Detroit, Michigan ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Detroit, Michigan, 13 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Detroit, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 10.0 months. The average case processing time in Detroit is 390 days.The Detroit average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 44%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Detroit ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Detroit 13 10.0 months 390 days 2.3 16% 44% 40%
Michigan13.1 months482 days2.416%47%37%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Martha M Gasparovich
12/14/2019 4:21:47 PM

This judge made statements in her denial that were not true and stated that even though the diseases I have been diagnosed with could cause the pain I claim to have, she doesn't believe I have pain to the extent that I claim. Absolutely ridicules!! Good luck getting approved for the benefits you have paid into your whole life if this judge decides she doesn't want you to have them. I hope karma is real and she gets her due in the end.

Judge: Crystal L White-Simmons
11/25/2019 2:41:30 PM

Crystal L White Simmons, was courteous, concerned and engaging. She seemed genuinely concerned and asked questions regarding my case. I feel she was fair and not biased and that's all you want from a Judge an unbiased person.

Judge: Ronald Herman
10/21/2019 11:45:07 PM

I really like this judge he is very nice he does listen and got to be honest and the vocational expert was very nice and the typus was very nice just be honest and have your medical records to support you very very nice people!!!!!!!!!!

RanDee Pepitone
Judge: Michael R Dunn
8/29/2019 4:25:06 PM

Judge Michael R Dunn is an honest genuine person. During my hearing he was very accommodating to my disability. I appreciate the way you put my nerves to ease after your first sentence. You told me this is what we pay for each week from our earnings. Thank you

Judge: Raymond L Souza
8/29/2019 12:50:05 PM

I appreciate Chief Judge Souza. I thought he was nice and down to earth. He reminded me of my Uncle back home spoke to me. Direct, respectable and honestly. Chief Judge Souza is very easy to talk with. I hope all the people that were sent denial letters by other judges, will go back and re-read the top page and realize that there was an error and to be fair, it is in your best interest when finding an attorney that he or she takes the time to serve you the best . In mentioning this, I am the person who is responsible for notifying a certain Judge that used this error against me due to my being Homeless in Seattle,WA. The formal letter requesting a hearing use to state that : There is a phone hearing/interview at 1:30 P.M. and then the date: ____________. Then below this paragraph there was space of 6 lines, then below that was wording that stated you were to also attend this appointment in person. I missed this the first couple times, I had read it, but after, a particular Judge whom I had never met, talked down to me, and treated me disrespectfully and there was no reason for that kind of behavior. I had caught the error and I am hoping from now on there will be more fairness and respectful and honest outcomes in the near future for all those who are in need. Sincerly, and Take care,

Judge: Raymond L Souza
8/29/2019 12:36:14 PM

I felt Judge Souza was down to earth. Reminded me of my Uncle Delano in Oregon. Judge Souza is direct and reliable, respectable during the hearing. I use to be timid, shy and passive aggressive, which hurt me and my character. Sometimes, people think I am angry, when I am talking, writing letters. I can be intense and I am very passionate about the truth, my circumstances. I care about people, and their well being and for the good for others. I hope that all those people before me that had gone through the Social Security application and hearings process will go back and appeal their denial letters due to the copy of letter that the Social Security Administraton office's automatically printed out letters to prospective clients that read like this: You are expected to go to a hearing and you have a phone interview at 1:30 P.M. with Judge So and So ____________________________ and the remainder of the letter, it states that you are also to be at the hearing in person. I am the person responsible for those letters being amended due to another Judge, whom, I will not say due to Privacy laws and common sense. I will say that through my going through the a Judge_______________________I found out that, I could write a letter to our Representative, asking for assistance. I had been discriminated against me for being Homeless.

