Honolulu, Hawaii ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Honolulu, Hawaii, 2 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Honolulu, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 16.0 months. The average case processing time in Honolulu is 545 days.The Honolulu average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 61%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Honolulu ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Honolulu 2 16.0 months 545 days 3.1 13% 61% 26%
Hawaii16.0 months545 days3.113%61%26%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Peter J Baum
8/23/2019 11:15:57 AM

judge peter j.baum He gave my husband a waiver overpayment of $83,000 he is fair we will see what happens.

Wendell ignacio
Judge: Daniel G Heely
7/25/2019 3:55:44 PM


Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/10/2019 5:09:10 PM

The last comment is completely understandable. I had judge Harrell and the whole process took about 15 minutes. The judge did not ask the vocational expert any questions and he may have asked to verify the medical expert special codes my Ssdi Lawyer had brought up. After all the questions were asked he asked me a few questions about my daily life, then asked my attorney if he had any questions and the attorney said no and that was it. With all that said I got a fully favorable consideration. I think if your attorney comes in really prepared and gives a pre-briefing that is perfect for the judge everything will go fine. I just got a fully favorable consideration today ( July 10 19). So for the last comment I really would not have anything to worry about. My Attorney said that case couldn't have gone any better. And just to bring up one thing he did say that the reason why the judge did not ask questions to the vocational rehabilitation expert is why he predicted that my case was basically going to win ( and he was right ). So if you have any worries please know, that judge does not really speak too much and if he does I think that’s where you have the problems, Because he is looking for reasons to deny you. So if I were a betting man, you have nothing to worry about other than maybe getting a fully favorable consideration, thanks

Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/2/2019 4:13:21 AM

I felt judge Harrell did his duties as a judge quite fair. However, he did not ask opinions from my medical expert or vocational expert which has me a little worried. Other than that I felt for my first time at a hearing I felt relaxed and calm.

Jonathan Bromberg
Judge: William J King
2/21/2019 11:50:01 AM

Judge king was well prepared; he had clearly reviewed the entire file and had read the pre-hearing brief that I wrote. He was courteous to the claimant and he was organized and thoughtful in his questioning. I have no idea how he will rule but I felt my client had a fair and comprehensive hearing.

Judge: Yasmin Elias
2/12/2019 6:51:20 PM

Just received my unfavorable decision from Judge Elias. Her decision process was erratic and biased without any consideration for the actual medical diagnosis. She used the opinions of doctors who have no actual medical experiance in the field of medicine needed to make a proper diagnosis. She used 2 medical opinions from two M.D.s who never actualy met me or knew any thing about me other than my name. She stated in her opinion that the medical evidence provided by 2 specialist in the field of medicine specifically related to my disease were " we will not defer or give any specific evidentiary weight to any prior adminstrative medical findings or medical opinions from your medical sources." She then claims that the 2 doctors with zero expertise, one an opthamologis or an eye docter and two, a G.P who was reprimanded by the Arizona medical board for Failing to recognise a Tachycardia event in a patient. Or laymens term a heart attack. So the expert medical opinions of 2 doctors with Zero eperience in making medical decisions on disease or disabilities they have no experiance in, out weighs the medical experiance of doctors who have dedicate there lives to specializing in.. These specialists i had to see to get the medical tests from, were requested by ssa to substantiate my medical condition in order to file my claim for disability. Her decision to ignore actual evidence and make an opinion using failed logic is disturbing. If a judge used this same logic path in a criminal trial the legal system would protect the accused. But it seems in a hearing for disability there is no form of protection or law that states all evidence provided must be used and that any expert testimony must come from an actual doctor who specializes in the field of medicine required to make an actual diagnosis. As it is today ill be requesting an appeal through my attourney as well as contacting my state representative to investigate Judge Elias and her opinions over the last few years to determine weather there is any bias or discriminatory practices . I followed the leter of the law in starting the disability claim, i followed the requested visitations and appointments with the specialists required by the SSA to show medical evidence of my disability , and when the medical evidence showed the diagnosis for the disease stated in the claim for disability She chose it ignore it and discard it an myself without any thought to my situation.

Judge: Kyle E Andeer
2/12/2019 8:33:08 AM

This judge is a tool. Rude. Condescending. Horrible. Didn’t help my advocate was his twin lost at birth. I have 2 brain tumors, severe anxiety & depression, and this “judge” denied my claim because I was “calm and collected” in his courtroom. No lies! I was diagnosed in 2012 and this is a chronic disease I’ll die from. I’m now filing bankruptcy and have nerve damage now in my feet. THIS TOOL SAID I COULD BE A GROCERY STORE BAGGER.

Judge: Daniel G Heely
11/30/2018 11:30:40 PM

Judge: Jennifer M Horne
10/1/2018 12:25:20 PM

how can I get in touch , via email with Judge Jennifer Horne ?

