Portland Me, Maine ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Portland Me, Maine, 6 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Portland Me, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 13.0 months. The average case processing time in Portland Me is 400 days.The Portland Me average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 52%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Portland Me ODAR office was last updated on 3/9/2018.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Portland Me 6 13.0 months 400 days 1.9 20% 52% 28%
Maine13.0 months400 days1.920%52%28%
National Average:17.3 months577 days1.921%43%36%
Hearing Wait Time: 13.00 months
Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ 1.85
Average Processing Time 400 days
Cases Pending 2049
Dispositions 763
New Cases 1060
Hearings In Person 87%
Video Hearings 13%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied
Judge Christine Cutter 18%57%25%
Judge Linda J Helm 20%44%37%
Judge Todd S Holbrook 20%45%35%
Judge John L Melanson 23%44%33%
Judge Aaron M Morgan 9%27%64%
Judge Katherine Morgan 18%67%15%

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Judge: John L Melanson
12/8/2018 12:13:16 PM

He is a lazy conniving miserable old man entrusted with so much athority it is abused

Judge: John L Melanson
11/30/2018 8:40:37 PM

This judge sees past BS and knew the truth. He was respectful and compassionate. I was able to be upfront and honest. He granted my disability immediately at my hearing. He is a decent judge and man.

Judge: Christine Cutter
11/30/2018 6:43:26 PM

very Professional and Knowledgeable judge very refreshing after dealing with social security for 5 years. gave me my disability ruling without any problems. I am very happy I had her

Judge: Linda J Helm
10/25/2018 10:42:31 AM

I understand the frustration behind this bully and tyrant. No one whom shows clear incompetence should be sitting on the bench overseeing cases. But go read up on the Social Security Act. Read up on the Uniform Commercial Code UCC1. Look into filing a lawsuit in Equity court and sue the Social Security Administration and personal suit against Judge ********* Helms. That’s the route I’m taking right now myself.

Judge: Linda J Helm
2/14/2018 8:27:39 AM

Judge Helm is a digrace to her profession. In my case, she made up her own alternate facts, lied about the facts and refused to acknowledge any of the doctors that examined me. She could not find a doctor for the hearing that had any knowledge of my condition.

Medusa's Nemisis
Judge: Katherine Morgan
1/13/2018 8:09:41 PM

I am one who knows. This woman is a joke. She sued SSA in Federal District Court for retaliation related to "protected EEO activity;" gender discrimination and age discrimination. She had to concede that she could not adduce evidence of gender discrimination or age discrimination. In a long decision, the Federal District Court found that SSA did not engage in retaliation. The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit was more terse, stating in fewer than three pages that the Federal District Court "nailed" the claim in its decision. This so-called judge has cost taxpayers thousands of dollars for a fraudulent lawsuit. And, she continues to pay claimants at a rate that exceeds SSA's averages. She earns more than $170,000.00 a year. But, SSA is too afraid to remove her, even though deposition testimony during the Federal District Court proceeding suggests strongly that she engaged in highly unethical behavior in three realms: she used her office to advance personal gains in an action before the Maine Human Rights Commission; she engaged in vulgar and condescending communications with a former employee about her female colleagues and other female office staff; and she discussed Agency business with public attorneys outside of Agency protocol to promote legal action against the Agency. She claims that she is "moral." She is nothing more than a sanctimonious fraud.

Judge: Christine Cutter
1/5/2018 12:06:13 AM

I found Judge Cutter to be very kind and reasonable. She is extremely thorough with her questioning, but that is her job. She is a professional, and will treat you as such. She seemed interested in my case and was knowledgeable about it. Show up prepared to answer questions and be honest. After two years of being treated rather poorly by representatives who didn’t seem to care about the process, it was refreshing to sit in front of an educated Judge who took a very technical approach, looked at doctors recommendations, listened to testimony, and made a decision based on medical fact.

Judge: Kim K Griswold
8/29/2017 3:57:35 PM

Stay away from this fraudulent judge. Former workers comp defense attorney, she will lie and misconstrue evidence to make sure you are not approved. Your odds are close to 0 with her. She forms a bias against you before you walk into your hearing. She will not care if you have 10 or all of the world’s leading experts treating you. She feels nothing for a person’s suffering. What a heartless, soulless woman.

