Buffalo, New York ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Buffalo, New York, 13 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Buffalo, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 20.0 months. The average case processing time in Buffalo is 642 days.The Buffalo average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 39%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Buffalo ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Buffalo 13 20.0 months 642 days 1.9 23% 39% 38%
New York18.5 months617 days2.023%47%30%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Celeste M Redic
Judge: Michael W Devlin
2/21/2020 8:49:09 PM

I am very thankful for Judge Micheal W Devlin. He listened to my case and truly understood how my illness adversely affected my life. He understood what becoming sick had made my life a living hell. He had compassion for me God bless him for that. His decision will allow me hold my head up again and not be ashamed because I'm sick

Judge: William M Weir
6/12/2019 9:22:18 AM

I’m in such a desperate situation this is destroying me, not only do I feel that I’ve had to accept an unfair deal. Which was in January of 2019, it’s still being dragged out. I’ve been fighting for 6 years, I took the deal figuring at least I can try to start the rest of my life. Wrong, I’ve been living way below poverty level for years, which means I’m living on less than $5000 per year. Then I look into the public record to find out this man made this kind of money in under 2 weeks!!! God please get his office to sign the papers already. What have I done so wrong other than, by no choices of my own, become unable to work. I’m sorry for that it was one of the worst days when my doctors told me I was never going to work again. It’s June please stop punishing me because you don’t like me; I don’t like me either. I’m broken in more ways than I care to be. I can’t do 90% of the things I was able to in the past. I caved, I signed, I stopped fighting for what I should have been entitled to and accepted this deal to try to move forward . Five months and still no paperwork signed. I’ve also found out he’s been the judge on a friends case many years ago, she lost over ten years of fighting, I guess I should feel blessed my was only 6. What ever I did to prolong this torture I’m sorry. Please forgive me and sign the papers please!!

Kimberly Saltal
Judge: Stephen Cordovani
2/25/2019 3:37:06 PM

I'm not giving 5 stars because I obviously haven't gotten a decision yet, but I had my hearing today and he seemed pretty fair. Yes he was a little tough, as expected, but I at least felt like he listened and I had a fair hearing. I'm hoping for a positive outcome.

Judge: Timothy M McGuan
2/22/2019 11:16:18 PM

Dismissive, rude to both me and my lawyer; clearly had made up his mind prior to reading any evidence. Barked at me during questioning, shut me down and refused to listen to or even believe evidence by medical experts. How is one with major anxiety/depression supposed to respond to this level of rudeness? I was too terrified to even speak after he started barking. All he cared about was getting a "job expert" on the phone to lie about my alleged "prospects" before giving us the bums rush out of his courtroom. My attorney commented upon leaving his exalted presence that he is usually that rude and not to take it personally but how can one not, when this "judge" cares so little for the people appearing before him that he does not even bother to try to be polite. He hasn't a care in the world - his job, pension and everything are all secure, so that all he has to do now is protect his little fiefdom while destroying the lives of those he abuses in his courtroom.

Judge: David S Lewandowski
2/21/2019 8:03:40 PM

. I had my hearing with Judge David Lewandowski . He was super polite and seem to be very considerate I do not know my results yet but I will still give credit where credit is deserved

Marlene Morrison
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
12/16/2018 5:14:54 PM

The social security and job compensation Judge's don't treat Black people fair. After waiting for two years to be seen, I was told that if I didn't sign a piece of paper saying I'm waiving my SSD benefits, if not I'll have to wait for another court date. He basically threatened me, knowing that I person who have a waited over two years and now if I say I don't want it, I can received my award soon. But when my white friends applied, they got SSI and SSD, if you look my race, how each person was awarded, YOU WILL FIND DISCREPANCY AND UNFAIRNESS!

Judge: Bryce Baird
10/6/2018 4:41:18 AM

Fair, objective and took the time to hear the evidence in the case.