Judge: Daniel G Heely
9/7/2018 1:16:57 PM

Had my hearing on July 9, 2018. This judge was very thorough explained everything very well as i did not have representation. Still waiting on decision was told 6-12 months which i feel is outrageous but i still think he is a fair judge and was sympathetic to my disability

David Marler
Judge: Peter J Baum
7/30/2018 12:10:10 PM

Judge Baum. He is a very straight shooting judge and is very fair!

Judge: Jesse J Pease
7/25/2018 2:07:56 PM

Nearly 20 years ago Jesse Pease helped me get on SSI, as I had been denied previously. I was on this time in 3 months so obviously he knew what he was doing and did a good job. Now 20 years later SSI is telling me I am not disabled anymore for having missed their recent reevaluation medical exam. I was hoping he could represent me again though I see he is a judge now. Unfortunately it is difficult to really get a clear picture on the merits of a judge. These reviews all contend Jesse Pease is a pretty awful guy unfit to be a judge. This is more than likely because they lost their hearing. Most of the people that take time to write reviews are the ones that were negatively affected. Statistically, about half are denied benefits and half are approved, so naturally a whole lot of people are not going to be thrilled with the final decision. To those people don't give up hope. If you really need to be on it, like I do than you can always file a Federal lawsuit. Or, you can wait one more year and come back for another hearing. Much of this is because Social Security is limited on funding, so they have to come up with criteria that will deny half the applicants. It ***** but the way it is!

Judge: Yasmin Elias
7/19/2018 2:11:32 PM

Judge Elias used many partial statements so it would appear to mean the opposite of what the actual full event was so it could be used against me. If the entire statement was used in context, it would have been in my favor. She did this several times throughout the decision process. She said I had therapy that I did not. Medical records verify that. Even omitted statements from the vocational expert that were in my favor. Obviously my case was denied because of her false statements and half assed statements. Why have a vocational expert if you're going to ignore him. He said there was no jobs for me given my conditions when my lawyer asked. She must of had a hearing problem during that moment.

Judy Fujimoto
Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
10/3/2017 7:00:19 PM

Dear Judge Barbeito I hope you read this. You are reviewing my case. My symptoms are getting worse I have bipolar, depression and anxiety which cannot be denied in my record. I also receive Botox on my eyes by a neurologist now before it was a opthomoligist. The neurologist on the phone needs to know what Blephorspasm is before saying anything else my neurologist will say differently. I will reaply if denied due to my severe disabilities. Writhed by a friend due to vision issues. J.Fujimoto 7101 Cynthia Starkey.

Jimmy Frederickson
Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
8/3/2017 12:37:57 PM

I always wished I could personally have Thanked! him outside the court room for his kindness and understanding!

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
7/21/2017 12:48:47 AM

I agree, Barbeito is horrid. I was set up for a teleconference hearing. The proctors could not get the equipment working properly, so there was a delay starting. Then she went to a doctor who is a board-certified pulmonologist, although my issues are fibromyalgia and extreme arthritis. Most of the hearing was given over to that quack, who made the most ludicrous comments I have ever heard from a so-called doctor. Then she went to the vocational expert who said his piece. Then there was a fire scare and everybody had to abandon the building. I was unable to ask any questions or argue any point. She asked me two questions: 1) what makes you think YOU are disabled, and 2) are you seeing a psychiatrist. I tried to explain that I was between psychs, as I get my care through the VA and the psych I have been seeing had left and no replacement had yet been hired. When I tried to explain that, she immediately cut me off saying, YES OR NO???? She did ultimately grant a PARTIAL approval, which gave me zero back pay and zero for the lawyers fee. But I had to take it because otherwise, I could have ended up with nothing. I have now been off work for 3.5 years, from a job, which, by the way, I LOVED and hated to retire from. My HR manager asked me to stay, and when I explained to him which I was going through, he TOLD me to leave and file for SSDI. To make it even worse, my last employer was the Department of Defense, another federal agency! I left in Dec of 2013 and have yet to receive a penny of SSDI, because, of course, the three years before my hearing date didn't count, so now I am waiting out my five month waiting period. This whole process was a cruel joke. So glad I worked for 45 years, frequently two jobs at time, paying all of my taxes to be treated like criminal by the likes of Barbeito.

Jamie T.
Judge: Daniel G Heely
4/11/2017 6:08:24 PM

I had my hearing today and no matter what people think, Judge Heely does a thorough job. I can't remember the recorders name but she was very pleasant as well. Judge Heely was great, especially when I forgot questions while answering or if my comprehension of what was being asked was incorrect and I didn't answer right. Thank you for having patients with me sir. Now I'm wiped out but I am glad I had the chance after 2 1/2 years to finally be heard.

