Oklahoma City, Oklahoma ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 16 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Oklahoma City, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 10.5 months. The average case processing time in Oklahoma City is 440 days.The Oklahoma City average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 49%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Oklahoma City ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Oklahoma City 16 10.5 months 440 days 2.3 17% 49% 34%
Oklahoma14.5 months463 days2.417%49%34%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Teresa Higdon
Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
3/16/2020 5:19:16 PM

Judge Larry Shepherd is a very good person and the process is long exspeically when I had no idea what to do or how to do it I have been in terrible pain I have pain everyday some I can deal with some I can not some days can walk some days can't I have no money I have missed Doctor visit due to no medical I can't do things anymore and he was very understanding and he helped me by telling me what I needed but I don't want to live under a bridge I am miserable most of my 6 years I have not been to see friends in 6 years and I have no life my legs are swelled bad I have no family left died from the same thing I have but Judge Larry Thank You and God Bless You

Judge: James Linehan
3/7/2020 11:45:42 AM

Yes, this judge does cherry pick evidence . He does turn testimony around to fit his pre formed opinion. He will interrupt you during your testimony , to throw you off track. It seems as though he has already made a decision on your case , before your hearing. If this guy is your judge , I pray for you. Good luck getting the benefits you've paid for all of your working life.

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
2/25/2020 10:22:37 PM

Judge Stults was very patient with me as I stumbled my way through my testimony. He asked a couple of times if I needed a break. I’d heard he was unfair in decisions regarding mental illnesses, but he appeared to be the opposite. He was very understanding and truly tried to make this easy for me. Thanks to him I will finally be able to get off the streets and into housing and proper mental health treatment. I’m now praying for recovery and the ability to become self sufficient again. Thank you, Judge Stults!

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
2/25/2020 10:19:07 PM

Judge Stults was very patient with me as I stumbled my way through my testimony. He asked a couple of times if I needed a break. I’d heard he was unfair in decisions regarding mental illnesses, but he appeared to be the opposite. He was very understanding and truly tried to make this easy for me. Thanks to him I will finally be able to get off the streets and into housing and proper mental health treatment. I’m now praying for recovery and the ability to become self sufficient again. Thank you, Judge Stults!

Judge: David R Gutierrez
12/1/2019 12:12:08 PM

Mr. Gutierrez is a crook and a first class LIAR! He denied my case and the appeal, despite having over 20 active medical issues, many of which are severe and/or potentially fatal. He copied and pasted numerous sentences from various parts of my medical; and, when he made reference to my records in the denial letter, he distorted the fact of the matter. So really, the multiple times that he perjured himself in manner, he threw the standard Straw Man garbage into a poorly concocted report which made no sense at all. A grade schooler could have done better, as even GUTierrez's grammar was abysmally poor. I have been told this guy is extremely racist against White males, makes his decision before the hearing even starts. Though having access to your medical records, he does not read them. This rogue judge needs to be removed from his position.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
11/22/2019 12:56:34 AM

Thank you so so so much Judge(Sir) Baldwin, You are definitely a God Send. I have worked my entire life, until I absolutely could Not! I've always supported myself somehow, someway, One Day, My Body just Gave up! It's definitely been a downhill slide since, Finally 11/21, he granted me disability. I'm just lost for words and all I have is a Huge Thank you! For all you bashing him, Shame! He's the nicest person I've ever been around, A Real Human! So if you were denied, did you have God #1 documentation #2 & a good lawyer #3! I'll forever be going to Drs because what I have just is not going away there's no cure, I've been going and will continue in hopes, one day, I will get told there is a cure! So if you are trying for disability, open your Bible, go to the Dr and demand your health be taken seriously! And find a good lawyer! I fought for 7 years, so don't give up, especially if you have Documentation!

Holly Giles
Judge: Jodi B. Levine
10/25/2019 4:49:57 PM

i think Judge Levine is very compassionate an understanding to a claimant. She takes all information thoroughly and will consider all evidence materials and research for more if needed to make sure she make a positive decision. I left her courtroom feeling like i having finally been heard after being denied numerous times since i begin filing in the 90's. She never gave me an answer but I left feeling better like I have finally been heard. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard and Judge Levine heard me.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
10/25/2019 9:24:30 AM

This judge treated every single person in her court room as garbage. It looks like she has been a judge for a long time. I don't know how she can keep treating people like this and get away with it. Plus, are they able to wear hearing aids in their court rooms? Does it mess with the electrical stuff? She kept repeating that she could not hear me even though I was talking as loud as I could.