Luz N Orozco Sancez
Judge: David F Neumann
8/20/2019 3:24:14 PM

My identity was stolen i no longer recieve my ssd benefits. Do not know why, when i was recieving it for 10 yrs what can i do this happened in september of 2014 to date and do not know what to do. I am worst than before with more ailments. Can some one contact me plse asap. Thank u greatly appreciated luz n orozco sanchez D.O.B: 10/21/1971 some one made the mistake in the system and i am now paying for their mistake

Robert Scott
Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
7/18/2019 9:43:45 AM

I was seen by Judge Dawn M Gruenburg on 06/18/2019. I must say that she was absolutely the best Judge that i have even seen. She is very nice and understanding. She was very polite to me and i was very polite to her. We also had a couple laughs. She made me feel like I could say anything to her without be degraded. If anyone has to go in front of her, basically treat her like you want to be treated. There was a guy in front of me that seen her and he went in with a attitude. Bad choice on his part, of course he came out made. So like i said treat her and all people like you want to be treated. All i can say is Thank you Judge Dawn M Gruenburg,,,,Your awesome.........

I. Rangel
Judge: Ena Weathers
3/5/2019 8:49:37 PM

Esta Jueza es ********** y se ensaña en contra de las Personas y Pacientes incapacitados física y mentalmente, discriminando sin importar la enfermedad terminal que esté padeciendo. No debería estar ocupando ese puesto y tengan consideración de reconocer la necesidad de una real Jueza que Aplique la Ley realmente.

Judge: Latanya White Richards
9/19/2018 10:15:51 AM

I am an attorney who represents clients throughout the entire state of Michigan. It has been my experience that Judge White-Richards is reasonable and fair. She has never been rude, snarky, or dismissive to a client of mine. She has always been thorough and relevant with her questioning. I trust that any claim I bring before her will be given fair and impartial consideration. The law will be fairly applied without animus. That is as much as you can ask for from a judge.

Judge: Crystal L White-Simmons
9/5/2018 4:43:18 PM

Disagree with racist comments I’m also a young African American and had a good experience with her she listened and asked questions she seemed fair and didn’t seem pre judgmental she is doing her job

Judge: Crystal L White-Simmons
8/15/2018 6:31:08 PM

Any thing we should know before going before Judge Crystal White-Simmons? I’m 57, not been able to work since 2013 due to chronic pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, major depressive disorder, mood disorder and PTSD. I’m praying for approval as my work credits expire in December. My court date is in November.

Judge: Latanya White Richards
7/17/2018 8:42:16 AM

This judge bases her decisions mostly on appearance and frequently discredits evidence by their own providers as well as evidence from family members. She’s biased and ableist and does not take into account a long medical history.

Judge: Roy E LaRoche
7/7/2018 4:56:05 PM

Totally 100% worst judge I've ever had the dis pleasure of meeting!! Doesn't go by DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS & FACTS!! I had his decision over turned by appeals committee and remanded back to court - because he was clearly wrong in his decision, but somehow he managed to get my case again - which I was told by a few attorneys should NOT have happened!! Once again - IGNORED the MEDICAL FACTS in front of his face and denied me again!! Have to file with appeals committee AGAIN. I DID NOT ASK FOR MY MEDICAL CONDITIONS!!! I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE BACK AT WORK MAKING MUCH MORE $$$$ THAN I'LL RECEIVE FROM DISABILITY......I HOPE YOU ENJOY SITTING ON YOUR THRONE DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES.......I'M NOT STOPPING..........

Judge: Crystal L White-Simmons
2/28/2018 5:33:01 PM

This Lady is very Racist!! Especially if you are a african American young male with a mental anxiety depression disability she did not let me say a word the ve and her agreed on everything! Write to church falls!

Judge: Myriam C Fernandez Rice
2/1/2018 9:34:06 PM

This judge made a horrible mistake in judging my case she just keeped going on about my tattoos and I was just thinking to myself we are not here to talk about tattoos I thought were here to talk about a disability and the reasons why I can’t work but she was really just hung up about the tattoo situation again I was thinking to my self yes lady I know I got tattoos get over it already she was also judgmental on my Personal appearance my age ect so all in all I took her Decision to federal court and was in my favor for an appeal 18 months later here I go again back to court again all over her Mistake she made and For wasting my time at the end of the day she didn’t do her job right if you get this judge for your case be careful on your appearance and also be very careful on what you say she is very Judgmental and well deny your case for any little reason she feels like in my Experience is the worst judge to have.