Phy Am
Judge: Carol A Sax
5/24/2017 3:57:22 AM

I hope from the aproval percents of Alj Carol A Sax that were aproval of 63 percent and dissmiss was 20 percent and 18 percent would have her aprove my case since i had a hearing with her so good luck to me and just waiting for hear decion on my case and the results would be different then the first judge i had a hearing with Henry J Hogan which was unfavorble decion which i apealed to the apeal councial that took them 13 months just to denie and say my medical records looks like i was disable after the alj henry j hogans decion to reapply and dds denied me and filed a apeal for reconsideration and got denied again and had to file another apeal request for a hearing with a alj carol a sax so its a long and fustration apeal process and hope the decion results are different then a unfavorble decion from Alj Carol A Sax And good luck to me amen.

Phy Am
Judge: Carol A Sax
3/10/2017 1:39:13 PM

My case is asigned To Judge Carol A Sax.So my attorney and i prepare to go to the odar and hear about How my lower back pain because of degenitive dic dease and moderate depresion and and anxiety would working full time impossibly.

Judge: John L Melanson
3/5/2017 9:47:45 PM

@Vance G. Tibbetts ll He has been an ALJ since at least bush: https://www.federalpay.org/employees/social-security-administration/melanson-john-l

Vance G. Tibbetts ll
Judge: John L Melanson
1/7/2017 10:19:34 AM

Hmm I should've known he was a turd obuma appointee. Just like obuma this **** needs to be flushed into the sewer from where it came from.

Vance G Tibbetts ll
Judge: John L Melanson
1/7/2017 10:07:49 AM

This **** was removed from handling any combat vets cases because he rules against them. This guy tried to throe up in my face that he was a former marine officer so he's familiar with veterans. He was a snarky piece of ****. I knew I was going to be denied after I got tired of him talking down to me so I asked him if he was a combat veteran and if he'd ever actually led troops in combat? I thought he was going to have a stroke and to be honest I hope this ******* has a major medical issue that leaves him in a vegative state. I would love to spit in his disrespectful face and then **** him for being a liberal ******* hillary clinton supporter. He has a 88% denial rate for veterans and has since been relieved of hearing any veterans cases.

Judge: Linda J Helm
11/9/2016 10:33:34 PM

This judge is very firm, even a bit unfair by normal standards. But as she is a federal judge using a very complex set of standards, she does give complicated cases due diligence, even if she doesn't give every inch that should be, she can be reasonable.

Judge: Christine Cutter
10/25/2016 4:18:08 AM

As very disappointed with Judges ruling. She gave no weight to my testimony or those who care for me, and gave no weight to my treating physician of 10 years report of disability. The only medical review given weight was one doctor that gave her reason to deny. She also did not review the medical file very well as she said I had no medications when the medical file clearly shows that I was on medications. With cervical and lumbar fusions and memory and cognitive issues from a brain hemmorage she feels I have enough residual capacity. The scenario she gave the employment officer did not take the full disabilities into consideration either. Seems like her low approval rate might reflect a new judge on a bench looking to make her reputation at the expense of claimants. Hope other claimants get other judges because this one is not going to consider all of your evidence. Guaranteed appeal filing for this decision and this judge is an example of what is wrong with the SSDI system. I've worked with judges and Lawyers for 30 years. This one is not a good one.

Judge: Katherine Morgan
9/24/2016 9:09:11 AM

I am William I had KATHERINE MORGAN for my ALJ she was Very passionate, The Doctor that was there was Very knowledgeable.. He has been in the medical field for a long time. I had just a couple interruptions by myself with Updates they did not have of recent Medical papers. When my lawyer asked me what my "Normal" day was like.. I broke down and could not talk after how my morning routine went.. Judge Morgan told me to take my time and asked if i needed a break. Bottom line is before talking to my witness (my GF) describing the past few years she said she did not need to hear my witness or the Voc person on speaker phone.. she said "I am approving your Disability and back 26 months of backpay when I filed" I had her decision right there and did not have to wait 6 weeks. She wished me Good luck at least 3 times after her Gavel fell. Now my life can go on without the worries. I Thank you Again Honorable Katherine Morgan, You helped me bring Closure to the tragic event that started when I was 19.. I am 50 right now.

Judge: Virginia Kuhn
8/23/2016 10:35:10 PM

Malicious evil bitch. Wonder what online outfit gave her her "degree"

Judge: Linda J Helm
3/17/2016 5:09:19 AM

How many denied claims were that of veterans who are receiving pensions from the VA and considered disabled by the VA?

