Las Vegas, Nevada ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Las Vegas, Nevada, 7 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Las Vegas, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 18.0 months. The average case processing time in Las Vegas is 594 days.The Las Vegas average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 36%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Las Vegas ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Las Vegas 7 18.0 months 594 days 2.2 20% 36% 44%
Nevada18.0 months594 days2.220%35%46%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Norman L Bennett
11/22/2019 8:51:05 PM

if you get this ALJ, MOVE, REAPPLY. YOU DO NOT STAY A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!

Judge: John Cusker
11/2/2019 7:19:52 PM

Wes, If they testified on your behalf, then yes it's usually good.. You may get a favorable outcome. Unlike my judge, judge Ryan Johannes. Judge Johannes had his friend testify against me, didn't let me testify on my behalf, only allowed yes or no answers from me and ignored the facts from the state doctors. My judge made his decision out of spite and my political affiliation. I wish you luck and hope your judge sides with facts and doesn't pull what my dishonorable judge pulled. Signed, The Victim Of dishonorable Johannes

Judge: John Cusker
11/2/2019 12:19:50 PM

I had my hearing a few days ago. He is sort of rude by right to point. He asked the SSD expert about 8 questions regarding my work history and the expert said NO i can not work in this economy and NO on every other question. Does anybody know if thats good the expert is on my side?

Judge: John Cusker
10/9/2019 3:29:58 PM

I believe Judge Cusker is an outstanding judge. He is tough but extremely fair. He needs out the fakers from the truly disabled!

T. Tan
Judge: Barry H Jenkins
5/7/2019 6:32:58 PM

I had read these comments prior to being in front of Judge Jenkins, and was expecting something different than what I experienced. I found Judge Jenkins to be a normal, no nonsense kind of individual. I did not feel pre-judged, nor did I feel intimidated by his demeanor. As to the vocational expert, again, I did not find her to be adversarial either.

Nicole Budge
Judge: Norman L Bennett
2/14/2019 1:15:17 AM

Our family is personally devastated by Judge Bennett's ruling. He ruled against our daughter's disability hearing. Our daughter is 23 years old, has schizophrenia, has an IQ of 78 and is at the developmental level of an 11-year old. She works part-time at a school cafeteria with help from kind staff. At home we help her wash her hair and with dressing appropriately.Today a dental hygienist was upset because we weren't helping her enough with her teeth cleaning and she had black substances and tartar on her teeth. We have an older child with Aspergers that we have not sought disability for as she is able to work. We also rehabilitated another child with Tourette's and our youngest with ADD. Out of our 5 children only 1 is free of neurological challenges and yet we have only sought disability benefits for our most severely affected child. I work as an RN and my husband is a PA. Every day we see people more capable than our daughter who are receiving disability benefits and it is appalling to us the irony of the whole situation. I think judge Bennett needs to spend a day at our house washing our daughters hair, brushing her teeth and driving her to and from work. 11 year olds don't drive. And if she truly is at the developmental age of 11 arent there laws against child labor? Maybe we should just have her quit her job too.

Roberta Davis
Judge: David K Gatto
11/20/2018 2:28:20 PM

Judge I would like to Thank you for the out come of my case and being so cool during my hearing. You were better to me than anyone who was involved in my case, which took seven years to be done, thanks to you. I want you to know No harm no foul-I'm referring to the mistaking health condition added to my court papers, which you corrected. Thank you again!

T. Bennett
Judge: Barry H Jenkins
5/17/2018 4:29:06 PM

Finally Had my hearing on 4/4/18 with Judge Jenkins with the Las Vegas ODAR Office. My file has been in their office since 7/27/16. In July of 2017 I finally received my date for my hearing. 11/27/17 is the date scheduled.......yes, the Monday after Thanksgiving. So, after waiting anxiously for over 480 days, they call and cancel it on Black Friday.....yes, the day before my hearing basically. Do you think I was put back on the schedule right away? Nope!!!!! Had to wait 5 more months for my hearing. As far as Judge Jenkins, he was professional and courteous........hearing lasted 30-40 mins. My attorney thought it went well. My file is waiting for a Decision Writer as I write this. So my only real gripe is the cancellation of my Nov hearing and not being expedited automatically. As of todays date , my file has been with Las Vegas ODAR for 659 days. Im hoping for a good outcome.