Sherrie Fields
Judge: Susan W Conyers
9/30/2019 4:03:21 AM

For once in my life I felt like someone was on my side,even if i get denied I would like to Thank Mrs.Conyers for showing the attention and concern for my situation,she helped with the way I perceive myself,For once I felt like I mattered,if she decides against me I'm sure she knows best and someone else needs it more than i,God Bless.

Phillip Cross
Judge: Susan W Conyers
7/21/2019 7:50:34 AM

I just wanted to take a few moments and thank Judge Conyers for a fair and honest hearing,as well as considering all evidence submitted to her, along with the testimony of the Vocational Rehabilitation Representative.As a Disabled Veteran,I'm used to being rushed and mostly over-looked by the Veteran's Administration,and was expecting similar treatment.Judge Conyers was very polite and seemed genuinely interested in my case and well-being.She was thorough, but I never felt rushed or uncomfortable during any time we were speaking. My hearing was prompt and on time and did not take nearly as long as I was expecting,which was great for me,as I am physically unable to remain sitting in one position for very long.This is also a credit to Judge Conyers,because she definitely did her homework and was well prepared to hear my case. In closing,I would like to say thank you ,Judge Conyers,for making an expected unpleasant experience much more bearable and pleasant.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
3/18/2019 7:59:11 AM

If u get this judge you should cut your losses, withdrawal your case, & start all over from the beginning and refile again. Alj shopping may not be good but in extreme cases such as with judge Jennie L. McLean, where u are dealing with a neurotic personality type who views empathy as a superfluous emotion which can only cloud ones judgement and so denies most all her casses, the choice is reasonable and obvious. Alj shopping is okay in this particular situation because we are not dealing with a totally sane person but someone who is obviously very troubled and creating a lot of collateral damage and suffering for other people. Don't allow yourself to be victimized by this judge. Withdrawal your case & refile. You have a right to have your case heard by a sane responsible person who has empathy for the suffering of other human beings. Refile.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
3/6/2019 1:06:53 PM

This judge is a complete *****! Has no regard for the client OR the representative! Why she is still able to hold court is beyond me. She has no respect for the people she is holding court for, and has no concern whatsoever about the lives she is affecting by her actions. She needs to be removed and barred from practicing "any" law. Sounds like she is one of those leftist, democratic snowflakes who whines, cries and complains when things don`t go her way. The "note" above says that the judge may see these comments if she views this page, so think before you post. Well I hope she does one day view this page, when she is not trying to degrade someone, and see what the public has to say about the way she is presenting herself. Personally I don`t think we have anything to worry about, as far as her viewing this page, because she can`t stop herself long enough from trying to dictate to others, to come here and view what is being said about her. This judge is a good example of why we have trouble with the judicial system now, and why people across this country have such a negative attitude about the judicial system in this country. She has definitely let her position go to her head, and thinks she is God`s gift to the judicial system. Below the comment section, it says to (rate this judge). Can`t rate this judge when there is no place to rate below a (1).

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
1/23/2019 12:40:18 AM

I wish I can put a zero, I am 100 percent permanent disable veteran, went thru federal appeals and return to him for the federal appeal and still got denied. Someone needs to fire him,or social security purposely gives him disable veterans on purpose since he denies seems like all of us, and yes it's TRUE he says stuff and they don't put it on record with his sly comments like you should be good with your va pension and working at Walmart as a greeter. He seems to enjoy destroying lives, I hope you read this. You have my info we can drink coffee to debate your evilness and I heard he was prior service at that, shame on you

Warren Goulden
Judge: Kim D. Parrish
12/6/2018 6:07:47 PM

This judge saw my wife January 30th 2018. On April 20. 2018 she suffered a stroke. We tried to let this so called judge know this and was told can't take any new information. On May 8th 2 days after she gotten out of the hospital. We got a denial letter from this judge. Based on a doctor report from 2012. Said her doctor information did not matter he lent little weight to his opinion. My wife passed away on November 18 2018. I hope you sleep good at night . You seen my wife and you should have been able to see that she needed help.

donald lear parker
Judge: Jodi B. Levine
10/19/2018 7:24:07 AM

I'll like to know if ALJ Jodi B. Levine is a Republican and a feminist. Can someone please answer that ? for me PLEASE!!!!