Bryce Joseph Backman
Judge: Myriam C Fernandez Rice
11/14/2017 2:49:30 AM

I am the single case approved by the Albuquerque Odar ALJ. Mariam C Fernandez Rice in the year of our Lord 2017. The processing office is forcing me to appeal the decision without my consent. In processing the protected application date of the approved title 16 before the approved title 2 is being denied by the processing office. And forcing me to blame the ALJ as being in error. When P.O.M.S. D.I.27515.020 new title 2 D.I.B. claim- title16 disability previously established. Clearly refers the processing office as the responsible entity in favoring the claimant in detail. Please review.

Judge: Raymond L Souza
11/2/2017 11:38:40 AM

Judge Souza terminated my benefits after I'd received them for 18 years. I'm 55 yrs old and unable to work due to bipolar disorder. The SSDI psychologists reports said I was disabled as did my own Dr and therapist. He threw those reports out. Instead, he called a Dr in another state who has never seen me. That Dr said so what, she has mood swings, don't we all and laughed. This was the testimony Judge Souza went by. He also relied heavily on false information about me online and photos from my Facebook page. He has little to no knowledge of mental health issues. Having a photo of oneself smiling sitting in the sun does not mean that a person no longer has bipolar disorder. If my Facebook page was a problem then probably no one should qualify for SSDI. Judge Souza also based decision on a report done by undercover police Sent to my house under false pretenses. Sending male police officers to my house has caused PTSD. I am a rape victim and he should have considered that would be a trigger for me. This 3 year appeal process has left my health worse than when I started. The entire SS process needs to be looked at. It's damaging and the wrong people are getting terminated in order to cut the budget for the state of MO.

Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
8/22/2017 10:30:06 PM

She has been assigned my Judge. I am thankful and hopeful of being approved I've been going through this since 2013. It's been very hard as I'm sure it has been for others. I wish you all luck. God bless

Judge: Michael R Dunn
8/9/2017 1:03:17 PM

I just had my hearing today. No matter the decision I receive I think it best to let others know that this man Judge Dunn is a warm kind hearted person. I really appreciate his genuine concern for my situation. I pray the best for this man in his life.

Darral Napper
Judge: Roy E LaRoche
7/25/2017 1:24:59 PM

This was the first hearing I had ever participated in. I was asked very few medical questions, I was asked 0 follow up questions. I thought it strange but who is there to ask? When I recieved the decision it became apparent why I was asked so few questions. Judge Laroche never bothered to review my medical history. He didn't review before my hearing, he didn't review before his decision. He had decided my case before I ever stepped in the room. There are several issues he stated are not in evidence which is absolutely incorrect. I would think someone who chooses a position like he has would at the very least do his due diligence. I can see very clearly he did not. He can sit in comfort knowing he is only destroying poor people who have no recourse. Judge LaRoche, I hope for your sake when you meet your maker you are prepared to answer for the people and families you have destroyed. It is one thing to sit in judgement when you have reviewed all relevent facts. It is different when you sit in judgement and can't be bothered to care.

Noreen Goode
Judge: Carol Guyton
6/1/2017 1:24:17 PM

Very pleasant Judge.

Noreen Goode
Judge: Carol Guyton
6/1/2017 1:21:07 PM

Bee pleasant Judge. Covers all points. I pray she gives a favorable decision on my case. 2/2017. 👏👏

Richard Lemke
Judge: Jan Leventer
5/18/2017 7:28:32 AM

I was approved by telephone, Judge Leventer phoned my attorney and told him for me not to come to court that she approved my case, well this was back in January 27, 2017, and I still have not received an award letter, back pay, or payments. We have written her twice that we are in dire need and we are losing our home. No one seems to care! I have called Social Security office numerous times and they have no clue!

Judge: Patrick J MacLean
3/28/2017 11:52:03 PM

My girlfriend was Tammy Sue Pollock. Her case was granted.I received a phone call 6 days after her passing that she won her case.She had opened an account in case something happened to her with my name on it.She wanted me to have the money for helping her everyday at home until her final day. Received this in the Estate of Tammy Sue Pollock and it said O/B/O.Not sure what this really meant.Appreciate your help.

