Hattiesburg, Mississippi ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 13 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Hattiesburg, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 12.0 months. The average case processing time in Hattiesburg is 469 days.The Hattiesburg average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 35%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Hattiesburg ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Hattiesburg 13 12.0 months 469 days 2.5 18% 35% 47%
Mississippi12.0 months443 days2.517%37%46%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Laurie H Porciello
2/27/2020 12:37:42 PM

I had my hearing 11/26/19 I have sick sinus syndrom unaccompanied by restrictive lung disease and populations with pacemaker on meds that keep me run down and tired all the time Dr said I could not hold up to work judge asked no questions of vocational expert lawyer had to do that expert said no work judge didn't ask me or lawyer any real questions but she still denied my case she doesn't care like other comments she acts like she will have a hard time but in reality she all ready knows she is gonna deny you before you even enter the court room if you get this judge it will be a waist of your time Just go ahead and except I denial the ssa apparently has her in their pocket iv worked all my life up until I got sick and to be denied whats mine makes me sick to my stomach the system is rigged against people who truly need help this judge should be made to step down but that won't happen because she is saving the ssa to much money my lawyer even said I had a very strong case this lady should be ashamed of herself but she isn't her wallet is apparently getting to fat to show any shame

Judge: Felicia D Burkes
1/5/2020 3:35:30 PM

You would think that with her background she would be a fair Judge, but she is not and denies routinely good cases. Basically you have to meet a listing of impairments to have any chance with her at all. I understand that these are very good jobs with benefits but really don't understand how some of these judges can sleep at night.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
1/5/2020 3:30:12 PM

This Judge acts like she will have a hard time making a decision on your case after the hearing, but the truth is that she will deny any case she possibly can that she thinks she can get away with. Your case has to be more than strong to have a chance at all and even a clearly supported case will be delightfully denied by her.

Steve W
Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
12/30/2019 11:51:10 AM

I received an unfavorable decision from judge Sullivan so I will be as objective as I can. She is straightforward, professional and courteous. The hearing was not adversarial and I didn't get the sense that there were any "trick" questions; however, 99% of the questions she asked me was focused on my physical issues instead of my mental health issues. And it is my mental health issues that primarily makes working almost impossible. It is my opinion that if judge Sullivan had a good understanding of how bipolar depression negatively impacted my ability to work, I would have received a favorable decision. So if you file for mental and physical health issues and she only focuses her question on your physical, make sure you address how mental health issues affects you day to day - especially if mental health is your primary disability as it was mine.

Judge: James S Elkins
8/28/2019 7:26:20 AM

A very nice and fair judge not mean and not rude

A Hunt
Judge: Lori S Grayson
7/9/2019 8:37:37 PM

Since there are no reviews I figured I would leave one for her, she over saw my case and seemed very nice and hopefully fair. Her denial rate is a little terrifying plus it had me scared and very nervous before I even walked in, because my family has so much riding on her decision. I hope this helps calm some nerves! Lord knows I was a wreck before (and after) my hearing.

Judge: Valorie Stefanelli
7/9/2019 4:31:07 PM

She was in control and you know it. She was very professional and expected the same from you. She was particular but extremely fair. Perfect judge.

Judge: William C Grayson
7/3/2019 7:24:09 AM

hi been trying to get my SSI or SSDI for five years. I had a cargx2 back in 2916 and it leaves me medical problems still.how can I speed up progress of my hearing.i do not have any insurance and it is got me in an nasty situation. Tell me what I did wrong.thank you.

Chasity Mccraney
Judge: William C Grayson
6/14/2019 1:51:37 AM

He was very nice and respectful. He didn’t make me feel bad about all my health issues. I was honest and told him personal things regarding my health. But he never made me feel bad. I’m just waiting now on his decision.

William Furrer
Judge: Laurie H Porciello
2/16/2019 12:04:05 PM

I am very Disappointed in my results and waiting from July 10 2018 to Feb 2019 to get a unfavorable decision I have never ask for anything that I haven’t worked for. I have worked busted neck that required surgery,cracked bones that I ducted taped to keep going , gout so bad I’ve cut my boots to get them on , so sick that most people would be in the hospital. Rolling out of bed most days to keep a paycheck coming in. I never missed a day at work not even after my neck surgery.But in June of 2015 after recovering from a busted leg seems like everything hit me at once. My neck pain tripled like all my nerve ending we’re on fire. Diabetes set in . High blood pressure. Started getting gout in my knees, wrist, elbows, shoulders, hands, swelling to where it looked like it was going to burst. I have trouble walking I fall a lot. Now my sight comes and goes it might last a few day or a few months. Just got it back in my left side and all sudden my right side went paralyzed with so much pain everywhere thought it was a stroke. ER for that was over 7000.00 it was named bell Poulsie . I have lost my medial assistants at the umc . Many more issues going on. I’ve lost and sold everything I ever had in my life. Took all my retirement out trying to hold onto and pay my family bills. I haven’t worked would love to and why would I want disability if I didn’t need it. I made more in two days than I would on my disability in a month....Mrs Porciello everyone is not out for a handout. But I really needed it to keep going to the Dr and all my medications . I know u have a job to do and your very good at your job. I asked for a favorable decision but I guess my case wasn’t strong enough. But I will never give up fighting for my rights. God Bless you and your family.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
2/13/2019 1:59:01 PM

Should be removed.... very unfair

Judge: L. D Pischek
2/9/2019 11:13:53 AM

This judge is unfair. I turned back around and refiled. It was approved without going to a judge.