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
8/2/2018 10:12:16 AM

It appears if you have debilitating mental health issues from a combat veteran, you will never get a fair shake with judge Shepard. It seems he does not believe in debilitating mental health cases, even when the veteran is rated 100% UNEMPLOYABLE from the Veterans Administration and being paid HOUSEBOUND compensation; folks if that alone is not the definition of not being able to work, I do not know what is. I am curious if he has ever approved a case that did not involve a physical disability... if he hasn't that's called bias.

Judge: Roy E LaRoche
7/7/2018 4:56:05 PM

Totally 100% worst judge I've ever had the dis pleasure of meeting!! Doesn't go by DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS & FACTS!! I had his decision over turned by appeals committee and remanded back to court - because he was clearly wrong in his decision, but somehow he managed to get my case again - which I was told by a few attorneys should NOT have happened!! Once again - IGNORED the MEDICAL FACTS in front of his face and denied me again!! Have to file with appeals committee AGAIN. I DID NOT ASK FOR MY MEDICAL CONDITIONS!!! I WOULD MUCH RATHER BE BACK AT WORK MAKING MUCH MORE $$$$ THAN I'LL RECEIVE FROM DISABILITY......I HOPE YOU ENJOY SITTING ON YOUR THRONE DESTROYING PEOPLES LIVES.......I'M NOT STOPPING..........

Judge: Sherry L. Schallner
5/21/2018 11:04:41 PM

Finally a fair Judge, this was my 3rd time before a Judge and I was actually starting to think I would die before I got any assistance! This Judge was very fair and actually looked through the evidence, she was my saving grace yes REALLY! I have several chronic conditions and could not believe that I was denied twice before. It is hard enough to be sick, but to have the financial worries weighing you down every day on top of being sick and having to beg people for help is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Thank God I finally went before a intelligent, kind Judge, if you are truly ill and have the medical evidence to back it up you are in good hands with this Judge.

Judge: Joseph Liken
4/4/2018 7:27:50 AM

I had my hearing November 15th 2017 and I'm still awaiting a decision from the judges office. My lawyers don't know anything other than it is still in the judges hands. I was told is have a decision within 90 days and as you can see, I'm still waiting. He was a great listener and i didn't feel intimidated at all. My issue is that the "process" takes entirely too long and some of us are in desperate need for a decision so that we know where to go from here...how do i get my surgeries..how do i get the injections i need...how do i keep paying my bills...what am i going to do about rent..All of this in some cases is contingent on a speedy decision. Thanks for listening.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
3/8/2018 9:59:08 AM

Seamed to be very nice man I saw that he was really concerned for my well being than anyone I have met in 41 yrs very well spoken an honest. I judge no one. I just need the help to live an have a life outside my nightmare bipolar skitso an boarder line personality disorder thanks an god bless

Judge: Sherry L. Schallner
2/21/2018 7:11:33 PM

I thought she was going to be fair to me in my hearing but should have know I was denied in hearing itself when I caught her rolling her eyes at my attorney defending me against the Voc Expert at the end of my hearing My lawyer said My SSi should have been approved when I first filed many years ago and all they did was twist words and use bad doctors I hadnt seen in Years because their opinion was that im fine Had 3 different Docters be for me who were more current then the one who was bad and my current counselor was for me So they didnt use her either the game is rigged I had the medical proof and they twisted words and ignored cold hard facts to deny me. They should be ashamed of themselves but Im sure their not they get to go home to their fancy stuff.

Judge: Angelita Hamilton
1/20/2018 8:39:39 AM

Its now been 7 months since a friend of mine with PTSD and severe depression has seen this Judge and still NO ANSWER. My friend is slowly losing their self due to lack of income and finances to pay their bills. And with OK dropping funding for mental health it is getting harder and harder to get them the treatment and meds they need. Judge Hamilton please don't try and blame your lack of speediness on so many cases are do to overload, because down in south Texas where the population is three to six times as here in Oklahoma they are getting people their rulings within 6-8 weeks. If you judge Hamilton are unable to do your job in a timely manner then you need to step down and let SS replace you with someone who can. Or is the problem that you just enjoy playing mind games with people who have mental health issues? Either way, not impressed with you at all as a judge..

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
12/22/2017 1:18:16 PM

He denied my case based on someone else medical records that were mixed up with mine. The vocational expert said there were no jobs that I could do. Parrish wrote my denial usIng someone else's medical records...an injury I did not have. He asked me if I had that injury and I said no. He was looking at someone else's files. Their doctor said they could go back to work. He denied my case. After 1 year, my State Senator asked the review board to speed up the process. They immediately clos d my case. This took almost 5 years and now I do not have enough work credits to reapply because I cannot work. I have lost everything and can't pay living expenses much less receive the medical help I desperately need. Kim Parrish is an incompetent disgrace to the court system.