Judge: David S Lewandowski
10/3/2018 4:47:04 PM

Has anyone recently got approved with David LEWANDOWSKI

Judge: Michael Friedman
2/2/2018 8:00:01 AM

this judge is one of the worst. Most of his decisions are either dismissed or denied. In fact, he was taken off the bench for a while because his stats were in question. However, this dinosaur was brought back because the federal government is backed up and short staffed. During my hearing, he was very patronizing and sarcastic. In my "unfavorable decision" there was no specific reason for my denial. Just a lot of embellishment. Between this alj's bad reputation and my strong medical evidence, I might be able to get his decision remanded by the Appeals Council.

Judge: David S Lewandowski
7/31/2017 7:01:10 AM

Judge Lewandowski He is very patient and kind overall I could tell he took in thought what I brought before him I felt comfortable in front of him but aside my nerves still bothered me being around people I didn't know which set my anxiety off then on tip of that some of the question I was ask made me very emotional and i couldnt wait to get home where i just wanted to stay and not be botheres hate that feel8ng of isolatio But what can you do just work through it but I still want to thank the judge for taking time for hearing my case may God bless you!

Judge: Lynette Gohr
7/15/2017 6:37:47 PM

The woman is making a name for herself. It all went to her head. Worst Judge ever, all about her. She's trying to be the judge with the largest denial rate. I wish there was a lower rating to give her

Judge: Sharon Seeley
1/23/2017 10:41:28 PM

I had my hearing with Judge Seeley , I found her very fair and she listened to my case. I feel it went well.

Judge: Sharon Seeley
1/9/2017 1:22:19 PM

She's a ****

Jacqueline Reynolds
Judge: Stephen Cordovani
8/8/2016 9:46:36 AM

This judge didn't even look at the case until day of hearing. The surgeons report of claimants disability he gave "minimal consideration" and the Funtional Capacity woman hired by SSA who said that there were no jobs for the claimant he also gave "minimal consideration". He was acting like a physician, lawyer and executioner at this hearing. He is unfair, and doesn't review ANY case until claimant is there for hearing. He is a DISGRACE.

Judge: Robert T Harvey
6/2/2016 11:36:16 AM

Debilitating chronic migraines with aura, loss of speech, loss of understanding (not recognizing ppl I've known my entire life), partial paralysis, pounding headache, written material looks foreign so I can't make sense of it and more just when the migraines hit. To add to that..anxiety, depression, distress.... Unfavorable!! :( Now to sit & wait for an appeal. All because I have proper documentation but don't go to the neurologist enough..because they can't do anything so why run my insurance up?! Don't know what to do anymore.. I'm sorry I'm not "old", but I surely didn't ask for these problems! Lost a few jobs due to absences from this junk. I just pray that the appeal doesn't mean seeing this same judge again because he just doesn't seem to listen or get it. I agree with the other comment... "Good luck"!

Judge: Robert T Harvey
4/17/2016 10:07:55 PM

terrible experience. Judge Harvey already had his mind made up. Did not take in to account statements of my attending doctor or outside examiner only the ssd doctors. Even the vocational expert stated no jobs available. Did not matter to him. I am appealing but hear odds are not favorable even if it gets sent back to him, he doesn't overturn his decision. Something needs to be done to have his cases examined and he gets removed. Contact your congressman and let's stick together. Good luck every one!

angry and frustrated
Judge: Robert T Harvey
4/15/2016 10:36:00 AM

Judge Harvey is not a fair judge and is very old school. He knew he was going to deny my case before I even walked in for the hearing. First, he went by the medical examine by their doctor that was 2 years prior to my hearing and since then, my condition CLEARLY got worse. Anyone who sees my arms and hands can see that I cannot function enough to hold a job to help my family. My lawyer didn't help either by not having my spouse testify. After the hearing, she wanted my spouse to write a letter instead because she didnt like Judge Harvey's demeanor. She never submitted the letter so I had no outside documentation witnessing my illness. Now we sit and appeal AGAIN. If it gets denied again, we have to re apply.

Judge: Robert T Harvey
4/4/2016 6:43:19 PM

anyone in 2016 have any comments on this judge?

