Wichita, Kansas ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Wichita, Kansas, 9 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Wichita, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 11.0 months. The average case processing time in Wichita is 460 days.The Wichita average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 38%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Wichita ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Wichita 9 11.0 months 460 days 2.5 18% 38% 44%
Kansas13.0 months455 days2.419%34%47%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Jessica Seward
Judge: Michael A Lehr
2/18/2020 7:38:30 PM

Judge Lehr was very professional in the courtroom as I had my hearing using a television. Judge Lehr did not ask me any questions as he lead it up to my attorney to ask the questions. The reason I am giving Judge Lehr a 1 star rating is because after receiving my unfavorable decision I was reading through what Judge Lehr had said why he gave me the unfavorable decision and most of what he had said was not true and my words was twisted on what I said in the courtroom. For example, Judge Lehr said I said in the courtroom that I walk my dog and bath and feed my dog. What I actually said was I let my dog out during the day while my husband is at work so he can use the bathroom. Not once did I say I feed and bathe my dog!! My words was twisted so much that I am highly livid! Please be aware of this judge as he will twist your words. Another example I was denied is because I have been in a relationship with my husband since 2016. He said if I can live with someone then I can work! Wow this Judge really needs to work on himself!

Judge: Edward E Evans
12/25/2019 1:25:56 AM

This judge is a horrible judge. I couldn't believe it when I read his denial letter. He listed every single specialist that saw my son and each one he said was not qualified to diagnose his problems. Who is he to say a specialist, a state approved and licensed medical doctor, is not qualified?? He just denies people based on lies and his own arrogance because he has control over other people's lives and he hurts them with no care for them at all. He needs to retire! He is not qualified to say a licensed doctor is not qualified to do their job. If the state approves a doctor's license and grants them approval to work in this state who is he to say they are not qualified?? This case is no going through the Federal Courts to be over turned. We requested for the Federal Judge to reverse his decision. Normally they send it back to the judge telling them they recommend them to change their decision. However, we talked to at least 4 different attorney's to take it to the Federal Court who all of them told us they wouldn't take the case to Federal Court because if they send it back to him telling him to reverse his decision that he would not do it. They all told us he never follows the recommendation from Federal Court to reverse any decision he has ever made. So, we asked the Federal Judge to not send it back to him, but, rather reverse his decision based on all the testimony from my son's doctors. This should have been a clear cut case. It's now been 6 years that my son has been fighting for his SSI. That is very pathetic. This judge needs to be disbarred. He doesn't follow the law and he doesn't follow the guidelines laid down by the Social Security Administration.

Judge: John A Pottinger
10/27/2019 2:55:48 AM

The system is so screwed up. If you have worked all your life and payed in, you won't get it. I think they pocket cash when they deny. He's not a fair judge.

Mike Allen
Judge: Edward E Evans
10/1/2019 1:30:46 PM

This is a person who has a vendetta with patients. He altered my medical record (clearly on purpose as it differed substantially from the recorder during the hearing) to keep me from receiving my benefits. My advise is to send complaints to: Attn: Division of Quality Service, Suite 1702, Office of Disability and Adjudication Review, 5107 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22041–3255. Always be represented by attorney at Social Security. Do not appeal to the Appeals Council because that will be another denial after 2 more years of wait time. Start another application with a representative after you withdraw from the applications that have been denied.

Sherrie Fields
Judge: Susan W Conyers
9/30/2019 4:03:21 AM

For once in my life I felt like someone was on my side,even if i get denied I would like to Thank Mrs.Conyers for showing the attention and concern for my situation,she helped with the way I perceive myself,For once I felt like I mattered,if she decides against me I'm sure she knows best and someone else needs it more than i,God Bless.

Phillip Cross
Judge: Susan W Conyers
7/21/2019 7:50:34 AM

I just wanted to take a few moments and thank Judge Conyers for a fair and honest hearing,as well as considering all evidence submitted to her, along with the testimony of the Vocational Rehabilitation Representative.As a Disabled Veteran,I'm used to being rushed and mostly over-looked by the Veteran's Administration,and was expecting similar treatment.Judge Conyers was very polite and seemed genuinely interested in my case and well-being.She was thorough, but I never felt rushed or uncomfortable during any time we were speaking. My hearing was prompt and on time and did not take nearly as long as I was expecting,which was great for me,as I am physically unable to remain sitting in one position for very long.This is also a credit to Judge Conyers,because she definitely did her homework and was well prepared to hear my case. In closing,I would like to say thank you ,Judge Conyers,for making an expected unpleasant experience much more bearable and pleasant.

