St Louis, Missouri ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in St Louis, Missouri, 12 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in St Louis, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 16.0 months. The average case processing time in St Louis is 569 days.The St Louis average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 40%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the St Louis ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
St Louis 12 16.0 months 569 days 2.1 22% 40% 39%
Missouri15.3 months538 days1.822%37%42%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Monica LaPolt
5/4/2020 3:58:52 PM

After reading some of the comments on here,it's difficult to believe that this is the same judge that I had. She was very friendly, and handled my case with care and speed.i can't say enough good things about her.shes my angel.

Judge: Scot Gulick
4/23/2020 4:42:06 PM

I thought he was fair and impartial. I received my decision letter today, denied! How can I have a hearing where ALL expert witnesses that were countering my claim come out and say I can't work during the hearing, only to be denied for the reasons they originally base their opinions on and then countered themselves?

Sue M.
Judge: Sue Leise
4/4/2020 2:37:47 PM

Because California is so backed up on disability cases, Judge Liese, who is in Portland Oregon, was assigned to mine here in California. It was a teleconference hearing and needless to say, after waiting 3 years to get to my hearing after my initial application, I was full of nervousness and anticipation. ALJ Sue Liese is kind, patient and very thorough. She even had the vocational expert repeat something because he was incorrect and I knew that and was going to say something, but she was paying attention and asked him to repeat himself and corrected him. She clearly had read through my medical records and history very thoroughly and wanted to make sure she had the correct information on record. I just got my decision from Judge Liese a few days ago (she was fast too, only 1 month to get it) and it was fully favorable. I am so very grateful to her. You can tell she takes her cases seriously and wants to help you, as long as you're being honest. Thank you, Judge Liese. You have taken a huge load off of my shoulders.

David favero
Judge: Paul F Kelly
3/31/2020 10:43:24 AM

to judge Kelley: I be waited for call on april 8 on my appeal hearing .

David j Favero
Judge: Paul F Kelly
3/31/2020 10:05:18 AM

to judge paul F Kelly:im writing to you about disability claim apparently im having issues calling they have thegoverment building shut down dued to the cr19 vires my cell# is 5185366480 or landline#5183147179. can reach me at the numbers at home.

Doesnt Matter
Judge: Koren Mueller
3/19/2020 10:42:58 PM

Update: Unfavorable all the things i deal with mentally and all the perfect proof in medical records i was denied. Its sad how the people who dont have problems could get approved but the people that really needs it doesnt. I'm tired of fighting. I should've just believed the last reviews. Deserves no stars but I'll give 1 i guess.

Barry McCockiner
Judge: Katherine Jecklin
3/19/2020 6:59:56 AM

Katherine jecklin is a biased uneducated c u next Tuesday. 19% approval rate when the national avg is 40% show her to the door please. Federal lawsuit on the way.

Judge: Nathaniel Plucker
2/15/2020 12:20:48 PM

I had the pleasure of meeting Judge Plucker, he was so understanding, compassionate and very attentive. He made me feel very comfortable I was nervous at first,but after talking with him I felt at ease. He explained everything where I could understand,his question he asked were fair.The health problems that I have he understood,overall it was a good meeting.Thank you Judge Plucker for understanding and your concerns of my health issues.God Bless You

Brietta C
Judge: Koren Mueller
1/12/2020 11:34:38 AM

Recently had my hearing with her and I believe she is an overall very nice judge. Just waiting on a decision as of now but other than that she didnt seem as bad as people making her out to be. She's just doing her job.

Judge: Lisa Groeneveld-Meijer
1/6/2020 2:10:42 PM

This judge has denied me 2 times. I have a very good feeling she does not like me.

Judge: Dina R Loewy
1/4/2020 7:23:01 AM

She gets no stars she should see stars I saw this shit stain and she denied my case it’s true what people are saying about her heartless ass She just there for a paycheck gave me a blank cd for a insult and a 17 page dear john letter I hope she fall in quicksand one day .

Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
10/22/2019 12:49:32 PM

I was diagnosed with Septis vasculitis Lupus back in Dec. 2017. I have been taken out of work by my Rheumatologist at that time. I was assigned this Judge for my upcoming hearing this Jan. This decease can kill me if I do not take precautions such as taking the proper medicine. My condition was presented on TV on Dr. G., Medical Examinier, and when I saw what my type of decease can do to me, I can no longer sleep at night. Seeing this Judge thinks he a doctor maybe he will understand my condition better than me and my Rheumatologist and allow to collect disability. We will have to wait and see I guess. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
10/20/2019 7:02:35 AM

If Kurt Ehrman is such an expert in the medical industry by denying everyone disability, then I want to see his medical license.

Judge: Dina R Loewy
9/28/2019 8:04:07 PM

My mother has been fighting her case for nearly two years just like the other person that complained and every person that commented isn't wrong at all she is heartless and cold and just brushed it off.

John Hudson
Judge: Kathryn Preston
9/20/2019 9:25:12 AM

Very nice and understanding judge. Actually started to have a migraine right before my hearing and she allowed me to wear sunglasses to help with the light. I was afraid she would make me reschedule so I tried to push through the pain but she was patient with me and came off really kind. Anyone who may have to speak in front of her no need to be scared she is polite,doesn't approach you aggresively and does her job. God bless everyone!

Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
9/19/2019 6:59:50 AM

I refuse to call this man a judge. He should not even be allowed to judge a dog show! He was very biased, he had no compassion and before I could sit down he was already saying my case was unfavorable... I have learned that he says that prior too all hearings he wants to denied while microphone and recordings are off. I did not he was such an expert in medicine. WOW! He knows more than doctors. I have had multiple hip, shoulder and back surgeries and I can barely function. yet he denied me benefits!

Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
5/7/2019 2:53:47 PM

I just posted a review for Mr. Hanekamp but forgot to give the star rating. It only lets you select up to 5 but Mr. Hanekamp deserves way more than 5 stars!!!!!

Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
5/7/2019 2:45:43 PM

ALJ Hanekamp was the judge during my hearing for disability. There are many positive words I could use to describe Mr. Hanekamp but I'll just keep it simple and use one (amazing). Mr. Hanekamp made you feel very comfortable during the hearing. He is a very understanding judge and can see the truth. Be honest and Mr. Hanekamp can see that. He is a very knowledgeable ALJ. He did not down play anything that I am struggling with. He sees that a person of any age can be disabled and does not judge you based on your age but judge's based on your condition. He is a very fair judge and a very good person!!!! I am blessed to have had mr. hanekamp as my alj during my hearing.

Judge: Dina R Loewy
4/15/2019 6:34:31 PM


Judge: Jerry Faust
4/12/2019 9:17:41 PM

Very biased towards whites. Needs to retire.

Judge: Mark A Clayton
2/19/2019 8:24:32 AM

I saw Judge Clayton on Valentine's Day 2019 and the judge really listened to everything I had to say. He looked at every piece of paperwork I had, even ones my doctor hadn't sent to him yet or he had not received before the hearing (2 appts were day before hearing). He was very fair and asks many questions about conditions, work, abilities, activities, etc. He was a great judge and I would say one of the best Greene County has.

Judge: Dennis LeBlanc
2/17/2019 3:03:37 AM

I believe in my heart this judge is a fair and honest man who believes in the process of truth. I believe hhe listens to the person and looks at the evidence and studies long and hard before making his decision. So in my book he is what we need in a judge

Marlene Morrison
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
12/16/2018 5:14:54 PM

The social security and job compensation Judge's don't treat Black people fair. After waiting for two years to be seen, I was told that if I didn't sign a piece of paper saying I'm waiving my SSD benefits, if not I'll have to wait for another court date. He basically threatened me, knowing that I person who have a waited over two years and now if I say I don't want it, I can received my award soon. But when my white friends applied, they got SSI and SSD, if you look my race, how each person was awarded, YOU WILL FIND DISCREPANCY AND UNFAIRNESS!

Mike A.
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
12/9/2018 2:19:09 PM

I had Valencia Jarvis as my S.S. judge and she lied about my medically documented impairments in both physical and also psychological aspects and stated the exact opposite in her findings. To show how truly unfair of a judge this piece of work is, the states own vocational expert stated that I could not do any form of work at all even at sedentary levels and she stated the opposite of this as well in her decision. Unfortunately this is how she is allowed to continue to deny countless others through lies and falsifying documented evidence. Even though I had a rather lengthy rebuttal letter written up on my behalf to the appeals council trying to bring her upon charges for what she did to me showing documented proof that Valencia Jarvis lied to deny, which the appeals council agreed with 100%, they didn't feel this proof warranted my wrongful deny decision to be overturned but rather remanded back to the ALJ stage. Wasted 6 years + of my life and I am still at step one thanks to Valencia Jarvis who I notice does this to an extremely large number of those she oversees case wise. How can people like this stay in power with NO repercussions what so ever??? They need to have star categories going in the negative scale because she deserves a negative ten rating or better yet jail time for her illegal doings via changing court documents to state the opposite. There HAS to be laws against that one would think right? If that were me or you, we'd be in jail IMMEDIATELY so why, even though made aware, does the Social Security Administration get her off their docket or do the right thing and get her disbarred and arrested!!!!!

Amy Snyder
Judge: Patrick S Cutter
12/7/2018 2:11:47 PM

Judge Cutter is a very fair judge. He listens closely and takes his time to grasp an understanding. He makes others feel comfortable in his court room. He is time efficient. He is very knowledgeable. He is a wonderful person. God bless him.

Judge: Ben Barnett
11/23/2018 1:16:33 AM

I was not really sure he believed me because he asked several questions in different ways. Those questions had to do with my limiting my work hours to 20 a week. And then when I went out on medical leave due to the pain I was going through. Maybe he just wanted to make sure I was being consistant. When he asked the occupational expert what he thought, he said that he could find no other jobs to put me into that could accommodate my problems. That made me feel good. But when leaving I just got a bad vibe so I was not sure about it. Was very pleased that he rated me "Fully Favorable". Just be ready to answer a lot of questions .... BE TRUTHFUL!!!

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
11/20/2018 3:28:43 AM

I had Valencia Jarvis as my ALJ. I personally didn’t feel like she was ******. I am white and she never made me feel uncomfortable for being white. There were certain points in the hearing when I noticed she wasn’t looking at me while I tried to explain myself, but then again she could have just been trying to process what I was saying? I have a hard time expressing myself verbally and feel that the hearing could have been a bit longer and maybe I could have been able to express myself better. This whole process has given me major anxiety and I feel so hopeless waiting on a decision that will probably end up in a denial, after reading all of these comments , I really have no hope.

Judge: Katherine Jecklin
11/14/2018 8:17:17 PM

I believe she has no empathy for people, my life is changed from my injury. I’m a young person, I worked 40 plus hours a week. I worked hard labor jobs, did double shifts, ran 4 miles a week. Now I can barely walk, if I felt I was able to work in this condition for the rest of my life I would’ve never spent 3 years going to the doctor multiple times a week, going to physical therapy, not working if I was not disabled. I’m a young guy there’s no way I’ll waste my time not working and being social. I worked for my ssdi since I was 17 I’m house to house because a judge on a high horse says I’m able to work enough to provide housing, clothes, and food for myself in this condition.