Stephanie Herrin
Judge: Jim Fraiser
12/16/2018 3:30:33 PM

Seems my review wasn't put on here. My husband was told by a doctor he is not able to work and my husband has several chronic problems he has COPD with a 50% lung compasity which he has to do breathing treatments throughout the day and he does the brio puffer everyday. He also has Ademia he has had 2 open heart surgeries and he was in an accident that left him crippled broke both legs he has a pin in his right hip that is the size of a railroad spike also he has a rod from his hip to his right knee with screws holding his knee together he also has a plate in his left ankle with screws holding it in and he has a screw in the talos of his left foot. His left foot swells constantly which causes him to have to prop it up several times a day and ice it just to be able to walk and the swelling never goes all the way down he walks with a Cain because he has no balance anymore he desperately needs surgery on his left foot again but with him but having any kind of insurance he is forced to live with it and he also has high blood pressure and high cholesterol and severe depression my husband is NOT able to work he has not been able to in years the Judges decision should be looked at again and my husbands conditions and medical records should be takin into consideration again. If he reads this I Pray he finds in his heart to reconsider we are sending an appeal and we are at a loss as what to do if he doesn't help I can see my husband dying because we just could not afford to get medical help. I am the only one with an income and I am 100% disabled this has been so hard on me and him both I can see how depressed he has become again and it has me worried because he is not able to get the proper medical help and he is NOT able to work. Please please please Judge Frazier if you read this I Pray you will reconsider my husbands case he has had a long hard road and he has come a long way but you ultimately hold his life in your hands all of his back pay and his medical help please reconsider my husbands decision we really need help I'm desperately begging you to hear us out one more time. We will be sending an appeal please if you will we Pray you will look at how his life is in the ballots with your decision in more way than one. Thank you sincerely Stephanie Herrin

Judge: Charles C Pearce
12/5/2018 3:43:05 PM

Retired about six months ago.

Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
11/29/2018 7:06:59 PM

I just wanted to thank God for allowing me to be in front of a fair and professional judge. I had my hearing in May 2018 and I received my decision in November 2018. I can't say that I wasn't nervous and anxious waiting on the decision but I had faith that she would look at my medical records and realize the pain and other conditions that I suffer from on a daily basis. I want to say that this judge is as fair as they come and I that her for her time and consideration.

Judge: Felicia D Burkes
10/26/2018 5:07:21 PM

Why is she a judge? She doesn't listen or consider all the facts. A judge who only approves 19% of their cases is hurting a lot of people. She doesn't have any compassion or good sense. She needs to step down and find another profession. She is there to hurt and hinder people and that is not good.

Judge: Paul Reams
9/10/2018 7:22:52 AM

This judge is very negative responses to all of my conditions and represents the Disabled unfairly he should not be a judge of the courts...

Lucretia Johnson
Judge: L. D Pischek
9/3/2018 6:43:31 AM

She's not human and cares nothing for people. She only cares about keeping the tax money we pay in her own pocket unless you're her family! She's the highest payed so called judge and we can see why. Every time she denies someone, she gets a raise. It's all about keeping the money for herself and keeping social security happy no matter what the cost is to others. If you vote, don't vote for this person. She needs to be voted out! Vote L D PISCHEK out of office. Spread the word. Vote this none human out of office! I have a letter from my doctor saying that I can NOT work. I have severe nerve damage, among other health issues. U.A.B Doctors put a letter in my medical files saying that I cannot work. I give her Less then zero that's all she gave me and others who really have medical issues. Then this person sent me a letter telling me, I can be a maid working in hotels, or a restaurant. Keep in mind that these kinds of jobs pay nothing at all but aid in keeping money in her pocket and all other rich people. How can you be so intelligent but not know what serve nerve damage and hand trembling means? I am not even able to lift 20 pounds without either aching or dropping it. The Social Security Office's doctors were the first to notice that I had severe nerve damage and trembling in my hands. These are the doctors that they sent me to. I have to ask my son for help to type out letters and this for me to get the facts of my point across about this so called judge so that people would know what to expect. Look at her ratings on approvals and denials.

Judge: Anthony C Guido
8/9/2018 8:24:58 AM

This Judge and about half the others on the Hattiesburg list are years long gone from Hattiesburg. Recommend updating your list.

Judge: Michael D Harbart
7/17/2018 4:09:08 PM

1000 pages from doctors and ER visits, documented heavily. clearly shows progression of heart and mental issues. judge dinged me for shaving and dressing appropriately...I did not take my mental meds to be clear headed as I could be for the hearing at the direction of my attorney, that counted against me. My suicidal and severe depression and severe anxiety due to health issues and declining health were ruled mild, even though the psychiatrist rated me severe. He does not see look at your illness and see progression. He called my hematologist a liar because her paperwork said i was disabled. the cardiologist i had last year that was a horrible cardiologist that missed all my heart warning signs, he used his documents over the docs that implanted a pacemaker and that are currently treating me. this judge and several others in the hattiesburg office have the lowest approval; rating IN THE COUNTRY. more claimants need to stand up and try to get these hanging biased judges out of their offices. if you get michael harbart you might as well kill yourself, it will be more humane and quicker than waiting for the slow death they sentence you to.

Jerry Lee POWELL Jr
Judge: Valorie Stefanelli
7/16/2018 4:17:47 PM

Valorie Stefanelli is a very nice and straight forward judge.You. better be very clear and prepared when you go in front of her.She asked a lot of questions and you better be honest and truefull cause she will tell if your lying.I don't know the decision of my hearing yet but either way I can't complain,I had a great lawyer and plenty of evidence to prove my disability.But the final decision is is still pending.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
6/15/2018 4:06:21 PM

Expect a Denial!! It's all about how she feel!!

Judge: L. D Pischek
6/7/2018 8:09:21 PM

I will have to wait and see what happens. 61 yo retired Disabled Veteran. Running out of time and money haven't worked for 3 years. Falling behind on bills and cant pay all of my doctor bills.

Judge: Lanier Williams
2/9/2018 10:41:39 PM

I found judge Lanier Williams to be a fair judge. He is well prepared he knows the law and had knowledge of my case. And after my attorney explained my medical records back and forth with him for about an hour he approved my case from the bench and I was out of there.

joshua manning
Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
1/30/2018 12:47:39 PM

this is Joshua the judge was nice but the people that work in her office or ******* *** ******* and my so call lawer who turned out to be a avacate well he ******* lies also I'm sick of these ******* judges that can make 150000 a year but wont do **** but sit on there *** ***** law office of stewart barach is a joke no one use him he lies way to much

