Valencia Jarvis , St Louis, Missouri ODAR Office, Administrative Law Judge

For the 2010 *fiscal year, Judge Valencia Jarvis has disposed 12 cases at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in St Louis, Missouri. Out of those 12 dispostions, 1 were dismissed, 9 were approved and 2 were denied. This means that the percentage of dispositions that Judge Jarvis has approved in St Louis for the 2010 fiscal year is 75%. The information below for Judge Valencia Jarvis was last updated on 3/9/2018.

Average statistics
Office*Fiscal YearTotal DispositionsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal AwardsCases
St Louis 2010 12 11 2 9 8%75%17%
Nhc St Louis 2011 524 462 187 275 12%52%36%
Ft Lauderdale 2012 67 44 27 17 34%25%40%
Nhc St Louis 2012 447 392 243 149 12%33%54%
Ft Lauderdale 2013 531 419 309 110 21%21%58%
Ft Lauderdale 2014 455 365 286 79 20%17%63%
Ft Lauderdale 2015 410 291 231 60 29%15%56%
Ft Lauderdale 2016 392 272 205 67 31%17%52%
Ft Lauderdale 2017 185 127 89 38 31%21%48%
Ft Lauderdale 2018 123 69 41 28 44%23%33%
*The United States Government fiscal year is from October 1st - September 30th.
Judge Jarvis44%23%33%
All ALJs in St Louis Office 24% 44% 32%
All ALJs in Missouri22%38%40%
All ALJs in the Nation21%43%36%
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Been There, Done That
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
7/20/2018 1:11:47 PM

She's cold and robotic. You basically have no chance with her. Clearly looking to deny cases. No objective at all. Not fair. Not compassionate. She's going to deny you and use your words out of context. Don't take it personally. She's been told to do it. Don't bother appealing it. Turn around and file again and you will def get a new judge who will be better. She's saving SSA all by herself I'm sure she thinks that anyway.. Sorry if you get her. She should get zero stars

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
10/26/2017 8:37:39 AM

This is Dr. Irving Kushner. I am a medical expert for rheumatology cases. I testified for a hearing for you on August 11th. I have not yet received a call order, without which I cannot submit an invoice. I have sent several e-mails to and left voice mail messages for my sole contact person in your office - Joann Myer - asking that this be looked into, but have not received a reply. I have tried to reach your operator, but have not succeeded. I get music. Can you help me? 216-751-5885 Claimant Fitzgerald

Mascheria G Perdue
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
8/21/2017 1:47:19 PM

This is sad. I had also this judge, She disproves me for all kinds of craziness. At the time my lawyers were no help. because the day of my hearing I had a bad ear problem. And because I said about my mother. I have 5 daughters and at the time all of us was taken care of her. But what does have to do with the tea China? I had got a settlement and she made me feel like trash because she said they just paid you off. That hurt me so bad. I am one that does not play with the government. I work for what I wanted. Now because she sent me back out in the work force. I lost my job because I can not walk. SSI is a joke. These guys will not even send me to their doctors. The main doctor that want to see me. I can not go to him because I have to pay 420 to see him. You all might be judges but there is a judge much higher than you all. And you will give an account of what you have done to people. At first, I hated this judge because she uses my mother to for my claim. Everyone is fast to through the old folks in the Nursing home. What was wrong with me giving my mother water or feeding her. My other daughter would help clean her. SSI has a way of using trick words to see if you are lying. But they are quick to put a child on SSI who mother knew the guy she was with had a mental problem.But yet she still had a child by him and then go to SS. To get a check .But a person like me who can not walk nor stand nor sit for a long time. They quick to say you can work. Like I said I hated this judge .But God changes it and gave me a love for her. I do feel sorry for her and all the other judges that feel that they are God. I am in pain 24/7. Orlando judges have a better rating than any of these judges here do. She heard my case in 2015 in Brevard County. My prayers are that this judge and every other judge would put themselves in the person body and feel what they feel. I told this judge about my back crying and now because of her judgment, I can not walk that good at all.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
6/3/2017 8:01:05 AM

Valencia Jarvis entirely ignored social security's own physicians as well as my medical history. In her decision she wrote, "I think this person can work". I have an amputated right leg and other ongoing health issues. What more do you need to be disabled in her judgement? Consistent with her track record, she ignored the facts and ignored the law. I do not know how the federal government is still employing this ***** woman in a position of responsibility.