Judge: Paul W Johnson
10/3/2018 5:53:26 PM

Judge Johnson was a very caring and compassionate person. He really has a great heart and shows compassion for you. God bless you.

diana lynn maxson
Judge: Kathryn Preston
9/11/2018 10:07:40 AM

I have went in front of judge Preston twice now .the first time was a bad situation because the person that represented me did not show up for my hearing..I was upset,crying and nervous but judge Preston was very understanding...I haven't received a answer yet because it's only been two weeks since the hearing but judge Preston seems to be a nice person.she don't get hateful ,she listens and acts to be a fair judge.thank you judge Preston for being so understanding .even though I haven't received my answer yet I still rate this judge a 5 star for being nice and understanding..

Judge: William K Mueller
9/6/2018 2:14:31 PM

He asked fair questions and was genuinely concerned.

Tina trueblood
Judge: Monica LaPolt
9/4/2018 8:11:43 AM

Good morning I don't know if you are going to be my judge. I just want to. Let you know I sit in. Pain daily. Cannot have a good time with my grandkids and family. I wish I could. Get my claim approved. I sit daily and cry cause I can't do the things I used to. I can't drive long. If I clean I'm down for 4day. I been falling down studdering this is all new too me. I have a lawer I thought getting one would help me. I have had back surgery. I have manic depression bypolar. I'm really sorry to bother you. Welfare told me to apply years ago but I didn't want to cause there's others that need it. Now I have applied and the wait is terrible. I'm sorry hunny.

Judge: Lisa Leslie
8/29/2018 7:44:42 AM

She is horrible. Should be fired.

Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
8/14/2018 6:45:32 PM

My hearing was held today. I'm very thankful for having Judge Hanekamp. I do not have my decision yet, however I could not have asked for a better Judge. He knew my medical history and was very understanding of the pain I was in during the hearing. This Judge is compassionate and does not belittle the individual. Prayerfully I am approved, but even if I'm not, I stand by my comments regarding Judge Hanekamp. Thank you to everyone who left a review, the comments really helped me before my hearing.

Been There, Done That
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
7/20/2018 1:11:47 PM

She's cold and robotic. You basically have no chance with her. Clearly looking to deny cases. No objective at all. Not fair. Not compassionate. She's going to deny you and use your words out of context. Don't take it personally. She's been told to do it. Don't bother appealing it. Turn around and file again and you will def get a new judge who will be better. She's saving SSA all by herself I'm sure she thinks that anyway.. Sorry if you get her. She should get zero stars

Judge: Lisa Leslie
7/5/2018 1:44:31 PM

Randal Grun were you approved?

David R.
Judge: Lisa Leslie
6/10/2018 11:42:51 AM

ALJ, Lisa Leslie is a horrifically biased Judge. How does she still have a job? Report her using GN 03103.300 Complaints of Alleged Bias or Misconduct by ALJs SSA Website;

Lill Snow
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
5/13/2018 9:08:48 PM

BEST JUDGE EVER. I am 19 year old white male from Arizona . At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was prescribed Xanax 2mg x 4 times a day. Due to the side effects of my drugs, I can not work. However, I need them to manage my condition. The judge was understanding and granted me full disability. Never met a more understanding judge!

Judge: William K Mueller
4/18/2018 1:34:14 PM

As a rep I have appeared before him many times and he is a fair Judge who wants to do the right thing. If you have anything negative in your medical records HE WILL SEE IT and ask you about it. If he feels that he does not have enough information he will work with me on what we can do to shed more light on the case. He is a former trial attorney, advocate for yourself/your client and be prepared to answer tough questions! Actually, if you are not represented, get an experienced disability attorney. I love going into his courtroom and find that he truly cares.

John O
Judge: Lisa Leslie
2/15/2018 5:04:59 AM

"So think before you post"? I did. ALJ Lisa Leslie from STL is the "Queen of Denial". If you are denied or partially favored by Judge Lisa Leslie at the SSA Cape Girardeau Office, report her bias to the SSA using form SSA-437-BK (on SSA's website). Snail mail To: Social Security Administration, Program Discrimination Complaint, Adjudication Office, Room 617 Altmeyer Building, 6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21235 or call free: 1-800-772-1213 they answer calls from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have not gone to the hearing yet and you know the presiding Judge is going to be Lisa Leslie, make sure you bring a professional witness(es), like they do. Demand that your lawyer makes this happen. Why? Your chances of receiving an unbiased decision will improve exponentially. Look at her track record! Last, Shame on Cape Girardeau County for letting this tragedy continue upon its disabled citizens.

Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
2/14/2018 4:11:23 PM

He was very biased, he had no compassion and before I could sit down he was already saying my case was unfavorable.

Judge: Dina R Loewy
2/10/2018 8:08:24 PM

Completely unfair Judge. Stacks of medical records, letters from three different doctors, report from vocational expert and this all meant nothing to this incompetent, uncaring, heartless excuse of a judge. She is there for one thing and one thing only. That is to deny your case without even looking over your documentation. She ruins peoples lives and sleeps well at night. My appeal was a joke and not only that, she made me come back a second time three months later because she was unprepared the first time. Isn't it nice to wait over two years for this nonsense. And the best was the so called medical expert who called in and was reading someone elses medical report during the MY hearing. Total incompetence on every level. I feel bad for anyone who has to sit through a hearing with this ****** woman. And don't even try to speak at your hearing you will only be lashed at and brushed off like a mosquito. Sit there silent and let her deny your case. I wish her nothing but bad luck.

Judge: Christina Y Mein
1/15/2018 4:43:16 AM

Judge who makes decision based on her biased perception. Even if you have medical records with doctors’ statements and vocational expert testifying there is NO jobs with your type of disabilities get ready for a disappointment: no medical records, testimonies can change her mind. I wish someone would look at her cases and determine if she is cable of not biased decision.

Judge: C. H Prinsloo
1/11/2018 5:45:11 PM

I had my hearing with Judge Prinsloo on 9/28/17 in Seattle, WA he is no longer in St. Louis. Here it is 1/11/18 and still no decision. I am very upset by this. I called Seattle ODAR the other day and they said it has been in unassigned writing since 10/6/17. Since approvals take priority and denials are harder to write my guess is that it is a denial as it has been sitting waiting to be written for 3 months. I am very distraught and i find this practice of approvals being written up first to be completely disrespectful to those denied. They should be written in order recieved the approvals should NOT take priority as their fight is over and the denials need to figure out their next move... Appeals Council? New Application? Look for a job they probably won't get and IF they did wouldn't be able to keep? Or give up and kill themselves cause at least their kids would be able to collect survivor's benefits? FYI i am NOT suicidal i am just listing it as an option. So, you may ask why did she give this judge 5 stars? I won't judge someone based on their approval or denial of me... I haven't recieved a letter so technically i am not denied YET. Plus the other stuff of me waiting forever and approvals taking priority is all bureaucracy and not necessarily in his control. Whether i get a denial or by the grace of God an approval I am rating him with 5 stars for his court mannerisms... He was respectful and listened. So thank you Judge Prinsloo for your time both in court and out working on my case. It can't be easy having a job deciding someone's fate.

Linda A
Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
12/17/2017 11:21:34 AM

Judge Ehrman has not ruled on my case yet. However. Honestly regardless of his decision. I owe him to say thank you for making it an easy experience at the hearing. I was extremely nervous. Scared even. However as soon as he greeted me with respect and started to explain the process in a pleasant way I was much calmer. Judge Ehrman stayed very calm. Patient respectful and very kind through out the hearing. Thank you very much.

Linda A
Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
12/17/2017 11:13:02 AM

Judge Ehrman has not made a decision yet on my case. However regardless of his decision. I have to say he was such a professional, pleasant, clear,understanding. And just a very nice person through out the trial. I was extremely nervous and kind of scared but as soon as he greeted me and started to explain the process in a very calling way. O felt much better. Very patient and great person. I owe him to say thank you for making it an easy experience.

Judge: Christopher Hunt
11/16/2017 3:13:08 AM

Lord have mercy on Ricelawoffice and ALJ Hunt

thomas cianci
Judge: Dina R Loewy
11/3/2017 5:19:51 PM

Dina R. Loewy is an unprofessional, heartless ''excuse'' for a Judge! i thought Judges were supposed to ''help'' people? in her case, she is a ''career'' disability determination judge. that means a bought & paid for ''flunky'' on the otda/social security ''payroll'' who is only there to unfairly ''bump'' anyone/everyone she can & get them off the benefit program! this was proven by my unfair treatment at my disability appeal earlier this year. anytime i tried to tell my side of the story, she brushed me off telling me she was only interested in new paperwork. i was her last case of the day [her other went overtime] & she wanted to get out of there & gave me the bums rush! 7 months later, my disability benefits have ceased entirely without a grace period/safety net. i am literally out in the cold because of her negligence. she has ruined my entire way of life. i hope something terrible befalls this witch so she knows how it feels to suffer! i hope her membership card in the human race gets revoked!

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
10/26/2017 8:37:39 AM

This is Dr. Irving Kushner. I am a medical expert for rheumatology cases. I testified for a hearing for you on August 11th. I have not yet received a call order, without which I cannot submit an invoice. I have sent several e-mails to and left voice mail messages for my sole contact person in your office - Joann Myer - asking that this be looked into, but have not received a reply. I have tried to reach your operator, but have not succeeded. I get music. Can you help me? 216-751-5885 Claimant Fitzgerald

David hart
Judge: William Wallis
10/20/2017 12:50:18 PM

This is one of the most fair and down to earth judges ive had the pleasure to be question by. Professional and compassionate person. Keep up the great work and thank you. D.Hart 2017

Randal grun
Judge: Lisa Leslie
9/8/2017 11:23:55 AM

I had my hearing today,I am afraid to be in the anxiety was through the roof as always.I didn't feel well At all that day per normal, but Judge Leslie was so kind and compassionate and even asked if I needed time to step out cause I was crying.These are the kind of judges we need.kind compassionate understanding judges.

Mascheria G Perdue
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
8/21/2017 1:47:19 PM

This is sad. I had also this judge, She disproves me for all kinds of craziness. At the time my lawyers were no help. because the day of my hearing I had a bad ear problem. And because I said about my mother. I have 5 daughters and at the time all of us was taken care of her. But what does have to do with the tea China? I had got a settlement and she made me feel like trash because she said they just paid you off. That hurt me so bad. I am one that does not play with the government. I work for what I wanted. Now because she sent me back out in the work force. I lost my job because I can not walk. SSI is a joke. These guys will not even send me to their doctors. The main doctor that want to see me. I can not go to him because I have to pay 420 to see him. You all might be judges but there is a judge much higher than you all. And you will give an account of what you have done to people. At first, I hated this judge because she uses my mother to for my claim. Everyone is fast to through the old folks in the Nursing home. What was wrong with me giving my mother water or feeding her. My other daughter would help clean her. SSI has a way of using trick words to see if you are lying. But they are quick to put a child on SSI who mother knew the guy she was with had a mental problem.But yet she still had a child by him and then go to SS. To get a check .But a person like me who can not walk nor stand nor sit for a long time. They quick to say you can work. Like I said I hated this judge .But God changes it and gave me a love for her. I do feel sorry for her and all the other judges that feel that they are God. I am in pain 24/7. Orlando judges have a better rating than any of these judges here do. She heard my case in 2015 in Brevard County. My prayers are that this judge and every other judge would put themselves in the person body and feel what they feel. I told this judge about my back crying and now because of her judgment, I can not walk that good at all.