Judge: Susan Toth
7/13/2019 3:15:10 AM

She kept saying ' I don't know how to rule on this case". Her comments are not clear on the report she had filed. If someone is at step four and surpasses the checklist, wouldn't that clarify a YES vs denial. I have worked everyday I have been scheduled on a work schedule and actually had 2 jobs for 4 years, since 1981 a day after my high school graduation, and now here I am filing for disability.... and I get DENIED BENEFITS! from her decision stating, she doesn't know how to rule.. She doesn't care. Oh when its her turn ... I PRAY SHE GETS DENIED!!

Mike Allen
Judge: Edward E Evans
2/19/2019 11:29:37 AM

This is a person who has a vendetta with patients. He altered my medical record (clearly on purpose as it differed substantially from the recorder during the hearing) to keep me from receiving my benefits. My advise is to appeal and follow through the federal court of appeals because what I was subjected to is unconstitutional.

Judge: Michael R Dayton
11/12/2018 8:15:27 PM

This is a company man. He changed my testimony to fit him denying me benefits. Claimed I could still do light duty work, or sit at a desk all day. I have spinal issues from S1-L5, all the way up to C4-C5. I haven't been able to sit for almost 10 years, how is it I am suppose to be able to sit at a job? I've been in front of him twice now over the last 9 years fighting for disability. The first decision proved to be false and fraud, because I wasn't able to get a job or work. The second time he didn't notice most of my medical records were missing, and the administration lied about their findings. Fraud again. He basically covered up for them, and again refused me disability. I could almost hear him laughing at me as I walked out the court room door as he pretended to be nice. Because of all this, I have absolutely no respect for the Social Security administration. They are an incredibly corrupt organization. I know people who are on disability, who have far less issues than I do and were approved without ever having to go through the mess that I did. How is this happening? If I don't qualify, neither do they, and yet the administration gave it to them on a sliver platter. He totally left out the age law in my case for being reduced to light work or sedentary work. He ignores the laws, he ignores comments, he ignores health issues, and gets by with it. There's no accountability. I willing to bet he is falsely approving people as much as he is falsely denying people like me.

Judge: Susan Toth
10/1/2018 4:27:55 PM

This Judge listened to my entire case in January 2018. In August I received my decision of Denial. This person does not care about women and abuse or disabilities. She didn’t mention any important information.

Danny Morrill
Judge: John A Pottinger
9/28/2018 1:12:37 PM

Seemed like a good caring man that was concerned about my issues. Had my hearing on 9.25.18...ill update when recieve decision..

Daniel morrill
Judge: John A Pottinger
9/27/2018 1:53:00 AM

Had my hearing with judge pottinger on 9/25/18.. .i have anxiety and several health issues .Been waiting 3 years and was terrified. He made it a comfortable experience. Just be honest and he seems like a fair judge who wants to listen to your problems..thank you your honor for listening..

Frank Curtis
Judge: Edward E Evans
6/13/2018 11:56:31 AM

He is a fair man! He is a caring man! He is at honest judge, that makes things very clear to you! He is a blessed and good man!

Judge: Michael R Dayton
5/18/2018 7:10:20 AM

Asked questions that required one to "assume" another's reasoning or viewpoint. Heard and obviously listened to nothing that the Occupational Specialist due to the fact that every job that she stated that she could find for me went against any or all of my conditions/diagnoses. What a joke that a 100% disabled veteran with letters from actual medical / mental health professionals cannot come out on the winning side of this kind of hearing, yet Willie Welfare can.

Judge: Edward E Evans
1/25/2018 10:14:23 AM

My son just got his decision and was denied SSI. He has been fighting for 4 years. We don't know what went wrong, but, trust me, I will find out. My son has Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD, Sever Depression, a fractured spine, Spondylosis, arthritis, and arthritis in his spine. He is in pain 24/7 and has not been able to work much at all in his adult life due to all his issues. The work specialist at the hearing stated to the judge that there was no job he would be able to do due to the type of disabilities that he has. I know for a 100% fact that several things on his list of disabilities qualifies him for disability along with the statement from the work specialist. I have not received the letter of explanation as to why he was denied, but, I guarantee that he either made a mistake or he just ignored the medical evidence that was presented to him. If this is not resolved then my son, with my help, will file a grievance against this judge. For anyone reading this here is where you go to get information on filing a grievance against an alj: https://www.ssa.gov/pubs/EN-05-10071.pdf. We will have his attorney file an appeal first, but, like I said if this is not resolved with an approval for disability we will not hesitate for one minute to file a grievance!!!

