James B Griffith , Creve Coeur, Missouri ODAR Office, Administrative Law Judge

For the 2012 *fiscal year, Judge James B Griffith has disposed 443 cases at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Out of those 443 dispostions, 84 were dismissed, 212 were approved and 147 were denied. This means that the percentage of dispositions that Judge Griffith has approved in Creve Coeur for the 2012 fiscal year is 48%. The information below for Judge James B Griffith was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
Office*Fiscal YearTotal DispositionsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal AwardsCases
Creve Coeur 2010 582 465 139 326 20%56%24%
Creve Coeur 2011 575 433 139 294 25%51%24%
Creve Coeur 2012 443 359 147 212 19%48%33%
Nhc St Louis 2012 107 93 34 59 13%55%32%
Nhc St Louis 2013 624 535 210 325 14%52%34%
Nhc St Louis 2014 480 413 157 256 14%53%33%
Nhc St Louis 2015 238 188 67 121 21%51%28%
Nhc St Louis 2016 89 88 42 46 1%52%47%
Nhc St Louis 2017 92 77 24 53 16%58%26%
Nhc St Louis 2018 19 17 5 12 11%63%26%
*The United States Government fiscal year is from October 1st - September 30th.
James B GriffithNo Stats for FY 2020
All ALJs in Creve Coeur Office 24% 36% 40%
All ALJs in Missouri22%37%42%
All ALJs in the Nation20%42%38%
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Mike Swanson
Judge: James B Griffith
12/16/2016 11:11:41 AM

James Griffith -- Arrogant, Condescending, Unprofessional. Incompetent and Disrespectful Federal Employee. Bully. I had surgery on my gonads as a result of a motorcycle accident and James Griffith really seemed to dwell on that, asking way too many questions about my penis. It made me very uncomfortable. It was totally unrelated to my disability claim, so I do not understand why he would engage in this line of questioning. He seems to hate military veterans. Maybe it's because deep down inside, he knows that he was too much of a wimp to join up himself.

Judge: James B Griffith
12/2/2015 10:10:31 AM

I went before this judge and all the above comments are correct. He is very heartless he never even made eye contact with me was sarcastic to my attorney. We walked away after only 25 minutes he only ask me 2 questions. My claim was denied and we are appealing it.

Judge: James B Griffith
7/18/2015 4:52:31 PM

I have been representing claimants for two years now and have never been in front of a more pompous, arrogant, rude judge. He seems like someone who gets off on being in power and belittling others. My heart sinks when I see that he is the judge I am going in front of. I can't say enough bad things about this man.

Judge: James B Griffith
7/4/2015 11:28:25 AM

Judge James B. Griffith was polite, kind and very brief at my hearing. All he said was that my evidence was in order and that he is approving my disability. Then, he signed the paperwork. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. I guess it pays to have good attorneys and everything to prove you deserve disability.

Judge: James B Griffith
5/7/2014 11:02:05 PM

This creep ruined my life. He was rude, and highly nasty and screamed at myself and my lawyer at the time. He ignored evidence, and his behavior started a chain of events in which the next "judge" ignored evidence as well, despite me having more evidence than the first time in court. Because of his behaviors, and the behaviors of the SSA, and them deliberately dragging their feet on my case for 7 yrs, they caused me to no longer be eligible for SSD, only SSI, in which the so called gvt can ****** money from SSI as they see fit. There is a time limit on whether you can be eligible for SSD and this fool and all of his buddies were in cahoots together to try and ruin me. I also filed a complaint to the White House, the mayors office in Jefferson City as well as the commissioner's office and all of that was to no avail. SSA thinks they are God, and they will back up the judge no matter how much evidence he ignored, no matter how racist they are, they will back that person up. Now are you ready for this? I found out that he is no longer listed with the SSA judges. How interesting is that. Can you sniff sniff, smell a cover up? I can. I guess his buddies told him that there were too many complaints and that he needed to retire. I hope to God with the REAL God, that he gets everything that he deserves in life. How dare you p** on ppl who have lost their health, lost their careers and now they lost their chance for a real hearing with a real judge with real emotions.

Judge: James B Griffith
8/29/2013 1:25:33 PM

This ALJ did grant my client's case and of course I was very gracious. And to his credit he may have a generous heart, but it does not show in how he conducts himself on the bench. He rudely kept sending the court reporter to try to force us to begin early and my client had questions before we went into hearing. Once we entered, he was quite rude and unprofessional. For example, he asked about the amended onset date and when I told him. He shouted and asked if I forced claimant into amending her onset date or threatened to kill her. He told me I was being combative ---- there was a better way he could have handled this. When I told him to repeat what he needed from us, he turned really ugly..... To get irritated and upset because someone has a question is being a huge jerk. More like a power tripper as someone on this blog stated. I normally amend onset dates on the record and never had an issue but he likes a specific line of questioning from attorney to claimant where claimant swears you did not threaten their life to change their disability date. I completely understand why he does it, but just explain it because every judge handles this differently, don't be a huge d*ck about it.

Judge: James B Griffith
3/11/2013 3:13:36 PM

He is a total jerk!

Judge: James B Griffith
8/8/2012 11:24:52 AM

This guy is a *****. He will approve claims, but he the whole process is just weird.

Judge: James B Griffith
6/21/2012 6:06:31 AM

I have had this judge before. He is pretty intimidating. I hope things go better the second time around!

Judge: James B Griffith
5/10/2012 11:14:41 AM

This judge just likes to be adversarial with the attorney/claimant. It is a power trip for him. Don't let him fluster you, but be confident in your testimony/closing statements, etc.

Judge: James B Griffith
4/30/2012 3:04:23 PM

I cannot even give him a star..he is so absolutely unprofessional and disrespectful. I abhor knowing that I am getting this judge.

Judge: James B Griffith
4/30/2012 1:43:45 PM

One of the most condescending Judges I have ever seen.

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