Judge: Koren Mueller
7/7/2017 5:55:50 AM

Korin Mueller has one of the lowest case approval ratings. If you are unfortunate enough to have her appointed as your Judge, consider your hearing as only a formality. How there can be a 40% difference between Judges approval of cases is beyond me. The judge you are assigned is most important part of deciding your approval for SSD. How you dress, behave, or answer questions is secondary. The most important factor is the Judge that you are assigned. Just hope that the Judge lottery does not appoint Korin Mueller as your judge.

Judge: Bradley L Davis
6/29/2017 11:14:06 AM

I would like t apologize for my recent post on June 12th, I suffer from severe bipolar disorder that wasn't apparently recognized fully in court along with other serious medical issues. Said decision caused me to have a bipolar episode and I made that post and I do apologize to you Mr. Davis, I am sorry

Judge: Christina Y Mein
6/22/2017 8:47:00 AM

I suffer from PTSD anxiety panic disorder I have back problems cognitive problems nuerlogoical. Problems and many other health problems now I'm suffering from leg numbness I'm waiting on a decision I visited this site and now I'm scared for my decision I can't sleep or do anything I feel bad for myself depression is the worst feeling anyone can suffer from and I've dealt with this for many years now not gotten any better the judge seemed understanding and I'm praying for the decision she sees suitable

jesse cap
Judge: Bradley L Davis
6/12/2017 11:24:34 AM

I pray this piece of **** chokes on his wifes ****

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
6/3/2017 8:01:05 AM

Valencia Jarvis entirely ignored social security's own physicians as well as my medical history. In her decision she wrote, "I think this person can work". I have an amputated right leg and other ongoing health issues. What more do you need to be disabled in her judgement? Consistent with her track record, she ignored the facts and ignored the law. I do not know how the federal government is still employing this ***** woman in a position of responsibility.

Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
5/16/2017 10:18:56 AM

I was fortunate to have Judge Stephen M Hanekamp. The short story was I travelled about 1.5 hours to the hearing and was feeling very poorly due to the ride. I then stepped off the curb wrong trying get past the crosswalk light and my back and legs really started hurting severely. I was just absolutely miserable.I them meet my attorney for the first time after working with a group out of St louis for 2.5 years I was assigned an attorney from Indiana and did not find out until just a few days prior to the hearing who was actually representing me. I was nervous and miserable to say the least, after such a long wait for the hearing I had to go through the hearing. That's where Judge Hanekamp showed great professionalism and empathy for folks in poor health really showed through. I was setting there trying to pay attention to the proceedings and really could not focus due to the pain. I needed to stand up due to severe back spasms and was afraid to at first. I did not want to disrespect his court. Finally I asked my attorney and she said to get relief, it only took a couple minutes to ease it enough to allow me to refocus on what was truly the most important day in my life for a very long time. I am thankful he did not perceive it wrong and allowed me that small break. He demonstrated a fair and balanced approach to his job and takes it serious. I am thankful for men like Judge Hanakamp

Dale M.Perry
Judge: Melvin B Werner
3/30/2017 6:58:19 PM

i had my hearing feb.9th,got my letter today saying favorable decision,judge werner listened,really listened ,he was patient and seemed to really care,not once did he make me feel like an inconvienience for hearing my case,he took note verbaly and gave me his full attention.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/27/2017 5:28:43 PM

This judge was down right rude, mean & made findings about me & my character based on a mistake in the paperwork! Completely unprofessional. She was so mean that even my lawyer couldn't believe it!

Larry Bryan
Judge: Christina Y Mein
3/11/2017 8:43:30 AM

She does not have backbone to change a previous judges ruling, who lied to me and then used the lie to threaten me into not going through with the hearing. My attourney "joke" Brent Powers, his social security knowledge is alittle less than the slowest homeless person on earth, advised me, you on your own pal,I don't know what to do. Christina I don't know how people like you are allowed to ruin regular peoples lives. But I really hope there is such a thing as karma,because you and your predecessor deserve some of your own treatment

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
1/30/2017 1:35:30 PM

I am 60 years old. From 2014 until 2016 I I was disabled with a non-union fracture of the femur. I also had medical history of soft tissue sarcoma. First occurrence was in 2000 and a second occurrence in 2002, and advanced degenerative disc disease. Even by the rigid DDS standards, I have a disabling condition, and should have been allowed SSDI. but that did not seem to occur to the "judge." My doctor generated a letter indicating I was not able to work full time, even at a DOT sedentary level, but this was also disregarded.

William riley
Judge: Koren Mueller
1/2/2017 3:39:31 PM

She very fair

Judge: Koren Mueller
12/30/2016 4:36:01 PM

I am writing this to all who give judges 5 stars before they hear results and also to the nature of the disability system in MO which is legitimately corrupt. I believe judges should be fair and reasonable and LISTEN to the medical reasons for a disability as well as examine Dr. records. Some judges will do this and still reject your claim. Others will be rude and talk over your comments and ignore everything you say just to deny you. This is wrong and these judges need to be removed from the bench. The press should have revealed this long ago. From my understanding, the system uses the monies for disability claims to also pay the judges and then give them a bonus if they deny claims more than approve if there is money left over. This is highly questionable and unfair. I believe the entire system needs to be setup again properly with good judges and a fair payment to them for service not from the funds of the afflicted. I hope Governor-Elect Eric Greitens can clean up and drain prejudicial and unfair swamp soon! St. Louis and MO is in dire need of a major change in our judicial system to make it fair and equitable for real hurting disabled individuals and not give out awards for skin color or any other reason.

Kevin Fitz
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
11/17/2016 12:44:05 PM

Unfortunately I had judge Jarvis in 2013 she is a racist she is the worst judge she twist the facts I had a heart attack one month after on Christmas I have a 4 centimeter embolism in my heart in my aorta she is a racist she has a percent of less than 17% if you're not white you will not pass the worst judge she needs to be disbarred when I was at her hearing it was a black man before me don't know his condition or anything he was in for 5 to 10 minutes I was drill 45 minutes to an hour she Twisted the facts you didn't listen to anything she has to have there has to be checks and balances why are her numbers 1/3 less than the next lowest person less than 17% approval she is a racist she does not need to be on there and when I do go to my next hearing I am going to formally complain whether I win or lose it doesn't matter I'm going to die in a year anyway okay so anybody that has Judge Jarvis you will lose you wasted your time and money Security is a right not a privilege I paid over $160,000 met the top of the top and I get turned down I lost 3 years now I had to go back now I have to go again to a different one they need to fire her ass please pass on this information my family daughter daughters friends are going to expose her on all social media ask anybody that reads this and the other ones before me to do the same she needs to be fired or possibly even thrown in jail because she's actually killing people by denying them the right it makes no sense to pay into Social Security as a right and she has her own agenda she is a racist they need to fire her and throw her in jail Kevin fits said so

CPL felix
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
11/12/2016 3:32:29 PM

Had court last month and I'm a medically retired vet apparatus to him I can work because I tried to find a job Because I have 4 kids in o provide for which nobody would hire me!!! Started stating that I said certain things which I never said ... Twisted things I said in court to his favor to were it made it seem I wasn't disable. I serve my country I get fucked up and this is how he treats wounded veterans .. I can speak English well.. Oh he's not disable .. He has hearing loss but rt he has hearing aids he's not disable. I get migraines take medication everyday but yet don't see doctor everyday. Oh his problem has dissminish in his words. Wait till it happens to one of his kids or grand kids then they will really know how unfair the system is

Praying Fully Favorable
Judge: Thomas Auble
11/2/2016 6:13:48 AM

Fair judge, showed compassion even wished me luck! I have not received his decision yet but I'm giving him 5 stars based on the respect he showed at the hearing!

Judge: Ben Barnett
10/11/2016 9:10:36 AM

I Judge Ben Barnett to be a very patient and understanding Judge. He will ask for both an opening and closing statement. As well as ask 75% of the questions. Judge Barnett will give the representative a chance to ask claimant questions before questioning the VE. I found Judge Ben Barnett to be quite fair, as he followed all of the SSA guidelines.

Judge: Patrick S Cutter
10/6/2016 6:25:30 PM

I've suffered from anxiety, panic disorder, depression and OCD for 22 years. Even with all of the medical evidence from my psychiatrist and 6 different psychologists/therapists I felt that I would lose my SSD case because I have the "invisible illness". I didn't expect to win but I was pleasantly surprised that Judge Cutter ruled in my favor. My case was very complex and I even had to fire my lawyer, but Judge Cutter looked solely at the medical evidence and made the correct decision. I'd like to thank him for helping me to get the help that I've needed for a very long time. Without his ruling I would have been in a terrible financial and mental state. At least I can fully concentrate on getting my mental health to where it should be for the sake of my wife and family. My life will never be as it was prior to 1993, but thanks to Judge Cutter I can focus on the future. Again, I thank him for ruling in my favor. He was very fair, helpful and professional. I'll do my very best to put my life back together. Best wishes to Judge Cutter.

Tanja morgan
Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
8/18/2016 1:46:06 PM

I love this guy, He is a great guy he's easy going and very understanding I worked, with him for many years and you can't beat him. Because he's overall best.

Judge: Bradley L Davis
8/17/2016 12:48:23 PM

Can any rep provide some new insight about this ALJ. On one hand seems to be a nice guy, but he currently has a 23% approval. Not real good. Is he ok with openings, no openings, realistic to when medicals are very supporting as opposed to going after CE to muddy up the water. Thanks

Patricia j Dejesus
Judge: Jay Marku
7/13/2016 9:55:45 AM

Denied my son i sat in on hearing reading paperwork its confusing basing denial on drug use- sir my sin has been in & out of mental institutions since childhood- MANY HOSPITAL STAYS MENTAL & physical PSTD- bipolar- ied- personality disorder@ at 23 diagnoised leukemia/ pancreatitis/ pancreatic divisin ( genitic) gastriparis_ food rots) stomach@ leaky heart valve But you determined he can do sedentary work- this process is horrid. I wish you would reconsider..... We all are trying here- mental health group 3xs a week. Clean/ sober no relapses longest ever.. He tried to help me in yard- his arms hands blew up enormous- hospital. Dr says he can use his arms ugh i am exhausted........ Plz someone help- he is penniless- trying to live right. Keeping suicial ideation at bay. This denial didnt help. Im calling everyplace i can & will continue til hes deceased & then more Ss is a mess. Somethings not right here

janice preece
Judge: Jerry Faust
5/2/2016 6:12:58 AM

judge faust was a nice man, he seemed fair he even wished me good luck

Sebrena Tolbert
Judge: Paul W Johnson
4/5/2016 6:49:13 PM

I was so blessed and grateful to have Judge Johnson hear my case. As soon as I walked into the court room , he dismissed the Vocational Specialist. He stated this case will be very quick and won't take no more than 10 minutes. He only asked me 1 question regarding my condition and said my doctors documentation was sufficient enough for him. He really showed alot of concern for me and my health. It took me exactally 20 months to get a hearing, but after today , April 5, 2016, I can truthfully say after having Judge Paul Johnson hear my was worth the wait. Thank s to God for seeing me thru during this long ordeal, thanks to my representative for her countless hours of hard and thanks to Judge Johnson for hearing my case and approving it in the same day. All SMILES

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/31/2016 11:20:34 AM

I had my hearing with the "judge" back in 2013. Of course, it did not go in my favor. Yes, look at her ratings. Even when she was a judge in Missouri, her ratings were almost exact as they are here in Fort Lauderdale. I was very shocked when I received the first denial letter, after the hearing. She MOST CERTAINLY makes her own rules. So many different times where she had manipulated what I had testified, to suit her decision. She is very dishonest when she writes out her decision letter. I think the only thing that was true on the letter was my name and age. The rest....fabricated. What's crazy is, this is OUR money that we paid into over our working years, obviously, otherwise we wouldn't have a sum that we should be collecting. I also agree with the ones who say she is prejudice. I believe it!! As soon as she seen me walk in, she had made her decision, before I even spoke one word. It seemed odd to me also that she kept asking me questions, concerning my partner. Did she have me on her insurance, was she the one that took care of me, did she buy my clothes, did she pay for my medicine?, etc. None of that was mentioned in the letter. I do feel for the ones who have upcoming hearings with this woman. She is not a fair judge....period. Why no one at the SS administration has stopped and asked the question of why her stats are ALWAYS the same every year, is beyond me. My total outcome after all of this??? Right back to where I was 4 years ago......

