Evanston, Illinois ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Evanston, Illinois, 12 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Evanston, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 14.0 months. The average case processing time in Evanston is 511 days.The Evanston average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 49%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Evanston ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Evanston 12 14.0 months 511 days 2.1 15% 49% 36%
Illinois14.5 months536 days1.917%41%42%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Kevin Vodak
2/12/2020 9:23:55 AM

Had a court hearing with this douche bag,went to their dr for cumulative exam and xrays for my back,dr said yes your definatly disabled,and have the docs to boot he went with a unfavorable decision.I dont get how so many low lifes can screw the system,but when it comes to someone who is actually disabled and need to provide for my family,im denied.Its all about the money!!! Political Bullshit!!!!!

Judge: Kevin Vodak
3/18/2019 9:00:57 AM

T. Virgin
Judge: Patricia Kendall
1/4/2019 4:00:03 PM

I disagree with the above post. I went into my hearing a little under-prepared and Judge Kendall assisted me in re-requesting additional medical records and rescheduled my hearing in order for me to make sure my file was complete, accurate and contained all pertinent information in order for SSA to make a decision regarding my disability claim. I have yet to hear whether I am approved but I truly feel that Judge Kendall was kind and clear and concise in her questions, in her answers to my questions and in her follow-up questions. Although she was firm & no-nonsense- like, I feel that she takes her responsibility seriously and really does put in the time to review and understand the cases before her. She won't be your best friend, but she will give you all the time and respect to plead your case and hear you out thoroughly.

Judge: Robert C Asbille
8/22/2018 3:39:04 PM

Wrigley O’Schewitz
Judge: Lee Lewin
3/31/2018 3:53:35 PM

Judge Lewin was a fair and understanding judge. Despite her not approving my disability request, her reasons were justified. If you have to go in front of Judge Lewin, you will get a fair decision.

Willy Salazar
Judge: Matthew Johnson
3/3/2018 3:23:56 PM

El 1 de febrero del año 2018 tuve audiencia con el juez Joel tracy me trató con mucha educación y me dijo q explicará el porqué yo estaba allí al final después de 2 horas salí contento con el trató que me dio dos semanas después estoy recibiendo su decisión PARCIALMENTE FAVORABLE gracias señor juez TRACY

Judge: Matthew Johnson
3/3/2018 5:43:28 AM

Honorable Judge Mathews gave me a partial favorable decision. After reading his decision and changing my onset date a 1 1/2 year later was appropriate in my mind. He was very thorough. Took advice of all my medical sources. The hearing lasted 20 minutes. In my mind, he did a great job.

Christine Ann Mazalewsky
Judge: Lana Johnson
3/1/2018 4:20:23 PM

Judge Lana Johnson! Thank you for your favorable decision in regard to my claim! You saved my life, and I am now able to put 100% of my time to management of my disabilities in hopes I can improve my quality of life. Sincerely, Christine M.

Judge: Barry A Miller
8/8/2017 11:56:53 AM

this piece of garbage shouldn't even be a judge. he doesn't listen to anything you tell him. he makes rude comments and thinks even with witnesses that people are plain liars. he should be disbarred. he doesn't even deserve one star in the rating. if you get stuck with him as your judge i feel sorry for you.

Judge: Patricia Kendall
6/22/2017 2:11:56 PM

I had this judge before. All that I will say is I hope God softens her heart. I felt like trash at my hearing. This Judge made me feel like a criminal. Not everyone that tries to get SSD or SSI deserve it but many of us do. Many of us suffer with illnesses you could never grasp unless you are in our shoes. Judges rule according to law but we don't deserve to be treated as garbage. I feel she judged my case before I ever spoke a word. I felt like a science project a specimen. Maybe she's tired of her job and has become heartless who knows. But God can soften any cold heart. It may be too late for me I lost. but there is someone out there that her ruling can change their life. If she is fair. I pray for this judge that she understands that people can have illnesses for many years over 10 15 20. I pray God Works on this judges heart and compassion. I never experienced mfeeling less than human until my hearing, feeling worthless, and reduced to nothing by this judge. This was by far one of the top worst experiences of my life.