Nicolas Raso
Judge: Susan W Conyers
11/29/2017 11:56:21 AM

Wanted to give my thanks to Judge Conyers for hearing my case even though I was not prepared before hand for what might take place at the hearing. Also for being patient and not getting frustrated with my brain traumatic injury symptoms and PTSD. Since my hearing I have being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as if I didn’t have enough issues already. I have also had complete shoulder surgery and the Veterans Administration has upgraded my need to have my caregiver needs at level 2.

Judge: Michael R Dayton
9/7/2017 3:14:28 PM

this juge hellped me and now i am still waiting for my ssi my caseworker is refusing to do her job its been since june when i got approved for my case

Judge: Alison K Brookins
8/2/2017 8:47:16 AM

Had a hearing with this judge. She seemed disinterested in my testimony. She stated it would be a few weeks to a decision. That was 4 months ago. There should be a complaint system in place with oversight to make these judges give timely decisions.

Judge: John B Langland
6/9/2017 6:31:42 PM

I cant believe this judge is actually a disability judge! He hasnt a clue about the not so common chronic illness and how it makes that person feel! There are a few not so common chronic illness that turns a persons life upside down in matters of minutes they hole life change. What ones was a active, working, outgoing person turned into a not active person, cant work person, not outgoing person because of all the limitations and bizzare symptoms this chronic illness has. Seems like this judge does not want to hear what the person with the not so common chronic illness has to go through each and every day the struggle, the fight, depression and the emotions and not to give up on life!! It is not just black and white with a not so common chronic illness at least what this judge could do try to do some research on not so common chronic illnesses so he might be able to have a better understanding of what people go through!!! Of course this judge dont walk in that persons shoes so he really doesnt know how their feel in the inside!! It is sad that a persons lifely hood lays in the hand of a judge that has no heart! He surley should not be a disability judge!!!!!

Judge: Evan Nordby
5/30/2017 4:58:26 PM

Men in any type of authority type of position have the tendency to make me very nervous but I did not feel this way with this judge. I had no idea what to expect, and the disability firm that I hired to represent me provided me with an attorney who did not know my case and was extremely unpreprared, but it didn't matter...this judge was patient with me and made me feel at ease with everything I shared with him. He wasn't rude or demanding at all...he was compassionate and made me feel valued and 'free to be myself' when in his presence. Even though my attorney did not add anything or help me in any way, I walked out of there feeling extremely grateful that I at least had a judge who was prepared and Knew my case very well.

Judge: Rhonda S Greenberg
5/2/2017 4:32:14 PM

She was very attentive and seemed to really listen and care. APPROVED!

Dale M.Perry
Judge: Melvin B Werner
3/30/2017 6:58:19 PM

i had my hearing feb.9th,got my letter today saying favorable decision,judge werner listened,really listened ,he was patient and seemed to really care,not once did he make me feel like an inconvienience for hearing my case,he took note verbaly and gave me his full attention.

Juston ShawI'm
Judge: Susan W Conyers
1/1/2017 7:47:51 AM

Maybe we should pay the alj per case that is actually completed not a big salary. Bet cases would not take so long to finish then.

Juston Shaw
Judge: Susan W Conyers
12/30/2016 4:52:46 PM

I wish when they approved the case they would finish it there and then.we have lost everything. Now live in 5th wheel about to have utilities cut off and be homeless waiting

Mr. Gouge
Judge: Sherianne Laba
3/17/2016 12:22:16 PM

Best judge ever, fair, tough, doesnt put up with BS, but has a heart.

Judge: Robert J Burbank
2/5/2016 11:53:15 AM

how come the national average is 44 % and this office is 31& ? does the political attitude of the alj come into play? _____ right it does and this system should be changed. the alj slot should be cut out since it turns on the attitude of a single person. whom you draw as judge should not determine your case.

Malcolm showalter
Judge: Melvin B Werner
11/29/2015 1:58:04 PM

I think judge warner really listened to me I'm not quite sure i will win because I had no attorney but he seemed fair