Mr. Gouge
Judge: Sherianne Laba
3/17/2016 12:22:16 PM

Best judge ever, fair, tough, doesnt put up with BS, but has a heart.

Judge: Christopher Hunt
2/17/2016 8:53:44 AM

Why must my factual messages be erased?

Carol Rice
Judge: Christopher Hunt
1/31/2016 12:56:15 AM

Interesting relationship with attorney in Oklahoma.

Judge: Christina Y Mein
1/16/2016 12:50:43 AM

I am writing this for my husband who is completely distraught after we read his decision and I am beside myself. I should be clear since she assumed he authored certain well written cogent letters to doctors when in fact I had to and he signed I've been his POA for two years. I've been to all his therapy and Dr appointments he has in the last several years had 6-7 Dr's cardiologist neurologist neorosurgeons primary dr phsycogist psychiatrist ambulatory, therapists and I've lived with him for years. He's had so much testing and blood drawing every 3 months and MRI's X-rays psych evaluations. Btw I should note I am also an HR expert with over 16 years real world experience and degrees and certifications so I know a thing or two about disabilities job hiring types of jobs policy relating to breaks and limitations and all that governs it. They should live with him before they decide to make uneducated and incredibly dubious comments, assumptions, and claims. He Never met a more two face dishonest person and I agree after what I read and know to be true. She has her own agenda clearly either that or I'd have to question her competence on disabilities and disability law. She threw out Social Securities own Dr's evaluation and said he wasn't credible. She claimed his Reg dr wasn't credible because he didn't list all his conditions even though the records reflected them and details which her personal dr said should be in his records based on testing and because he didn't have him on a higher dose of Oxycodone consistent with his physical conditions and medical records. She then said his psychiatrists wasn't credible because her diagnosis and limitations were only her medical opinion, even though they were supported with extensive testing and records. The judge added more conditions and limitations beyond what My husband had initially and the vocational expert said some weren't even in the manual so she wasn't even sure He could do the non skilled 3 jobs she selected from nation wide which were only 20,30 and 50 thousand jobs nationwide. She went on to add more limitations in the decision. The jobs all but one existed mostly in reality as a duty within other duties for a office job title like document scanner almost everywhere no matter your job one of your additional duties is to scan your own documents. Almost no one hires a "document scanner" circuit boards mostly are made in China, packers mostly ups or fed ex or a company like amazone where he can't have the limitations imposed. She claimed no foot peddles no in an out of hot or cold no bending stopping crouching crawling lifting no real thought or decision making. Little interaction with co workers or supervisors. There's not a job in the world that allows those limitations. She didn't tell the whole truth as reflected by the record about explained actions that when in school He was a slow learner and needed help and graduated a year later yet she said he graduated so it was a sign of lack of disability. She claimed because he attempted to cut our 15X15 ft yard with a self propelled mower he wasn't disabled yet it was explained in hearing and in my letter he had to take many breaks and I had to help finish she could ask the neighbors for Christ sake. She claimed I the wife was not credible when she never met me and had no information on me other than what I Privately wrote to her about his symptoms conditions and limitations which were 100% true.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
1/13/2016 2:57:54 PM

Valencia Jarvis - The most unluckiest judge in the planet!!!! Out of 73 dispostions in 2016, ODAR set only 7 cases that she was able to approve. Statisticians should study such abnormal phenomenon.

Dan Rice
Judge: Christopher Hunt
1/8/2016 4:47:01 PM

good job

Judge: Scot Gulick
12/10/2015 2:37:37 PM

I believe Judge Gulick is fair. I know he looked at all of the facts to base his decision.

Jerome Cramer
Judge: Sue Leise
12/7/2015 4:27:55 PM

I want to thank judge Leise for believing in me and awarding me with a Check to help me get my life started back up after a 6 year battle of a brain tumor. After two surgeries and a lot of Bikram Hot yoga, I am completely healthy. I'm now a full time teacher of Bikram Hot yoga in Katy TX. I have a new life now. With the money I got, I moved to TX from Oregon, got my car fixed, an apartment and so on. I'm now helping people get healthy, I love my job, and I love this new life I have. I'm so grateful. I could not have moved and got this full time teaching job if I had not received this money. I just want judge Leise to know that I spent every penny on starting my life over and now I'm back to a productive person in our community, and I give back every day. Thank you and God bless you.

Malcolm showalter
Judge: Melvin B Werner
11/29/2015 1:58:04 PM

I think judge warner really listened to me I'm not quite sure i will win because I had no attorney but he seemed fair

Judge: Melvin B Werner
11/17/2015 11:05:24 AM

I wrote the previous comment about Judge Werner before receiving my decision and I can not tell you the feeling of knowing he actually listened to me and took the time to understand my situation as a whole. I knew when I walked out of the hearing that whatever the decision would be I would be alright with it as I felt I had been heard for the first time without personal judgement. I have terrible anxiety that makes me instantly start to sweat (profusely) and cry hysterically without much control of my face. So many times thru this process I have had professionals instantly want to "get rid" of me when this happens. It's already embarrassing and awful without that additional stress. Judge Werner actually allowed me to take the time I needed to answer questions, even though it is very difficult when I'm having an attack and crying hysterically. Since the day I had a major stroke at my desk I do not feel that anyone has taken the time to listen to what I had to say... until my hearing with Judge Werner. Judge Werner was wonderful in that, yes he listened to me, but because of the way he treated me I made it through the hearing and was able to provide the information he needed. He made it clear that he would be verifying through my files that the information I provided was correct and that was a huge relief to me also because that meant he was actually going to take the time to read my file! I know now that he must have because although I have over 15 years of medical records I had been denied on just one report from an SSI doctor I spent 30 minutes with. This would not have been an easy task as even I have troubles reading all my medical reports because there are so many. I just can not say enough how grateful I am for his humanity. I had almost given up hoping that at some point during this process someone would care enough to listen instead of thumbing through until they found something that could constitute a denial.

Judge: William K Mueller
10/28/2015 11:53:31 PM

I had my hearing with Judge Mueller and I must say I have never been so degraded as a human being until I had Judge Mueller hear my case. Not only did he degrade me but he made every effort to belittle me and mentally and emotionally attack me. He took various parts of my reports and misconstrued them any way to put me down. It seemed to only upset him when I re-clarified those parts of my records that he was taking out of context. This judge is non-compassionate, ignorant, unworthy of doing his job in a professional manner, arrogant, disrespectful and the list can go on. Judge Mueller also felt it was his right to question me on personal information not related to my medical information or disability. It is really upsetting that someone with his characteristics is someone you should be comfortable to discuss your disability and hardships with. I felt from the moment I walked in he had already stereo-typed me as an unworthy person. I really hope he never finds himself in my position and have someone like him determine his fate.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
10/16/2015 12:45:28 PM

I would like to find out if this judge is prejudiced against white people. If her approval is mostly of black people we may be able to have her disbarred.

Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
9/28/2015 6:12:23 PM

Wonderful judge. Don't have a decision, of course if denied I will be somewhat angry as would anyone. But, I can't ask for a more level playing field than with this judge. He goes by the book, but makes people comfortable. I hope he serves for many years to come. This judge does not seem to be doing this for the paycheck, but for the greater good...... I stand by these words even if I get a denial.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
9/27/2015 2:09:23 PM

This woman has to be on the craziest power trip ever. She makes things up, twists reality, and apparently knows more than the doctors do. IF you get her, pray for a miracle. I know there's a lot of fraud going on, but she denies people who are legitimately disabled in order to combat the high SSA rates. I'm suspicious of a racism element as well, but I won't confirm it because it's not like she flat out called me a honky.If you do get her, DO NOT GIVE HER AN INCH. She'll take your inch and turn it into a mile. I told her the medicine will sometimes work, about 10% of the time. She turned that into "the medicine works almost all of the time". Variety of different things were manipulated to suit her decision. She had already denied me the minute I spoke, the rest of the trial was just a formality and a way to twist the truth into her fraudulent, deceptive decision.

Judge: Melvin B Werner
9/25/2015 10:12:08 AM

I just had my hearing yesterday and I was very nervous and scared to go. It was a very hard process for me but I do feel that Judge Werner listened to me and was genuinely trying to understand my circumstances and situation. I did not have representation and Judge Werner did take time to explain what was happening to me through the process even though it caused us to run over on time. I may or may not be approved but I do feel that I was given the opportunity to be heard and not judged on a personal level. That I appreciate.

Judge: W. Gary Jewell
9/15/2015 8:45:35 AM

Judge Jewell did not use the correct information in making his decision on my SGA appeal. He used the incorrect year of earnings, my job title was incorrect and he did not consider all employees are disabled who work for my employer. If the correct information was considered, I know the outcome of the decision would have been favorable to me. Although his demeanor was very nice, his decision was based on the incorrect facts

I will never give up
Judge: Kim McClain-Leazure
8/30/2015 9:48:14 PM

So disappointed in the judge. Stated comments that my psychiatrist did not say. Tried to intimidate me into saying it was correct. I know some people try to abuse the system. I'm not one of those. She discounted all of my documented evidence from all of my doctors. It was a joke. She used the fact that I try to walk without a cane against me. I only use it when necessary. I don't try to over act or pretend. I was so disgusted with her that I started not to file again. I got an attorney who told me to keep filing until you turn 65. He told me that I worked hard over 20 years and did not cause my injury. I had a super work history and loved what I did. I still will not lie under oath. I will tell the truth and I will answer questions correctly. If you have been denied by this judge, please do not give up. I will continue to fight for my case and I encourage you to do the same.

Judge: Christopher Hunt
8/30/2015 1:59:25 PM

(social security atty) and judge hunt are very good friends. They have nothing but good things to say about each other. You could venture to say they are partners in crime.