Kevin Fitz
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
11/17/2016 12:44:05 PM

Unfortunately I had judge Jarvis in 2013 she is a racist she is the worst judge she twist the facts I had a heart attack one month after on Christmas I have a 4 centimeter embolism in my heart in my aorta she is a racist she has a percent of less than 17% if you're not white you will not pass the worst judge she needs to be disbarred when I was at her hearing it was a black man before me don't know his condition or anything he was in for 5 to 10 minutes I was drill 45 minutes to an hour she Twisted the facts you didn't listen to anything she has to have there has to be checks and balances why are her numbers 1/3 less than the next lowest person less than 17% approval she is a racist she does not need to be on there and when I do go to my next hearing I am going to formally complain whether I win or lose it doesn't matter I'm going to die in a year anyway okay so anybody that has Judge Jarvis you will lose you wasted your time and money Security is a right not a privilege I paid over $160,000 met the top of the top and I get turned down I lost 3 years now I had to go back now I have to go again to a different one they need to fire her ass please pass on this information my family daughter daughters friends are going to expose her on all social media ask anybody that reads this and the other ones before me to do the same she needs to be fired or possibly even thrown in jail because she's actually killing people by denying them the right it makes no sense to pay into Social Security as a right and she has her own agenda she is a racist they need to fire her and throw her in jail Kevin fits said so

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/31/2016 11:20:34 AM

I had my hearing with the "judge" back in 2013. Of course, it did not go in my favor. Yes, look at her ratings. Even when she was a judge in Missouri, her ratings were almost exact as they are here in Fort Lauderdale. I was very shocked when I received the first denial letter, after the hearing. She MOST CERTAINLY makes her own rules. So many different times where she had manipulated what I had testified, to suit her decision. She is very dishonest when she writes out her decision letter. I think the only thing that was true on the letter was my name and age. The rest....fabricated. What's crazy is, this is OUR money that we paid into over our working years, obviously, otherwise we wouldn't have a sum that we should be collecting. I also agree with the ones who say she is prejudice. I believe it!! As soon as she seen me walk in, she had made her decision, before I even spoke one word. It seemed odd to me also that she kept asking me questions, concerning my partner. Did she have me on her insurance, was she the one that took care of me, did she buy my clothes, did she pay for my medicine?, etc. None of that was mentioned in the letter. I do feel for the ones who have upcoming hearings with this woman. She is not a fair judge....period. Why no one at the SS administration has stopped and asked the question of why her stats are ALWAYS the same every year, is beyond me. My total outcome after all of this??? Right back to where I was 4 years ago......

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
1/13/2016 2:57:54 PM

Valencia Jarvis - The most unluckiest judge in the planet!!!! Out of 73 dispostions in 2016, ODAR set only 7 cases that she was able to approve. Statisticians should study such abnormal phenomenon.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
10/16/2015 12:45:28 PM

I would like to find out if this judge is prejudiced against white people. If her approval is mostly of black people we may be able to have her disbarred.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
9/27/2015 2:09:23 PM

This woman has to be on the craziest power trip ever. She makes things up, twists reality, and apparently knows more than the doctors do. IF you get her, pray for a miracle. I know there's a lot of fraud going on, but she denies people who are legitimately disabled in order to combat the high SSA rates. I'm suspicious of a racism element as well, but I won't confirm it because it's not like she flat out called me a honky.If you do get her, DO NOT GIVE HER AN INCH. She'll take your inch and turn it into a mile. I told her the medicine will sometimes work, about 10% of the time. She turned that into "the medicine works almost all of the time". Variety of different things were manipulated to suit her decision. She had already denied me the minute I spoke, the rest of the trial was just a formality and a way to twist the truth into her fraudulent, deceptive decision.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/4/2015 5:56:46 AM