Judge: Raymond L Souza
3/27/2017 11:24:25 AM

Judge Souza was very kind. He was very familiar with my case and adjourned the hearing within 20 minutes. I received a favorable decision 3 months later.

Annemarie Diola
Judge: Ronald Herman
11/15/2016 10:05:46 AM

Does anyone know how to contact this judge?

Judge: Jan Leventer
10/13/2016 8:22:53 AM

Honarable Judge Leventer, changed my life sooo much for the better, which I want to point out she is an amazing person , She is an amazing Social Security judge. The best in my eyes, Godbless this woman for helping me and granting me my benefits which changed my life for the way better. Thank you sooo much Honarable Judge Leventer.

Judge: Patrick J MacLean
10/6/2016 11:51:34 PM

Honorable judge MacLean is a very nice laid back judge I was very nervous at first but then he made me feel comfortable as my daughter hearing went on salute this judge and many ways

Judge: Carol Guyton
9/9/2016 9:39:32 AM

Typical denial rating.My third time applying for disability,unable to work.No earnings since car wreck.Deny deny deny.I pray she is a good woman.bmb

Judge: John J Rabaut
8/11/2016 3:17:43 PM

John rabuat disapporved me . I have fusion and fused together verterbrate and feet fused and problems hands grasb. Ankylosing spondylitis .I have two kids and a wife. He ruined my life and makes himself evils. Medication will crreate a goood verterbrate and fix them very soon this is his best answer.

Judge: Raymond L Souza
6/26/2016 2:02:20 AM

Denied my claim a few weeks later after the hearing when I had all of my records and an attorney... Now I will have to wait even longer..........

Judge: Gregory Holiday
4/27/2016 7:53:46 AM

If anyone has had this judge, what is he like?

Judge: Myriam C Fernandez Rice
4/25/2016 2:20:49 PM

I understand that this could be taken as "this person got turned down and is upset". I am indeed upset, but it is because I was turned down for completely false reasons. So beware of this Judge. She will use anything she can against you. I thought my rep and I had everything in order. My T's crossed and I's dotted. I was wrong! This judge acted as if my PCP's RFC paperwork didn't exist because one minor thing was not in my medical history. My PCP supports the fact that I am disabled. I also have two other doctors that stated I had MDI's that met the SSA guidelines for disability. She uses things in your medical report that are autofill parts from specialists. Like my wrist Ortho's ROS form that I now know he doesn't fill out except for the reason HE is seeing you. That being my wrist. So he didn't fill out that I have fibromyalgia, severe headaches, back pain, weakness, etc. And that was used against me in the decision letter. Even though it was never asked about at the hearing. This judge seems to discriminate based on your age and medical condition(Still a lot of judges that refuse to see the conditions I have as real). Even though my MDI's are listed in the SSA guidelines she chose to not consider them. There are so many errors in her decision letter that my rep said it will take a while to list them all. So I guess that's a good thing. Problem is that I have been trying to get the disability I deserve for 4 1/2 years now. My family and I are financially ruined. The appeals council will take 14-18 more months per my rep and then if Federal suit is needed, another year or more. My family will be on the streets by then. The SSA system drains everything you have worked hard for in your life and drags the process out over way too many years. Just to be turned down by someone who doesn't follow guidelines and makes wild assumptions with no facts.

Rhonda Wiley
Judge: Patrick J MacLean
4/6/2016 6:44:33 PM

Very nice laidback judge. Approved for partially. Changed onset date. But I did wish to get a fully favorable. But still blessed and grateful.

Judge: James N Gramenos
2/1/2016 11:31:06 AM

Saw judge James for my case, I was berated and talked down to because he was in a "bad mood" very unprofessional, he needs to retire.

