Springfield Mo, Missouri ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Springfield Mo, Missouri, 11 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Springfield Mo, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 16.0 months. The average case processing time in Springfield Mo is 562 days.The Springfield Mo average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 30%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Springfield Mo ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Springfield Mo 11 16.0 months 562 days 2.1 21% 30% 49%
Missouri15.3 months538 days1.822%37%42%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Chris kimmel
Judge: Perry L Franklin
9/25/2019 6:02:51 PM

I had Franklin about 3 yrs ago, lost my case. He is in no way understanding of what a person with mental health suffers! I wonder if he got his degree from a cracker jacks box!? Asks you stupid questions like "when you have a panic attack, what do you do about it" what? Really! Suffer and keep suffering! That's all I can do about it as therapy and meds in my case are like treating a gun shot wound with a band aid! He's Worthless, only cares about the Government keeping their money in their pockets! Thrives!

Sonya colins
Judge: James F Gillet
8/16/2019 11:31:36 AM

Im very disappointed in the decision especially since in court vocational lady said no jobs for me n judge said i cant work with others and the deny me my benefits. Im being evicted to the streets with my 2 dogs to survive on the streets. Im hopeing my lawyer appeals it. Cause i cant do this on the streets in mo where its to cold or its to hot or rains alot

Sonya Collins
Judge: James F Gillet
7/17/2019 2:07:41 PM

He was very respectful. When he asked me question he let me explain it all. I have severe depression n anger issues much less all my health issues. He was kind about it all. I hear he made a decision on the 5th of july now just waiting to see what his responce was. Vocational Lady said no jobs for me. I do have alot of anger issues working with people. When i get mad i snap

Judge: Mark A Clayton
2/19/2019 8:24:32 AM

I saw Judge Clayton on Valentine's Day 2019 and the judge really listened to everything I had to say. He looked at every piece of paperwork I had, even ones my doctor hadn't sent to him yet or he had not received before the hearing (2 appts were day before hearing). He was very fair and asks many questions about conditions, work, abilities, activities, etc. He was a great judge and I would say one of the best Greene County has.

Judge: Perry L Franklin
8/8/2018 11:23:53 AM

Had my appeal, judge was none too friendly. Very confrontational

Judge: Jo Ann L Draper
7/5/2018 7:37:15 AM

This judge seemed ok at first. As the hearing went on, she got condescending and flippant. I have medically documented issues and she barely addressed them. My husband, who is my representative, was not allowed to be in the hearing with me! 5 months later I got my denial letter. The comments she made concerning my medical issues were no where near what I stated in the hearing. I knew her decision before I left due the smirk on her face. I have worked for over 40 years. It is almost like it is coming out of her own pocket. I will be hiring an attorney soon.

Judge: Sherry L. Schallner
5/21/2018 11:04:41 PM

Finally a fair Judge, this was my 3rd time before a Judge and I was actually starting to think I would die before I got any assistance! This Judge was very fair and actually looked through the evidence, she was my saving grace yes REALLY! I have several chronic conditions and could not believe that I was denied twice before. It is hard enough to be sick, but to have the financial worries weighing you down every day on top of being sick and having to beg people for help is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Thank God I finally went before a intelligent, kind Judge, if you are truly ill and have the medical evidence to back it up you are in good hands with this Judge.

Lill Snow
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
5/13/2018 9:08:48 PM

BEST JUDGE EVER. I am 19 year old white male from Arizona . At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was prescribed Xanax 2mg x 4 times a day. Due to the side effects of my drugs, I can not work. However, I need them to manage my condition. The judge was understanding and granted me full disability. Never met a more understanding judge!

Judge: Patrick H Morrison
3/27/2018 5:41:13 AM

All I can say is kangaroo court. He is also an intensely crabby individual who has an very strange obsession with any previous drug/alcohol use/abuse - as if ANYone with a disability hasn't.. Just.. Very very strange. He uses any possible thing to grasp at, in order to back up his pre-decided denials - as opposed to using evidence TO come to a decision. When judges get this jaded and crabby, they seriously should no longer be able to hear cases anymore.

Judge: Sherry L. Schallner
2/21/2018 7:11:33 PM

I thought she was going to be fair to me in my hearing but should have know I was denied in hearing itself when I caught her rolling her eyes at my attorney defending me against the Voc Expert at the end of my hearing My lawyer said My SSi should have been approved when I first filed many years ago and all they did was twist words and use bad doctors I hadnt seen in Years because their opinion was that im fine Had 3 different Docters be for me who were more current then the one who was bad and my current counselor was for me So they didnt use her either the game is rigged I had the medical proof and they twisted words and ignored cold hard facts to deny me. They should be ashamed of themselves but Im sure their not they get to go home to their fancy stuff.