Claudia Jessica Frier
Judge: Wallace E Weakley
1/6/2018 7:01:49 AM

So he decided to deny me KEEPING my ssid stating my mental and physical impairments have improved. I'm sorry, you graduated from which medical school? You said o don't have a.diagnosis of fibromyalgia, look at my file when I was first fully favorable in 2009!!!!! I can't take new medications, they make me suicidal. You didn't have all of my medical records from the past 3 1/2 years even though the CD I was given plainly had my doctors information on it you just never got it and made your decision based on that. My doc had faxed it SEVERAL TIMES and also called numerous time to make sure you go it but no one would ever answer the phone or return the calls when they left messages asking you to. 2 herniated discs, fibromyalgia, cyclothmia major depression disorder, general anxiety, agorophobia, insomnia, daily mihraines, bone spirs, scoliosis, disc space narrowing, degenerating disc disease, diabetes mellitus, neuropathy..... yet you claimed all of my conditions have "improved". I didn't have half these when I first got supplemental security!!! You were pissy as soon as I walked in, the "vocational expert" was old enough to be my great grandmother and she kept falling asleep during the hearing!!!! I lnow uour name and I'm almost positive I've been before you before which if that's the case you broke the law by seeing me again. I have appealed your decision. Get my files from my doctors. You gave the doctors files you did have little to no weight, you gave ssi docs little to no weight. So how the hell are you qualified to make medical decisions?? You're not. Just because I'm currently 37 year old that doesn't me I can work or that my body miraculously repaired itself. You sir are a joke. You penalize me for not having representation when no one would take my case because I continue to have my benefits come to me while waiting to see you, you penalized me for going to my doctors and taking my medications as prescribed, had I not been taking my medications as prescribed and not seen my doctors as ordered you would have penalized me then. There is no winning with you you had no business seeing my case for a second or third time and my next lawyer I get I will mention a lawsuit against you for what you have done.

Judge: Gregory White
12/19/2017 8:26:34 PM

I feel that he was unfair to me. With all my severe illness he still denied me. But it's a God in heaven he does not sleep. May God bless you judge Gregory White.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
12/6/2017 5:27:14 PM

Expect a denial.

Judge: L. D Pischek
11/13/2017 6:33:15 PM

She doesn't consider things that a normal person would. If we could afford to go to a specialist yes it would help us but to rely on records that are over 2 years old verse the family Dr. that I see now. My attorney is even in the wrong on this one. He didn't get my work records to show the judge how often I was out. Nowhere in this denial does it state about the strong medication I am on. I will pray for her and pray that my case is on that is pulled for review. no stars are given to this judge she cares more about her statics that people.

Judge: Gregory White
11/7/2017 8:12:22 AM

Is a terrible person,hates disabled American veterans!!!

Eric Davis
Judge: Felicia D Burkes
11/6/2017 6:30:23 PM

I just want to say thank you. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. You seen something in me that made you help me when you didn’t have to. I took your advice and got everything straight that I had to. Again Thank you so much. Eric from Gulfport.

James W Kelly
Judge: James F Barter
9/20/2017 8:15:02 AM

I seen judge Barter yesterday. I have a mental disability claim. My only fault against judge barter is that he postponed a ruling for me to see another psychiatrist. My current psychiatrist already did an evaluation. Another psychiatrist did an evaluation. There was eight other psychiatrist and psychologist that had evaluated me. I don't understand what more the judge wanted. All the psychiatrist and psychologist said the same the same thing. This case has drug out for 19 months. I've become homeless waiting on SSI. And now the judge wants me to see another psychiatrist. I just I don't understand the thinking there. I have schizoaffective disorder along with anxiety disorder. There is no cure. I would much rather be working. But unfortunately I'm not able to. Why the judge wants to drag this out even more just to get the same diagnosis as the other psychiatrist and psychologist is beyond me. I know the judge has a house to live in and doesn't really care if I'm homeless or not but I care. But that is the only thing that I have against him.

Judge: L. D Pischek
9/14/2017 4:55:27 AM

This ALJ should be investigated. Her percentage is the worst in the nation! A number of people are being unfairly denied by this individual! Anyone with this obviously predictable rate of denial is decidedly biased. Therefore she has lost her credibility. Someone in charge should have investigated this lady a long time ago! If a client appears to have a case that looks like its going to be favorable, she will leave the state in order to find some doctor who has never laid eyes on you to discredit your primary physician. Anyone like this is too biased to be playing with the lives of sick people. The people in charge of her is doing citizens a huge disservice! Someone in authority needs to investigate this lady before someone dies and their family ends up with a wrongful death lawsuit because they were forced back to work when they were not capable of doing so. This could possibly have already happened to someone, although I hope it hasn't! This lady is the epitome of a biased power tripper!

Judge: Nancy L Brock
8/23/2017 11:38:13 AM

I personally have nothing bad to say about this judge. My only thing is why has it been going on 4 months next month to get a decision after my disability hearing. I honestly didn't think it would take this long. It took 3 years to get a hearing and I'm still waiting. I guess time will tell. Good luck to everyone who deserves it.

Judge: David Benedict
8/6/2017 9:25:48 AM

He generally gets it right and will award some difficult decisions. However, he does err in his decisions at times and is unwilling to change his erroneous position at those times.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
7/21/2017 10:20:03 AM

She does play games with the reps and routinely denies strong cases that should be approved. Its more than frustrating to receive a decision it took four months to get back on an extremely strong case for an aged person which should have been easily approved. She knows these bad decisions will be challenged and I suppose it took that long to write a decision adequately in an attempt to survive appeal. Sometimes I feel sorry for the decision writers. Honestly, I don't see how she sleeps at night.

Ricky Walker
Judge: Jim Fraiser
6/16/2017 8:56:42 PM

Such a calm and relaxed court room.Judge was very respectful and polite. He was to the point with great questions and very attentive to my answers. Allowed plenty of time for me to respond. He made his ruling from the bench and I was out of there. Thank you Judge Fraiser for such an experience in life.

Judge: Rebecca LaRiccia
4/26/2017 9:46:45 PM

Respectful and thoughtful. Really seems to try to gain a deeper understanding through her questions as opposed to maintaining a rigid routine. Decisions are well written and rational.

Henry Brown
Judge: Jim Fraiser
1/29/2017 1:23:51 AM

Thank you Judge Fraiser. You saw all of the evidence in my medical records and gave me a favorable decision. Thank you sir!

Donna Hamilton
Judge: John S Lamb
11/10/2016 12:38:36 PM

My son was a nervous wreck about his hearing but the second we walked in the room everything was great. Judge Lamb was the most compassionate and caring legal person I ever met. We thought we were going to lose. We were so lucky to have this Judge there is justice after all.

Judge: Nancy L Brock
11/7/2016 4:13:20 PM

Judge Brock is a very fair and smart Judge. She was well prepared had obviously read my entire case. I received a FULLY FAVORABLE decision.