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
12/7/2017 12:09:28 PM

At my hearing the judge started asking me question in regards to someone else's case. He was unfamiliar with my case at all and seemed to be lost and therefore seemed to have his mind made up without the proper evidence ?? Your thoughts??

Nicolas Raso
Judge: Susan W Conyers
11/29/2017 11:56:21 AM

Wanted to give my thanks to Judge Conyers for hearing my case even though I was not prepared before hand for what might take place at the hearing. Also for being patient and not getting frustrated with my brain traumatic injury symptoms and PTSD. Since my hearing I have being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as if I didn’t have enough issues already. I have also had complete shoulder surgery and the Veterans Administration has upgraded my need to have my caregiver needs at level 2.

Judge: Angelita Hamilton
11/28/2017 5:56:44 PM

A good friend of mine who is suffering from PTSD saw Judge Hamilton this past June 2017. He felt that she was nice, seamed to be concerned and he left feeling like all was good. Well 5 months have now passed by and nothing, all he gets when he calls is someone saying the Judge has yet to sign off one way or another on his case. Leaving someone with mental issues in limbo this long is not good at all. I cant believe that she is that busy that she couldn't of signed off one way or another in five months. My friend has no income, so far he has help from others, but that is coming to an end. He is facing the strong possibility of losing everything he has and not being able to afford his medication because some judge feels its ok to take their time deciding someone else's fate..even if she would deny it ( which there is NO REASON to ) he could get on with an appeal, but instead she is leaving him in limbo...NOT GOOD zero stars for Judge Hamilton

Johanna Kaser
Judge: James Linehan
11/10/2017 10:27:58 AM

This just stuns me! I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Linehan many years ago over my then husbands Federal Workers Comp claim and I couldn't believe how great he was. Fast, knowledgeable, friendly. So I have to go with my experiences with him as a FWC attorney.

Judge: Daniel Curran
10/30/2017 9:33:36 AM

Very very fair if you approach the situation in the right way you’ll get approved but if not you’ll get denied. I went in there with no medical records and no attorney and got approved!!!!! Thanks Judge Curran.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
9/9/2017 9:35:06 AM

What I need to know is does she approve the second time or not my daughter is disabled and she denied her the first time we just went to court a week ago but I do say she is very rude she knew that we had three people but only had two chairs and was very rude to me. Worst judge ever I hope we get approved this time I could really use the money.

Sheila P
Judge: Angelita Hamilton
7/25/2017 4:53:18 PM


Darral Napper
Judge: Roy E LaRoche
7/25/2017 1:24:59 PM

This was the first hearing I had ever participated in. I was asked very few medical questions, I was asked 0 follow up questions. I thought it strange but who is there to ask? When I recieved the decision it became apparent why I was asked so few questions. Judge Laroche never bothered to review my medical history. He didn't review before my hearing, he didn't review before his decision. He had decided my case before I ever stepped in the room. There are several issues he stated are not in evidence which is absolutely incorrect. I would think someone who chooses a position like he has would at the very least do his due diligence. I can see very clearly he did not. He can sit in comfort knowing he is only destroying poor people who have no recourse. Judge LaRoche, I hope for your sake when you meet your maker you are prepared to answer for the people and families you have destroyed. It is one thing to sit in judgement when you have reviewed all relevent facts. It is different when you sit in judgement and can't be bothered to care.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
7/13/2017 7:11:09 AM

2 time loser. After a federal judge approves case Parrish for second time denies. I was pressured to make a decision within a 3 min. window with attorney via Judge Perish to accept his watered down deal which guaranteed approval but would have to take half of the time of entitled , who does that....I wonder does he think my creditors/hospitals/doctors want half their money from the last 6 to 8 yrs. What is worse is he has the attorney convinced this a good deal. Im thoroughly outraged and disgusted at how the court system mistreats its citizens. How can a judge say he/she will approve a claimant for half their entitled time then not approve any benefits. Something very untoward about this process...

Judge: Trace Baldwin
6/16/2017 9:41:13 AM

Judge Baldwin was very good to me and treated me with respect not something the local office or anyone else did . He could tell I was having a hard time with the hearing and he was very patient and helped me calm down and he got onto my lawyer for not speaking in a respectfuly way to me when I didn't speak loud enough and my lawyer took an attitude with me during the hearing. I would give him more stars but there are only 5.