Angela Renee
Judge: Nathaniel Plucker
7/20/2015 9:07:52 AM

My understanding was that this Judge was fairly new to St. Louis ODAR. I thought he seemed very fair during our hearing. He made me feel more comfortable than usual when I'm in these situations, which I appreciated. He said he had thoroughly reviewed my file and I believed he did by his comments throughout. No decision yet, but I have a very old case which is causing complications. I did wonder if the Voc Rehab rep was biased by some of her comments. I tend to take things very negatively even when not warranted often, so its hard for me to tell at times. I would say regardless of result he seemed to do what was appropriate from what I witnessed. I had a hard time not turning in multiple rants on how things I had forgotten were left out or how something I might of said may look conflicting, an unfortunate side effect I've yet to come close to mastering.

Judge: Kim McClain-Leazure
7/7/2015 11:36:43 PM

I had my hearing approx 3 months ago and Judge Kim was very understanding. She had the facts in front of her (my medical records) and my lawyer said maybe 5 words. She told me that I had solid evidence to support my claim. She gave me a favorable decision on the spot. I really appreciate all her help.

Judge: Nathaniel Plucker
6/29/2015 9:11:53 PM

I had heard lets just say not to kind words of this Judge. So I was very nerviness going into my hearing with the ratings I've seen on him here online. That said He did ask some very important ?s some of them may seem like he knew the answers but wanted to see how you answered them. He gave you plenty of time to answer the ?s. I can't sit long so he had no problem of me standing or to do whatever I had to do. He seemed to care and even made a comment about me shaking from the pain and asked why and how often it happens.Let me be clear he knows what his doing and if you try to blow smoke up his ass He'll see it coming a mile a way. He's a new Judge comes from St.paul or the other twin city to STL in the last year i think. I'm told he's a hard Judge BUT what I seem of him he seems fair.My lawyer said he normally takes over an hour per case. I don't think I was I the hearing more than 20 minutes so I don't know if that is good or bad. I don't know the out come yet.

Judge: Mark Naggi
6/29/2015 4:16:55 AM

I don't know how Judge Naggi can possibly have a 58% approved rate. He went out of his way to deny my disability claim. He tried to play doctor by claiming that since I haven't tried cortisone shots in 15 years then I haven't tried enough. Well Judge you are no doctor and my doctors laughed at the idea. They understand that cortisone only works in the joint it is injected into. Not an option when you have 30 joints that are affected. Furthermore, he threw out an affidavit from a doctor for no better reason than it was a clear indication of the validity of my claim. He did the same with my testimony. Since my hearing the stress from the continued uncertainty of my future has cost me my family, my home and my truck. I have to rely on others just to have a roof over my head. Judge Naggi and all the others in disability determination are ruining lives by constantly denying legitimate claims. And it is my opinion and only an opinion that they are doing so not out of ineptitude but purposefully and maliciously.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
6/16/2015 1:50:02 PM

This judge is a joke, and I haven't even been in front of her yet. A "Peggy" in her office just called and told me that I had to come downtown, taking a day unpaid off work, bring my daughter (who has Down Syndrome) to show them that my daughter is disabled. As if the doctors letter showing her as having Down Syndrome wasn't enough! What does this judge think? She lost her extra chromosome since we filed the paperwork? Not only that but my wife has to take an unpaid day off work as well because someone needs to be there to take care of our daughter during the remainder of the session. All of this after 15 months of waiting for this judge to hear the appeal, and cancelling once, within 7 days of the initial appointment. It's no wonder people hate the government so much, if all government employees are as incompetent as this I now know why.

Christine Mitchell
Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
6/2/2015 8:12:37 PM

I just had my case heard last week and it went really well. Judge Hanekamp was very sympathetic to my diagnosis and very respectful to not only me but also to my lawyer. He knew that I had trouble with my heath and gave me extra time to answer his questions. I couldn't have asked for a better Judge. Even though I haven't heard his decision just yet, I still had a very positive experience. There should be more like him around.

Jeff A
Judge: Sue Leise
5/1/2015 12:17:53 PM

She was very thorough but affable. Had my case been denied I probably would not be quite as generous but it was approved.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
3/17/2015 11:55:03 AM

hey its homeless again judge Moran I for give you for all the pain you have caused me the loss of my home which was my inhairantance which was from my mother.the back money from 2010 when i filed the claim and your unfair and wrong decision in 2012 and would also like to thank the appeals counsil for the poor job that they did in not looking at the new evidents which would have fixed the problem but you also did not do your jobs i sent new records that showed new proof of my disabilty and you say that you looked at them but when you sen the evadents you supposly looked at it was not there wonder were it went. thin air? So i had to refile in 2013 which took my work credits cause i had to refile so now i get ssi not ssd i fought my ass off to keep all my things and lost all of it my mother the house all the things in the house cloths pictures furnture family airlooms all my mothers stuff my stuff as people picked threw it on the side of the road and after all that you will not even do nothing to fix the mistake but i forgive its time to move on because there is one thing you could not take is my happiness and determnation and my spirit.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/4/2015 5:56:46 AM

Another one here where she totally lied on my decision. She stated I was a social butterfly, yeah, those words killed me, and said I had numerous friends to visit, etc.. Well truth is, I've been socially isolating for the past 3 years and have had a total of 1 friend visit. Something I testified too. She also said I could grocery shop by myself, etc, which I haven't done in quite some time and also testified too. I told her that in the beginning I wasn't compliant with my diabetes because I was in denial, well she wrote that I wasn't compliant NOW, which is NOT what I said in my hearing, I told her that I have been VERY compliant now because I was in the beginning of kidney issues. Oh and per her decision I have no cognitive issues, yet I also testified that I couldn't remember any of my medical classes anymore, had to have reminders to take my blood sugar and my medications and hubby took over all bills because I kept forgetting to pay them. She also used the "grid" to determine that I wasn't disabled, which she WASN'T supposed to use for her overall determination, yet that was her greatest weight for denial, and she used a grid for someone below age 50, I am now 53! So her "grid" thinking is totally skewed. I have no idea why this woman is in any position to control peoples lives!! Oh and she totally discounted what both my doctors wrote, that there is NO WAY I can hold a job for 8 hours a day, or even 4 hours a day, she just dismissed what the people who see me 3-6 times a year said and took only the SSA doctors, who I've never seen into account. She's a farce, and shouldn't be allowed to make decisions that affect others lives. I hope she's fired before my appeal comes through.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
2/19/2015 12:25:10 PM

this judge should be removed from the bench. there doctors siad i was disabled my doctors said the mom died jan 9 2012 his decision came jan 12 2012 denied could not make house payments lightbills food borrowed money to creamate her lost my my work credits lost my back pay and for what because he said i did not look disabled so i guss he just disregards top doctors in there field opinion.thing i lost the house everything but there is vendication i won my case feb 12 2015 in front of judge thompson who they say is the tuffest in florida and the second in the country he said i should have received it then and if he would have been the judge he would have given it to me. so with that being said i am homeless when it should not have happend i lost over half of my back pay and at least half of the monthly money so were justice for the working man there is none.p.s judge thompson was very fair and throw

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
2/12/2015 4:40:24 PM

I had the same experience as the last person who wrote in about Valencia Jarvis. She made up facts to support her decision to deny me benefits, and ignored she facts that were in evidence contradicting her ruling. I can't say she's mean spirited. She might simply be incompetent. Regardless, it's clear that a judge (Valencia Jarvis) who is consistently at the lowest end of granting approvals is using criteria that is inconsistent with standards set by social security. It's beyond me how Valencia Jarvis still has been able to hold onto her job. Perhaps social security hold performance reviews? i don't know. It's sad and shameful that Valencia Jarvis is still allowed to be in a position of responsibility for which she is clearly ill-suited and its allowed to cause pain to people who deserve better. I deserve better. We all deserve better.

Judge: Christina Y Mein
1/26/2015 12:42:15 AM

Great judge Either way my decision goes I was very impressed with her, she listens is smart and cares about the situation. Glad she is there

Judge: Christina Y Mein
12/16/2014 1:26:12 PM

Very pleasant Judge. I applied for SSDI in May 2013 denied in July 15 2013 and appealed the decision July 15 2013. Hearing date was November 17 2014. Fully favorable Decison on December 8 2014. I'm only 39 years old and have severe DDD in lower lumbar. My attorney had all my evidence together like MRI ,X-rays and notes and RFC from my orthopedic surgeon. Good luck to everyone cause it is tough and a long wait. But Judge Mein was very nice and seemed very sincere about what I had to say and she was great. Thank you.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
10/2/2014 7:12:41 AM

She runs a fair hearing but is severe in her rulings with a low approval rate. Not an ALJ you necessarily want to be in front of with anything but a very good case.

Judge: Mark Naggi
9/9/2014 11:35:19 AM

At my hearing Judge Naggi did not seem to have any agenda other than determining a fair ruling. He displayed great patience in trying to sort through some issues with my confusing medical records, was considerate, and while I don't know yet the final outcome, I am confident by his professionalism and demeanor that he will make his ruling based on what he believes is fair and just.

Judge: Sue Leise
8/29/2014 8:20:32 PM

If you have Leise for an ALJ you should consider yourself lucky. She is thorough but that is a good thing if you have to appeal or if you get a quality review. Don't try and pull the wool she will see right through it. I doubt many appeal her desicison, don't think many would win that.

mary hoeft
Judge: Sue Leise
8/26/2014 4:01:43 PM

I am still waiting for my decision, it has been almost 60 days however judge Leise was very kind and very patient with me as i was nervous and trying to answer the questions as well as i could. i appreciate her time and even if i am denied i will hold no harsh feelings. i will still appeal any denial however i do not hold harsh feelings because it would be hard as a judge to determine whether or not a person who is maybe borderline disabled meaning i cant work however my work history shows a period of 10 years of work. which ended in termination because of the lack of coming to work due to the depression.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
8/23/2014 1:05:55 PM


elizabeth H
Judge: W. Gary Jewell
8/16/2014 3:14:06 PM

I think that he was a fair judge.I don't know the outcome of my hearing yet.My attorney was very incompitaint.He didn't even know what I got diagnosed with and wouldn't tell the judge about the 25 plus medications Im on and the side effect of those medications.I don't see how someone spends there day taking pills from the time they get up till they go to bed and don't supper side effects.i am nausea from morning till night and over half my medications cause drowsiness.I hope that they judge seen that my lawyer did not present my case in the right fashion.i am so so upset.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
8/7/2014 12:05:27 PM

I had Valencia Jarvis as my S.S. judge and she lied about my medically documented impairments in both physical and also psychological aspects and stated the exact opposite in her findings. To show how truly unfair of a judge this piece of work is, the states own vocational expert stated that I could not do any form of work at all even at sedentary levels and she stated the opposite of this as well in her decision. Unfortunately this is how she is allowed to continue to deny countless others through lies and falsifying documented evidence. Even though I had a rather lengthy rebuttal letter written up on my behalf to the appeals council trying to bring her upon charges for what she did to me showing documented proof that Valencia Jarvis lied to deny, which the appeals council agreed with 100%, they didn't feel this proof warranted my wrongful deny decision to be overturned but rather remanded back to the ALJ stage. Wasted 6 years + of my life and I am still at step one thanks to Valencia Jarvis who I notice does this to an extremely large number of those she oversees case wise. How can people like this stay in power with NO repercussions what so ever??? They need to have star categories going in the negative scale because she deserves a negative ten rating!