Judge: Melvin B Werner
11/17/2015 11:05:24 AM

I wrote the previous comment about Judge Werner before receiving my decision and I can not tell you the feeling of knowing he actually listened to me and took the time to understand my situation as a whole. I knew when I walked out of the hearing that whatever the decision would be I would be alright with it as I felt I had been heard for the first time without personal judgement. I have terrible anxiety that makes me instantly start to sweat (profusely) and cry hysterically without much control of my face. So many times thru this process I have had professionals instantly want to "get rid" of me when this happens. It's already embarrassing and awful without that additional stress. Judge Werner actually allowed me to take the time I needed to answer questions, even though it is very difficult when I'm having an attack and crying hysterically. Since the day I had a major stroke at my desk I do not feel that anyone has taken the time to listen to what I had to say... until my hearing with Judge Werner. Judge Werner was wonderful in that, yes he listened to me, but because of the way he treated me I made it through the hearing and was able to provide the information he needed. He made it clear that he would be verifying through my files that the information I provided was correct and that was a huge relief to me also because that meant he was actually going to take the time to read my file! I know now that he must have because although I have over 15 years of medical records I had been denied on just one report from an SSI doctor I spent 30 minutes with. This would not have been an easy task as even I have troubles reading all my medical reports because there are so many. I just can not say enough how grateful I am for his humanity. I had almost given up hoping that at some point during this process someone would care enough to listen instead of thumbing through until they found something that could constitute a denial.

Judge: Edward E Evans
10/5/2015 7:02:25 PM

I pity people that have to go before this judge. In general he seemed like a nice guy. But when you leave he's a different person. It took me 2 years to get this far. Only to have a letter show up at my home with countless errors in it. I filled because of my severe knee problems and my speech problems. In the letter all these specialists that the state of Kansas sent me to "Carried Little to no" consideration. He conveniently wrote off 8 years of MRI reports, and dozens of state and private doctor/specialist recommendations. He also conveniently didn't even mention some of my other problems with my knees that are well documented. Instead I receive a letter with an entire page telling me "Acne" isn't considered a disability? Well no "censored". I never filed because of acne. What kind of person would hire an attorney and wait 2 years and ask to be disabled because of acne? How that ended up in my file is beyond me. Then somehow Dyslexia ended up in my file too. And he went on and on stating there is no evidence of Dyslexia. Well gosh maybe that's because I do not have Dyslexia. I didn't even know what that was until I googled it. There are countless errors in this judges decision to ultimately turn me down. Bottom line is if this is your judge you have no hope. You like me wasted 2 plus years for nothing. All so you could get a letter with an entire page dedicated to acne. You can also expect countless errors in his decision. Along with facts that would have greatly helped you be conveniently left out.

Judge: Melvin B Werner
9/25/2015 10:12:08 AM

I just had my hearing yesterday and I was very nervous and scared to go. It was a very hard process for me but I do feel that Judge Werner listened to me and was genuinely trying to understand my circumstances and situation. I did not have representation and Judge Werner did take time to explain what was happening to me through the process even though it caused us to run over on time. I may or may not be approved but I do feel that I was given the opportunity to be heard and not judged on a personal level. That I appreciate.

Judge: Robert J Burbank
9/16/2015 9:28:13 AM

i AM UNEMPLOYABE BUT HE GAVE NO WEIGHT TO MY Dr?Saying that why have a hearing if my dr. was not used in determaning outcome?

Abandon All Hope
Judge: Susan W Conyers
7/30/2015 7:55:32 AM

Well, ALJ Conyers is certainly very kind during a hearing and comes across as very concerned about the client. She does tend to allow the representative to begin the questions, but then interrupts quite often to ask her own questions. Again, though, she is very considerate about this and not at all overbearing. All this being said, she is currently approving only about 15% of all claims that come before her. I do not believe you could come up with those odds if you just rolled a pair of dice at the start of each hearing. Even before she returned to OKC ODAR she only had an overall approval rating of 25-26%, which again is less than the odds of just throwing dice. While it is nice to have a kind ALJ at a hearing, I am sure everyone would be more thrilled to see an ALJ that actually applies the law and evidence to a claim and awards those individuals that obviously meet the requirements for Disability.

Judge: William H Rima
6/6/2014 3:22:50 PM


Judge: John B Langland
10/7/2013 10:39:29 PM

My hearing appointment took about 9 months. Judge Langland understood my situation and acknowledged that I had tried to resolve the overpayment thru the Wichita office and I then had to move on to see him to resolve the problem. I had tried and tried to resolve the issue thru the Wichita office but no one listened. The Judge recalculated my account and I had a partial favorable decision. Sadly, the powers now are not complying to his order or decision, and the Missouri office has written me 3 times in a month. Each letter indicates there is more than one person on my case, and so far out of the loop. But, no one signs the letters, so I do not have a name to complain. One letter states my W.C. does not affect my S.S. I have not been on W.C. since 2007. Judge Langland seemed fair in my case, the bad part is someone is not following or enforcing his decision. I do not know what to do now, trying to go back to see the judge. It is bad when the Judge makes a decision, and then the decision is not honored by the SSA staff in the Missouri office. I feel totally harassed by the staff in the office.