Robert King
Judge: James N Gramenos
1/19/2016 3:36:42 PM


Tanirra Bostick
Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
10/1/2015 11:39:45 AM

Judge greunburg seen my mom today McNamara building. Her lawyer was late. But the judge was kind, an nice to my mom. As soon as she told me I was honored to have a good judge. Thank you Judge Dawn Greunburg. My name

Judge: Ethel Revels
7/23/2015 1:06:15 PM

Judge Revels though very conservative, will give a full analysis to the claims in front of her. Reps and attys alike should be prepared to discuss everything in the record including negative items. Judge Revels will ask about comments a claimant makes to a doctor such as "I mow lawns for money" or "patient tested positive for XYZ illegal drug/alcohol". Not that these comments should rule out a finding of disability but if your representative is good he or she will be prepared to discuss everything good and bad about your case and be prepared to ask you questions or present arguments to clarify any misinformation or justify nonsupporting information in your medical file. Though she is very strict about keeping questions direct and concise (and not afraid to direct a rep or atty if she sees fit) she will allow a full presentation of the case and cross examination of witnesses. This I appreciate because I am not always granted that opportunity. I have not experienced any issues in hearings with Judge Revels being racist or bullying and she certainly does not deny every case. I admit I am a better advocate as a result of her guidance. Just be sharp and be ready to present your case.

Judge: Jan Leventer
6/17/2015 5:58:59 PM

This judge set my mind at ease as soon as she spoke. She is very polite and seems to listen, it's like your talking to someone who cares.

Ronald j Ruggero
Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
5/30/2015 6:02:36 AM

Dawn gruenburg is a very good person i had her dad as my lawyer she has help out a lot of people she has a good heart very good judge she would see people do good and she would help you if do good if you ask her

Judge: Joy Turner
2/11/2015 1:51:09 AM

She listens to the VE as if they are the judge. To people that get denied by Joy file a discrimination complaint to church falls, VA. She is totally heartless, she really hates it if you are fron Detroit and had a life wirhh no oppurtunity. Most judges in the Detroit office are racist, but she is at the too. So if you are black be prepared to get denied like you are in the jim crow south.

Jennifer H
Judge: Oksana Xenos
11/11/2014 9:01:43 AM

She doesn't look at the full person in front of her or she would know who is truly in need of ssd. Yet she is sheltered enough to let fakers who are out working right this second under the table to grant them ssd. This system sucks. I worked my whole life to be denied. If I was able to work, I would be there now. Not broke and starving.

missing in action
Judge: Jeanne M VanderHeide
9/27/2014 3:34:11 AM

thank you judge jeanne m vanderheide my life has begun to change financially but mentality still depressed still but i will hope to get better the best

Judge: Oksana Xenos
9/4/2014 4:48:12 PM

I have hearing with this judge in late October. Any feedback on experiences with her would be appreciated.

Judge: David F Neumann
8/17/2014 11:17:38 AM

I have a court date on the 8/20/2014 I hope I do good I'm nervous.

Juanita & Sebastian walton
Judge: Joy Turner
7/23/2014 11:33:06 AM

I was very nervous going into her courtroom. She understood my case more than I understood my own lol. But she's very caring and down to earth woman. Her smile helped me calm down a lot. Thanks in advance Me Turner.

Judge: Ethel Revels
7/14/2014 9:24:54 AM

She is a law breaking judge she denies people because of age regardless of medical proof. She needs to be removed and not be able to practice another day she tries to write people off as being addicts and alcoholics shes is an rude and mean person her discriminatory acts should be punished I hope she one day becomes disabled and have to go through process and get a judge that will treat her as she have treated many.

Gerald Major
Judge: David F Neumann
6/26/2014 8:50:28 AM

Great and fair but firm judge! Very knowledgeable and fair but firm. Good man and Judge.

Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
6/8/2014 12:47:22 PM

Hope i get her and she approves me i have been fighting since 2011. and have lost just about everything including my mind. my case was remanded on 4/1/14 from federal court. back to the appeals council for them to send it back to the detroit office for another hearing... i am so tired and stressed.