Lola Logan
Judge: Karen Wiedemann
6/2/2017 2:15:46 AM

Hello my name is Lola Logan i had my hearing on 4/6/2017. I was please to have Judge Karen Wedemann. She was very nice and also understanding if i had to go before another judge i would much rather perfer Judge Karen Wedemann. And i know she approve me i felt it in my heart cause she understand.

To Miles
Judge: Jennie L. McLean
5/28/2017 5:06:09 AM

You must be mistaken about "T" being Judge McLean. A knowledgeable judge would know that something slanderous is the uttering of a false report. Something that one considers a false written statement would be libelous. Then there is a little ole thing called The Bill of Rights, Amendment I, giving Americans the freedom of speech. Surely a judge would be familiar with The Constitution of the United States! : )

Judge: Daniel Curran
5/13/2017 10:01:59 AM

When we walked in the room he was already mad. He didn't look at any of the information on my case prior to my hearing. He was mad because an exhibit had a page 2 and his assistant Fred knew it was a blank page and didn't note that in my file. He was mad because my file was a paper file not digital. He was mad because my attorney didn't know all the exibit numbers that corresponded to the documents because it wasn't made available until the day of the hearing. He postponed the hearing for a third time. I would not recommend him for a Judge on a dog show. He needs to retire or be evaluated for Biopolor disorder. I'll be 60 in a few months I guess he's waiting until I reach retirement age.

cause for removal from the bench?
Judge: Jennie L. McLean
5/9/2017 11:18:31 AM

If there is an obvious conflict of interest in a case, wouldn't it be ethical for a judge to remove one's self instead of punishing the disabled individual with an automatic denial? My rating for this judge is a negative 20.

laughed at
Judge: James Linehan
4/21/2017 11:02:40 PM

This judge laughed about SSA Paperwork being lost! Years ago when he was a lawyer representing claimants he stated online in a blog (I have a printout) that SSA commonly loses paperwork! Today, after over a year I finally get a copy of the audio recording of the hearing. The main ODAR office has been blocking me getting it! Very obvious of why after listening to it. This judge demonstrated a nasty habit of interrupting me while I was trying to answer a question by asking another question. Unbelievable! Thank goodness I have an attorney now. By the way, the medical and healthcare professionals that regularly see me prior to the hearing and to this day were appalled at his decision and flat out said that his reasoning did not make any sense to them - one even pulls up records they sent and it was obvious they were completely ignored! Going in with anything less than an attorney with this ALJ will likely result in a swift denial. I went in with a representative, but as they had already found and attorney's I have spoken to and since retained one, have all said that to them it appears that "this Judge gets messy; even though he knows better; when the claimant is not represented or represented by a non-attorney representative". They seem to believe he does this because he knows that a non-attorney representative will drop out at this point and it is very hard to get an attorney to come in at the Appeals Council stage. So, you have been warned!

Judge: Trace Baldwin
4/5/2017 2:52:39 PM

Mr. Baldwin was very professional. I appreciated that. R.

Miles L. Mitzner
Judge: Jennie L. McLean
1/5/2017 5:38:09 PM

There are only 2 people who have left 5 stars for this ALJ and both comments condemn the other people commenting and this website. Is it you ALJ McLean? Who is T? Why hide behind a letter? Why can you not say who you are? Why can you/her not get one single person to give you any stars? This is Miles L. Mitzner and I have never posted on this site until now in contrast to your comments. I found it tonight doing research on yet another one of your denials for another law firm that will likely result in a remand. You make accusations about me trolling the internet, guessing that I made the comments, which I did not, but these comments about you make your fury turn toward me. Why? I stand behind my work I do not hide behind a letter for my posts like whomever you are. Only you would make these kinds of comments. Whomever you think is attacking you on this website is not me, I already did that in a Federal Lawsuit and now you cannot hear my cases because you deny due process to my clients. So, if it is you, own up. Show your face. Do not hide behind the internet. I do not do that. P.S. If you want to know what I think ask me. Anyone will tell you I will say it straight to your face. Miles L. Mitzner, Attorney at Law 31 years practicing Disability Law Over 30,000 hearings won Chair, Disability Section Oklahoma Bar Association Mitzner Disability Law Firm

Juston ShawI'm
Judge: Susan W Conyers
1/1/2017 7:47:51 AM

Maybe we should pay the alj per case that is actually completed not a big salary. Bet cases would not take so long to finish then.