Hector colon
Judge: Daniel Dadabo
1/31/2017 11:31:56 AM

Good man he listens to you very calm

Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer
9/13/2016 6:05:53 PM

Just had a hearing w judge bretthauer,I am non=biased,because there has not been a decision obviously.im completely happy the way my hearing went.she definitely knew all of my medical history,seemed like she knew all the symptoms,gave me all the time I needed to explain myself....yea, she drilled me w questions,but that's what she's paid to do.if u got denied,probably cause ur not disabled....sour grapes.

Judge: Robert C Asbille
9/2/2016 12:05:53 PM

Hello i hope robert c asbille approve me for my social security i'm struggleing no money no income got back issue i been fighten for long time.

tom abrams
Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer
8/20/2016 10:59:58 AM

Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer to me she was unfair by name my father who is the payee who in fact is not paying my bills but I whont to be my owen payee but the court did not see it that way the judge did see it my way in frist place I did whont to do it in the frist place she was so unfair. she did not here what I have to say how can she remain a judge . I was very dis a pointed with her and her facts she was rud abusive even thorw out the whole hereing

Judge: Robert C Asbille
7/21/2016 1:46:27 PM

Judge Asbille was the judge whom I was hoping I would has as my presiding judge on my case. Having been through so much heartache, dissapointment, suffering, depression, health issues, financial crisis, and total loss of everything including any sense of what it meant to exist; today he has given me hope that I now have a chance at rebuilding my life. Thank you Judge Asbille for everything you have done for me. God bless!

Judge: Sylke Merchan
7/2/2016 6:53:04 PM

Heavily biased against the mentally ill. Cherry-picks statements from doctors to support her own conclusions while completely ignoring the opinions of other treatment professionals. Focuses on minor issues such as grooming (she puts a *lot* of stock in appearance) and uses them to make completely unfounded allegations of malingering. If you haven't had the money to obtain tests or get treatment for a problem, she'll use it against you. Takes your own words out of context, twists them around, and makes it appear as if you said something you didn't. Dismisses evidence when it's inconvenient. This sorry excuse for a human being has her mind made up in advance and if it's set against you, you're screwed. I would give her no stars if possible. Thanks, Judge, for calling me a liar, relying entirely on what that fool of a doctor said, ignoring the views of the person who sees me every week (if you'd read her notes you'd know I'm really not that well-groomed), contradicting yourself, saying I refuse to take one class medication I actually take (could've just checked the list I gave you) and failing to notice that I had to tell Dr. Useless THREE TIMES that I COULDN'T take another class because the side effects are too severe. I don't have the energy to go to the appeals council. I'm done.

david myers
Judge: Lee Lewin
6/28/2016 11:29:43 AM

thank you judge lewin for approving my wife sandra rigby its been a long long road but with your help it will get easier now and she can get the meds she needs thank you

Esad Turkanovic
Judge: Lee Lewin
4/5/2016 5:45:58 AM

Just had hearing yesterday with judge Lewis lee.don't know she approve me or not but she did good job I think...she is honest and professional judge

Judge: Kevin Vodak
3/29/2016 11:16:53 AM

I'd give him zero stars, but at least he let me speak. I'll put it this way, Judge Vodak already has his mind made up before you enter the room. You can be sincere, truthful and completely open and it will not sway him at all. I have had the same disease for ten years and have now been kicked off disability with no hope of being able to find much less hold one of the jobs recommended. Best of luck to you if you draw him for your hearing. You better be missing a leg to get any sympathy from this judge.

Pissed off
Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer
3/29/2016 10:14:09 AM

Rude, mentally abusive and invasive. Doesn't believe you have a health condition if it is not all black and white. My condition is a new condition and doesn't have a whole lot of information on it. Brought up my biological father, which had nothing to do with the case. Her tactics are to bully the plaintiff into answering a certain way to break them down. The psychologist in the room was no better, maybe even worse. Isn't she a mother? Or does she treat her kids this way too? Nothing nice to say about her. Would she like it if someone bullied her and was as invasive as she is? Would she like it if someone was relentless and pushy?I highly doubt it. Worst judge I've come across EVER.