Stephanie Gordon
Judge: Barry H Jenkins
4/24/2018 12:56:27 PM

Has to be the worst Judge I've ever come across in NV. Their alleged "expert" was nearly an hour late and he was ALL peaches and cream with her. I wasn't even put on the calendar for the hearing, and the wannabe rent-a-cop at the door in his rubber gloves and magic wand didn't want to let me in. I sat in the waiting room for 50 minutes before anybody spoke to me. Judge Jenkins flunky called me, but somebody needs to tell these ****** that when you're dealing with the hearing impaired/deaf you need to speak up. He wanted to waste my time lecturing me on representation and wanted me to review THEIR file. My file and their file are two different things. He also had his flunky take my sugar-free Powerade out of the room. Not only out of the room, out in the hallway, between the bathrooms, on top of a water fountain. Somebody could have put something in it, spit in it, drank out of it. I'm filing a Judicial Discipline Complaint and taking my case to District Court. This **** is truly unfit to be on the bench. His attitude and tone of voice are of the worst I've ever seen. There's a statute on that specific demeanor. The Barney Fife knock-off at the door has the very same demeanor and disposition. Neither of them have any business dealing with the impaired and disabled. BOTH should be decommissioned ASAP! IF either of them call themselves MEN, what a disgrace to the gender, they're both ZERO's! And Lisa Rhodes is as incompetent as they come. That warrants a complaint of waste and abuse. Overpaid and underworked.

Judge: Cynthia R Hoover
3/6/2018 8:16:00 PM

Yet another low pay anti-claimant ALJ at the Las Vegas OHO/ODAR. I'm sure she laughs with Norman Bennett and Gary Vanderhoof on how many claimants they deny and how they don't even read the medical records. "Hey we just put the denial in and the decision writers will find what they need to adhere to our decision" What a joke SSA has become. It needs TOTAL reform. To allow lifetime appointments of biased republican old farts like Cynthia Hoover, Norman Bennett, and Gary Vanderhoof is a disgrace to the American taxpayer.

Judge: Norman L Bennett
3/6/2018 3:20:23 PM

Biased judge. Obvious never read my medical records. Had his mind made up prior to the hearing. ALJ’s are supposed to be independent reviewers of fact. Not biased and lazy.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
3/2/2018 2:45:43 PM

Guy is 82 years old and basically denies everyone.

Judge: John Cusker
2/23/2018 12:51:02 AM

This is a fair judge. He asked important questions and was very thorough as well as patient.. If you not are truly disabled he will know that and be denied.. He does not play games. I am grateful for the favorable decision on February 7th, 2018.. If you have to see Judge Cusker.. Come in with the truth about your condition/s and leave the games outside...

Judge: Norman L Bennett
2/21/2018 8:05:39 PM

Everyone is making positive statements about this judge because they got approved and vice versa. Well guess what ? He disapproved me and I will tell you the truth about this judge. He dissects what you say and gives no weight to medical opinions and just makes his own decision based on , well actually I don’t know how he makes his decisions on people because it’s not rational.

Judge: Norman L Bennett
2/20/2018 3:42:00 PM

Awful judge. Unkempt and unprofessional appearance. Long story short he denied me after making me wait 9 months for a decision. If he is your judge MOVE! And get another one. He denies everyone.

Judge: David K Gatto
2/20/2018 2:28:36 PM

Ive had alj gatto for 2 separate hearings now. Denied first time because of my age, 46. Denied at 2nd hearing at age 52 with multiple disabling illnesses including 3 heart attacks, 1 which happened after gatto said i could still work, MDD,ptsd,major anxiety disorder, and back and neck disc problems with evidence from 3 separate Dr's from the v.a. Saying I was unable to work. Gatto said my Dr's weren't credible and dismissed their evidence. Also, what i said at my hearing got completely turned around making me look like lying fool. And to top it all off, hearing was mid September, didn't get denial letter until mid February. Very disappointed at the whole system.

Yafa Fula
Judge: Barry H Jenkins
2/3/2018 9:20:12 AM

For a judge to watch you cry and break down in court over something and the judge continue to do the same **** by ignoring the claimant and denying the ssi/ssdi. Just another statistical old white male judge with a 36% favorable approval rate. The judge don’t care about you or your claim, he only wants to keep his job and his paycheck.