Stacia W
Judge: Linda Marshall
9/13/2017 8:43:03 AM

She was very patient with me and seemed understanding. She did treat me with respect and dignity, something the previous judge did not. I didn't have an attorney, but she allowed me to turn in almost a thousand pages of medical records that day. I'm sure by reading my file beforehand without almost two years of records, she went into that hearing with her mind made up for an automatic denial. However, I personally believe she kept an open mind given the new records. I haven't received a decision yet, and it's been well over four months. But, I'm hoping and praying it's because she's really reviewing all the records to make her final decision. This has been a long hard road for me and I really need to get a favorable outcome this time. I get so frustrated when I see people who claim to be disabled for mental reasons only getting approved, yet I have a page long list of diagnosis of mental AND physical issues and have been in this fight for years. PLEASE let me win this time.

Judge: Robert A Lynch
8/15/2017 1:11:22 PM

I had Judge Lynch and found him to be very fair. I had difficulties hearing him and his questions but he was patient and understanding. He told me he will rule favorably. The only thing I didn't think was fair was the back pay from 2015 to now. I did lose 3.5 other years of applying and getting denied of back pay for those years. I had my hearing in June and now it is August and I still haven't heard anything. I went to the SS office in Lebanon and they can't answer any questions or help me in any way. I am about to be homeless and need some sort of income in order to get housing. I am deaf and can't hear on the phone, so I can't call anyone. The company representing me sent someone that day that I don't even know, or never met, to be my lawyer. So I have no way to contact them/ that person. My only option would be to get someone to drive me back to springfield to talk in person to this office. It is hell being poor, disabled and unable to hear anything or call anyone for questions.

Judge: Sheila Walters
7/31/2017 11:57:45 AM

My pleasure having Judge Walters as my Judge. She was kind and courteous. Didn't ask to much because she had over 3000 pages she had read over. Haha sorry about that got a hard life given to me. Very appreciative to have met you. Keep Up the hospitality. Have a great year.

Judge: Victor L Horton
5/12/2017 9:31:23 PM

I had Judge Victor Horton for my disability appeal. I really liked him. I felt that he was considerate of my feelings. I had read other comments on her prior to my hearing and I was a bit worried about having him as my judge. I think that as long as one is being honest and straight forward with his questions, then you'll do just fine. I don't know if I've been approved or not yet.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
1/30/2017 1:35:30 PM

I am 60 years old. From 2014 until 2016 I I was disabled with a non-union fracture of the femur. I also had medical history of soft tissue sarcoma. First occurrence was in 2000 and a second occurrence in 2002, and advanced degenerative disc disease. Even by the rigid DDS standards, I have a disabling condition, and should have been allowed SSDI. but that did not seem to occur to the "judge." My doctor generated a letter indicating I was not able to work full time, even at a DOT sedentary level, but this was also disregarded.

Anthony Plank
Judge: James F Gillet
12/10/2016 7:59:21 PM

Had my hearing on June 8th, & just got my denial letter. Very frustrating! Cannot work any longer due to back problems. Judge Gillet & all disability judges have a huge workload and I have a lot of respect for them. So I am not, nor would I ever, going to criticize him for his dicision. I will appeal & hope for the best, as I desperately need my benefits!!!!!

CPL felix
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
11/12/2016 3:32:29 PM

Had court last month and I'm a medically retired vet apparatus to him I can work because I tried to find a job Because I have 4 kids in o provide for which nobody would hire me!!! Started stating that I said certain things which I never said ... Twisted things I said in court to his favor to were it made it seem I wasn't disable. I serve my country I get fucked up and this is how he treats wounded veterans .. I can speak English well.. Oh he's not disable .. He has hearing loss but rt he has hearing aids he's not disable. I get migraines take medication everyday but yet don't see doctor everyday. Oh his problem has dissminish in his words. Wait till it happens to one of his kids or grand kids then they will really know how unfair the system is

Judge: Linda Marshall
10/3/2016 6:36:05 PM

would like to hear from any reps who have had judge marshall before. what is she like as far as how she conducts her hearings, does she require opening statements, does she go first or let rep, etc. thank you for your feedback.

Judge: Perry L Franklin
5/2/2016 4:42:51 AM

The judge was very well pre-paired. Questions were very in-depth and to the point. The judge was very professional. Good to work with.

Mr. Gouge
Judge: Sherianne Laba
3/17/2016 12:22:16 PM

Best judge ever, fair, tough, doesnt put up with BS, but has a heart.