Judge: Barry A Miller
1/21/2016 7:36:58 AM

Judge Miller is very thorough. He is very kind and I felt he really listened to me. He didn't make me feel bad or embarrassed about my illness.

Judge: Kevin Vodak
10/20/2015 8:15:07 PM

I had Judge Kevin Vodak for my disability hearing on October 7, 2015. He seems very nice. I do not know the outcome yet but, I am hoping for an approval ,of course. I will be happy to tell you a few things I saw in him as the hearing was in action. He seemed very well spoken. He seemed very in tune and interested in hearing what I had to say. He had a very nice composure and made me feel like a person not just a case. I wanted him to understand my pain but of course that is impossible to do. He did seem like he had empathy though and I really appreciated him taking the time to hear me and my case and not just dismiss me and make me feel like nothing. I already feel like nothing because I have lost so much of "me" in my new world of pain . No one has to remind me. Overall I thought it went well. He seemed like a very nice Judge.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
7/21/2015 10:47:51 AM

Judge Inouye recently heard my case and while not knowing her decision yet, I felt she asked relevant and intelligent questions to ascertain my disability case. Not having an attorney represent me, I feel she will give a fair decision. That is all one can ask for.

A very gratefull man !
Judge: Robert C Asbille
2/22/2014 3:52:05 PM


Judge: Robert Karmgard
1/27/2014 11:45:25 AM

a regular guy. no nonsense. be prepared for your hearing. (he likes things in order and complete). can't blame him. he's extremely busy.

Judge: Robert C Asbille
11/28/2013 10:12:28 AM


Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer
10/11/2013 1:50:36 PM

She took the few iffy statements in my records and ran with it. I was denied. I had the feeling though as i left the hearing that day. She's horrible and attacks you, watch out. I'm going to file an appeal now. Horrible experience.

Judge: Robert C Asbille
9/24/2013 7:38:06 AM

Good Judge, took time to listen to claimant and facts.

Kimberly Parker
Judge: James D Wascher
5/13/2013 3:11:47 PM

He was very personable and listened to every word I said, and didn't make me feel uncomfortable when I got emotional.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
4/11/2013 8:18:58 AM

Judge inuoye decide my case right. she was fiar and look at everthng. she ok with me.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
4/3/2013 5:57:23 PM

Judge Inouye has rapidly established herself as a rising star among the federal administrative law judge corps. Her vast prior litigation experience has been a boon to her acknowledged superior ability in bringing out the truth in cases that she hears. Cases typically present inconsistencies between testimony and the medical record and other evidence. Judge Inouye is recognized as having a superb ability to resolve these inconsistencies in a manner that follows the law applicalbe to disability cases. Of course, not all claimants are happy as some are under the impression that merely applying for disability guarantees that payments will soon follow. In her difficult job, Judge Inouye's top-notch judicial temperment stands her in good stead. I see the above comments came from another stooge from SSA or perhaps the judge herself either way take it worth a grain of salt.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
4/3/2013 7:47:41 AM

Judge Inouye knows the law and applies it to the facts before her. That's her job and she does it well.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
4/2/2013 9:33:47 AM

37 year old former public defender gets appointed to the federal bench? Hardly experienced in SSA law. She's fulfilling the SSA mission to deny every possible claim. Why bother seeing your own doctor for years on end. She rejects their opinions in favor of some hack doctor who couldn't get a real job so works doing SS evals for $150.00 a pop. Just the latest in SSA's Ayn Randian-esque implementation of disability law. Such a shameful and disgraceful reflection of our era's governance. How many people with Stage III cancer, undergoing chemo for a year, are actively working full time? You are a despicable person, Jessica.

