270 lbs mark. I read another post that said he can't read I have too agree with that comment. Cause he was holding the paper work right up to his face trying to read it. I think this judge needs to spend some time going before a court himself being sued for making medical claimes that he surely not qualified to do. I recorded my own hearing cause it will be needed in the future. I don't think this judge understands that most of us would rather be working then fighting his broken system for chump change to survive on. Also I do understand that not everyone is legit either but this mans record of denying so many people is more then the worst judge in the entire system.

Judge: John D. Thompson
11/2/2013 8:34:59 AM

I share in the thoughts that this ALJ is biased or simply negligent. He is basically blind and seems to feel that anyone can work. His expert testified that I qualified if there was one report in the file, which was erroneously omitted (because we did not feel it was relevant and was not a medical report). We supplied the report immediately and well within the time allotted by him. In his denial he clearly stated that the report is not in the file, which it is. Now I have to appeal to the appeals council in Virgina and wait that much longer for them to correct his error. There has to be a reason why his approval rating is so much lower that the other ALJ's. Who is wrong all of them or him? I doubt that it is all of the other ALJ in Florida or even the nation. He needs to be removed from his position and retire or something.

Judge: John D. Thompson
2/28/2013 7:40:00 AM

The ALJ is Biased. It is unfortunate to say so, but Judge Thompson is biased against the claimant, any claimant. Nationwide, 46% of claims are approved at the ALJ level. In Jacksonville, the rate is 38%. For Judge Thompson, it is 14%. He also has an unusually high rate of dismissed cases at 29%. It is widely known around the Jacksonville ODAR, that he brags about being not only a tough judge but being one of the toughest judges in the country. I have been told this by two retired judges. While there may be some variations between judges in the rates of approval, I find myself telling my clients that they will probably not be approved just because the judge is Judge Thompson. Even though the approval rate in the state of Florida averages just below 50%, their chance of approval is only 14% just because they were unlucky enough to get Judge Thompson. This is not equal justice.

Judge: John D. Thompson
9/26/2012 1:17:01 AM

You were obviously fortunate. The ALJ pays 11 percent of his claims which screams either not correctly applying the law or bias. Get a clue.

Judge: John D. Thompson
9/19/2012 5:56:34 AM

Obvisiously the comments posted above are from people who received unfavorable decisions. I do not have the same opinion as those folks above. After the hearing I had a new prospective and understand more about the process. Shame on you guys for posting such negative things about this very knowledgable Judge-he's the only person who took the time to thoroughly explain things to me.

Judge: John D. Thompson
6/12/2012 3:46:58 PM

WoW, the last comment is spot on but he is worse than that. If he cannot be a better judge, he should quit.

Judge: John D. Thompson
6/8/2012 1:32:33 PM

I'm surprised no one has railed against how evil this man is. Two medical experts for every claim. Will make favorable experts turn their opinions. Will make claimant's cry- on purpose. Evil. Worst judge in the state of Florida.

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