Judge: Patrick H Morrison
2/25/2016 1:06:20 PM

Had a hearing on January 2016 The judge was very fair and thorough. Just be honest with him and do not exaggerate symptoms. He is very well versed in the law and treated me with dignity and respect.

pamela j. webb
Judge: James F Gillet
9/16/2015 9:56:02 AM

He seemed very nice and was very detailed he was respectful. I just went today so no decision yet. He is sending me for more exrays

Judge: Perry L Franklin
5/12/2015 7:49:14 AM

I have a hearing with this judge so I will so know if he is a good judge or not. This will be my 2nd hearing on remanded so we shall see.

Judge: David K Fromme
3/14/2015 7:16:20 AM

This "judge" appears to be a sociopath...seems to have no conscience. He plays "doctor" by making medical decisions that go against what the medical records say. Becoming a lawyer is a common career for sociopaths. This guy needs to step down because he is putting disabled people in a position where they cannot take care of themselves or their families. He needs to become disabled himself and be denied benefits so he can see what it feels like to feel helpless and hopeless.

Judge: David K Fromme
9/29/2014 5:33:08 PM

Well like i said i would reply back with my decision he gave me he ruled unfavorable like i figured he would do let me say this when i had my hearing with fromme he did not pay attention to anything i had to say and would put words in my mouth i dident say i suffer from ptsd and depression and social anxiety and just because i represented myself at the hearing he used that against me this judge is curupt and and does not give you a fair chance at winning or even a case period and he even said good luck to me after the hearing i have been trying to get my ssi since 2011 and has had two hearings and let me say out of both of them he was the worst i even had very indetail eveidence from doctors that i could not work this judge is a dieing breed alreight a dieing breed that needs to die already he is heartless and will not give you the time of day and curupt just like alot of other judges in the system heres looking at you you piece of **** heartless idiot i hope you die of a horrible death so you may feel the the pain you cause others to have

Judge: David K Fromme
9/25/2014 9:34:48 PM

Well i had a hearing with fromme in may 2014 and am expected to be getting a decision before to long i will comment back to let ppl know what it was he told me good luck when i left so we will see if that meant anything

Judge: Patrick H Morrison
6/24/2014 1:45:20 PM

On one hand Judge Morrison seems very knowledgeable and professional. I believe he is very well versed in the law. Having said that I do not feel he nor Social Security Disability treated my case as a veteran fairly. I provided stacks of medical records from doctors at the VA. I show a definite history and pattern of disability as defined by our government. Yet some how judge Morrison and Social Security both feel I can still work a part time job in food service with minimal interaction with people. It makes me ill that my country asks so much of its men and women In the armed forces and when we come to our own government with obvious problems and need help, we can't get it. I try to get help at the VA and it takes 2-3 years to get anywhere. I file claims with disability and they just get denied. Thanks judge and thanks SSD for really nothing. It has been over a year since You last heard my case. I still do not work and bills continue to mount up. I know, not your problem. For the record, on my case you were dead wrong. Pain rules my life. Fear controls my daily living. I am not the person I used to be. Shame on you for not doing your job.

Judge: Victor L Horton
4/8/2014 8:14:08 AM

It wasn't easy at first. He was very helpful. I didn't have an attorney..He wasn't able to help me as one. He listened to what I had to say and extended my approval/denial. So I may get my witness statements in. But trying to get a hold of him when he said I could talk to him if I needed anything else. Extension etc.. This is issue I am having right now. Not able to get a hold of him at all. That is hard very hard. I don't think anyone wants to patch me through to him. Or what.

Alan Baker
Judge: Mark A Clayton
11/4/2013 3:21:02 PM

we went to court but it doesn't seem like they do what the judge says

Judge: Patrick H Morrison
9/19/2013 1:52:28 PM

I found Judge Morrison to be a fair Judge. He read over all my records, all four inches of records and even did study on my disease which he had never heard of before my hearing. I can stress to you that you MUST have Medical Evidence and have your Dr write a letter stating why he feels you are disabled. If you do not have medical proof forget it. He is smart so just be honest with him and he also treated me with respect.

Judge: Jo Ann L Draper
9/6/2013 2:12:56 PM

Seemed very professional and to the point, without being over-bearing.

Judge: Sheila Walters
4/16/2013 5:33:01 PM

Pleasant to deal with. Willing to listen to a case, without advocating for Social Security. treats claimants like people

Judge: Linda Marshall
4/16/2013 5:31:59 PM

treats claimants with dignity and gives an honest fair hearing

Judge: Victor L Horton
4/16/2013 5:30:53 PM

could not be more obvious this person has spent his entire life living off the federal government in some capacity. Biased and foolish.

Judge: Robert A Lynch
4/16/2013 5:28:17 PM

Treats every claimant the same. has obviously prepared for every case. Conducts fair hearings.