Judge: Lovert F Bassett
3/18/2013 10:02:32 PM

Very nice judge ...wonderful disposition...Dnt no if I was approved ...But he was kind and he listen to me. Thanks God Bless

Judge: Shirley M Michaelson
3/8/2013 7:55:41 AM

Keep in mind when I added this note she had a 45% approval rating?? Not a very nice judge. She is very argumentative with the attorney as soon as you go on the record. Hearings can last about 2 hours she requires the client to bring all medications they are on as well. She will quiz the client about ALL medications and exactly which medication they take for what impairment. In addition she will need a simple outline of each treating doctor the client is seeing and for what condition they are seeing that particular doctor for (again it just doesn't seem she reads the records or the brief before hearing)but again she will argue why a family doctor is treating for specific impairments. She is very argumentative and tends to give medical opinion about your case while citing incorrectly or mischaracetrizing the evidence. It is apparent she does NOT read briefs and for that fact she reads very little of the medical records that is how she mischaraterizes so much of the medical records. Example: in my case she argued (yep) that my client only had one back impairment when several were listed and really counselor it's all the same (when no they are not) she will argue and try to get you to stipulate to her reasoning. VE: she uses a VE but wants to skip over listing out the jobs the national numbers and the local numbers. She will again ask the attorney to stipulate that there are jobs without listing them out. No doubt her hearings are ripe for appeal but need to take very detailed notes stay on your toes and if you do go to AC with an appeal GET THE TRANSCRIPT OF THE HEARING.

Judge: Shirley M Michaelson
3/7/2013 1:59:01 PM

Hearings last about 2 hours

Judge: Shirley M Michaelson
3/7/2013 1:51:11 PM

Judge wants to inspect medications bring them to hearing

Judge: Shirley M Michaelson
3/7/2013 1:38:13 PM

Pretty argumentative judge she tends to give a medical opinion about the case and cites to the record incorrectly.. Listen close you will need to correct her characterization of the medical evidence. Submitted a brief in the case and she did not read it before the hearing but still asked for a theory of the case wanting the attorney to repeat everything in the brief? Huh ...she has a pretty good approval rating so I am hopeful the decision will be favorable. If you are an attorney just be on your toes about how she characterizes the medical evidence. Will quiz your client about medications even though you have submitted med list she still expects the client to have them memorized even when they are a few pages long.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
3/1/2013 8:52:53 AM

Super smart. Can tell she's been doing this a long time. Really knows her stuff.

Judge: Jessica Inouye
2/27/2013 7:18:57 AM

Not good. Needs to seek other type work.

Mr.and Mrs. Rodriguez
Judge: Lovert F Bassett
2/12/2013 8:51:16 AM

Aside from being all the above with my wife's hearing and more, we were very impressed with his personal appearance, very casual we both liked the long hair style

Judge: Shirley M Michaelson
12/13/2012 10:58:09 PM

I reviewed the comments about all Chicago Judges; I had a hearing before her and she seems knowledgeable and listened, she allowed the hearing to last over an hour. Other comments about the Chicago judges seem to be sour grapes by Obama supporters. They got the President and the Administration they asked for, now live with it. You are an idiot

Judge: James D Wascher
12/12/2012 4:22:03 PM

He's the best judge ever!

Judge: Shirley M Michaelson
12/11/2012 1:34:48 PM

I reviewed the comments about all Chicago Judges; I had a hearing before her and she seems knowledgeable and listened, she allowed the hearing to last over an hour. Other comments about the Chicago judges seem to be sour grapes by Obama supporters. They got the President and the Administration they asked for, now live with it.

Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer
11/14/2012 2:12:22 AM

Completely rude crude and socially unacceptable courtroom experience with this one. It is quite obvious she is a mean sick mentally "abusive" person and to do this to people that are really down shows what type of person you are dealing with. Hard to believe she is allowed to remain a judge and our tax dollars pay for this sort of person to be employed...also its transparent she gets a very sick mental kick out of it that actually charges her mental and physical batteries, what a sicko! I was denied by her but was later approved by another judge so I know what an awful UNJUST experience she is! Rotten awful human being