Fellow citizen
Judge: Barry H Jenkins
1/31/2018 9:23:49 AM

I had a alj hearing with this devil dog judge, but was also denied disability benefits. The previous comment about this judge is accurate.

Judge: Craig Ellis
1/11/2018 8:21:56 AM

He was by far the best Judge that I have ever been in front of. I was having issues with my ignorant attorney trying to botch my case but he still asked me questions and took time to see the reality of my situation...

Vegas Dad
Judge: David K Gatto
7/20/2017 11:37:44 AM

He was fair and was easy to talk to. He listened to the VE's testimony and mine. I was approved partially favorable at 6 weeks via mail. My condition is not an easy one to get approved for and was prepared to lose. I really feel that he took the time to review my records and while yes he gave me a favorable verdict, I still would give him 4 stars as he was kind and fast.

Judge: John Cusker
6/15/2017 9:47:49 AM

This judge does not play around but he is also fair. If you are REALLY disable and have PROOF then you are going to be ok but if you are trying to milk the system he will smoke you.

Judge: Norman L Bennett
9/9/2016 12:51:59 PM

JUDGE NORMAN L BENNETT was understandably inquisitive but listened and made a fair decision on the spot.

Judge: Cynthia R Hoover
7/1/2016 12:24:10 PM

How is she my son was diagnosed with adhd mood disorder and odd even his school said with his disability it affects his learning what do u think her discission will be and i hve an attorney

Ronald Pierce
Judge: John Cusker
5/19/2016 7:52:33 PM

Got a partially favorable out of this pugnacious judge back in 2012. Was find with his ruling but appealed a couple of things he erred on. Appeals Council appeared to agree with me and vacated his decision on remand to fix those things. He was not happy. So he waits almost ninety days and rules on my birthday I'm now no longer disabled at all. This judge is a menace to the public and will use his office to target claimants he doesn't like. He's rude and insinuating. You get this judge? Request recusal for your own sake.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
5/15/2016 10:56:23 AM

Is he in Las Vegas now? I have a May 2016 hearing with a Judge Gary L. Vanderhoof in Las Vegas.

Judge: Norman L Bennett
4/26/2016 6:08:34 PM

I had my hearing with Bennett. Watch out for this judge, he picks and chooses things you say and dissects the parts that are out of context that he uses for his reasons to decline your case. He even added in his decision that I consistently smoke cigarettes and I DONT SMOKE, so he added FALSE information on my case. He took more weight on the Social Security doctor who saw me for 20 minutes, one time, 2 years ago and disregarded my doctor who I have been with for over 11 years.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
4/4/2016 7:46:50 PM

I find him to be conservative but very fair. I have been a disability lawyer since 1984. He knows the law and follows it.

Piscio E Aceto
Judge: Donald R Colpitts
3/23/2016 4:26:42 PM

I am an attorney who regularly has hearings in 8-10 different ODARS. Over the years, I have also had hearings across the country from Key West to Anchorage; Kauai to Norfolk. I've seen a LOT of judges. Judge Colpits is one of the top 5 ALJs in the country. If you are reading this because you just received your Notice of Hearing and learned that Colpits has been assigned to your case, then you have been blessed. Not because of his approval rate, but because he actually follows the law. Instead of having his own "gut-check" definition of who is disabled, he actually applies the law and regulations in the spirit that they were written. I would not call him "pro-claimant". He is simply not anti-claimant; he does not start from a presumption of denial; and he is not typically adversarial. (I've only seen him get snarky when he knew someone was lying to him.) It's a horrible comment on the state of affairs with SSA's ALJs, but the biggest compliment I can give Judge Colpits is that he does his job the way that it is supposed to be done. The fact that he is also cordial, professional, respectful, and even compassionate at times is just a bonus. Chit-chat note: I believe he flew an F-4 in Vietnam. (USAF, I think. Could have been Navy, though.) He once surprised me in the middle of a hearing by switching to Vietnamese for a minute or two when talking to my client who immigrated when she was younger.