Juston Shaw
Judge: Susan W Conyers
12/30/2016 4:52:46 PM

I wish when they approved the case they would finish it there and then.we have lost everything. Now live in 5th wheel about to have utilities cut off and be homeless waiting

Brent M.
Judge: Karen Wiedemann
12/8/2016 5:54:21 PM

I recently appeared before the Honorable Judge Wiedemann. I was very tense and nervous, and she made me very comfortable and at ease. She was very thorough and concise and never at one point was I confused or did I feel out of place. Her demeanor was mother-like and she paid all her attention to me in a very professional way as well. I was very lucky to have gotten her as my judge regardless of the decision rendered.

Judge: Daniel Curran
12/7/2016 2:06:02 PM

Judge Daniel Curran was fair. If you have the facts and required documentation he will rule in your favor. If you do not then he won't. My husband worked for 30 years at the same job before he became disabled. I believe that was taken into account as well. Its good to know that Judge Curran follows the guidelines and rules fairly based on the evidence that is presented to him. Its up to you to do your homework............................

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
10/24/2016 11:10:06 PM

Proper weight was not given to a veteran with 100 % permanent and total in mental alone. The veteran received unfavorable decision. He did not even include his degenerative joint disease. 100 % mental and is still unfavorable. That just aggravates his condition. Veterans with mental conditions are being unfairly treated and put to the wayside. He also stated items in the decision that the client never stated in the hearing. He is the highest paid SSDI judge in Oklahoma.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
9/29/2016 7:30:07 PM

I tried to erase my previous comment, knowing parrish could not know dr Horton's treatment of me. sorry judge parrish, I hope no one else who has gone through what I have makes this mistake. It was Horton not parrish, who did an awful thing to me. my lawyer not parrish who let it be hidden, to their benefit.

cowboy down and hurting
Judge: Kim D. Parrish
9/28/2016 7:04:13 PM

dr Donald d Horton,used him like a tool .he is not smart enough to see through this.should this kind of ignorance be a judge? Horton told me would do this and sure enough parrish fell for it . because we can not make our argument in court and our lawyers will not in fear of drs and judges feeling towards them and their money.

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
9/11/2016 3:09:11 PM

The first time I saw him, it was very unpleasant. I have been taking lisinopril 5mg ever since. However, I had a 3rd court appearance on August 30th 2016, it was totally different. I guess God entered Judge Stilts cause the first appearance he was was full of demons. He treated my son and I like humans. This has been a very long fight since 2012, along with 3 court appearances, I DONT understand why it takes such a long time. Sometimes, I just wanna turn back the hands of time but I know God makes no mistakes and I would only repeat it again. I DONT wish this on anybody, I tell you, bills on top of bills.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
9/8/2016 12:37:02 PM

I saw this judge twice. I was frustrated with the entire process, and was irritated that I had a second hearing. He made me comfortable (love his ink and hair, I kinda missed it the second time). He spoke calmly, listened, and treated me with respect. Not your common look of a judge, but I found it very cool and relaxing. He even apologized for everything I went through, and helped me with future resources and treatment plans. Thank you Judge Baldwin!

Judge: Trace Baldwin
8/17/2016 7:30:56 AM

A Hack he is not.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
8/15/2016 6:40:00 AM

The Judge is incompetent. Your Lawyer is incompetent. Maybe you just have a bad case and lost on merit. He is one of the most liberal ALJ's up there and pays the largest number of cases compared to any other ALJ.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
8/13/2016 9:48:49 PM

Had this judge. He seemed to be a good judge until I got the decision! I had to give up working and pretty much all of my hobbies to include my favorite thing in life GOLF! Yet this judge after numerous times stating I had to give up golf and sold all of my gear at a huge loss and can't stand for more than 15-20 minutes at a time said in his decision that because I PLAY Golf, I show full range of movement and therefore am not disabled! If I lie in court I can go to Jail for perjury but if a judge lies in his decision, I just have to deal with it?!? This is completely unjust and I have asked the appeals panel to review all transcripts and if they find I never said that I actually play golf anymore, I will be suing the heck out of this hack of a judge! Also neither this judge nor my former lawyer could get the VA to release the results of my Traumatic Brain Injury or the name of the doctor that diagnosed it. However I got it within 30 minutes at the federal building VA office?!? This was also used to state My TBI was not proven because they didn't have the doctors report?!? I had my face crushed in 1992 and was knocked out for approximately 20-30 minutes. That is the basic definition of a TBI! This judge is completely incompetent and so is my lawyer Colbert, Cooper, Hill in OKC.