Judge: Mary S Connolly
6/6/2014 7:11:47 AM

Was curious to see how long it took you guys to get your decision

Amy mason
Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
5/1/2014 11:15:31 AM

I am just leaving a comment about the judge Gruenburg. She was very friendly and kind. I am still waiting on my decision on my son case but she was very helpful and the hearing

Dorin Furman
Judge: Mary S Connolly
4/21/2014 11:40:05 AM

I am writing this due to your deniel decision on my case in 2013. You denied my case for several reasons, my main issue is that I had a " SSD" case going for 6-7 yrs which at the time my lawyer stated my DLI expired 12/2010, the soc sec office & judge mary s Connolly also stated I didn't have enough work credits, I was also told I had a "SSI" case pending at the same time, which at that time I couldn't possibly have qualified for SSI because I had too much income, How on earth could I have ANY case going under ssd when soc sec says 1 thing not enough credits & my attorney says dli expired,I need answers!!! You also denied me & dis-credited 5 different specialty dr's showing my medical issue's. This is RIDICULOUS esp when you approved many I know that are abusing the system, ARE WORKING CASH JOBS & DRIVING NEW CARS!!!! Now as it stands my case is suppose to go b4 the US court of appeals which no lawyer will take & start a new SSI case. Judge Mary s Connolly did NOT one time LOOK AT ME during the hearing, My situation needs to be under investigation as Soc Sec told me that it could not be legal the way my case was handled. I am now HOMELESS, DESTITUTE, & HAVE NO TRANSPORTATION! This judge made a BAD wrong decision in regards to me!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Bilderbeck
Judge: Martha M Gasparovich
4/3/2014 4:52:49 AM

I tend to agree with the other comments. I of course had a different case. At first I blamed my lawyer, which I still do, but I also am dissatisfied with the judge. When I left the hearing, the judge had used my exact symptoms and needs and completely. Zeroed out any jobs from the Employment Expert. Yet on my letter from her she listed. Three jobs, with which I can not do, and two of them had YouTube video's so I can absolutely say I can not do. Which I made sure to put in my letter to the appeals council. I have multiple diseases, COPD with Emphysema in both lungs, as well as a neuropathy that causes me to lose my sight and feel like something is crushing my spine, my neurologist suspects MS but that takes a long time to diagnose. I also am bipolar, have major depressive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder, and have been told by my Dr. I'm not going to live to see 50, and I wont see 40 if I don't quit smoking. And she used that against me as if I want to die. I'm trying to quit smoking, if anyone checks the stats its freaking hard to quit. And I can't take chanticleer because of my mental disease. It causes intrusive thought on people with just depression, my Dr. Said absolutely not. I worked since I was old enough to work, went to college, everything I could and I've been fighting illness the whole time. I don't want to be disabled., but I am. When you can't do your dishes without crushing feeling in your spine making you stop within the first five minutes your done. And my mental is done, I've been raped, lost a baby, my dad hung himself, those are all on paper execpt the rape, but its on paper with my therapist. I been beat nearly killed. Nearly killed by a dealer because my heroin addict dad ripped him off, had the gun to my head. Ok I gotta stop. How much more do you want, I had my first nervous breakdown at sixteen. I'm thirty and told I'm dieing on top of everything else, I can't do anymore. I hope she reads these.

Judge: Martha M Gasparovich
3/4/2014 11:52:29 AM

I feel this Judge has little knowledge of the impact of symptoms of claimants with mental illness. Apparently she is a body language expert and used my lack of attention and eye contact to say I was not credible, with no proof, she made the assumption I was currently an alcoholic, which I don't even drink, and over looked medical evidence and gave little to no weight to my RFC's. She used the fact that my treating physicians note that I am "pleasant" while in office against me, and also the fact that I can get along with my family. Im Very disheartened by the experience and feel bad for anyone young, who doesn't go before her drooling and unable to move.

Judge: Dawn M Gruenburg
1/7/2014 8:58:04 PM

Judge Gruenburg saved my family. Through the blessings of God, he allowed this judge to replace the previous one that denied me benefits. I cannot thank her enough for the good deed she has given me and my family. I'm holding back tears wanting to thank her in person or by phone, but I know that she is very busy. I just want to say Dawn Gruenburg; you have did a wonderful thing for me and I will never forget you for it. Thank you so much.