Judge: Sheila E McDonald
7/29/2014 12:58:18 PM

Her Honor was a very pleasant and fair judge. She studied my medical records like a good judge should. I was approved but even if I hadn't been, I was happy with her questioning and overall professionalism. Judgement was less than a month which surprised me after hearing all the horror stories.

Judge: John J Flanagan
7/21/2014 10:48:46 AM

Filed for disability in 2009, lost,then appealed it, filed for appeal..lost, in 2012 Was told it would go before an appeal council. It's now 2014. I'm awaiting for the yay or nay My conditions have gotten WORSE. it has left me destitute,nearly homeless, absolute poverty.

jason dodson
Judge: Mark Naggi
6/27/2014 1:22:40 PM

Thank You! for the favorable decision. Very kind judge. was very kind and the hearing was professional. I was scared going in but He made it pleasant. I'm glad I went in and was honest it paid off.!! don't remember his clerks name...she was pleasent with my many calls. and floyd was extremely nice with all my calls over the months with me bugging him. he made it pleasant also!!!!!

Kelley Greer
Judge: Monica LaPolt
6/26/2014 12:57:28 PM

After having a hearing with this ALJ which doesn't impress me that she is even considered a judge! After reading reviews on this gal, how is she still a so called "Judge?" She lied right to my face under oath at my hearing! Does she NOT know that is perjury? This gal needs to lose her title, and her job with her dishonest behavior! I was lied to by several in this office and nobody knows what they are doing! I've taken my complaint higher to the Indiana Bar, I would be happy to see this gal lose her job and legal license! Unreal!! Why is a "judge" allowed to lie??? I shall keep you posted that whole office needs to be investigated and further more-jobless!! Give the jobs to honest Americans that wl do the job!! Sometimes authority gets ya "judge!"

Judge: Bradley L Davis
6/6/2014 9:18:44 AM

I have been in front of more than one judge, but this one most recently. I completely agree that maybe I didn't "look" sick enough for them. I have years of records documenting my illness, but it appears that drs, nurses and therapists who have seen me regularly over the years are not as qualified to judge my ability to work as a ssa dr that is reading my file! And I can't pick and choose my Dr's at will since I have medicaid.'s a miracle I have people that will see me at all. I also agree about statements being picked and chosen and manipulated at will or downright fabricated to fit you into the "unfavorable" final note. This will probably identify me to the judge but I don't care anymore. I've been fighting these jerks for nearly 6 years now, they'd sooner see me dead than approved. Right before my attorney and I were leaving my hearing, my atty asked about some evidence that should have been in the record but he couldn't see it. Your honor's (there's a good one) response?? "If it's not there I'm sure you'll see it ON APPEAL." sooooo....anybody who had any doubt that these judges went in with an objective mind as to whom was going to get approved, yeah....IT IS THEIR JOB TO FIND A REASON TO DENY US OUR BENEFITS. I hope that one day these guys get a good helping of karma,it's just not right to play with people's lives like this!

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
6/3/2014 7:41:22 AM

To the person that wrote the most recent post on 5/13/2014. Sounds exactly like my outcome. She completely ignored the medical data. Only gave "great weight" to the report from the Disability doctor that reviewed my records,never saw me in person and was an prior felon with 90+ felony drug charges against him and is currently under a probationary license in FL. I too wondered if I don't look sick enough or if it is because I am a white middle-aged man that has put in 30 years in the work force and payed taxes, maybe she saves her 16% approvals for her Black friends. She is immoral and disgusting. If you choose to appeal, make sure to put those facts in the appeal and also state that you refuse to be heard by her again. That is what my attorney has done, still waiting the appeal. If they insist that you go before her again, find a friend in Dade County and put in a change of address, then your case can be moved to another judge in the Miami system instead of having to go before her a second time in Broward. Good Luck!

Judge: Sue Leise
5/30/2014 3:21:49 PM

It was a long and lonely process, but you have given me hope. Thank you Judge Sue Leise. I can't stop crying. I hope the suicidal thoughts will go away as a result of your favorable decision. My parents don't need to be burdened with me any more. I will be able to continue treatment and stay on medication. I have a new "Leise" on life! I would not wish my problems on anyone.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
5/13/2014 6:00:26 PM

This woman, Jarvis, takes all the information provided in the hearing and twists EVERYTHING to suit her decision. She leaves out information, as well as evidence and states that the "claimant" says this or that, when it is UNTRUE!!! Isn't she suppose to uphold to a certain oath of truth as well??? Many things in my "decision" letter were just fabricated lies...plain and simple. Even though there are so many doctor reports and questionnaires filled out by credible doctors, she says that she gives "no weight or little weight" to what they say. That is, unless your a doctor for Social Security, then by all means...she will state that she gives THEM all the weight in the world! She loves to play God and decide someones fate, who really needs to have the decision go in their favor. Shame on her for thinking she could just wily nilly say, "I don't like this person, I find your decision UNFAVORABLE". Maybe I was dressed too nice (out of respect for a hearing), maybe I didn't look sick, maybe I was well spoken?? Maybe because I'm ***, go ahead and deny me my benefits?? I am just so amazed, that looking at her "Approval rating", this woman is still allowed to "Judge" people and decide their fate. I have ZERO respect for her or anyone like this person, who decides what is accepted and what is not.

kevin sutherland
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
5/1/2014 7:16:24 AM

Im very happy with the ruling on my case by this judge. I was approved. Very pleased with the outcome.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
4/29/2014 10:45:53 AM

I went before this judge and the only thing he could use against me was that I smoke cig's lmao. This judge didn't even open my records. He would not stop about smoking. This judge needs banned fromk the bench.

Judge: Kim McClain-Leazure
4/28/2014 8:59:50 AM

Extremely disrespectful. Very demeaning and angry. Acts unprofessional. Made decision before I walked into the room.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
4/6/2014 5:36:05 AM

She dismissed my doctors recommendations and decided to think she was my doctors. Denied by her with untrue things in denial letter. I really think she didn't read my file right as she stated as she said I was still doing some hobbies which it clearly stated I have not done them in years. Anyway federal appeal ruled she was wrong so that tells you right there she doesn't do her job right and should find another job. If denied by her take it to federal and you will win.

Judge: Edward I Pitts
3/18/2014 9:58:44 AM

From what I know of Mr. Pitts he is a very kind honest man

Sharon Hummel
Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/10/2014 2:18:35 PM

This judge is a joke! She threw out or had a negative response to everything in my file. I couldn't believe the untrue or negative responses in my denial letter. Someone isn't doing their job properly. Threw out both of my doctors responses, said I was a liar, my daughter and sister. I am very sick have been for a long time now and no one will help me. I am about to loose my house and anything I have. I have worked my entire life very hard and to be treated like this is a insult. This judge needs replaced. They need to take in to account their responses. I would be interested in knowing how many suicides occur from judges and doctors that seem like their only goal is to kick you when your down. Be a professional like you are supposed to be!!!! I am very angry how good people are treated from judges and doctors, people we are suppose to respect.

Judge: Ben Barnett
3/5/2014 6:28:05 AM

I found Judge Barnett to be a very good listener he asked for opening and closing comments and let my lawyer ask all the questions, when she was done he had 3 questions for me and 1 question to the vocational expert and even though he has a 31% approval rating i found him to be quite fair, not because he found me disabled but because he followed the guidelines of the ssa.At this time i would like to thank my attorney from Freedom Disability Michelle Huerta for a job well done.

Judge: Patrick S Cutter
3/4/2014 10:39:22 AM

Judge Patrick Cutter is a wonderful judge. He is truly one of the best LAJ. in the county. He was very fair in the way he handled my case he took it step by step explaining the procedure before we ever got started. He took control of the entire hearing asking all questions that were important and concerning my case. If he didn't get the proper answer he wanted to hear, he rephrased it much easier for me to understand. He also allowed me time to explain my total conditions without interruptions. He also understood my entire situation and conditions and handle them in a very Professional matter. The hearing was lengthy but it needed to be in order to produce a fair verdict. He asks a lot about your conditions in order to be fair. Despite what other people may think of Judge Cutter. He handle the case the in the most Professiional way a judge could handle a case. I personally want to thank judge cutter, for hearing my case and giving me the proper and most fair hearing a client could receive. I Took the time to evaluate Judge Cutter because he deserves the credit for all the hard work he puts into each and every case he hears. If you are truthful with the Judge he is true to you.

Judge: Christina Y Mein
3/1/2014 5:40:39 PM

I'm praying that jesus reveals to your heart who I am and you are able to decern through records and truth how much pain I have and how I can't do anywork due to my conditions. The lord has chose not to heal me for his higher purposes and I except that. But I believe I will not be denied at hearing and to him be ALL the praise and glory! Amen

Judge: Christina Y Mein
2/21/2014 3:02:23 PM

Don't include me in you lowest approvel and highest denial stats! Base your decision on medical facts and not whatever way you have been doing it PLEASE, back disorders are real! and for some much more dibilitating than others. When I read your stats I instantly thought all this time and pain and this is what I'm gunna get??

Judge: Monica LaPolt
2/4/2014 12:00:43 PM

I thought she was very nice and understanding. She was very knowlegable about my file and all the evidence included. I have not yet receieved a decision, but felt she was fair during the hearing.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
1/26/2014 11:34:01 AM

This is one of the Doctors (If you can call him that) that Florida uses to determine the Health and Well being of it's Disability claimants. Judge Jarvis said she gave his report the "most weight" yet he had not reviewed the majority of my medical records since the tests and Specialists reports came after his review of my records. He has surrendered his medical license in two others states due to this same type of activity. Currently under Probationary License in Florida. Had 90 charges against him in Florida. Has been admitted twice (that I can find) to drug rehab for abusing Hydrocodone, Yet he is still used in Florida and paid by our Government to review Disability cases. Lets Put A Stop to this!

george Hall
Judge: Dennis LeBlanc
1/6/2014 9:16:39 PM

The Judge has ruled totally incorrect in a recent case. Since her major back surgery in October the lady has lost over 50 pounds and now only weighs 94 pounds. On top of that she had two other surgeries 2 weeks fter her back surgery and has since been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitus. She has been in and out of the hospitial since October 2, and now is hospitalized again and today had to have a feeding tube inserted since her pancreatitus had worsened. On top of all of this this Judge totally ignored the facts in this case. Just another BS rubber stamp denial. He doesn't even rate having any stars. His 12 page report was horse .... and he knows it. And the examing doctor that stated she could lift a hundred (100) pounds will be sued for improper diagnosis and malpractice.