Smokey courtier
Judge: Kyle E Andeer
2/1/2017 2:48:26 PM

He has no grasp on reality. He cares more about a lawyer's foot than you. Over 20 doctors and 6 year's and he still says no. He is politically bias and discriminates. He shouldn't even be on the bench. He doesn't look at any evidence. He will lpoker back at pass cases all doctors saying I can't work and scratched his stupid head and just says uh wow all three are stage 4 which means no work possible but somehow goes to the last case and goes off that. Not anything new. We all know these judge's are corrupt. Dope heads get it with ease. A guy said he heard voices and got it. Guess the only way to win is huff air, do drugs and say you hear voices. 20 doctors and a NO. It's because of my age and sex.Only and his ****** STATS HE HAS TO KEEP ON CHECK FOR THE FISCAL YEAR. See them on the site. It's pathetic and he does Hawaii as well as Santa Barbara. That should make him not a judge right there. He's just as bad as Mary and Roger but acts nice. I posted the 3 star on him but I guess I was wroung. All just a show. He puts no effort in any thing. Sad and it ruins people's life's and maybe he gets off on that playing GOD with people's lives

Judge: Kyle E Andeer
1/9/2017 6:22:09 PM

He is new to Santa Barbara and scratched his head about paper's saying I'm stage 4 which means 85% of the time of anything I can't do. I don't get why that's a head scratcher. He is a nice man. Seems arrogant and you will have to wait 90 to 120 day's before you get a decision. All evidence says NO. But expect a NO. New and doesn't seem to get medical records at all. Still waiting and hope he makes the right decision but you know SSI judges. They go off statistics for the fiscal year and have to keep a average or don't give a **** at all. Also political bias and age discriminate happens in SSI. THAT'S NOT THIS JUDGE'S PROBLEM that I know of. Just new, make you wait forever and is nice in the court room. Can also be funny. But doesn't seem to get anything. He asked the man can he work the 3 bad job's SSI said I can and they had to say NO. 20 doctor's say NO. Stage 4 on everything. Kinda a EASY decision but have to see. SSI will never care about the disabled or there problems period.

Sershi S
Judge: Daniel G Heely
11/26/2016 12:16:35 AM

He s a anything but impartial , now my own attorney will not take my letter of disagreement of unfavorable decision to appeals counsel What wrong with this picture , I feel stabbed in he back . He at I'm disabled why more proof do I freaking need . I. Disgusted did I say wrong thing to you or what ????????????

cornell childress
Judge: Jesse J Pease
11/11/2016 7:35:31 AM

Even though the judge gave my daughter fully favorable for backpay my daughter she didn't make it to the hearing becase she passed, but I as her mother kept fighting on her behave because she was very ill she died with and horrible disease called systemic Lupus erymatatosus before the hearing so the judge read all her medical records and found that she was very sick and social security did not do what they should have done to help her when she was alive and still yet even with the judges discision fully favorable they want honor his judgement because social security saids my 17 year old daughter was not disable, she had luspus with other major problem going on to her organs so by the time she was twenty she died hear at home with me together, my love for my child could never compare to any amount of money my daughter and I was a great team for each other. She's gone now but net forgotten she lives in my heart forever, its just the principal on how she was treated when she was hear, and now social sent me a letter stating I owe them $19,876.00 and i would have to pay it back which is not true then they said they cannot find her seal Records they destroyed them already i dont believed it. she just passed May 22, 2015 well with that being said I do believed the judge was a just judge in her case I just can't understand how social security can be so heartless and cruel in turning his discision thankyou judge jesses pease I guess I'll keep fighting to the End.

Judge: Peter J Baum
10/24/2016 7:46:29 AM

I went before judge Baum back in 2011 and he granted me 100 percent disability with bk pay and than I was denied because my roommate started getting his Soc.security someone filled us a married couple so I was cut off and had to reapply again fo disability and was supposed to get bk 4years of bk pay when I was approved again and judge C.Davis only granted me 1 1/2 years bk pay when I was determined 100 0/0 bk in 2012 by judge Baum now I feel discriminated by judge Davis so I plan to appeal his dicission to get all my bk pay I deserve from 2012 to the present time no better judge than Peter Baum god bless him

Melody perez
Judge: Daniel G Heely
9/19/2016 12:12:17 PM

No decision yet but, judge heely was polite, friendly, and professional. I felt relaxed and comfortable, considering my future will strongly be affected by his decision. Its in Gods hands now. Overall good experience.

Faith scott
Judge: Paula Fow
9/8/2016 11:49:25 AM

Even though I was nervous and must have had a seizure in her court room. This judge seem to be nice.

Bonnie H
Judge: Daniel G Heely
8/9/2016 3:00:36 PM

I suffer from severe panick attacks, PTSD, Anxiety, and depression and my case was denied. Can I get something from him when I go out looking for a job that says "this person can't be fired for taking unscheduled breaks when she is having a severe panick attacks that feel like a heart attack etc.. and this person can't be fired for missing days from work for having to take days off when they get really bad" I am extremely disappointed. I know a few drug addicts on disability how can they get it so they can keep getting high but I am struggling with several things here and I can't?