Judge: Felicia D Burkes
11/3/2016 10:41:26 AM

I feel this judge was unfair with my case. I have been dealing with constant chronic pain for 4 years due to an on the job injury. Can't take meds due to severe side affects. Also hbp, diabetes with neuropathy and bilateral carpal tunnel. Problems standing and sitting for long periods. Just this will let you know that I can't obtain gainful employment. Also have a weight limit. Her decision was really wrong. It's almost as if my decision was decided before the hearing.

Judge: Ann Farris
11/2/2016 2:30:50 PM

This judge has to be the slowest judge NM has! Why does it take her soooooo long? I have been waiting since May to hear any decision on my case!

Judge: Paul Reams
9/26/2016 12:37:20 PM

Great Judge very pleasant and understanding. My lawyer says he is on of the best.

Waiting patiently
Judge: Jim Fraiser
9/16/2016 2:02:37 AM

He was a compassionate judge listened to me and knew I was creditable, and he ruled in my favor at the hearing on April 20, 2016 thank you Judge Frasier

Judge: Douglas Gilmer
9/12/2016 9:24:42 PM

I think this judge is unfair in his decision making and he is going to reap what he sow for denying sick peoples such as myself.... i live in chronic pain the majority of my days but he denied me. All ill say is Lord have a mercy on his retched soul because Gods going to fix all of these big time ALJ denying sickly peoples and giving drug heads a check the system is all wrong!!! All ill say is this Gods gone show him whose the real judge when he die and wake up in Hell for denying slickly people!!!!!

Judge: L. D Pischek
9/1/2016 10:57:27 AM

Pray for her, don't criticize her. Amen?

Judge: David Benedict
8/12/2016 6:27:24 PM

Me and my daughter will continue to pray for you and your trespasses. I watched my daughter struggle from the time she was born with C.P. and now with PTSD because of 5 yrs of sexual abuse that she had before I got custody of her. Her Mother lost her Disability in 2000 of no fault of my daughters at age 7. I carried her til 2011 when I filed for her. We never claimed benefits for my daughter, the social worker did, shortly after she was born. even with a ackilles injury that never healed back in 2010 on top of her C.P. and now with her PTSD that was reported to the appeals council and still denied. Shes now 23 unable to work, been a shut-in the last 9 mos.of other female issues on top of all this. I retired in 2011 early to help her finish school and since lost our house last year and filing bankrupcy . Mr. Ill say this, The Real Judge Is A-coming and your not it. Get out while you can and repent. Did live in Newbern NC.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
7/26/2016 12:11:19 PM

Judge Fraiser is not a very nice person. I was struck by a car while walking. I suffered severe injuries to my body, head, spine, leg and arm/shoulder. Judge Fraiser suggested I could work as a parking lot attendent! When I tried to remind him that we had discussed the PTSD I have, and real fear I still have of moving cars around me, he told me to SHUSH! I was denied! I have written a complaint and refiled. A PARKING GARAGE? Is that some kind of sick joke?

Judge: David Benedict
7/11/2016 6:02:06 PM

I think the judge is unfair and prejudiced.

Judge: John S Lamb
6/13/2016 2:13:34 PM

Judge Lamb stated at my hearing there was no work I could do then turned around afterwards and denied my claim. He looked at opinions of their Drs that have never even saw me over all of my Drs opinions (3 diff Drs). I have numerous issues and take to many meds to list. Some of the info that I received back from him isn't even correct. Now to appeal if I live long enough.

Judge: L. D Pischek
5/17/2016 12:10:09 AM

I'll have to wait, and see

Judge: John S Lamb
4/22/2016 9:48:45 AM

I had the opportunity to present my case in front of Judge Lamb in April of 2016 and he was very helpful. I didn't have an attorney but he still treated me with respect and ensured I understood the process. My decision was favorable and I am grateful for his compassion concerning my case. He also was very knowledgeable of my records and submitted paperwork.

Judge: Lanier Williams
2/24/2016 3:02:16 PM

He didn't consider any written documentation from my doctor of over 8 years nor the Psychiatrist statements. He yelled and screamed over the mic as if I was being tried for murder. He makes you feel guilty for having a disability. He should be removed permanently with his horrible bench manners.

Judge: Lanier Williams
2/18/2016 5:09:26 PM


Judge: Rebecca LaRiccia
1/16/2016 8:12:32 PM

Very unhappy this judge mixing up all the facts in the case and also not looking into the misdiagnosis on my case file. I had severe pain in my back upper and lower and possible nerve damage, I was bed ridden for months even and currently in physical therapy. The judge had the vocational counselor come out and tell me I could do work in a factory which indeed could harm my health condition, I could not believe this when I heard it. Not only did the judge make many assumptions she thought I was just perfectly fine, she took everything out of context and reversed it backwards on me. I even sent her more evidence as to her mistakes in her judgements, she never looked at my case and dismissed everything.. my new evidence and xrays , Dr's letters etc. The fact my case was from the get go misdiagnosed and my previous condition of 15 years erased and now I am classified as having some mental condition I was appalled and disgusted with this I will surely appeal with a lawyer. No wonder she has a 43% approval rating, thanks for the facts.

Judge: Lanier Williams
1/13/2016 12:16:19 PM

I found this judge to be a very prepared and smart judge. As previously stated be prepared to argue your point and know social security rules and guidelines because he is up on it. I founded him to be a very fair judge!! This was my first time having this judge and after arguing my points, he approved the case. We need more judges like him.

Judge: John S Lamb
11/5/2015 12:44:41 PM

I had my day in front of Judge John S Lamb today. He was understanding and very fair. He made me feel relaxed. Needless to say, I think he is very honest judge even though I couldn't go back to the beginning of my disability claim, I understood the decision he made.I thank my lawyer, the vocational expert and judge lamb for the quick and favorable decision. This judge is the real deal

Judge: Jim Fraiser
8/20/2015 8:12:31 PM

I have an upcoming date with Judge Jim. I pray tgat my Lord lays it on his heart to see & understand my type of disability and he approves me. And to Sadanddisapointed, i am trueky sorry your daughter was turned down. Don't give up. Try again. I will pray for all that didn't get it......,.God bless!

Judge: Nancy L Brock
7/8/2015 4:54:49 AM

Very fair judge. Asks lots of questions and will refer to expert vocational witness for job related questions. You need to be truthful with this judge as she will look up your answers in your medical records. I recieved my approval the day af court verbally.