Judge: James Linehan
7/21/2016 5:44:22 AM

I agree with a previous post regarding not accepting a Video Hearing from ALJ Linehan. You must have a good attorney to deal with this Judge. I have been told by two different attorney's already that in their experience his decisions are way off base if you either do not have a lawyer as a representative. If you go in with a non-attorney representative (or worse no representative) he knows that you will have difficulty obtaining representation to effectively appeal as a non-attorney representative WILL drop your case following an ALJ Hearing. It would be a good idea also to have your United States Congressman's office inquire about your claim. He does appear to be particularly biased against Mental Health claims. Two different attorney's that have dealt with him have told me this.

Judge: Sylke Merchan
7/2/2016 6:53:04 PM

Heavily biased against the mentally ill. Cherry-picks statements from doctors to support her own conclusions while completely ignoring the opinions of other treatment professionals. Focuses on minor issues such as grooming (she puts a *lot* of stock in appearance) and uses them to make completely unfounded allegations of malingering. If you haven't had the money to obtain tests or get treatment for a problem, she'll use it against you. Takes your own words out of context, twists them around, and makes it appear as if you said something you didn't. Dismisses evidence when it's inconvenient. This sorry excuse for a human being has her mind made up in advance and if it's set against you, you're screwed. I would give her no stars if possible. Thanks, Judge, for calling me a liar, relying entirely on what that fool of a doctor said, ignoring the views of the person who sees me every week (if you'd read her notes you'd know I'm really not that well-groomed), contradicting yourself, saying I refuse to take one class medication I actually take (could've just checked the list I gave you) and failing to notice that I had to tell Dr. Useless THREE TIMES that I COULDN'T take another class because the side effects are too severe. I don't have the energy to go to the appeals council. I'm done.

Judge: James Linehan
6/26/2016 10:49:54 PM

My experience with this Judge was horrible. He rushes through the hearing, will not let you finish answering a question when you are obviously confused with what he is asking. He will cherry pick anything in your records that he can twist around. And frankly, reading his decision was unbelievable. In several cases this Judge just outright lies. If he doesn't just blatantly lie in his decision rationale he lies like the Devil by omitting overwhelming records contrary. SHAME on this Judge. He should be removed. Yes I am appealing. Meet with new attorney today! In my opinion this Judge makes his decision before you ever go before him. He does not show any interest in fact gathering that does not meet the opinion he already has made. In my decision he took 1 doctors observation that I saw one time (not even for condition I applied for disability and not a specialist) while ignoring 5+ others (specialists) that saw me regularly and all reported the same thing. Nevermind, that the Doctor opinion he cited negatively in my favor is who gave the referral for me to see specialist. Oh the list goes on and on. Oh, and he thinks that when your medication is changed because you stopped taking it because it didn't work or had side effects that you can not handle that you are non-compliant in taking medication.

Sure Pennsylvania is glad to be rid of him
Judge: James Linehan
6/12/2016 4:06:51 AM

Do NOT accept a video hearing from Judge JAMES LINEHAN! Repeat do NOT accept a video hearing from this judge! He does not pay attention. Be prepared to have the majority of what you say be turned around by him. He is age biased and biased against Mental Health claims. If you have already been victim of Judge JAMES LINEHAN report him to: Division of Quality Service One Skyline Tower 5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1605 Falls Church, VA 22041 Include as many details as possible in your letter to aid DQS in its investigation. Note that filing a complaint with DQS does not constitute an appeal of your denial or partially favorable decision.

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
5/15/2016 12:16:27 PM

Very rude and disrespectful. Ive NEVER been talked to so horrible. After leaving him, my blood pressure was 147/97. EVIL

Judge: Trace Baldwin
5/15/2016 12:14:11 PM

The day I went to see this Judge I was nervous but he treated me like a human and not a animal like Judge Stults. My case was supposed to go back in front of him. I wish it would have seeing that i was talked to like an animal from Stults( the devil in a robe, very evil).

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
5/5/2016 3:20:59 PM

He is a very rude judge with no respect at all. He didn't allow my witness to talk and I had to contact th District Parks Saunders Judge because I've never been so humiliated. I was treated with way more respect from my original Judge Baldwin. I worked all my life and he has a problem because I'm unable now..really!!!

Deborah Adams
Judge: Douglas S. Stults
4/22/2016 11:49:39 PM

I felt completely comfortable around this great Judge.. He gave me information and allowed me to decide what I needed to do. I appreciate his kindness and direct approach. He was great and sharing information I might need. I would highly recommend him no matter what he decides on my case.. He made it easier for me. Thank you Judge Stults !