Donald Hunt
Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
8/9/2016 8:19:29 AM

Judge Barbeito my name is Donald Hunt you presided over my case in Fresno as we were leaving you asked for some medical records pertaining to an incident where the Dr gave me Demerol and told my mother he was worried about me because my Cd4 counts were very low and my viral load extremely high and with my kidneys failing and I just got over a bad case of cellulitis which nearly turned into sepsis it's pertinent I get these records to you in a timely fashion but I have no car no way to pay for faxes since they are long distance and 1.59$ per page I need he

Judge: Jesse J Pease
7/25/2016 11:47:46 PM

Heartless unfair judge my attorney says I must wait another year when I have already waited 18 months only to receive an unfavorable decision by ALJ Jesse Pease I hate this jerk for the hell I'm going through because of his inability to judge fairly who are you to judge anyone

Judge: Jesse J Pease
6/26/2016 10:31:58 PM

I think the judge Is fair judge he handle my 20yr old daughters case even through she was deseased I kelp fighting for her to get disability because she was very I'll I appreciated the judge goIng throughout her medical record and finding her disabled well with that being said he gave her fully favoble and was to received back pay well I wrote a letter To the judge to let him know that they said, ssi he didnot know what he was doing so SSi stated she was not disable and put his letter in with my desease child case and said I want be getting any money.

Judge: Yasmin Elias
3/28/2016 4:32:30 PM

Judge yasmin Elias was the judge at my hearing she was very nice and very professional a give here 5 stars

Piscio E Aceto
Judge: Donald R Colpitts
3/23/2016 4:26:42 PM

I am an attorney who regularly has hearings in 8-10 different ODARS. Over the years, I have also had hearings across the country from Key West to Anchorage; Kauai to Norfolk. I've seen a LOT of judges. Judge Colpits is one of the top 5 ALJs in the country. If you are reading this because you just received your Notice of Hearing and learned that Colpits has been assigned to your case, then you have been blessed. Not because of his approval rate, but because he actually follows the law. Instead of having his own "gut-check" definition of who is disabled, he actually applies the law and regulations in the spirit that they were written. I would not call him "pro-claimant". He is simply not anti-claimant; he does not start from a presumption of denial; and he is not typically adversarial. (I've only seen him get snarky when he knew someone was lying to him.) It's a horrible comment on the state of affairs with SSA's ALJs, but the biggest compliment I can give Judge Colpits is that he does his job the way that it is supposed to be done. The fact that he is also cordial, professional, respectful, and even compassionate at times is just a bonus. Chit-chat note: I believe he flew an F-4 in Vietnam. (USAF, I think. Could have been Navy, though.) He once surprised me in the middle of a hearing by switching to Vietnamese for a minute or two when talking to my client who immigrated when she was younger.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
8/21/2015 12:15:03 PM

Judge Mason Harrell Jr. Is a fair judge waiting on his decision.

Judge: Odell Grooms
7/5/2015 12:45:02 PM

I recently went before Judge Grooms and found him and his court personnel to be kind, gracious and courteous. This judge is every bit of what a judge should be the process was handeled in a strickly professional and straight foward judicious manner. I found him respectful specific and looking for the same kind of answers. I was to articulate my disability limitations and to give an explanation and example on each point. If anyone had problems with this judge I would suggest you look towards your attorney and not the judge. Every "I" must be dotted and "T" must be crossed your paperwork MUST be in order along with medical documention that matches up. As for Judge Odell Grooms he is NOT a prejudge man I did NOT sense for moment that he looked down on me in any way!

Judge: Odell Grooms
7/3/2015 7:21:39 PM

I'm posting this feedback BEFORE we've gotten a decision from this judge, so you'll know that my comments are not biased by his decision. I found Judge Grooms to be well-prepared, attentive and caring. He wanted to hear from the person with disabilities, not just the lawyer representing her. He was formal, but that's his job. He made sure that everything was on the record so that there would be complete information, should his ruling need to be reviewed. I'm optimistic that he heard what was said, so it will be interesting to see if he is able to find a ruling to match the requests. Regardless, I believe Judge Grooms will be a fair judge and appreciated his courtroom manner.

Judge: Evangelina P Hernandez
6/19/2015 2:50:17 AM

Hon.E.Hernandez. Her body language,way she sat,appropriate eye contact & words used,tone,facial expression,calm assertiveness were consistent,Hence, my perception; Judge was not prejudiced bias or angry but patient in control.Hon. E. Hernandez omits power,without abusing it. "Her performance in official capacity, "Brings Honor to title Judge".

Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
6/17/2015 6:20:52 AM

Good Judge! Walked in the court room nervous, but got relaxed quickly. Asked me few questions and I answered it as is. My lawyer also answered it. Judge asked me if I could shower, cook and drive. I said yes, yes and yes, but may have hard time to cook if I have to reach anything over my head level. And Judge asked me again, if everything is below your head level, can you cook? I said yes. Fully won. Great weight given to my 100% VA and great weight given to my doctors statement. Very nice guy. Thank you.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
6/4/2015 3:31:26 PM

Judge Harrell was fair. When he asked questions I didn't feel like he was trying to trick me like the previous ALJ. He was aware of my medical issues where the previous ALJ was uninterested.

John G
Judge: Yasmin Elias
5/14/2015 10:40:00 AM

She is coming to Tucson.

Judge: Jesse J Pease
3/5/2015 10:48:02 AM

I am a single mother battling leukemia. I have had major brain surgery 3 times. now that I have cancer and know that there is no known cure for my cancer and will be on chemo meds for the rest of my life I been fighting for ssi. this judge denied me already twice. supposedly they ran cognitive testing on me and based off that I am able to work. so sad to say this is a lie because they never ever ran any test or exams. I was praying I get this being a single mom and battling cancer to possibly use any back pay for final funeral expenses so my 7 and 10 yr old will be able to bury me. but he ruled against it. even knowing that I have been on 4 different chemo medications and they all stopped working and was switched yet again. what ever the case maybe its kind of sad that my neighbor who has nothing wrong at all got approved for it instantly. well ok I take that back the only thing she has wrong with her is that she is a heroin user.... must be nice to be paid to abuse drugs by our own system. woo those of us who have life threatening disease get denied. but he said despite me having cancer that I am still able to work and do work I have done in the past. yes get it in the past before the brain surgeries and before I was diagnosed with cancer. if I was able to work I would be working. some one needs to review this judge. I know some one else who was denied by him and the poor guy is in a wheel chair paralyzed from the waste down. just because the man worked before his accident.

Judge: Kyle E Andeer
2/28/2015 3:10:52 PM

How long did it take before you hear back from the hearing office? Were you approved? Thanks.

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
12/20/2014 1:09:14 AM

Great Judge. 100% fair in my complex case. She made it possible for me to have surgery. I was in a really bad situation. She set up a re-evaluation date and provided enough time for surgical recovery. Oh yea.. I almost forgot. I am a Workers Comp claimant. Thank you Judge Betty Roberts Barbeito. You saved me !!

Stephan Gibbs
Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
12/15/2014 1:34:07 PM

I had to have 3 hearings. She was very thorough but fair. It took me 4 years but I got fully favorable.

Judge: Evangelina P Hernandez
12/7/2014 9:01:03 PM

Judge is perfect at her job listens to your testimony without discrimination of character takes the time to fully understand your medical issue and evidence provided very pleasant and respectful they could not have appointed a better person for this job thank you for your fairness!

haydn bronte
Judge: Jennifer M Horne
10/26/2014 2:39:12 AM

Ms. Horne, why did you help an attorney steal $5,000 from my disabled son? Patrick Hartley was suppose to represent my child at a Social Security Disability Hearing and just never showed up. When the judge called him on the phone during the hearing he told her he was in a separate courtroom due to a scheduling conflict. The judge had a clerk check to confirm this but Patrick was no were to be found. We should have known something was off when Patrick declined to meet us to prepare for the hearing. We won the disability case without representation. The complete file with all medical records had already been prepared by us months earlier. Mr. Hartley provided no services at all and a decision was entered against paying Hartley a fee. Without any notice to us Patrick Hartley appealed this decision and succeeded at getting the decision reversed and collecting over $5,000 of my child's disability payments. A signature on the notice of Administrative Review Determination is as follows: Jennifer M. Horne, Acting Assistant Regional Chief Administrative Law Judge on behalf of Caroline Beers Acting Regional Chief Administrative Law Judge. Patrick Hartley provided no services,and did not show up to the hearing yet he petitioned for over $5,000 from my son's back-pay. The only notice we received that Mr. Hartley was attempting to gain access to any money was a notice from SSA the night before the deadline to dispute the decision along with a notice that Patrick had been paid the fee. This is the second time we have experienced a similar incident and suspect this is standard practice in the legal industry. Please investigate.

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
9/29/2014 8:35:31 PM

I'm a lawyer who has attended thousands of hearings. This ALJ is the most disgusting excuse for a judge, let alone lawyer, I've ever met. I pray she will be removed from the bench.

Shaneela Marlett
Judge: Mason D Harrell
7/12/2014 9:42:14 PM

I am an attorney. I see lots of comments on here about the law that are completely wrong. If you want to see what kind of Judge you have, look at the percentages of awards provided on this site. Do not look at the comments for an understanding of the law. It seems many of the commenters are very misinformed about the hearing process. All and all, I highly recommend using an attorney at your hearing so someone who understands disability law can help you understand the procedure.