Judge: James F Barter
6/26/2015 2:40:49 PM

I have waited 4 years.9 months from my hearing, he made a decision, and not good. SSI ONLY, I simply do not understand ,when all the records clearly showed the disability for the total 4 years. Instead He gave me 9 months, minus one month, so 8 months is what I got,because of my age. Shouldnt have nothing to do with it. Whom can live under 500.00 a month. Step in my shoes, see the pain from all 3 of my illnesses. I thought Judge Barter was trying to be understanding at my hearing, I have been through more trauma then most will ever experience in their lifetime., I truly am being punished by this judge for becoming Ill and unable to work. To much more to say, not enough space. I did not deserve this treatment .

Judge: James F Barter
6/16/2015 11:05:07 AM

My case is undecided, but considering it's lack of information in the area I reside I would expect not to be approved. My lawyer also dumped me nearly two weeks before my hearing forcing me to represent myself. I do not plan on remaining on disability for longer than it takes to be rehabilitated and repair my mangled finances. However, I will say he is a man of good measure and kind this has no hold on his job. He has an obligation to the tax payers and to those in need. Which puts him in a position to be both compassionate and harsh. I have no doubts there can be times he has to deny people that might be on the boarder of necessity just to maintain his ruling reputation. Unfortunately most people that can be rehabilitated will ride that check til they die, So It's not easy to make that choice. Yes we all pay in SSI, but most do not pay enough to get what they do back.

Judge: Charles C Pearce
5/8/2015 9:45:45 PM

Very nice, professional, fair

P Brocato
Judge: Laurie H Porciello
5/2/2015 10:32:42 AM

My hearing was under Judge Porciello & I was very happy with her. She was professional, patient, reviewed my file thoroughly & rendered a very fair fully favorable decision on my case. She is a tough judge to get a favorable decision from, but I had 7 years of continuous medical documentation, a very strong case, complete & current medical documentation from my doctor up until a week before my hearing. So, if you have a strong case with all of your medical history, then you have a very good chance for a fully favorable decision.

John Payne Jr.
Judge: Jim Fraiser
4/21/2015 7:32:34 AM

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU JUDGE FRAISER, My file has been hanging in the balance since 2012, was sent to Jackson Ms.from Ga.. Between Belinda Hemphill, Judge Fraiser and Sonya Frisby I had an appt. schld within 2 weeks for a hearing. I have to use the library computor due to being homeless and a friends phone. I have prayed a Judge would see my file and approve based upon the facts, but at least I got an appt date because Judge Fraiser saw it as dire..Thank you Sir and those ladies who help make this possible...God Bless you all and Jackson Ms ODAR for doing their job above the national avg. Thank you so much

stacy godfrey
Judge: John S Lamb
11/25/2014 7:32:53 AM

I think Judge Lamb was as fair as they come, he took time to read my medical records and knew my health would get no better. My health is getting worse and i am very thankful he took the time to read my medical conditions. I wish he also issued the checks, he awared my disability on June 17, 2014 and recived first check fourth Wed. in Sept. I have yet to get my back pay and everytime I call I get a run around from each person i talk too. I wounder if they had to pay interest I would get it any faster. December 17 will be 6 months, I beleve if Judge Lamb was over that as well we would not have to wait as long and keep getting a run around. Sincerly, Stacy Godfrey

Judge: Ann Farris
11/16/2014 6:50:26 PM

Don't expect this judge to believe a bunch of wind and BS. Better have the facts. Intense scrutiny and professional standards are the norm in this judge's chambers. I wish that all who qualify will receive, but make sure you have your witnesses and your facts straight if you want to be recognized as disabled. I respect this judge, and I also acknowledge that her job is not easy.

Judge: Paul Reams
11/13/2014 10:55:49 AM

This judge denied my claim I have many conditions that's limits me from sustaining a job he have no sympathy and he is unfair and unreasonable

Joshua Jones
Judge: David Benedict
10/6/2014 8:19:58 AM

I am writing this before I even receive my decision letter I think that Judge Benedict is a very good and fair judge to go before. He takes out the time to make sure that he understands your case and have all the information that he needs

Judge: L. D Pischek
9/4/2014 3:05:15 PM

Scratch the contempt part of my message. My neighbor said I can't hold a judge in contempt. My neighbor said I mixing an ALJ hearing with an Al Picino movie. Pardon me Judge L D Pischek.

Judge: L. D Pischek
9/4/2014 2:54:28 PM

I have not gone before the ALJ yet. But I hope I get this judge. Going before a judge who has denied so many claims means an award is out there waiting for the right person to take it. I will take that rare award and I'll do it without a representative, or an attorney. After I win I'll tell the judge to come to this page and read that I knew I would win. I'm so sure I will get that award I'm tempted to give out my name. Even if he knows my name my medical evidence is so strong that if it is questioned I will call out of order. Three out of orders and I will hold that judge in contempt. I say to those who say we need representatives and attorneys. You're out of order! 30 days in the hole!

Vincent Hatten
Judge: Douglas Gilmer
9/2/2014 10:38:10 PM

Seems to me to be a fair judge. My lawyer and he has a great history together and he was very proffesional

Shannon Montgomery
Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
9/2/2014 9:48:34 AM

She was very fair and she listened. Been fighting case for a long time and I'm grateful that I was given such a kind and fair judge.

Charles M. West
Judge: Robert C Allen
7/21/2014 9:01:57 AM

I would like to thank Judge Robert C. Allen very much for his understanding and compassion in the hearing of my case on May 14, 2014 in Augusta, Georgia. He was very courteous and apologetic in the handling of my hearing. I really appreciate your professionalism. My Mother assisted me in writing these comments. Charles M. West

Judge: L. D Pischek
6/26/2014 1:56:22 PM

By far the lowest approval and highest denial rate of any ALJ in Mississippi, so you know exactly what to expect when you have the misfortune of drawing her, your client is going to be denied.

Judge: Valorie Stefanelli
6/25/2014 3:33:57 PM

Any One Ever Had a Case with this Judge? Just wanting to know some information on her and how it is during the hearings?