Judge: Eric L Glazer
3/29/2016 7:10:30 AM

Judge Glazer is one of the best Judges I've met. He does not approve every case but he is very fair in every decision he makes. He is flexible and makes the claimant feel comfortable. Also, Judge Glazer will often pick up the phone himself and speak to the claimant's representative regarding a case, where as many other professionals such as judges, lawyers, doctors etc. will usually handle almost all of their correspondences through their clerk or secretary. Judge Glazer is also willing to assist in getting documents that can be difficult to retrieve if there is likely to be helpful information that will support the claimant's case. He is an "All Around" good judge.

Judge: Sharon Seeley
3/23/2016 10:52:09 AM

Very rude..doesn't want to hear what you say. Intimidating and only wants to hear what she wants. If we were able to work don't you think we would. And according to her bipolar is not a disorder to her.

Judge: Melissa L Jones
3/12/2016 7:38:01 PM

Judge Jones in my opinion is somewhat fair. First I want to say that she had my decision to me in 30 days. She was a Worker's Comp judge in Washington DC. After I read her findings, seems like she is against approving disability to someone who is under 50. She seemed to use what you say of things that happened in the beginning of your disability more than what is happening to you at present time. Watch what you say. All in all, she is a compassionate person, she is very by the book. Make sure all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

Patti Laudan
Judge: Melissa L Jones
3/10/2016 9:16:50 AM

I will not know my outcome for a while, but regardless, Judge Melissa L. Jones is a very capable, thorough judge. She put me at ease and my hearing process went smoothly.

Judge: Robert T Harvey
10/30/2015 8:23:21 AM

Worst Judge EVER! It doesn't matter how much evidence you have, if he wants to deny you, he will. He is far too old to be doing this job and needs to step down or be removed.

V Butts
Judge: Mark Sochaczewsky
10/21/2015 9:01:01 AM

You were a very patient with my son that has adhd and other issues. We appeared to you from Jamestown New York court room via satellite in 2009. You denied the fee of the legal aid because basically you relax if they were taking advantage of low incom people . Well my son was reviewed and a few months later approved again in 2015. I can't find anyone to help me. Now 6 years later not from this case but from the decision made in 2009 social security is giving my sons back pay from the new case to them. Can you please direct me in th way I should go

Judge: Sharon Seeley
9/15/2015 8:45:54 AM

It has been 8 months since I had my appeal. After 5 months I started inquiring about the case; and I was told to call for an update every other week. Very frustrating hearing several different answers from different personnel about where and who the decision is with. Now I am told that I just need to be patient? I have been patient for over 2 1/2 years now.

Judge: Sharon Seeley
7/15/2015 6:58:56 PM

In almost a year, you've only listen to 13 hearings. That's like one case a month. No wonder for the Buffalo area that people who really need to have a hearing are waiting almost two years for a hearing. Good Job!

Judge: Sharon Seeley
6/3/2015 5:02:57 PM

Why has Judge Seeley not had any approval or denials since she started hearing cases at SSA. I know someone who had a hearing with her in early November of 2014 and has not heard anything regarding the case heard with this Judge since then. It has really taken a toll on this person and it is bad enough that they suffer physically and emotionally and in severe pain already from the illness/issue they have and now have to wait what seems like endlessly for an answer from the hearing. There should be some kind of limit to the amount of time a Judge has to make the decision on cases as to not put the SSA applicants life on hold any longer than necessary and make their life even a little bit easier with a decision.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
3/17/2015 11:55:03 AM

hey its homeless again judge Moran I for give you for all the pain you have caused me the loss of my home which was my inhairantance which was from my mother.the back money from 2010 when i filed the claim and your unfair and wrong decision in 2012 and would also like to thank the appeals counsil for the poor job that they did in not looking at the new evidents which would have fixed the problem but you also did not do your jobs i sent new records that showed new proof of my disabilty and you say that you looked at them but when you sen the evadents you supposly looked at it was not there wonder were it went. thin air? So i had to refile in 2013 which took my work credits cause i had to refile so now i get ssi not ssd i fought my ass off to keep all my things and lost all of it my mother the house all the things in the house cloths pictures furnture family airlooms all my mothers stuff my stuff as people picked threw it on the side of the road and after all that you will not even do nothing to fix the mistake but i forgive its time to move on because there is one thing you could not take is my happiness and determnation and my spirit.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
2/19/2015 12:25:10 PM