Judge: Myriam C Fernandez Rice
12/27/2013 6:16:16 PM

This judge made a terrible mistake in judging me incorrectly. She had numerous errors throughout the lengthy denial letter I received, regarding her supposed review of my medical records. She claimed I didn't have proof of several diagnosis' in my records when there was clear cut proof in these records. My third party who was supposed to testify at my hearing was not allowed to do so, and She made allegations in her letter about me that are downright descriminatory and false. She didn't ask me about several things during the hearing but then made statements in her letter accusing me of things she never gave me a chance to confirm or deny. She claims I am still able to work despite the fact I have become so ill that I can't keep up with my own personal hygiene let alone work. I haven't even been able to keep most of my appointments with several of my specialists because I have been too sick to drive myself to them. I have several diagnosis' on the adult list of disabling conditions, and I hope she sees this and knows that she was cruel and wrong about me, and my life has been completely destroyed because of her. I will most likely have to live on the street soon because she denied me benefits I have desperately needed. God help you if you have to have this judge in charge of your hearing. She is irresponsible and descriminatory and shouldn't be allowed to judge with her own personal opinions on a person. She is mean and will destroy your character if she doesn't like the look of you. That is what happened to me. She will destroy your life if she doesn't like you. This judge ruined my life that was already in the toilet from years of suffering from a rare illness.

Judge: Ethel Revels
10/21/2013 3:18:05 PM

Laura Revels Culler, eh? GOod to see an unbiased write-up from a concerned member of the public. ALJ Revels is terrible. Pompous, bullying, and mean. I have been before her many times, and I always know she is going to unjustly deny my client out-of-hand.

Judge: Richard L Sasena
10/21/2013 2:22:13 PM

Sasena's alright. If you have a decent case and you have a complete medical record, he'll treat you okay.

Anxious Survivor
Judge: James P Alderisio
9/16/2013 10:07:04 AM

I am waiting from August hearing. Anyone know how takes to get decision with Judge. Just reaching for hope. I am struggling everyday with no income or means to make income due to my disability. I did feel comfortable with Judge. He seems like a fair Judge basing decision on facts and extensive medical records etc. He did ask me lots of questions that I answered truthfully. He was very kind especially knowing my anxiety and depressed mental state.

Shayne 8/15/13
Judge: Mary S Connolly
9/14/2013 5:19:39 PM

Thank you Mary Connolly for Listening To me and understanding me You were very down to earth And have help me very much in life By your judgement...THANK YOU...

Judge: James P Alderisio
8/31/2013 9:03:09 AM

very good judge, i got fully favorable at the hearing, asked me some questions, also consulted with ehe vocational person, after reviewing my doctors findings and recomendations, everything went thru smoothly.

Judge: Michael R Dunn
8/26/2013 10:33:02 AM


Judge: Joy Turner
3/26/2013 1:25:10 PM

I really was satisfied with Judge Turner. She seemed to be a very caring person and I was really nervous going into the court room. She helped me to relax by her smiling face. Thank You Judge Turner for hearing my case today.

Judge: Ethel Revels
3/26/2013 12:39:44 PM

Notice the only positive feedback was left by a family member. i.e. Laura Culler, Laura Revels Culler. Judge Revels is the worst judge ever!

Judge: Ethel Revels
3/17/2013 6:55:36 AM

I can't believe there are positive reviews on this judge! Look at the approval rating, one of the worse judges in the country. Approves only 13%!

Judge: Raymond L Souza
2/8/2013 3:11:48 PM

I agree with previous comments. He was friendly and straightforward. Knew the file well. Issued a favorable bench decision.

Jamie hicks
Judge: Ethel Revels
2/6/2013 9:05:39 PM

Very racist

Judge: Patrick J MacLean
1/7/2013 3:10:11 PM

My husband said that this judge was a respectable judge, and compassionate, yet very firm. He would have given him a great rating.

Laura Revels Culler
Judge: Ethel Revels
12/25/2012 9:00:49 AM

Very likeable person and believe in doing right by other s

Laura culler
Judge: Ethel Revels
12/23/2012 4:58:34 PM

VERY BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL LADY .very good in her position .