Judge: Wallace E Weakley
4/9/2014 6:53:48 PM

I live out of state but was born and raised in MS. Judge Weakly just denied a family member. This family member has a trach in due to throat cancer treatment. He also just had bladder removed due to cancer. But Weakley said no he can work. Seriously! Has been trying to get SSI for 3 yes I said 3 years to get help and to no avail! I will be filing a grievance with the state bar against him. Some day Judge you will be held accountable for your injustices!

Judge: Rebecca LaRiccia
1/28/2014 3:46:12 PM

When the court started judge Lariccia read off to me my condition. She had not read all my medical and when told this at the hearing she still could not accessit without my lawyers help. She went into the hearing with precocieved notions and never changed them. When the vocational counselor from the state went over jobs he stated i couldnot perform light duty with my conditions I stated to the Judge. In her decision Judge Lariccia said she agrees with the doctor that I have severe pain but I can still perform a light duty job. Then she spelled out what i could perform as it relates to lifting. Noware in any reports or FCE did it say I could do that. Also she said the vocational couselor said I could perform light duty with my spoken evidence. He never said that. I faxed in a release for the hearing proceedings and never recieved them. In my opinion Judge Lariccia was not prepared for the case, and looking at her basis for decision she never read all the medical.

Judge: John S Lamb
1/27/2014 3:56:41 PM

This is one of the worst judges I have appeared in front of. He pays no attention to the testimony, is unfamiliar with the details of the record, and has clearly made up his mind before he ever hears the first word from the claimant. Although he comes across as personable, he shows no capacity for actual empathy and evaluates people from a position of distrust rather than trust.

Judge: Rebecca LaRiccia
12/10/2013 11:36:01 AM

Excellent Judge. Very friendly and compassionate. Definatly happy to present in front of her. She is always fair and knowledgeable.

Judge: John S Lamb
11/26/2013 10:27:42 AM

I like Judge Lamb. He made the best decision he could considering my attorney was not prepared. Judge Lamb makes you feel comfortable during the hearing. He can sense when you are nervous and makes you feel like everything is going to be ok.

Judge: Connie J Haskins
11/14/2013 3:42:25 PM

Of all the Metairie and New Orleans - based (not visiting) hearing judges I've been in front of over the years, she is the most professional. Many (perhaps even most) of the others encountered unfortunately seem to enjoy being discourteous, to claimants and representatives alike.

Judge: John S Lamb
11/11/2013 11:20:05 AM

Judge Lamb is one of the best judges I've appeared in front of. He pays close attention to what the doctors are saying and what the diagnostic tests reveal. He is kind and respectful to claimants. But do not mistake kindness for weakness. If your case is not a strong one, you'll have to work hard to convince him but Judge Lamb has always given my clients the benefit of the doubt.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
10/29/2013 3:12:05 PM

This ALJ will often play games with representatives. For instance, she will solicit favorable VE testimony that would mean a win at step 5, but then deny the case at step 2. All the while with a very fake smile on her face. Doesn't matter how strong the case is either -- I suspect this is because she rarely gets a serious challenge to her rulings. If you get this ALJ, try to get your hearing rescheduled so you can get a new one. Or move to another state. If you get Porciello, you'll likely lose. You're only other option is to find a way to get her to recuse herself. Good luck with that!

Judge: James F Barter
10/2/2013 2:47:53 PM

I found this Judge to be vary unfair and with a lack of understanding and compassion. After being told by His Job Placement Addvocate that there was no type of work out there for my husband to do but yet my husband should find himself a job with the following... (words off the denial letter) "Specifically he is limited to work that does not require more than basic interaction with supervisors, co-workers and general public. He would need a well-spaced work environment to reduce the amount of his interaction. He should not be required to read instructions, write reports, or handle money." Someone please find my husband a job that requires the above noted. No where will hire my husband because of his very limited education and to get a job he can't do how long do you think he will be able to keep this job. I understand that he sees many people that are trying to skimp on the governments pocketbook but jundge please keep in mind that there are those of us who do need the help. And deserve it after paying into the system for years.

Cora Williams
Judge: Robert C Allen
9/20/2013 2:32:34 PM

I think that Judge Robert C. Allen is very fair, I really like the way that he listen to what I were saying and not just looking past me like some other judges, he patiently let me finish what I were saying before he would start talking.

Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
9/10/2013 12:56:11 PM

I am posting this before I receive my decision...if I agree with it or not... she was very fair and allowed me to present my argument. She was very polite, professional and treated me with respect.

Judge: Ann Farris
8/28/2013 5:45:09 AM

"He's a doctor, he should know better." She said due to my education I should have understood the legal system. Well judge, you are also highly educated, next time you need healthcare, do your own medical care. That in essence is what you are saying, if educated in one field, we know all. You followed the letter of the law, but not the spirit. You are not the kind of judge I want in public service, but then, you are not there to be of service are you. I will pray for you...

Judge: James F Barter
8/20/2013 8:33:35 AM

I found Judge Barter to be caring and empathetic. Not harsh at all, nor biased. He really wanted to understand the predicament I am in with my disability. Thank you, Judge Barter for being a great Judge!

Judge: Paul Reams
8/6/2013 10:30:26 AM

was wondering did you client win their disability case with Judge Reams?

Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
6/29/2013 9:59:10 PM

Judge Sullivan is can be very rude during a hearing . She is not fair and does not give very much weight on the treating doctoe give too much weight on doctors that have never even seen you . I give her a BIG FAT F ... This women need manners in a big way ... So don't trust her ...

Judge: Lanier Williams
6/29/2013 9:51:36 PM

Williams is not a fair Judge at all. He was going to hear my case on Sept 29, 2010 and just one day before the hearing I was arrested for things I did not say . After I got out of jail Judge Williams denied my case. I had to file another Claim and the new one was approved but this one with Williams had to go to FED Court and back to the ODAR office. I don't know why he is even a Judge... Very Bad !!!!

Judge: Wallace E Weakley
6/22/2013 11:46:45 AM

This judge apparently had already made a decision before my hearing began. The first question asked was if I had a representative? Why should that matter if you are honest about your claim? He was also surprised at the types and amount of medications I was taking on a daily basis, all of which are prescribed by a physician. Why was I not examined by a physician of the SSDA who only read my report and a decesion was made on that opinion. I feel the decesion was made on my case was biased and prejudicial. Apparently working all your life, paying in, and now not being able to receive what is rightfully yours doesn't work. Shame on you and the entire system.