Rodney Pontillo
Judge: Dean K Franks
6/29/2014 6:51:35 AM

After years of abuse, loss of documents and incompetence from state SS workers (I have documented proof and names). Finally to have someone/department who actually listened and looked at the facts. JUDGE FRANKS is fair, really looked at the facts and actually has common sense. Thank you to all in his office Aloha/Mahalo

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
5/19/2014 2:09:19 PM

IF you want a fair Judge that listens and ask the best questions about your case, she reads and understands, i been threw alot but i kept on because i have worked, and this judge is differant than the other one i had. shes a great judge i will tell anybody that. thank u judge NANCY FOR YOUR FAVORABLE DECISION ON MY CASE. ITS BEEN A LONG AND HARD ROAD FOR ME.

Judge: Kyle E Andeer
4/28/2014 6:38:17 PM

Andeer seems to have a good professional relationship with his assistant and the VE. I just had my hearing and my attorney said it can go either way. I now wait impatiently and pray for a positive outcome in a timely manner. All in all, it was uncomfortable, as anticipated, but not unpleasant.

Judge: Evangelina P Hernandez
4/20/2014 12:48:42 PM

Excellent judge. Fair and thorough. Helps put claimants at ease.

Judge: Tamara Turner-Jones
4/10/2014 11:21:29 PM

I feel she is not fair, she makes assumptions and will base your denial on her assumptions. The doctors they send us to are a joke. My sister is dying because they kept denying her and her cancer has returned and spread throughout her body. Frankly speaking I dont know how they sleep at night !!

Daniel Murphy
Judge: Jesse J Pease
4/6/2014 2:35:35 PM

How can a reasoned medical opinion of a medical examiner who never examined a patient , never saw or spoke to a patient ,never reviewed a patients complete medical records stand behind his report as being fair and legitimate . How can an administrative law judge use a report like this to deny a disabled person the disability benefits that they deserve ? The judge did so because it was the best way to deny benefits and it fit easily into his biased decision . I have lost all faith in our American judicial system because of how unfairly I was treatedi . On the day I had my hearing judge Pease had an armed security guard protecting him and as I was preparing to go into my hearing the security guard stepped outside to get some fresh air for a minute and when judge Pease noticed his security guard was not there judge Pease panicked got scared and immediately yelled for his security guard . Judge Pease verbally reprimanded his guard for stepping outside for a minute . I am five feet four inches tall I weigh 110 pounds I am thin weak from my disability and was on crutches as I am unable to walk but this judge is such a coward I guess I freightened him . I think it's this judges blatent bad decision s that make him think someone will hurt him . The thought never crossed my mind to physically hurt him or anyone else I have ever come in contact with. It saddens me that I have lost all faith in our judicial system because of the way I was unfairly treated . Everyone I come in contact with I will tell them how I was treated .

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
4/1/2014 4:24:13 PM

Judge Colpitts is an excellent Judge! He heard my case, read through my documentation, listened to my Advocate and came to a very sound conclusion. My Advocate and I were at ease with Judge Colpitts. He assured Us that everything would be alright. He is a great judge and compassionate.

D. Burks Hunt
Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
3/18/2014 11:56:56 AM

Judge Barbeito presided over my case (remand)and I am thankful that she did. She was straight-forward and respectful allowing me, in company with my attorney, to address each issue fully. Finally, I knew my case had been heard.

Daniel murphy
Judge: Jesse J Pease
1/12/2014 9:14:23 AM

The date is now January 12 ,2014 and I still continue to live with a poor decision made by administrative law judge Jesse J. Pease regarding my claim for disability benefits . I hope Judge Pease reads my comments and I am sure they mean nothing to him but I have to live with his bad incorrect decision every day of my life. Unable to work and denied my SSDI benefits my daily life has been a struggle . I want judge Pease to understand the impact of his unfair treatment that I received that day . With only an income of $627 from SSI I have lost everything I worked so hard for and I currently am packing up my home as I lost my home to foreclosure and face eviction in 3 days . Had I been approved for my SSDI benefits I would still be able to make my monthly mortgage payment and would not be facing eviction . Judge Pease I will be evicted and will be homeless and I attributed this to your bad decision . I would have much rather been told by you judge Pease that the system has no money left and that's why I would not be receiving disability benefits rather than having a fabricated medical examiners report used against me .

Shaneela Marlett
Judge: Mason D Harrell
12/13/2013 12:00:12 AM

I am an attorney. I see lots of comments on here about the law that are completely wrong. If you want to see what kind of Judge you have, look at the percentages of awards provided on this site. Do not look at the comments for an understanding of the law. It seems many of the commenters are very misinformed about the hearing process. All and all, I highly recommend using an attorney at your hearing so someone who understands disability law can help you understand the procedure.

Judge: Peter J Baum
6/8/2013 7:10:04 AM


Judge: Mason D Harrell
5/16/2013 1:54:22 PM

This judge gave great weight to the testimony of the experts who did not have a face-to-face interview with me and little weight to the doctors who had a personal face-to-face interview with me. Judge Harrell's final determination was filled with subjective inconsistency and relied on his on medical reasoning. Judge Harrell played doctor with my case. Of course, I appealed to the board in Virginia who discovered that the audio tapes of the medical doctor and vocational experts were missing and remanded my case for a new hearing in front of a different judge. Judge Harrell definitely needs a refresher course in ethical behavior.