Judge: Virginia Kuhn
2/23/2016 2:48:08 PM

Judge: Katherine Morgan
11/4/2015 1:37:45 PM

I Just left my hiering with this Honorable Judge my name is Adam I'm 26 years old. I will never forget how careing and Compassionate that this charge was to me I've never met anyone in my entire life who is more dedicated to their job than this woman she really has it in her heart to help as many people as she possibly can I will never forget the sincerity in her voice and she told me that everything will be alright I will never ever ever forget her she has changed my life forever she deserves an award for being the fairest judge in the world.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
3/17/2015 11:55:03 AM

hey its homeless again judge Moran I for give you for all the pain you have caused me the loss of my home which was my inhairantance which was from my mother.the back money from 2010 when i filed the claim and your unfair and wrong decision in 2012 and would also like to thank the appeals counsil for the poor job that they did in not looking at the new evidents which would have fixed the problem but you also did not do your jobs i sent new records that showed new proof of my disabilty and you say that you looked at them but when you sen the evadents you supposly looked at it was not there wonder were it went. thin air? So i had to refile in 2013 which took my work credits cause i had to refile so now i get ssi not ssd i fought my ass off to keep all my things and lost all of it my mother the house all the things in the house cloths pictures furnture family airlooms all my mothers stuff my stuff as people picked threw it on the side of the road and after all that you will not even do nothing to fix the mistake but i forgive its time to move on because there is one thing you could not take is my happiness and determnation and my spirit.

Judge: Katherine Morgan
3/5/2015 2:07:06 PM

I have not received my decision, so this is an unbiased review. I found Honorable Judge Katherine Morgan to be kind, compassionate, and patient. She intently listened to my testimony and asked fair questions all the while paying close attention to my answers. I was brought to tears at one point while discussing a tragedy that happened in my past and was told to take my time testifying, that my sadness was justified. This Judge has my utmost respect.

Paul Parker
Judge: Guy E Fletcher
3/2/2015 3:25:38 PM

I haven't received A decision yet but honorable judge Fletcher is very understanding and Attentive to viewing hearing and understanding our cases he listened to what I had to say and I could'nt have asked for a better judge

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
2/19/2015 12:25:10 PM

this judge should be removed from the bench. there doctors siad i was disabled my doctors said the same.my mom died jan 9 2012 his decision came jan 12 2012 denied could not make house payments lightbills food borrowed money to creamate her lost my my work credits lost my back pay and for what because he said i did not look disabled so i guss he just disregards top doctors in there field opinion.thing i lost the house everything but there is vendication i won my case feb 12 2015 in front of judge thompson who they say is the tuffest in florida and the second in the country he said i should have received it then and if he would have been the judge he would have given it to me. so with that being said i am homeless when it should not have happend i lost over half of my back pay and at least half of the monthly money so were justice for the working man there is none.p.s judge thompson was very fair and throw

Judge: John L Melanson
9/18/2014 10:54:55 AM

I found him to be a fair man. It's of utmost importance to be prepared and speak clearly.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
8/23/2014 1:05:55 PM


Judge: Linda J Helm
6/12/2014 11:46:03 AM

I have not received my judgement yet, but regardless of whatever decision is made, it will not alter my feelings about the hearing. Judge Helm was very nice to me as I was in a severe amount of pain that day. She took her time asking questions and gave me a lot of time to answer each question fully and to elaborate on them. I in no way felt she rushed me, nor was she dismissive. I have a very complex case and Judge Helm made sure that I was questioned every way from Sunday, and all bases were covered.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
4/29/2014 10:45:53 AM

I went before this judge and the only thing he could use against me was that I smoke cig's lmao. This judge didn't even open my records. He would not stop about smoking. This judge needs banned fromk the bench.

Judge: Vickie Evans
11/22/2013 12:57:26 PM

I thought she was kind, considerate, and a compassionate human..she listened, and actually cares about the person sitting in front of her...no matter what my husbands outcome, I know she really listened...excellent person...

Judge: John F Edwards
2/25/2013 7:19:23 AM

Your attorney is a fruitcake OR in the judges pocket. I NEVER should have been denied. Not 1 of my doctors can understand why.

Judge: John F Edwards
2/13/2013 5:14:58 PM

My attorney told me this Judge takes no crap. If you have your things together you will do good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advice from some one who knows.