Judge: Paul Reams
5/30/2013 2:19:23 PM

I'm a rep and have had one hearing with ALJ Reams. He appears to be early 60's is one of the most pleasant gentleman I've appeared before. He takes time to explain some basics to the claimant. He asks Rep for an opening statement and listens attentively. He questions the claimant in a general way, covering past work, impairments, symptoms and functional problems. Let's rep follow up. As he explained, he usually asks a range of hypos to the VE covering limitations that both allow work and would prevent work. He allows rep to give closing argument if desired. He is very nice, very respectful to all involved and seems quite fair in his consideration of the evidence.

Judge: Paul Reams
5/1/2013 10:41:39 AM

looking for anyone that has been in front of him for your disability case.

Judge: Douglas Gilmer
4/19/2013 9:01:29 AM

This judge is biased against applicants. My wife has nerve damage from chemo as well as degenerative disc disease, she is in bed constantly since she can't sit or stand for long comfortably, she is on pain killers and patches but they don't help much. Despite doctor testimonials and medical evidence he ruled against my wife. He didn't want to believe any of the evidence even though his own witness said she couldn't work at any job 8 hours a day. If you get Gilmer your claim will be denied. Like a previous commenter wrote he should go back to Chicago where he belongs. It is obvious that he has an agenda and hates being in Mississippi, as well as the people that depend on him to fairly judge their disability claim. Despicable person.

Judge: Lori J Williams
4/16/2013 10:17:03 PM

pray you dont get judge williams....to her it is not about your status or doctors statments......It all becomes her personal opinion. If you smoke, drink, or have any dollars to take care of bills....or any personal situation she thinks that is more important than the disibility facts..... All I can say to Judge williams is you need to rethink you position as a judge....this is not personal lisa....Hope you had a good xmas...I didn't.

Judge: John S Lamb
4/12/2013 1:30:58 PM

I enjoy my hearings with Judge Lamb. He is sarcastic to reps which I don't take as negative and he has always been kind to my clients. I respect him and appreciate his willingness to have a discussion about the case.

Judge: Connie J Haskins
4/5/2013 9:32:02 AM

Really nice judge impression is that she has read the file and your brief. Very professional.

Judge: Wallace E Weakley
4/2/2013 11:01:39 AM

Judge Weakley is generally pleasant. Will usually ask if the medical is up to date. If you have significant medical that is not in the file you might well get a postponement until such time as it is in the file and you will get dressed down in front of your client. He will usually ask for an opening statement/theory of the case. He will do fairly thorough questioning of the claimant himself. Usually schedules hearings for about 45 min and don't be surprised if he's ready early. In addition to being a lawyer he has a background in mechanical engineering.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
3/28/2013 2:05:14 PM

Based on our experience this ALJ used to be very friendly, easy going and had a much higher award rate. In the last couple of years he's become much tougher and has a very conservative award rate. He tends to like to work fast, asks rapid fire, pointed questions to claimant. Usually asks one hypo based on DDS and one assuming inability to do full time work. Does not usually ask for opening or closing and does most of questioning himself.

Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
3/27/2013 7:47:57 AM

This ALJ's award rate has dropped significantly in the last year or so. She will pay a strong case, but she's gotten increasingly conservative.

Judge: Rebecca LaRiccia
3/27/2013 7:45:59 AM

This ALJ used to be in the NHC in Chicago. Her award rate has been fairly consistent. She is pleasant, sometimes ready to start hearings early. She asks for opening and then she questions claimant. A good, strong work history is always a plus. She will do bench decisions too. In my experience this ALJ is very fair. All judges have to formuate opinions on crediblity and severity of symptoms.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
3/27/2013 7:40:03 AM

I have had a couple of hearings with this ALJ. She is very conservative, but will award very strong cases. Let's rep do opening and initial questioning. If a doctor says the claimant is limited in a serious way, you better have good clinical and diagnositic support for that opinion.

Judge: Nancy L Brock
3/27/2013 7:36:52 AM

I have heard complaints about this ALJ being intoxicated in the past; my understanding is that this situation is under control now. I've had a number of hearings with her in the past couple of years and she always seemed fine and well prepared. She doesn't usually ask for opening or closing statements. She will cover most of the important stuff in a general way and then let rep follow up on specifics. She will award a solid case. She does often run late in starting hearings.

Judge: Lanier Williams
3/27/2013 7:32:40 AM

I have had a number of hearings with Judge Williams. They always start with him going down the list of things he has concerns about. He tells you right up front what he considers to be the weaknesses in your case and enjoys having you argue your case and convince him you have the evidence to support your position. He is not inflexible and will come around on a solid argument. You should prepare your client for this little debate and tell them to listen because what he outlines is the stuff you're going to have to address. He demeanor can come across as condescendingly skeptical at times and he does like to challenge claimants on inconsistencies in testimony and statments made to doctors, for example. Credibility is front and center with this judge.

Judge: John S Lamb
3/25/2013 10:44:34 AM

Good judge. Understanding

Judge: Douglas Gilmer
3/15/2013 3:22:48 PM

Lowest approval rate among all the ALJS. Nuff said about him.

Judge: Wallace E Weakley
3/14/2013 7:16:50 AM

This man here is a very good Judge. Got to have all your documents in order for him....

Judge: Nancy L Brock
3/7/2013 12:58:08 AM

I would like to thank Judge Brock for finally approving disabitity for a very Good friend of mine that almost lost his foot due to waiting for 3 years for disability we appreciate you thanks!

Judge: L. D Pischek
3/4/2013 7:35:39 AM

This lady is VERY investigative! She smiles alot but listens for contradictions in your answers and will ask alot of questions! You better know what you are talknig about when you enter the courtroom because she is aware of not only your condition but the meds associated with it!

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
3/2/2013 10:55:17 PM

I have add the judge and abe is completly unfair. Have medical that states herniated disc and other diagnose and she still denied. The so call vocational expert that social security use reads out a book and tell you about different jobs you can do. but cant tell you where to apply for these jobs. How can these people you how much pain your in. Its your money that is paid in.

Judge: Ann Farris
12/17/2012 9:56:14 AM

Aweful and unethical. Judge slipped in evidence on a paper file case on the day of the hearing, well after I had copied the file, used the evidence and failed to provide copies at the hearing.

Judge: John S Lamb
11/29/2012 10:53:59 PM

I had Judge Lamb in 2009 and he was more than fair with me...Done an On the Record review and apologized for me ever having to wait....Never held the hearing because he said it was clearly unnecessary based on the file...