Brian Pfeifer
Judge: Cynthia R Hoover
3/14/2016 1:26:37 PM

I had my disability hearing earlier today, so my review on this judge is not convaluted by anger or bias due to her decision on my case. Judge Hoover was actully nothing like others say in her reviews. She was fair, repectfull, understandig and unbiased. She actully gave two hypothetical work situations that were balanced and not infavor of only the state rep, but also for me. I advise before seeing her if she is picked to review your case that you dont use her denial rate or former reviews to establish a opinon. I did and I was terrified and pleasently suprised once I met her. Even judges are human. If we are nasty to them they are going to be nasty to us.

Judge: Cynthia R Hoover
11/28/2015 3:03:02 AM

She uses her state doctors opinions and ignores all others. For example, without getting specific, she said that since the state doctors said I could do something makes it true. However doctors of mine have said different (who have nothing to gain by telling the truth). Another example is her outright lies. For example, something in my medical records as fact, was said only to be testimony. Something very important. If you have this judge make sure you have a lawyer and be prepared to be brow beaten (phrase) in court. Anything you say will be instantly challenged by her - because she instantly disbelieves anything you say. Her goal in doing this is to intimidate you so you change your testimony and sound inconsistent, when in fact, it's akin to interrogation techniques. Rather than being inquisitive, she acts as if you are in criminal court. She is not a good judge & that is why her denial rate is high.

Lisa Far
Judge: Craig Ellis
9/1/2015 8:48:54 PM

He was a horrible judge!!! He ignored my illnesses and with physical proof from doctors tests in his hands, essentially called me a liar. I was and still am so upset, I truly have not been able to work and haven't been for about 8 years now. His decision claimed, that I knew that 3-4 years after applying for SSDI, whether approved or not my life would be easier, forget that I'm in constant pain, also when I didn't work I was a stay home 24/7 Mom he didn't bother to ask. He deemed me as lazy and looking for a hand out. He did not read my med charts nor smart enough to understand them. I was just a lazy Mom of 3 young kids, and when I did work paid a hefty sum for child care to work, till my body gave out. He is the WORST Judge!!!!

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
8/24/2015 6:38:23 PM

you have a better chance of winning the powerball than a favorable decision from him. completely dismissed all my dr diagnosis. you wouldnt win if you were just a head on a stick.

Douglas Fenton
Judge: Cynthia R Hoover
7/23/2015 1:03:31 PM

Judge Hoover is very biased towards denying people the disability insurance they worked and paid for. The way she does it is by using selective facts creating falsehoods in her finding. In my case she quoted a 2nd assistant to the surgeon, a throat doctors I seen years ago, fragments in medical records before the onset date, and 2 doctors she enlisted to review facts she sent them that never examined me first hand. She did not even refer to any statements made by the surgeon that performed my 3rd and most recent spin surgery or any of the pain management doctors I have seen every month for the last 6 years. What is especially unfair is the falsehoods in her findings she never asked about when we had our live session. Most of these things can easily be disproven but the only option is to write to this place in Virginia and wait a year and half. Meanwhile I am completely unable to work now, cannot not even sit in a chair for more then an hour, can not stand very long. One of my largest disappointments in life is the social security system, I received statements for years that said if you become disabled you will receive X per month. The system is not even consistent within its self, previous to my hearing the letter said my condition was severe but might improve. It has continued to get worse. Somehow judge Hoover concluded that I can sit or stand up to 6 or 8 hours a day. I can do nothing even close to this on a consistent basis. Even if true can you really have a job, function at home (like getting dressed, eat), drive somewhere – within the 6 to 8-hour function window. The window is really closer to 2 hours per day. Feeling depressed. Its not safe for me to drive in traffic with my right leg issues. All judge Hoover would need to do to decide differently is to read the notes from current pain management that says pain not under control even with drugs, read where the surgeon post surgery talks about my limited mobility. Look at the case as a whole with 6 years of pain management, physical therapy, 3 surgeries, many injections, countless other tests and procedures I have tried. All without success. Judge Hoover just selects facts to support turning you down, does not even acknowledge or address facts that supports approval from much more creditable sources such as the neurosurgeon that last work on you, or the pain management doctors that see you monthly.