this judge should be removed from the bench. there doctors siad i was disabled my doctors said the same.my mom died jan 9 2012 his decision came jan 12 2012 denied could not make house payments lightbills food borrowed money to creamate her lost my my work credits lost my back pay and for what because he said i did not look disabled so i guss he just disregards top doctors in there field opinion.thing i lost the house everything but there is vendication i won my case feb 12 2015 in front of judge thompson who they say is the tuffest in florida and the second in the country he said i should have received it then and if he would have been the judge he would have given it to me. so with that being said i am homeless when it should not have happend i lost over half of my back pay and at least half of the monthly money so were justice for the working man there is none.p.s judge thompson was very fair and throw

Deb Lippert
Judge: David S Lewandowski
1/6/2015 12:28:28 PM

I recently had a hearing in front of Judge Lewandowski. I have to say that he made me feel very comfortable and was a kind man. I have not recieved a decision on my case as of yet but if i had to do it again, i would hope that i would be assigned the same Judge.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
8/23/2014 1:05:55 PM


Judge: Aaron M Morgan
4/29/2014 10:45:53 AM

I went before this judge and the only thing he could use against me was that I smoke cig's lmao. This judge didn't even open my records. He would not stop about smoking. This judge needs banned fromk the bench.

Judge: Michael Friedman
4/23/2014 8:37:33 PM

going before judge Friedman ... any information on him ?

Gary Scott Pittman
Judge: Timothy M McGuan
3/12/2014 8:53:36 PM

I believe my hearing went good. Timothy Mc Guan was very professional and made my hearing a lot more comfortable for me than i feel with any other people of authority considering my major anxiety and depression and disorders. although i have not got a decision yet i believe he will make a fair one either way it goes.

Jeff angelo
Judge: Nancy G Pasiecznik
3/6/2014 9:35:10 AM

I have one question for of the Jott Nancy why are you still physically you're responsible and handling people lives in your hands you're not God stop trying to pretend you are and get off your high horse and start doing you job it should not take 15 months to make a decision on anything

Stephen Talty
Judge: William E Straub
2/11/2013 11:08:45 AM

Briefly. I do not know Judge William E. Straub personally. I can only comment on his unfavorable decision reached on my daughter Collen Fisher's Social Security Disability request. In Colleen's case, Judge Straub's decision was completely unfounded legally. His research was inadequate. It is tragic that Judge Straub did not consider the "applicant" Colleen Talty Fisher, who is afflicted with mental illness and has struggled with Bulemia, Anorexia, Alcoholism, Perscription Drug abuse and Bi-Polar Disorder since her teen years. Oh! By the way, she did not choose to be what she has become. She is mentally ill. Colleen was a vibrant individul and high school teacher at one time. Now she is completely dependent upon TSI, her mother and father and professionals who have chosen to provide her with the essentials she needs to survive day to day... Judge William E. Straub made a devestating decision denying Colleen Social Security Disability. She has attempted suicide and been hospitalized on 4 separate occasions since his decision. Yes! His adverse decision did in fact cause Colleen to become severely depressed. Perhaps someday he will reap what he sowed.. Steve

Katie Sullivan
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
10/23/2012 4:39:48 PM

Tough but fair.

James Edwards
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/27/2012 4:34:32 PM

Arrogant little bully!

so sad
Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/27/2012 4:32:12 PM

Completely disregards the concept that the hearing is the claimant's opportunity for a fair and impartial hearing. Selects certain non-favorable evidence to base his decision on and disregards the remaining record. Attempts to embarrass reps and claimants. Should be reported to chief ALJ.

Judge: Aaron M Morgan
9/9/2012 8:01:46 AM


Judge: Curtis Axelsen
7/3/2012 12:46:43 PM

This atricle went ahead and made my day.

Judge: Curtis Axelsen
6/8/2012 10:28:00 AM

Professionalism at its best. Outstanding knowledge of the law, soft temparent and helpful.