Alison R. Loy
Judge: Oksana Xenos
11/27/2012 8:52:08 AM

This ALJ has had my case for both 2nd & 3rd hearing. Not good at job at all. This ALJ made so many technical errors that Appeals Council remanded it for yet a 3rd time. She over-looks major facts to instead focus on minor details like a missed appt, even though I am noted to have canes, walkers, morphine, 2 lumbar surgeries. For some reason, perhaps such a strong personal bias that hinders her ability to job, or lack of adequate training on SSD, Judge Xenos trails so far behind all other SSD ALJ collegues-both regionally and nationally- for case approvals, that I/we must strongly consider filing a formal "Outlier Judge" grievance in order for superiors to examine what issues she is apparently facing that forces her to keep barring the ill from their own benefits.

Judge: J. T McGovern
11/11/2012 3:19:02 PM

Judge: Ronald Herman
10/12/2012 4:23:57 PM

A Judge that will listen to you if your honest with him.

Judge: Mary S Connolly
7/19/2012 9:55:18 PM

Ms. Connolly is a great judge. She listened to me as if she knew me & wasn't quick to judge me. I felt very comfortable explaining my disabilities & ailments to her. My hearing was a very emotional time for me & i felt as if she could feel my pain. I am a Air Force Veteran & very unfortunatly I became disabled in 2010 at the young age of 22. I was a victim of a assault with a knife & was shot.. I give BIG THANKS to Ms. Connolly for supporting her Veterans'

Judge: Mary S Connolly
7/18/2012 8:58:02 AM

I had a hearing in front of this judge this spring. The only reason I am not giving her more stars is that she saw something in my records that was from many years ago and decided that I needed a Representative Payee even though my disability is physical and has absolutely no impact on my mental faculties. It's not that big of a deal, but she named the person to be my payee even though the person was not in the hearing, she had not met him, and knew nothing about him other than one answer I gave in the hearing acknowledging that this person had been helping me out with paying for my doctors visits while this process played out. Other than that, she was kind & courteous in the hearing and accepted the VE's opinion without so much as a followup question.

charles farmer
Judge: Michael R Dunn
6/29/2012 3:51:58 PM

finishing comment; i think judge dunn did the best he could with my case. he did take the time to hear my illness and was very partimg ipray that future hearings are awarded for the truly sick people that need the help. thank you

Judge: Michael R Dunn
6/29/2012 3:27:27 PM


Judge: Raymond L Souza
6/26/2012 2:01:27 PM

One of the best judges I have appeared before in representing clients before SSA. Very prompt (convened hearing 2 min. early!!)and very friendly. Joked with my client to put him at ease. He obviously read the file prior to the hearing. He chatted with my client for 10 minutes, then issued a favorable bench decision.

Judge: John J Rabaut
6/22/2012 11:20:12 PM

I requested that Judge Rabaut recuse himself from my client's case. He called and berated me for requesting the personal appearance of the CE, which is allowed by law. I told him that he was acting inappropriately and requested on the phone that he recuse himself, which he verbally denied. So, then I wrote a letter requesting he recuse himself and submitted the letter via Electronic Records Express. I asked in my letter that he never call me again and that he instead send me any communications via writing.

Judge: James P Alderisio
6/8/2012 1:21:35 PM

This ALJ is quirky and wacky. He chews on nuts during the hearing and will put up his feet on the desk. He's approved psych cases with DAA (which he will should have) without any treating support, then denied a younger individual with ZERO DAA, and several sets of treating support. Everyone seems to think they luck out with him, but he's unpredictable. Make sure your case is strong and don't think for one minute that because he goes to the VE before you can question your claimant that he's going to approve. He may just be violating due process...

Judge: Jeanne M VanderHeide
4/3/2012 7:28:22 AM

Jeanne VanderHeide is an honest, dedicated and upstanding individual.

Judge: Mary S Connolly
3/22/2012 11:16:41 PM


Judge: Mary S Connolly
3/15/2012 12:12:09 PM