Diane Fox
Judge: Norman L Bennett
7/4/2015 1:59:02 PM

This judge is not a fair judge. He needs to step down. He has no compassion. Sits on his perch gives you the "mean eye" thats when all your positive goes out the window. I got denied and now are having to go thru an appeal and also was just diagnosed with hemiplegia and i am now in a wheelchair. Thank god for Medicaid because i would not be getting the medical help for my condition. He forced my hand to go on welfare.

Judge: Christopher R Daniels
6/16/2015 12:13:41 PM

Judge Daniels is very professional and courteous, though somewhat reserved. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Social Security rules and procedures. He is always familiar with the claimant's file prior to the hearing. He prefers to ask most of the questions at the hearing but will allow representatives the opportunity to make opening and closing remarks and question witnesses. He is always polite to both claimants and representatives. Excellent ALJ!

wanda james
Judge: Christopher R Daniels
6/15/2015 10:50:27 AM

Thank you for going through all my sons records and being fair you are very good at your job.

Richard Wening
Judge: David K Gatto
3/6/2015 12:52:57 PM

It is my concern that the standards provided by Social Security to the administrators are biased towards applicants who have ready access to medical services. I'm sure this was not the intent, but it is the reality.

Judge: Barry H Jenkins
12/17/2014 8:16:08 AM

Mr Jenkins, it appears you have made the choice throughout a good portion of your working life to hold positions within the scope of Public Servant. Including receiving your education as the result of service for the people of the United States. You are in fact a employee of the tax payers and citizens of the United States. A public Servant. As a employee it’s apparent we the citizens and tax payers find your conduct, your attitude, and your ability to perform your duties as defined to be sadly lacking. Please make every effort to rectify theses issues, or seek other employment . It would be a shame to have to have your service terminated by public forum, petition, and public demand. In other words, by the people who employ you, the people you in fact are employed by and work for.

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
4/1/2014 4:24:13 PM

Judge Colpitts is an excellent Judge! He heard my case, read through my documentation, listened to my Advocate and came to a very sound conclusion. My Advocate and I were at ease with Judge Colpitts. He assured Us that everything would be alright. He is a great judge and compassionate.

Frieda Parson
Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
2/3/2014 10:42:13 AM

Wow I was sitting here reading everyone's comments about this ALJ I was denied also and I have stage 3 colon cancer and have a statement from my treating doctor stating I was permanently disable and he threw that out so I'm going through the appeal process I hope each and everyone of you guys appeal your cases because I don't think his decisions was the right decision on all of our cases

Judge: Norman L Bennett
1/29/2014 4:03:30 PM

Judge was in my favor for good reason, however, all monies have not been returned to me as yet, nor addressed.

Judge: John Cusker
8/10/2013 6:19:21 PM

I was declared %100 disabled around 2000 by a board certified pain specialist. I have applied foe dissability 16 previous. I have been denied every time. Over these many years I have lost my home and every possesion worth anything to support my two children. I have developed savier depression i have attempted suicide 7 times before seeing this judge and once when again I recieved his denial after waiting 70 day.s for a responce.I am couch ridden and cannot walk without really bad back pain froma spinal tear. I went befor Cuscer may 29th 2013. I was bankrupt and owed friends and relatives $30,000. I am unable to sit in a chair without pillows allowing my back to be at 45' angle. Cuscer mocked me for bringing the pillows to court. Both my G.P. and psychiatrist reported limitations that resulted in no jobs available for me.He still denied me!STUNNED

Judge: John Cusker
5/26/2013 9:03:21 PM

I went to court on 03/22/2013 This Judge comes across as being rude, However he really does listen. He asked questions about my case that were really important. By the end of the trial I wasn't sure if he was on my side or against me. With all that said, I just received a fully favorable award letter on 05/23/2013. I'm so excited!!!!

Judge: Michael B Kennett
4/11/2013 3:30:51 PM

The best judge in the state of Nevada. The above comments written by SSA stooge or ALJ himself. Either way its a lie

Judge: Daniel F Loughry
4/10/2013 7:34:43 PM

I love you Judge Loughry...;)

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
4/10/2013 7:32:44 PM

He is smart and competent. A friendly guy, but make no mistake he is nobody's fool. Don't think you can saunter in with no evidence and a sad story. Be prepared.

Judge: Craig Ellis
4/10/2013 7:27:00 PM

Judge: Michael B Kennett
4/10/2013 5:28:28 PM

The best judge in the state of Nevada.