Another one here where she totally lied on my decision. She stated I was a social butterfly, yeah, those words killed me, and said I had numerous friends to visit, etc.. Well truth is, I've been socially isolating for the past 3 years and have had a total of 1 friend visit. Something I testified too. She also said I could grocery shop by myself, etc, which I haven't done in quite some time and also testified too. I told her that in the beginning I wasn't compliant with my diabetes because I was in denial, well she wrote that I wasn't compliant NOW, which is NOT what I said in my hearing, I told her that I have been VERY compliant now because I was in the beginning of kidney issues. Oh and per her decision I have no cognitive issues, yet I also testified that I couldn't remember any of my medical classes anymore, had to have reminders to take my blood sugar and my medications and hubby took over all bills because I kept forgetting to pay them. She also used the "grid" to determine that I wasn't disabled, which she WASN'T supposed to use for her overall determination, yet that was her greatest weight for denial, and she used a grid for someone below age 50, I am now 53! So her "grid" thinking is totally skewed. I have no idea why this woman is in any position to control peoples lives!! Oh and she totally discounted what both my doctors wrote, that there is NO WAY I can hold a job for 8 hours a day, or even 4 hours a day, she just dismissed what the people who see me 3-6 times a year said and took only the SSA doctors, who I've never seen into account. She's a farce, and shouldn't be allowed to make decisions that affect others lives. I hope she's fired before my appeal comes through.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
2/12/2015 4:40:24 PM

I had the same experience as the last person who wrote in about Valencia Jarvis. She made up facts to support her decision to deny me benefits, and ignored she facts that were in evidence contradicting her ruling. I can't say she's mean spirited. She might simply be incompetent. Regardless, it's clear that a judge (Valencia Jarvis) who is consistently at the lowest end of granting approvals is using criteria that is inconsistent with standards set by social security. It's beyond me how Valencia Jarvis still has been able to hold onto her job. Perhaps social security hold performance reviews? i don't know. It's sad and shameful that Valencia Jarvis is still allowed to be in a position of responsibility for which she is clearly ill-suited and its allowed to cause pain to people who deserve better. I deserve better. We all deserve better.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
8/7/2014 12:05:27 PM

I had Valencia Jarvis as my S.S. judge and she lied about my medically documented impairments in both physical and also psychological aspects and stated the exact opposite in her findings. To show how truly unfair of a judge this piece of work is, the states own vocational expert stated that I could not do any form of work at all even at sedentary levels and she stated the opposite of this as well in her decision. Unfortunately this is how she is allowed to continue to deny countless others through lies and falsifying documented evidence. Even though I had a rather lengthy rebuttal letter written up on my behalf to the appeals council trying to bring her upon charges for what she did to me showing documented proof that Valencia Jarvis lied to deny, which the appeals council agreed with 100%, they didn't feel this proof warranted my wrongful deny decision to be overturned but rather remanded back to the ALJ stage. Wasted 6 years + of my life and I am still at step one thanks to Valencia Jarvis who I notice does this to an extremely large number of those she oversees case wise. How can people like this stay in power with NO repercussions what so ever??? They need to have star categories going in the negative scale because she deserves a negative ten rating!

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
6/3/2014 7:41:22 AM

To the person that wrote the most recent post on 5/13/2014. Sounds exactly like my outcome. She completely ignored the medical data. Only gave "great weight" to the report from the Disability doctor that reviewed my records,never saw me in person and was an prior felon with 90+ felony drug charges against him and is currently under a probationary license in FL. I too wondered if I don't look sick enough or if it is because I am a white middle-aged man that has put in 30 years in the work force and payed taxes, maybe she saves her 16% approvals for her Black friends. She is immoral and disgusting. If you choose to appeal, make sure to put those facts in the appeal and also state that you refuse to be heard by her again. That is what my attorney has done, still waiting the appeal. If they insist that you go before her again, find a friend in Dade County and put in a change of address, then your case can be moved to another judge in the Miami system instead of having to go before her a second time in Broward. Good Luck!