Judge: Perry L Franklin
4/16/2013 5:26:58 PM

very well prepared and very fair. Win or lose he treats every claimant with respect.

Judge: James F Gillet
4/16/2013 5:24:13 PM

Has some quirks to which one must adjust, but has read the file from beginning to end and is very well prepared to adjudicate.

Judge: David K Fromme
4/16/2013 5:22:43 PM

Old school and fair. A dying breed in the federal government, someone with common sense and the tenacity to use it.

Judge: Victor L Horton
4/16/2013 5:20:46 PM

fundamentally insecure. Asks questions and points out inconsistencies in claimant statements, sometimes well below their intellectual capacity and at other times so obviously trivial. Then he looks to others in the room to react to what he has obtained from the claimant. Asks questions which would never be admissible if Social Security hired its own counsel and then relies on the information he elicits. If he is going to approve someone he will then advocate for Social Security and eliminate the claimant's back pay or a substantial portion of it.

Judge: Mark A Clayton
4/16/2013 5:15:47 PM

unfavorable to most cases. I agree he is pleasant, but he is content in knowing who pays his salary and doing what he is told. Not an adjudicator, but a government employee.

Judge: Patrick H Morrison
4/1/2013 11:38:42 AM

Judge Morrison appears to be a very knowledgeable person with respect to the social security disability cases. Very pleased!

Judge: Mark A Clayton
3/29/2013 8:04:34 AM

I've had one hearing with this judge by video. He was very pleasant, calm, professional. He asked for an opening statement and then he did a fairly thorough questioning of the claimant. He covered full range of hypos with VE. He is clearly on the conservative side with his award rate.

Judge: Robert A Lynch
3/22/2013 6:29:20 AM

Mr. Lynch really screwed up my workers comp[ case, he did not ever have even a paralegal, left me after 7 YEARS to go be a Judge in MI, had to find another attorney towrap up my case, do not understand why he got to be a Judge and i got nearly nothing, spinal cord injury, as is he, rude assistant in his office. Glad he left.

Judge: Patrick H Morrison
3/20/2013 10:05:33 AM

It was obvious based on his demeanor and questioning that "Judge" Morrison had made up his mind prior to my wife's hearing and his decision ignored the opinion of her primary treating doctor in favor of the doctor SS sent her to who in his report said there was no indication that my wife even has the disorder she is seeking disability for!

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
3/8/2013 11:01:12 PM

Today i went for 2 hearing and i was granted ssd :) so happy wish all the best to all

Judge: Jo Ann L Draper
2/8/2013 11:52:18 AM

Very easy-going, yet professional.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
1/2/2013 2:39:29 AM


Judge: Thomas Cheffins
12/28/2012 4:44:08 PM

Agree with the previous comments. He is biased. ALJ routinely goes against treating source opinions even when they are consistent with the evidence as a whole. When multiple treating physicians and even consultating physicians are in agreement on limitations and the AlJ still goes against these opinions then you know something is up. why do certain ALJ's believe they can play medical doctor and God.

Judge: Victor L Horton
10/2/2012 2:13:51 PM

He'll act like he's listening, but he's not. Is mind is already made up before your hearing, he's just going through the motions. Then when you get your denial, you'll see that he only uses the evidence that benefits his decision and doesn't even acknowledge the evidence that supports a favorable decision.

Judge: Victor L Horton
8/8/2012 11:21:36 AM

Not a good judge. He doesn't want anyone to have any back pay. He'll try to cheat you out of benefits.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
7/28/2012 6:53:33 AM

Nice smiley-puss who is pleasant in the hearing room and a nasty creep in his opinions. I really do not know how he sleeps at night. He has condemned many legitemately disabled people to lives of abject poverty. He has adopted a definition of disability different from the standard that is contained in the social security statutes and regulations. The protection we all pay for with our social security taxes is not available in his hearing room. He denies claims by ignoring treating opinion evidence and just making facts up out of whole cloth. And there is nothing we can do about it. Northern Arizona no longer has the benefit of the social security system that they paid into because of this creep and the others in this ****-hole of an office. My advice; if you are disabled and live in Northern Arizona: move. There is no fair hearing in this office, much less before this "judge."

Amra Domazet
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
7/27/2012 1:57:33 AM

He denied my disability after having two open hart surgeries ,2 strokes,two peacemaker and back problems i have contact senator John McCain and also he can not believe that i was not approved i did an appeal.So will see also have new diagnoses now ptsd and also seizures .Best luck to all with this Judge you will need it

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
6/19/2012 5:25:35 PM

He denied my disability.Many of the facts he listed in his decision were wrong. I feel he did not listen. One issue he got wrong was listing arthritus as a condition in my left leg when in fact my calf muscle and Achilles tendon were destroyed by gangrene.