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
5/2/2013 9:12:53 PM

To "An Observer of Comments": Your comments are very ill-informed. First, SSR 13-1p states, "[p]ossible examples of allegations that the Appeals Council will refer to the Division of Quality Service include, 'the ALJ is biased against claimants who receive workers compensation benefits or unemployment benefits' . . . ." Second, when an individual applies for unemployment benefits he/she is not saying that they are "ready, willing, and able" to perform work eight-hours a day, five-days per week -- the standard used by the SSA.

An Observer of Comments
Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
4/25/2013 3:51:05 PM

For the person who commented, "If you are collecting unemployment, you might as well withdraw" actually is correct because when you apply for unemployment you are stating you can work but have no job and you are actively looking for one so, if you are collecting it and filing for disability, there is some fraudulent behavior going on. You can either work or you're disable. Be grateful the judge doesn’t cite you for lying in court.

Judge: Odell Grooms
4/18/2013 10:14:34 PM

Very unfair! God will fix it! I was denied my benefits after putting more than 45 years into the work force. Disabled, denied, but not forgotten by God!

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
4/10/2013 7:32:44 PM

He is smart and competent. A friendly guy, but make no mistake he is nobody's fool. Don't think you can saunter in with no evidence and a sad story. Be prepared.

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
4/1/2013 10:29:23 AM

She is rude, disrespectful and snotty to everyone. Not even close to being fair. Doesn't know what she is doing. Puts you through the ringer and then kicks you some more. Ridiculous is the best adjective to describe it.

Judge: Jennifer M Horne
3/19/2013 4:07:24 PM

Very kind to clients; very efficient in hearings.

Judge: Odell Grooms
3/13/2013 8:43:37 AM

Judge Odell Grooms aint **** he told me at my hearing that he agreed that I was disabled vut sent me out a disapproved but its alright wish I could have a white judge instead.

Judge: Mason D Harrell
3/11/2013 12:48:45 PM

He is a coward. He is abusive and takes advantage of his position. He is a liar and a thief.

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
2/20/2013 9:45:55 AM

I find her to be respectful to the claimant and the representative. She may not approve many cases but she is professional.

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
2/6/2013 8:06:05 PM

Low-class. Should be disbarred. She is disgusting.

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
1/12/2013 11:49:30 AM

The worst ALJ ever! If you are collecting unemployment, you might as well withdraw. She is not nice to client, rep, hearing recorder or any experts. She deffenetly uses her power in an abusive way.

Judge: Peter J Baum
12/20/2012 11:52:16 AM

Fair, happy with case

Judge: Betty Roberts Barbeito
12/6/2012 4:22:41 PM

Very thorough but fair

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
11/8/2012 8:17:32 PM

Brash, rude, and condescending. She has decided the case before you even walk through the door. Disgrace.

Jim Hustin
Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
10/18/2012 1:25:44 PM

I waited over a year! ....and was denied the first time filing upon my own. It was over a year before I went in front of Judge Hatfield. I had a strong disability case ..and I truly suffered while waiting to see the judge. He was a very compassionate, and I will never forget him! for listening and helping me with my case.. HOWEVER?.. he's not a push over by no means! he looks at all the facts very well before making his final decision, but he will be fare and is a very good listener! and a good judge!

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
9/13/2012 5:45:37 PM

This judge made my family member at ease and even joked with them. Efficent and very friendly. That being said, doesn't mean he will approve ur case. Evidence is crucial as well as the hearing....

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
9/7/2012 12:58:35 PM

Conducts a quick hearing. Lets the representative do most of the questioning. However, she will find any loophole to deny; especially D & A.

Theresa Shaw
Judge: Dean K Franks
8/29/2012 6:47:18 AM

A California Superstar who hold the candle high and mighty! Hawaii is very lucky to have his young wit. He was my Judge in 2004.

Unfairly judged
Judge: Mason D Harrell
8/23/2012 2:04:45 PM

Judge Harrell is very intimidating. In addition, he broke Social Security laws when I had to see him more than once, and he referred to my previous hearing when I had no legal representation. By SSA law, he was not allowed to review my previous hearing because I did not have legal representation. SSA law also states that once a judge had denied your case, you will not see that judge again. Further, he intimidated the Occupational Expert when she said there was no job I could do. He basically forced her to change her decision. To cover his errors, he claimed that he audio portion was distorted, and I had to return again. All in all, I had to see him three times and he broke at least 3 laws. He is the head of the judges in the San Bernardino area. AWFUL JUDGE!

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
8/2/2012 2:44:02 PM

Looks for the legal ways to deny - disregards the person.