Tommy S. Carpenter
Judge: John B Langland
8/4/2013 11:34:14 AM

Judge Langland looked at what he wanted to see not at the evidence as a whole. Sure I made statements from time to time that I was doing ok. But those times are short lived. He gave more weight to a Psychologist who Ive never met than Dr.s who have treated me for 10+ years. He held it against me that I took my last dime to try and open and run a shop but failed to realize I left the shop because I couldn't handle the stress and **** near had a nervous breakdown over it. He commented that I had no periods of de-compensation which is a blatant falsehood. Anyone who knows me can tell you Ive been unemployed a lot more than employed. I have service related PTSD and Major reoccurring bouts of depression. My whole life is a total wreck. I want nothing more than to work and be normal but I fail at every attempt. I just want to run and hide away in dark places alone. I have stress disorder which makes my brain trigger fight or flight responses. I beg to be normal but Im not and ive faced that reality. Yes people do make positive statements to their Psychiatrists not because we are magically healed but because we have good days and bad. I try and try and want people to see me as ok but in the end Im not ok. My life has been one disaster after another. I hope he can sleep at night knowing he didn't even listen to his own vocational expert. Thanks Mr. Langland for seeing what you wanted to see not the whole story. Ill be filing an appeal immediately.

Judge: James Harty
6/16/2013 12:16:21 PM

I felt Judge Harty was very fair and thorough and he gave me approval within 6 wks! He listened to all I had to say as well as my lawyer. I really appreciate what he did for me.

Judge: John B Langland
4/4/2013 5:50:54 PM

Just the type judge we need. Doing his part not to bankrupt the country. Im sure every case thinks they are justified. That not true!!!! Make an appeal if you dont like the outcome!!!! Thank God he is not just a rubber stamp. We need someone with backbone to say No!!!Keep up the good work!!!!

Judge: Edmund C Werre
3/27/2013 7:15:22 AM

ALJ's name is pronounced like "Weary". Knows the file very well. Is relaxed and informal. Will ask rep for theory of case and expects you to be able to cite exhibits and page numbers in support of your allegations regarding RFC. Also, if a doctor expresses an opinion about RFC it should include the doctor's opinion about how long that RFC has existed. Does not like when claimants receive unemployment so be prepared to amend your onset to date after receipt of UE benefits.

Judge: John B Langland
3/21/2013 4:42:13 PM

This judge is so unfair and is denying disability to people that cannot posibly work. It is shocking, that this can happen in America. If their is any way to stop him, please do. He is a criminal judge, and should be in prison. He is creating _ injury to welfare system in kansas. Many are suffering, please help !

Judge: Michael R Dayton
3/3/2013 9:41:12 PM

I just got my letter from the Determination office today, with a very positive answer for me! It still says it could take 60 days before I start receiving benefits, but I am thrilled to know that I WILL be getting them! I felt that Judge Dayton was very patient with me, and was very empathetic. I had a great experience with him the day of my hearing.

Judge: Robert J Burbank
1/29/2013 2:55:45 PM

The judge seemed to have made up his mind before he even saw me. Did't listen to the court witness, (his own witness said I couldn't do my job) He totally ignored that in making his ruling. Not going to leave my name because I don't trust him.

Judge: Michael A Lehr
1/17/2013 4:24:49 PM

Very professional and efficient.

Judge: Robert J Burbank
1/15/2013 11:05:27 AM

Very understanding, professional and respectfull.

Judge: Brian Duncan
6/15/2012 8:32:58 AM

Great Judge

Judge: Michael A Lehr
5/7/2012 11:26:00 AM

i think he should have to live with some of these that are denied because he doesnt see enough evidence wellwhen you live with someone 33 yrs and they complain of the pain and they have no insurance to seek medical because medicaid denies them because not proven be disabled especially when you see so many getting ssi because they have mental problems well to some exinct i feel i have mental stress from my spouse fighting to get his disabilty he worked for it seems more get ssi than those who actually worked and the stress of worrying how care for children and bills and shopping because your spouse isnt capable to help you out but then a judge says not enough evidence i dont really know who is hiring anyone walking in with a cane for support but my opion is look more into what is really said not what you think they said and when did a fishing trip with your son make you not diasbled because i see a man with one leg in a wheel chair fishing daily i see a sqezo prantic deer hunting gambling in a casino but bi polar and cant be around a group people but they are in wal mart they are in gambling and my spouse cant stand in walmart longer about thirty min he in pain and in the car with the seat laid back just saying how you pick and chose