Breanne McDowell
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
12/12/2013 8:12:59 AM

This judge denied my mother and denied her for the wrong diagnosis. She stated my mother has well controlled diabetes and Hep C, neither of these are true. After waiting two months and using every resource that I had to continue to take care of my mother to be told this is SICK. I take care of her, I see how ill she is, how many times she falls and blacks out from sugars, how she goes with out insurance and I pay for her medications. How we have been evicted and are behind and sinking even more daily and have no chance of any help. It just SICK. She said my mom didn't keep her appointments. Well your honor, there is one car, my mother has problems driving due to her sugars changing consitently and feels unsafe. I work full time in the medical Field If I lose my job how can I keep us going even if its not that well. It is Christmas and we have nothing losing our place to live my car is behind my mother is short on her medications and you Deny her!. I plan to make sure that this goes as far as I need to take it. This is poor judgement on your part as a judge. Stating that you were not in agreance with the Doctor that stated clearly she is disabled, I would like to say They are a physician you, your honor are a judge! I work in the medical field I see poeople get this for as things as simple as sinus issues, My mother is Ill, the least you could have done is got her correct diagnosis but that could be be cause you are a judge and not a doctor. Following the doctor's would have been helpful!

Judge: Lisa Groeneveld-Meijer
12/11/2013 3:50:39 PM

Although i don't have a disposition yet I was pleasently surprised by the judge. She asked very specific and probing questions which proved to me and my attorney she obviously read my file. This process is stressful and frustrating so i am grateful i had a judge who made the effort to speak with me, ask questions and put a face to my file.

Amy Willis
Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
11/4/2013 5:40:49 PM

Judge Hanekamp was very pleasant and attentive to my issues!!! I could not have asked for a better Judge to handle my case!!! Very nice and professional!!! I still dont know my judgement yet but either way I had a very positive experience with Judge Hanekamp!!!

Alan Baker
Judge: Mark A Clayton
11/4/2013 3:21:02 PM

we went to court but it doesn't seem like they do what the judge says

Judge: Jay Marku
10/29/2013 7:04:47 AM

Comes off as sarcastic, snarky. Conducts a quick hearing. You may get some questions in, but he'll tell you to wrap it up! I think he is fair though. I won't mind being in front of him again.

Stacey rivers
Judge: Paul W Johnson
8/31/2013 5:14:20 PM

judge Johnson a kind man may God bless you.

jeffrey james
Judge: Sue Leise
8/26/2013 1:38:55 PM

I still wait for answer on my claim takes so long as I wait I have no money I cannot work I cannot even afford some meds for depression if denied I might as well give up on life I will be homeless with no income I am not even able to get get my kids school stuff this year all the kids make fun because we are so poor if something does not happen soon we WILL be homeless.

Judge: Kim McClain-Leazure
8/20/2013 6:20:22 PM

No personality, other than being very angry. Was unprepared and unprofessional, as well as, totally unprepared for my hearing.

Jennifer Croy
Judge: Mark Naggi
8/15/2013 4:40:06 PM

He was a great considerate kind judge when asking me questions and I felt he was through and understanding my case, I would recommend him to any one filing for disability for physical or mental conditions. He also waited on my attorney closing statement with consideration for my case.

Pray for me
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
6/24/2013 8:04:35 PM

So sad for me I was denied and Im really sick my mind would not let me answer the questions I was all mixed up. Don't those judges see that you have worked all your life and you would get more money if you could work.

Judge: Joseph L Heimann
6/17/2013 12:53:39 AM

I think this judge is very unfair and doesnt take in to count that you can have bad and good days. The fact that you can fuction for a hour or two a day to take care of a child or that you can go to the grocery store to get food, (even though you have to be there about 6 hours and sit down over a half dozen times, and take a pill just so you dont freak out) means that you can work and maintain a normal life. My daughter only shops where she knows that she can hide in the coolers in the stores if she has a panic attack, the same store that friends work at that can help her if she starts to have pain, or that can get to me or at least get her to her truck so she can try to get home. She dont socialize or interact with anyone other than close friends or family as to not scare people, and with all the pain and mental problems she has, the fact that she tries to still be a good mom and take as good of care of her child as she can with help from family, he says she isnt disable. I know of people that have nothhing wrong with them other than they dont want to work that get ssi/ssd. That is wrong in so many ways. So in short, in his eyes, the fact that she still tries to do right by her child and not be totally dependent on someone else for everything, shes not disable..... Thats just not right. Lets have him walk a day in her shoes and see how well he enjoys it. Mentally, and physically she has been though the ringer and has major medical problems, but like I said it seems because she still tries, she not disable and that she can still work. Trust me, I know my daughter, she has always worked very hard. Long hours and would reather work than ever ask for anyone to help her. So this is a big hit to her pride, and to be told that she is lying, well thats just wrong in so many ways...

Judge: William K Mueller
5/8/2013 11:11:44 AM

This official of the courts was one of the best I have ever encountered. He allowed me to speak and he gave me the courtesy to present my evidence. I will say, that he was very stearn from the outset of the case, but once he realized that an error had been made by the Social Security Administration, the Judges' demeanor changed. I wish that all Judicial officials could take a page from this Judges court etiquettes. I have encountered many Judge's that demoralize and treat the disabled as harden criminals, but this Judge was neither unprofessional, nor stereotypical.

Judge: Mark A Clayton
4/16/2013 5:15:47 PM

unfavorable to most cases. I agree he is pleasant, but he is content in knowing who pays his salary and doing what he is told. Not an adjudicator, but a government employee.

Judge: Paul Gaughen
4/2/2013 8:57:28 AM

as i said above, on 3/18 this judge seized upon my twice-weekly alcohol use, and called it "abuse". this led him to negate all my medical records, saying i could function without "alcohol abuse" (2 times weekly) if this guy wants to deny your claim to keep his NHC ratios in order, he will find a way.

Judge: Paul Gaughen
3/29/2013 8:11:36 AM

Very pleasant judge. Knows when he has to do a fully developed hearing and also when he doesn't. Likes to cut to the chase on clearly solid cases.

Judge: John J Flanagan
3/29/2013 8:09:57 AM

Our experience has been consistent with the other comments here. He does a thorough job explaining to the claimant just what's going to happen in the hearing and why he's asking the questions he does. He's a very fair judge and knows what he's doing.

Judge: Bradley L Davis
3/29/2013 8:06:27 AM

Have had several hearings with this ALJ. He is friendly and personable, younger and newer to the bench. He allows openings and closings and has rep to questioning. He has a reasonable award rate and will clearly pay cases with merit. Nice judge to work with.

Judge: Mark A Clayton
3/29/2013 8:04:34 AM

I've had one hearing with this judge by video. He was very pleasant, calm, professional. He asked for an opening statement and then he did a fairly thorough questioning of the claimant. He covered full range of hypos with VE. He is clearly on the conservative side with his award rate.

Judge: William E Kumpe
3/29/2013 7:55:46 AM

I've had several hearings with Judge Kumpe. He has a military background, is used to getting things done efficiently. He does talk quickly, often in short, clipped sentences and can use terminology and analogies that are hard to follow. I've had clients tell me after the hearing they couldn't understand half of what the judge was talking about. Still, he's always been very pleasant and professional in how he runs his court. He will do things like fire quick little questions to the claimant such as "What's 7 x 25?" "What is the color of that wall? In that sentence I just gave you, what is the subject? What is the verb?" These are little tests that he knows will get unrehearsed answers and tell him what he needs to know about the claimant's functioning. More often than not, when I go in for a hearing, the judge will do a brief questioning and then order Consultative Exams and will likely schedule a supplemental hearing. I get the impression he doesn't think much of the DDS examiners routinely used and he often wants more accurate and thorough exams, especially where claimants have had limited medical work up. I think he's a very fair and understanding judge.

Judge: Christopher Hunt
3/29/2013 7:47:26 AM

I've had one hearing with ALJ Hunt. He is younger, newer to the bench I believe and he treated me and my client very well. It was a well run, fair hearing. Based on his award rate I think he's a very reasonable judge.

Judge: Stephen M Hanekamp
3/29/2013 7:45:56 AM

ALJ Hanekamp is one of the most pleasant judges to work with. He knows his stuff, he has a good sense of humor and a nice disposition. He is considerate and understanding towards claimants and he treats reps very well. We need more like him!

Judge: Joseph W Warzycki
3/29/2013 7:43:24 AM

I have had many hearings with ALJ Warzycki. He is on the conservative side and he usually knows the file pretty well. He's always treated me well and been pleasant to work with, eventhough he denies a lot of cases. I think he often schedules supplemental hearings and brings in medical experts in hopes of getting stronger evidence to support a denial and sometimes the expert actually supports a finding of disability. If you are well prepared and your case has merit he will award the claim.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/27/2013 3:29:36 PM

"I am going to try and appeal" I see. You filed an applic. and was denied. You've filed a Recon and was denied. Then, you got an Unf. Dec. by an ALJ. Now, you will try to convince the AC that the ALJ was wrong. In fact, you are disabled. A non-disabled would have hired an Atty.

Judge: Joseph W Warzycki
3/26/2013 7:15:27 PM

Warzycki attacked my wife for being bolemic a condition which she does not have,she has chronic migraines . He was in a hurry, although she had waited 22 months for this second hearing. He did not want to hear testimony from witnesses but in his letter 45 days later he dismissed her medical evidince and her lack of even calling a witness. He felt that she looked ok to him. I hope one day ole Joe has to appear infront of a lying judge just like him.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/25/2013 6:33:05 PM

My claim was denied. Apparently attending college means I do not have a disability. Nevermind the fact that the only reason I am still in school is because of the laundry list of accommodations that my schools "office for students with disabilities" gives me. Unfortunately trying to get an education is a mistake. Maybe it is just a mistake for me given all the students I know that receive assistance from the same office and have been approved. I am going to try and appeal, hopefully the next judge I see will not be her. Maybe she should try and deal with my medical issues for just one week and then tell me I don't have a disability.