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
11/24/2012 9:40:17 PM

This judge is 100 percent unfair. I have severe depression and chronic lower back problem that has medical documentation for 8 years. I went bankrupt bacause of my disabilities. This judge lies about medical evidence and turns the meaning of medical evidence upsidedown. I wish could see her face to face and tell to f off. She is a bi-ch. She said my Mri's showed improvment in my back condition which was lie. Thats OK because I will never pay another dime into the system. I just got a high rating from the VA so one way or another I will get my money. As soon I turn 65 I will get my money that I paid in. My wife is on social security disability and she see doctors on almost a daily basis and get tons of medicines, so then again one way or another social secuity will pay. Why are they so dumb by turning down the disabled claims?

Judge: Rebecca LaRiccia
11/16/2012 2:52:46 PM

This judge has approval rating of 43% and apparently uses the same justification for all her cases. She states while the impairment is "severe" and there is objective evidence to support it, she does not agree with limitations and pain expressed. Who is she to know how much pain somoneone is in and how can she deny the medical evidence that supports the pain? Shameful..

Judge: James F Barter
11/13/2012 6:00:56 PM

Harsh but fair.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
9/13/2012 9:55:54 AM

This judge denies valid claims, even when two or more treating physicians state that the claimant can't work. Her denial rate supports this assertion.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
9/7/2012 11:21:55 AM

I found Judge Frasier to be quite understanding and personable. He did change the onset date, however he had a sound basis for so doing. I say, "Keep up the good work."

Judge: Jim Fraiser
8/26/2012 12:31:10 PM

Guys I understand your frustration. Been denied, however not by judge fraiser but my point is I know people that have very limited things wrong with them and yet they get approved no problem. Also I think these judges shouldnt be able to make such decisions based on medical evidence when they have no clue what some of it means. they are not doctors and have never worked in the medical field. So how can they determine whats severe or not? Or as my denial stated you have 3 severe impairments but not severe enough. Oh the world we live in

Judge: Jim Fraiser
8/25/2012 1:42:38 PM

I think Jim Frasier needs to step down!!!! He thinks he is above the law. He is very judge mental!!! He is an awful Judge!!

Judge: Lanier Williams
8/14/2012 2:01:59 PM

Generally a fair Judge, but unfortunately he is increasingly beginning to browbeat and belittle the Claimants who appear before him, sometimes to an extent which goes beyond what a Judge should do. It doesn't cost anything to be polite and courteous to Claimants as well as their representatives.

Judge: Lanier Williams
7/9/2012 4:34:55 PM

Lanier Williams is a very unfair judge and is a disgrace to the legal system

Debbie Harris
Judge: Jim Fraiser
6/19/2012 8:32:19 AM

bad judge

Billy BOB
Judge: John S Lamb
5/19/2012 7:13:57 AM

Send Judge John S. Lamb to Jail. He`s obviosly a criminal judge and should be sent to prison,

Judge: Wallace E Weakley
5/12/2012 5:16:04 PM

This is a very fair Judge but he expects you to have your case prepared. He is willing to listen as long as the Medical Documentation is there.

Judge: Jim Fraiser
5/12/2012 8:07:18 AM


Judge: James F Barter
5/10/2012 2:42:33 PM

This Judge clearly traded his white sheet and hood for a black robe. I never seen such blatant dislike for a race of people. Shame, Shame, Shame!

Judge: Nancy L Brock
5/10/2012 2:36:45 PM

I requested that the Appeals Council reopen a case where an unrepresented client went before her. They agreed!! The Judge said that the client was a secretary and performed someother job that she never did. Also, the client was 3 months away from turning 55, and she would have grided out with the light RFC that the Judge gave her. However, the Judge in her discreation found her to be 54, and denied her case. Also, the Judge never considered several of the claimant's medically determinable impairments.

Judge: Lanier Williams
4/27/2012 4:27:23 PM

As a Representative, I really think Judge Williams is the fairest Judge we have. You better have your case together and know what you are fighting for. Be prepared to do alot of arguing but trust me he will come around after about an hour... I really like this Judge and he approves most all of my cases. Make sure you know what you are talking about before you walk in the Hearing office.

Judge: Nancy L Brock
4/27/2012 4:22:24 PM

This Judge really doesn't need to be doing Hearings. I never had a Representative but the Representative that was with her before me laughed on the Hearing date about how the Judge had been drinking. I do not drink but I really don't know why our SSA allows a Judge under the infulence to listen to cases.. This Judge was literally falling on the desk, speach slurred and I was amazed this woman was going to make a decision on me that would affect the rest of my life. Of course I got denied but she had no clue what was going on that day and I get a denial because of her inability to even stay focused on my Hearing... Thanks Judge Brock (maybe I would have done better if I would have come intoxicated to the Hearing?)

Judge: John S Lamb
4/25/2012 1:50:43 PM

Shame on you. Norway

Judge: John S Lamb
4/25/2012 7:30:58 AM

i hope you die and burn in ****, you american *******

Judge: Jim Fraiser
4/22/2012 3:40:30 AM

How does this man sleep at night....really? Has denied my disabled daughter twice already and she has overwhelming evidence proving she is disabled. Idk how all these ppl faking it to make it can get a check yet she has to struggle and cant get help? Someone needs to pray for these folks to start approving...because the economy is already bad enough without us all scrimpimg and sacrificing to get the help we need and medicine and choosing between medicine food and bills to live.smh i bet none of the judges have to evvvvver sacrifice and worry and go hungry or without meds or utilities or be homeless....we have.

Judge: Laurie H Porciello
4/7/2012 7:20:13 PM


Judge: Lanier Williams
3/20/2012 9:46:20 AM

A fair ALJ, but know your case and be prepared to argue with him to support it.

Judge: Robert C Allen
3/20/2012 9:44:34 AM

The most competent ALJ I have worked with, and regret that he left Hattiesburg ODAR several months ago.

Judge: Douglas Gilmer
3/20/2012 9:43:19 AM

Nice enough in the hearing room, until you get his decision, then you realize he is just putting on a front. I wish he would go back to Chicago where he came from.

Judge: Margaret M Sullivan
3/20/2012 9:41:43 AM

A very fair Judge. I hardly ever appeal her decisions.