Judge: John Cusker
3/24/2013 10:58:42 AM


Judge: Craig Ellis
3/4/2013 11:50:12 PM

Great Judge he really understands

Judge: Michael B Kennett
2/1/2013 1:41:41 PM

Rude and bias

Judge: John Cusker
1/26/2013 2:12:33 PM

This Judge is RUDE and inconsiderate. I wish they would allow the lawyers to choose the judge that will review your case.Everything you say he acts as if it is a lie.

cheryl schitzbach
Judge: Norman L Bennett
1/22/2013 7:11:14 PM

Judge bennett was fair ,and straight forward when making his decsion in regards to my case. He ask questions that made sense and inevitably help him with his decsion.honesty and doctors visits a must.i am elated and hoping to be able to better the quality of my life in the future. Judge bennett u r the best. THANK YOU

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
1/10/2013 10:13:30 AM

Judge Vanderhoof statistically denies almost everyone. You are very unlucky if you have him. Apparently he is dumped in the Corpus Christi, Texas area so he does not deny everyone in San Antonio, Texas.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/11/2012 7:02:10 AM

Judge Vanderhoof denied my case, I have medical evidence that shows 3 different dissabilities,Essential tremors,Anxiety disorder and Degenerative Arthritis and he still denied me. When I did receive my letter of denial he failed to mention in the report my Degenerative Arthritis which would have qualified me. I have trouble walking,sitting,standing because of my arthritis,my body is in a constent tremor which keeps me from holding an eating utensil or a pen to sign my name if I need to,my Anxiety disorder is because I cannot function like I use to. Why I was denied I will never know.

Judge: Norman L Bennett
12/5/2012 6:16:37 PM

Rude, does not care, thinks its a game, no respect, doesn't listen Terrible Judge. In this day and age a Judge should consider all the information. This judge uses personal information he encounters such as an affair that happened years ago, and entered it into the denial and called it "adultry". What kind of person does this to someone who has mental and physical ailments? It wasn't even relevent

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/2/2012 7:00:02 PM

The guy denied my claim, based on not believing the psychiatric evidence that clearly showed my severe depression and my inabiity to work.Funny how a guy that needs a psychiatrist himself gets to deny my psychiatric case

Judge: Norman L Bennett
11/29/2012 7:16:39 AM

He is the absolute worst!!! If you get assigned to him, try your hardest to get another judge to rule on your case. He make me think I was approved & then a few days later, I received the denial in the mail. It was all a big joke to him. Apparently once you get a judge, you will get him again on any appeals. Even with all the medical proof I have of my injuries, as well as doctors notes, it won't matter. I feel doomed all because of this man. It is so unfair. For this reason, I'm leaving this state. I'm sure any other state will approve me immediately. Vegas is one of the worst for any kind of help!!

Judge: Craig Ellis
11/15/2012 1:11:59 AM

Great Judge

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
9/13/2012 5:45:37 PM

This judge made my family member at ease and even joked with them. Efficent and very friendly. That being said, doesn't mean he will approve ur case. Evidence is crucial as well as the hearing....

Paul Stebbins
Judge: Norman L Bennett
8/28/2012 4:03:33 PM

Judge Bennett , his clerk and the officer in the front office ,were all extremely competent , friendly and ready to listen to me and to my evidence that I presented. He ruled within several days and his total efficency , was above reproach. Even being saddled with no lawyer to represent me , all it took was being honest and showing good evidence.

Judge: Norman L Bennett
8/23/2012 12:04:04 AM

This Judge is so rude one of the worst ever he is a racist, you can tell and I have proof of it, he didnt give me time to explain my case he had his mind made was denied 6 days later with a letter in the mail............I pray to God i dont get him again

Judge: Donald R Colpitts
6/26/2012 2:05:05 PM

One of the best judges in the nation. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and runs hearings with thoroughness, efficiency, and compassion. Jokes with attorneys off the record. Very good at putting everyone (clients and attorneys) at ease.

Judge: John Cusker
5/15/2012 3:06:43 PM

Below average ALJ. Not pleasant at all to deal with and borderline rude. He will search and search for any apparent inconsistency that would not be normally material to most average ALJs but use that against a Claimant in reference to credibility. I don't believe his decisions are well written so remand is frequent.