Judge: Lovert F Bassett
8/14/2012 1:57:50 PM

Very, very pleasant to deal with

Judge: Sylke Merchan
8/4/2012 12:52:26 AM


Judge: Daniel Dadabo
8/2/2012 6:12:27 AM

Dear Judge Daniel Dadabo, I wanted to thank you for given me the chance to take back and regain control of my life. You and Nash Disability Law and North River mental Health, Illinois Masonic and Old Irving Park Medical have helped me under stand a part of my life that I didn't not believe. My life long struggles with mental illines and bullying and abuse have not been easy and I suspect that with continued therapy and help from the SSA I can become a productive and postive individual again. I didn't want to admit there was anything wrong, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and autisim are not thing that you want to tell people there is such a stgma around that poeple either shun you or attack you and abuse you, which I have experienced my whole life til this day. Every day is a struggle just to be able to put close to clean myself properly, even being able to talk to some are accept a simple hug or hand shake any time some seems out of order I can become enraged or scared like a child. It makes it impossible to have any sort of relationships or to go to school or hold on to a job or go shopping! Once Again I would ask for your continued help along with help from Nash Disability and the SSA perhaps I can get better and get the help I need repair my life and take back control of my life from those who have taken so much away from me! Best regards, Gregory Tarczynski

Judge: Lovert F Bassett
6/3/2012 11:55:15 AM

Fabulous judge. Knew the case inside and out before hearing even started.

Judge: Cynthia M Bretthauer
6/3/2012 11:52:04 AM

Rude and abusive.

David Bermingham
Judge: Lee Lewin
5/17/2012 6:39:33 PM

I just wanted to say a few things. I have epilepsy, both gran mal and petit mal seizures. 2-3 gran mal a month, 4-5 petit mal a month.In my condition I cannot walk or drive to any job or even work at a job without an episode happening that could cause a life threatening injury for that matter. This is proven in my medical records. Yet somehow despite my claim medical records and all the evidence, Judge Lee Lewin denied me. Soon i will be forced to drive to a job so I can make ends meet where I will be in danger of having a seizure in hazardous places. Each day of my life is a roll of the dice not knowing when its coming or where I will be. I hope you can sleep at night. It makes me sick. You have no idea what i go through. I hope you read this.

Dave Conner
Judge: Allyn Brooks
4/11/2012 9:54:26 AM

Judge Brooks failed to administer justice to a truly disabled person. My wife, who us unable to work, in constant pain, and for many years cannot keep a normal schedule was denied. SSI denied looking at this case as if were ruled justly. NOT SO....... I am in a position where i see able bodied people who are physically able to work and keep a normal schedule, who collect SSI benefits, Just about EVERYDAY. Anything other than a favorable decision is UNACCEPTABLE.

Diane Elizabeth Butler
Judge: Daniel Dadabo
4/8/2012 11:36:06 AM

Judge Daniel Dadabo; I'm Diane Elizabeth Butler, the lady the wrote the following: ("You help me and because of your help I am on the road to healing and becomming a resourceful individual. Thank You Judge Daniel Dadabo. Sincerely, Diane Elizabeth Butler") Well with all that said...I need to speak with you regarding an issue. I'm being BULLIED. The statements I made above are Sincere and Truthful. As I make every attempt to HEAL AND BECOME RESOURCEFUL AGAIN; The adverse actions that are enforced against me could keep me sick to getting sicker and have to remain a liability to the administration. The deliberate action of those who are attacking me and continually working against me keeps me in a constant fight.Medically you know I cannot stay any long period in a constant "flight to fight" It will raise my cortisol and keep it high which will eventually cause another "CRASH" ---When what I'm doing to heal and become resourceful is really me staying discipline and focused. Please allow me to meet and speak with you... my home number is ***-***-****, cell: ***-***-**** ..email: delizabeth26@yahoo.com.. Please speak with me.. I need your Wisdom and Guidance... Sincerely, Diane Elizabeth Butler

Diane Elizabeth Butler
Judge: Daniel Dadabo
4/2/2012 2:36:14 PM

You help me and because of your help I am on the road to healing and becomming a resourceful individual. Thank You Judge Daniel Dadabo. Sincerely, Diane Elizabeth Butler