Judge: John F Edwards
1/29/2013 8:09:23 AM

Based on my hearing, this judge needs to be reprimaned and FIRED!! I have numerous ailments ALL DIAGNOSED AND DOCUMENTED. I have been gainfully employed since the working paper age of 14, (now 50). I CANNOT STAND , SIT OR WALK for more than 10-15 mins at a time. FORGET lifting heavy objects. I also have COPD,CHF,SLEEP APNIA and NOW restricted from driving do to Narcolepsy. This POMPOUS ******* denied me. Even his Professionl Vocational Advisor said there was nothing else for me. HOW CAN HE BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS. How can I take care of my family?????

michelle sainz
Judge: Linda J Helm
1/16/2013 6:28:09 AM

RE: I didn't find this lady mean spirited . I thought she would approve me . I was suprised when I was denied seeing that the vocational expert and Judge Helm both said There was no jobs available for me so why was I denied? OH and because I filed taxes the year previous she kept insinuating that I was filing for earned income credit but I worked to see if I could and Can not

michelle sainz
Judge: Linda J Helm
1/16/2013 6:24:01 AM

I was @ your hearing. with no lawyer. The vocational expert said that I could work bilateral only for 3 hours then lay flat on my back after. Judge Helm asked the vocational expert what jobs are availiable for this kind of work . The vocational expert said NONE JUDGE. I was denied my social security. Can someone plese explain this

Judge: Kim K Griswold
1/14/2013 10:13:40 AM

I do not care for Kim K. Griswald, as she does not care for me. Yes, I have used substances throughout the years, probably because of my condition. My only hope to make it in this world was social security income, and now that's shattered. She grilled me on my marijuana use, and honestly that stuff HELPS me, and I know this, because I'm me. It's 2013, and I just got my decision of unfavorable. Thanks Kim

Judge: John F Edwards
1/3/2013 7:26:53 PM

Judge Edwards dismissed my case for my SSD without a Hearing, "Request for Hearing Denied". He explained DDS found my onset date to be later than my last insured date. Therefore, no hearing is needed. (?????????????????????????)

Judge: John L Melanson
12/16/2012 11:58:49 AM

Beware! this Judge will twist your words, and dissaprove of everything you say, just to get his way and to accomidate his unfavorable decision! He hates peopole who smoke, or drink and is very paranoid when speaking about medication use. This Judge is worse then all of the rest, he's a very bad man!

Judge: Katherine Morgan
11/28/2012 10:20:51 AM

Never had an issue with her

Judge: Vickie Evans
10/26/2012 7:56:40 PM

She rocks. But,don't lie to her, otherwise she will turn onyou.

Judge: Katherine Morgan
10/26/2012 7:36:52 PM

This judge is incompetent? Probably. But, look at her "approval" rate--among the highest in the entire Ageny. Haven't you heard what EVERYONE says about her? "Always late, but worth the wait!". I wonder what you did or said that led her to deny your claim. You can always appeal to the Appeals Council.

Katie Sullivan
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
10/23/2012 4:39:48 PM

Tough but fair.

James Edwards
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/27/2012 4:34:32 PM

Arrogant little bully!

so sad
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/27/2012 4:32:12 PM

Completely disregards the concept that the hearing is the claimant's opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing. Selects certain non-favorable evidence to base his decision on and disregards the remaining record. Attempts to embarrass reps and claimants. Should be reported to chief ALJ.

Judge: Linda J Helm
9/10/2012 2:05:06 PM

Good luck with this mean spirited woman.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/9/2012 8:01:46 AM


Cheryl Day
Judge: John F Edwards
7/17/2012 8:48:58 AM

Ok where do I begin about this so called judge John Edwards. In May of this year I finally after in a half years got to have my social security disability hearing. Fisrt when I proceeded with my sworn testimony the judge snapped at me about my attempted suicide and was so rude and unprofessional I could'nt believe what I was hearing He said he did'nt believe that some could take 44 vicodin and live, he would not listen when I told him that I threw them up in a 24 hour period. The work advisor made sure I would be distacted also by his constent yawning and moaning and groaning throughout my hearing. So after the hearing my lawyer told me the judge would not vote in my favor. and I would have to reaply for my social security disability claim. So I had to call someone in the state to put a complaint in about this judge and found out some interesting news. Accourding to my source they have seen the transcript and the judge had some pretty horrible stuff about me in there. He does'nt even know me.