Judge: William K Mueller
3/23/2013 6:31:10 AM

actually called 7 doctors i saw for my conditions liars!!! Also, that the 3 mri's 4 catscans and 5 x-rays of my 3 herniated discs in my neck c-5/c-6/c-7 as well as c-9 barely hanging on by a thread, as hyping up my condition, and the facts don't show the severity i claim???Oh, did i mention that i was found totally and permanently disabled by the dr. review boards of hillsboro mo. for my conditions, ste. genevieve mo. for same and st. francois co. in mo. all 3 by THEIR GOVERNMENT drs.(when they tried to deny me medicaid and i appealed and won all 3) as well as 4 others they sent me to, (also military dr.s for my early discharge), all at different times over the last 7 years which i've been unable to work at all.(he called like 17 college educated dr.s evaluations, 13 image scans of various sources etc. etc. etc. as opinion evidence!!!) Also did i mention the 3 cancers i had so far??? including the eventual loss of my kidney, as well as 5 other disabling conditions??? Also, they changed dates around of dr's. i saw to discredit me, as well as left data out completely, altered some facts, some dates, and actually made up things i supposedly said that i did not say!!! (is that not libel???) as i can prove this and would like to sue his ignorant @ss!!! P.S. SOMETIMES THE JUDGE GETS JUDGED HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!! P.S.S. the dates are wrong too, it took me over 3 years to be denied from the time i applied not the 8.5 months they say here, just more lieing @ss jewberment crap!!!!!! Oh and get this the judge states to try to discredit me anyway possible, "Indeed treatment records reveal that the claimant had no psychological complaints, and no suicidal thoughts on nov. 22, 2011. (Ex 36f, at 5) Further a mental status examination showed that the patient had normal orientation, affect, speech and memory." (ID) I SAW THAT DR. one time to get a steroid injection in my neck for the pain. THis guy isnt qualified to make a mental evaluation, this is pure crap!!!! also why would i tell a one pain injection dr, a thing about my mental state

Judge: Joseph W Warzycki
3/21/2013 7:43:17 AM

this hearing lasted 2 hours judge asked 6-8 hypos all sounded the same to me he has atty ask all questions but interrupts often although he was listed as being in Peoria ILL he was present at ODAR in St. Louis

Mark Mora
Judge: Julia A Terry
3/19/2013 11:01:26 AM

My wife just received her letter of denial and it is apparent this judge does not know anything about Fybromyalgia or its affects on a person or family, a person can look totally normal on the outside but in lots of pain on the inside. My wife has been suffering with this since the birth of our 2nd child. Judge Terry has not been there to see my wife collapse because half her body was partially paralized, Judge Terry has never had to wake up at different hours of the night to hear your wife crying because her body is in pain, Judge Terry has not had to endure the financial hardship we have faced selling things just to pay doctor bills, Judge Terry has not had to see how disheartening it is to see your wife like that and not able to go walking with the kids or go to a park because of her pain, Judge Terry has not had to witness a whole lot but I believe she made the best decision she could based on the paperwork she had but not on knowledge of this disease. It is very dissappointing when you see someone you love who would give their all to help someone in need go through something like this. My wife would never have written this comment for the Judge because that is the person she is but again I needed to voice our feelings on this matter and I feel these judges need to do a litte more research on this disease. It has been several long years she has had to endure this process only to have an outcome that is as sad as this.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/18/2013 2:45:24 PM

Her numbers say it, 25% you are going in just to make a record to appeal. She will interrupt you often. She pulls a lot of negatives out of the file so be prepared for drug/alochol and yes prison time even though it is outside the time frame of an AOD or PFD. She will also have the VE classify work as PRW although it doesnt fit SS definitions of PRW. If your client worked doing anything at all for any length of time it is PRW.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/18/2013 2:39:59 PM

She is the new CJ in Indy. VERY NICE!!! But she specifically asked me to let the other attorneys know that she expects you and the claimant to be at hearing and ready to go 30 minutes prior to the hearing time. The notice says that, and she EXPECTS that! She asks most questions, then turns it over to attorney. AND she told me she does not want me to get testimony regarding what doctors have told them, or what she could read in the medical evidence.

Judge: Monica LaPolt
3/18/2013 2:39:20 PM

nice judge, she knows the file, usually will let you cover sections on limitations and adl's. Moves quickly through the hearing.

Judge: Paul Gaughen
3/18/2013 2:22:07 PM

i dont know how my hearing will be decided, but he was very even-tempered and unimposing. i was worried, but he seems very fair.

Judge: William E Kumpe
3/14/2013 2:19:41 PM

Honest,efficient,no non-sense,fair,thorough and helpful. Explained process, and issues that determine his decision. Spoke very fast in legal-ese which made it difficult to follow everything.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
3/8/2013 11:01:12 PM

Today i went for 2 hearing and i was granted ssd :) so happy wish all the best to all

Mark Wood
Judge: Patrick S Cutter
2/20/2013 8:47:10 PM

I am truly impressed by Judge Cutter. I had a stress disability and he went out of his way to make me relaxed and comfortable. When the vocational expert gave his input, Judge Cutter asked great questions in order to accurately describe my disability. His highly verbal communication skills were an asset to the hearing. Legally, he was very fair and precise and explained himself well. He made his decision and sent me all the information in 8 days! He really must of worked hard to make me less stressed. Thank you Judge Cutter, you are truly one of the great ones in your profession. More people should evaluate you.

Judge: Christina Y Mein
2/6/2013 6:41:59 PM

Very respectful and understanding. Professional.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
1/25/2013 2:00:25 AM

whats up with valencia jarvis denial numbers?? anyone know about her remand rate?

Judge: John J Flanagan
1/18/2013 1:12:48 PM

Decent ALJ. He does all the questioning. He tends to ask many questions as well. Therefore, his hearings last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. He does a good job of reviewing the submitted medical records. As always, it is in your best interest to have solid treating doctors' opinions and objective testing.

myfanwy evan mattes
Judge: Edward I Pitts
1/10/2013 12:49:07 PM

he lied. insinuating that I did not appear to be heard when I did. claiming that i double reported an earnings statement from a taxi dispatch company when i did not. in fact, attacking my credibility in such a classic manner, well, me thinks he doth protest too much.

Judge: Lisa Groeneveld-Meijer
1/3/2013 8:51:12 PM

Judge Lisa is wonderful as She askes questions and listens and reviews the medical evidence.She does her job very well indeed.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
1/2/2013 2:39:29 AM


Judge: Thomas Cheffins
12/28/2012 4:44:08 PM

Agree with the previous comments. He is biased. ALJ routinely goes against treating source opinions even when they are consistent with the evidence as a whole. When multiple treating physicians and even consultating physicians are in agreement on limitations and the AlJ still goes against these opinions then you know something is up. why do certain ALJ's believe they can play medical doctor and God.

Fred F.
Judge: Monica LaPolt
12/4/2012 1:11:03 AM

I had Judge LaPolt as my disability judge and thought that she ignored my medical records and letters from employers about my disabilities.I am a diabetic and have denegenitive disc disease the lower 3 discs in my back are black on xrays and MRI's.She ignored these findings in all of my evidence presented to her.Her letter to me in my denial letter were very upsetting and I have lost my house and wife for her unprofessionable findings.I hope she gets into another type of law before she ruins more lives like mine.

Judge: C. H Prinsloo
11/9/2012 6:08:31 PM

This man is doing a disservice to people who are really in need and in dire situations, he ignores or overlooks many things that are of benefit to the claimant including VE testimony, letters from a claimants treating physician/specialist whose body of work includes peer reviewed publications in his area of expertise,and medical records that include dozens of hospitalizations for an incapacitating illness. Some ALJ's were only hired, it seems to reduce the back log of cases and are simply on a mission to dispose of cases and doing a shoddy job of it and in the process disregarding the SSA rules, and putting valid claimants lives in jeopardy and causing undue pain and suffering to them and their families. 37% award percentage is disturbing, disgusting and shows a callous disregard for life and human decency. Is there an unspoken contest to see who gets the most remands, or Federal circuit court Judge reversals? Or maybe the NHC's should stop making these ALJ's drive to the hearings in remote locales, perhaps they would be in a better mood and frame of mind in order to serve the public like they should, instead of taking it out on them.

Katie Sullivan
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
10/23/2012 4:39:48 PM

Tough but fair.

James Edwards
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/27/2012 4:34:32 PM

Arrogant little bully!

so sad
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/27/2012 4:32:12 PM

Completely disregards the concept that the hearing is the claimant's opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing. Selects certain non-favorable evidence to base his decision on and disregards the remaining record. Attempts to embarrass reps and claimants. Should be reported to chief ALJ.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/9/2012 8:01:46 AM


Judge: Christina Y Mein
8/8/2012 11:18:58 AM

Another young judge who doesn't get it.

Michael Booker
Judge: John J Flanagan
7/30/2012 8:08:23 PM

Very decent judge who was fair and thorough. I really appreciated his professionalism and the respect that he showed.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
7/28/2012 6:53:33 AM

Nice smiley-puss who is pleasant in the hearing room and a nasty creep in his opinions. I really do not know how he sleeps at night. He has condemned many legitemately disabled people to lives of abject poverty. He has adopted a definition of disability different from the standard that is contained in the social security statutes and regulations. The protection we all pay for with our social security taxes is not available in his hearing room. He denies claims by ignoring treating opinion evidence and just making facts up out of whole cloth. And there is nothing we can do about it. Northern Arizona no longer has the benefit of the social security system that they paid into because of this creep and the others in this ****-hole of an office. My advice; if you are disabled and live in Northern Arizona: move. There is no fair hearing in this office, much less before this "judge."

Amra Domazet
Judge: Thomas Cheffins
7/27/2012 1:57:33 AM

He denied my disability after having two open hart surgeries ,2 strokes,two peacemaker and back problems i have contact senator John McCain and also he can not believe that i was not approved i did an appeal.So will see also have new diagnoses now ptsd and also seizures .Best luck to all with this Judge you will need it

Judge: Christina Y Mein
7/12/2012 12:00:47 PM

A sorry excuse for a judge. To get approved you must be on your death bed. Does she ever take a day off for being sick? If so, how hypicritical can she be? If she had some kind of surgery, would she take time off? Of course she would. If she had the disabilities that some of the cases she heard, she would commit suicide. But she denies them. For any aches or pains that she has, go to work like you expect everyone else to do.

Patricia Shoffner
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
7/11/2012 9:19:43 PM

Even though the Vocational expert said I wouldnt be able to keep a job, she denied my claim. So after 21/2 years we still go hungry. Ive worked since I was 14, and now Im too sick to work and they arent there for me. I just dont get it. Ive cried all day and dont know what to do. If this is your ALJ, God help you all.

Judge: Wynne O'Brien-Persons
6/27/2012 7:14:05 AM

When I went into my hearing with Judge Wynne O'brien Perdons I was happy to hear that I was going before a new judge. I have never in my life been before any type of judge or any law enforcement, so to hear she was new put me a little at ease, since this whole disability world is new to me. God knows, I would much rather be able to work then go through all of the chronic pain and suffering that I go through every single day and every night, as I am sure many other people out there who are truly disabled would agree. Looking back at the day of my hearing I was so nervous I couldn't think straight. For me; It was like going to a doctor and having so many questions for them, and wanting to tell them all of the things that I battled physically during the month, but my mind goes completly blank at that presice moment of course. When leaving my appointment all of the questions I wanted to ask comes back to me like a flood, and I would think to myself "I forgot to tell him/her this or that". Unfortuntely, my case was denied, I think because of my own testimony and other reasons. When my hearing was over and I walked out the door, all of things I wanted to tell her came back like a flood, and all I wanted to do was go back in there and cry out for mercy because the pain I am in all the time, and I know I cant work, but I didn't. After reading her desision all I did was cry for days. I felt her jugement of me was so unfair because things were taken out of content, and I truly have alot of pain, how can chronic pain even be measured? I have worked hard all of my life, until I finally had to admit to myself that I am disabled. This was a very hard thing for me to come to terms with. After reading some of the reviews regarding the other judges, I was glad that I went before Judge Wynne O'brien Persons. Best of luck to all of the people who are truly disabled, but were denied.

Judge: Thomas Cheffins
6/19/2012 5:25:35 PM

He denied my disability.Many of the facts he listed in his decision were wrong. I feel he did not listen. One issue he got wrong was listing arthritus as a condition in my left leg when in fact my calf muscle and Achilles tendon were destroyed by gangrene.

Judge: Kurt G Ehrman
6/19/2012 4:14:43 PM

A hateful, biased man.

Judge: Ben Barnett
4/2/2012 8:02:18 PM

Friendly and fair judge. Will ask for opening and closing. Will do 85% of the questioning.