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
5/13/2014 6:00:26 PM

This woman, Jarvis, takes all the information provided in the hearing and twists EVERYTHING to suit her decision. She leaves out information, as well as evidence and states that the "claimant" says this or that, when it is UNTRUE!!! Isn't she suppose to uphold to a certain oath of truth as well??? Many things in my "decision" letter were just fabricated lies...plain and simple. Even though there are so many doctor reports and questionnaires filled out by credible doctors, she says that she gives "no weight or little weight" to what they say. That is, unless your a doctor for Social Security, then by all means...she will state that she gives THEM all the weight in the world! She loves to play God and decide someones fate, who really needs to have the decision go in their favor. Shame on her for thinking she could just wily nilly say, "I don't like this person, I find your decision UNFAVORABLE". Maybe I was dressed too nice (out of respect for a hearing), maybe I didn't look sick, maybe I was well spoken?? Maybe because I'm ***, go ahead and deny me my benefits?? I am just so amazed, that looking at her "Approval rating", this woman is still allowed to "Judge" people and decide their fate. I have ZERO respect for her or anyone like this person, who decides what is accepted and what is not.

kevin sutherland
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
5/1/2014 7:16:24 AM

Im very happy with the ruling on my case by this judge. I was approved. Very pleased with the outcome.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
1/26/2014 11:34:01 AM

This is one of the Doctors (If you can call him that) that Florida uses to determine the Health and Well being of it's Disability claimants. Judge Jarvis said she gave his report the "most weight" yet he had not reviewed the majority of my medical records since the tests and Specialists reports came after his review of my records. He has surrendered his medical license in two others states due to this same type of activity. Currently under Probationary License in Florida. Had 90 charges against him in Florida. Has been admitted twice (that I can find) to drug rehab for abusing Hydrocodone, Yet he is still used in Florida and paid by our Government to review Disability cases. Lets Put A Stop to this!

Breanne McDowell
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
12/12/2013 8:12:59 AM

This judge denied my mother and denied her for the wrong diagnosis. She stated my mother has well controlled diabetes and Hep C, neither of these are true. After waiting two months and using every resource that I had to continue to take care of my mother to be told this is SICK. I take care of her, I see how ill she is, how many times she falls and blacks out from sugars, how she goes with out insurance and I pay for her medications. How we have been evicted and are behind and sinking even more daily and have no chance of any help. It just SICK. She said my mom didn't keep her appointments. Well your honor, there is one car, my mother has problems driving due to her sugars changing consitently and feels unsafe. I work full time in the medical Field If I lose my job how can I keep us going even if its not that well. It is Christmas and we have nothing losing our place to live my car is behind my mother is short on her medications and you Deny her!. I plan to make sure that this goes as far as I need to take it. This is poor judgement on your part as a judge. Stating that you were not in agreance with the Doctor that stated clearly she is disabled, I would like to say They are a physician you, your honor are a judge! I work in the medical field I see poeople get this for as things as simple as sinus issues, My mother is Ill, the least you could have done is got her correct diagnosis but that could be be cause you are a judge and not a doctor. Following the doctor's would have been helpful!

Pray for me
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
6/24/2013 8:04:35 PM

So sad for me I was denied and Im really sick my mind would not let me answer the questions I was all mixed up. Don't those judges see that you have worked all your life and you would get more money if you could work.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/27/2013 3:29:36 PM

"I am going to try and appeal" I see. You filed an applic. and was denied. You've filed a Recon and was denied. Then, you got an Unf. Dec. by an ALJ. Now, you will try to convince the AC that the ALJ was wrong. In fact, you are disabled. A non-disabled would have hired an Atty.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
3/25/2013 6:33:05 PM

My claim was denied. Apparently attending college means I do not have a disability. Nevermind the fact that the only reason I am still in school is because of the laundry list of accommodations that my schools "office for students with disabilities" gives me. Unfortunately trying to get an education is a mistake. Maybe it is just a mistake for me given all the students I know that receive assistance from the same office and have been approved. I am going to try and appeal, hopefully the next judge I see will not be her. Maybe she should try and deal with my medical issues for just one week and then tell me I don't have a disability.

Judge: Valencia Jarvis
1/25/2013 2:00:25 AM

whats up with valencia jarvis denial numbers?? anyone know about her remand rate?

Patricia Shoffner
Judge: Valencia Jarvis
7/11/2012 9:19:43 PM

Even though the Vocational expert said I wouldnt be able to keep a job, she denied my claim. So after 21/2 years we still go hungry. Ive worked since I was 14, and now Im too sick to work and they arent there for me. I just dont get it. Ive cried all day and dont know what to do. If this is your ALJ, God help you all.

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