Judge: Wynne O'Brien-Persons
6/27/2012 7:14:05 AM

When I went into my hearing with Judge Wynne O'brien Perdons I was happy to hear that I was going before a new judge. I have never in my life been before any type of judge or any law enforcement, so to hear she was new put me a little at ease, since this whole disability world is new to me. God knows, I would much rather be able to work then go through all of the chronic pain and suffering that I go through every single day and every night, as I am sure many other people out there who are truly disabled would agree. Looking back at the day of my hearing I was so nervous I couldn't think straight. For me; It was like going to a doctor and having so many questions for them, and wanting to tell them all of the things that I battled physically during the month, but my mind goes completly blank at that presice moment of course. When leaving my appointment all of the questions I wanted to ask comes back to me like a flood, and I would think to myself "I forgot to tell him/her this or that". Unfortuntely, my case was denied, I think because of my own testimony and other reasons. When my hearing was over and I walked out the door, all of things I wanted to tell her came back like a flood, and all I wanted to do was go back in there and cry out for mercy because the pain I am in all the time, and I know I cant work, but I didn't. After reading her desision all I did was cry for days. I felt her jugement of me was so unfair because things were taken out of content, and I truly have alot of pain, how can chronic pain even be measured? I have worked hard all of my life, until I finally had to admit to myself that I am disabled. This was a very hard thing for me to come to terms with. After reading some of the reviews regarding the other judges, I was glad that I went before Judge Wynne O'brien Persons. Best of luck to all of the people who are truly disabled, but were denied.

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
6/26/2012 2:05:05 PM

One of the best judges in the nation. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and runs hearings with thoroughness, efficiency, and compassion. Jokes with attorneys off the record. Very good at putting everyone (clients and attorneys) at ease.

Mr Daniel J.Murphy III
Judge: Jesse J Pease
6/16/2012 4:13:26 PM

This Judge is not meant to be a Social Security Administrative Law Judge because he clearly cannot tell whether or not a person is disabled . I stood before this judge and told the truth about everything ,i took my 84 year old mother who testified under oath that i was disabled and i also took my wife who testified on my behalf yet judge jesse j. pease choose to use a fabricated report that was done by a social security medical examiner who never met me ,examined me ,spoke to me ,or had any real complete history on the genetic bone disease i have . the judge used his one fabricated report or what social security called a reasoned opinion to arrive at a disapproved decision to deny me the disability benefits i rightfully deserve. I paid into the system for 30 years and then when i really needed the help financially from the money i paid into the system i am denied.I have a genetic bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta and i have had 166 major bone fractures iam disabled and cannot work and i have been denied benefits from social security.I am about to lose my home to foreclosure because i have no income because i cannot work and the financial help that i was always told wuld be there for me when i needed it is being withheld because of a bad decision by an incompetent judge.all i can say is how disappointed in our system and that i hope someday that judge pease understands how i feel . i know one thing i kept my integrity and didnt resort to lying or finding some cheap cop out way of denying my claim for whatever reason. Its very sad and very embarrassing to see such an incompetent judge sitting in some makeshift court room pretending to be some one important .i have more respect for the guy who cuts my grass than i do for judge pease because at least i can trust my landscaper and most inmportantly he doesnt lie .your the one who has to go to sleep each night knowing you did the wrong thing to many people or maybe you have a hard time sleeping knowing how dishonest you really are.ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT ILL PRAY FOR YOU JUDGE PEASE THAT SOMEDAY MAYBE YOU WILL COMR CLEAN AND DO THE RIGHT THING

Judge: Jeffrey A Hatfield
5/22/2012 4:50:36 PM

This judge is pretty fair, he's appears to be all business with his findings, but is also very kind and seems compassionate if you are truly disabled. I personally went before him and at the end , he told me that he was sorry that the system had taken so long to review my case..

Judge: Nancy Lisewski
3/13/2012 1:08:16 PM

Appears to know the file well. Does not request opening statement.

Judge: Janice E Shave
3/9/2012 7:05:07 AM

Judge Shave seems very nice. I do not approve of comments that she made about my case. She got information about me that when she blerted out a question about something I said to a Disability Psych. that did a interview with me was way not correct. I feel that she should not attack someone in that way. What was said is Depervation of Character and was way out of line. I would like to see that report and set the Record Straight. She took 3 different accurances and 3 different people and combined it into one incident with 1 person. Which leads me to believe that she was either fed the wrong information by someone that was not listening completely or she intentional did it. I would like to think she would not do that. She stated that she was not medicaly qualified to look at pictures that go with the report made by a Qualifed Phyician and Surgion who took the pictures of my insides, So my question would be how can you be qualified to do a Medical judgment as to if a person is truly in pain or disabled. I feel that judges that sit on this panel should have a medical background in order to get the right decision. Other wise this is a true injustice to the persons she or any other judge that has the authority to make the decision as to how much pain or the nature of the persons true disability.