Lacrecia Franklin
Judge: James Linehan
3/23/2016 10:06:48 AM

Its fair to say that you will be treated as a person and not a number, ,,,what he asked me I could tell he had read the file.Im sorry for those who deserve a fair chance to tell their story and happen to get a abusive judge, that, he is not. ,Even though it was quick ,I didn't feel rushed. Very consise and to the point.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
2/17/2016 12:58:36 PM

Has since cut his hair, but has added more ink, it appears. Still a good judge.

Judge: Angelita Hamilton
2/17/2016 10:46:45 AM

After almost 5 years of trying for disability Judge Hamilton approved my case right on the spot. Of course having a good attorney was helpful. The Judges and attorneys don't make it up as they go along. If you don't have a valid medical condition and medical records you won't be successful. So don't hate the judge. The hatred does you no good.

Judge: James A Burke
1/4/2016 2:26:50 PM

Judge Burke was very fair, and each time I called ODAR the person who answered my request was very helpful and professional! (and I called often)

Lena franklin
Judge: Trace Baldwin
12/20/2015 4:54:00 AM

I hope you work in okc too. Oh yes I have had a stroke symptoms of mini strokes respiratory failure almost I see you the stroke gave me rheumatoid arthritis in my neck and spine fibromyalgia fifth stage of the rest of my body and degenerative disc disease - but I also have to take six breathing treatment today and several inhalers I sure hope it you don't mind but I have text you it's just been such a long time and I don't want to lose anything else I've already lost houses cars my pride my body I really really need help thank you so much for your time

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
11/2/2015 9:59:47 AM

Had my hearing on Sept 3rd, 2015 with Judge Gordon. He seemed to be ver fair and impartial. My lawyer said that it sounded very good but it has now been 60 days today with no answer. Hopefully I will hear soon. Either way approval or denial he was still a very good judge that was considerate!

Shari Marstellar
Judge: Michael Harris
10/26/2015 12:28:36 PM

Thank you so much for hearing my case! I was nervous when I appeared before you but you treated me with compassion & kindness! I will never forget that!

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
10/25/2015 10:23:36 PM

I had a hearing before this alj. As I see it, she acted in a totally professional manner. Her questioning was direct, quick and mostly about my symptoms and impairments. All the medical evidence was right there for her to see. Her decision on my claim was Fully Favorable.

Judge: James A Burke
10/21/2015 2:42:01 PM

Judge Burke was a very kind and professional Judge! He was very respectful and really listened to me , he gave me advice which I followed and I was successful in my case! Thank you Judge Burke!

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
8/24/2015 2:25:42 PM

All I can say is that I have had hearings with this ALJ since the day she came to the OKC ODAR. She has at times acted very odd during hearings (pounding the table, rolling her eyes, sighing very loudly, turning down all the lights in the room and running large fans to kill "the germs")......she has also at other times been acting in a perfectly normal way. However, regardless of how she acts, I still believe that it is improbable that any ALJ would be approving only 25-27% of the claims that come before her. If her opinions were "correct" then I highly doubt that she would be seeing the vast majority of her denials being reversed by the AC or the Fed Courts. And, by the way, she is part of a Union and has a life-time appointment. Anyone that has done any research will discover that it is extremely difficult to remove an ALJ. And yes, I too have filed complaints against this ALJ.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
8/17/2015 7:06:45 PM

terrible JUDGE. medical info wrong. denial was so off, wrong diagnoses and omitted very important criteria like med effects,psyc evals,mentioned surgeries never claimed.lawyer said it was one of the worst denials he had ever seen.a three sentence judges rfc with no credible explanation.run don't walk,from him.a very myopic man.

Judge: Joseph Liken
8/11/2015 4:10:21 PM

I saw Judge Liken today and I believe he is a very good listener. I felt very comfortable in his courtroom. He was not intimidating like many judges. Regardless of the outcome I was happy to be seen by Judge Liken.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
8/10/2015 1:16:28 PM

Had my hearing with this judge. At first I was very scared because of his appearance. He doesn't look like any other judge ive seen. He has long hair a scary tattoo on his arm, and he didn't wear a tie. but he was the kindest person I have ever met. I was having a panic attack when we came into the room, and he stopped everything and focused on me. He calmed me down and breate with me until I could go on. then, he paid my case. Thank you judge Baldwin. god sent you to me and my family.

Judge: David R Gutierrez
8/4/2015 12:26:36 PM

My husband just went to court with Judge Gutierrez. I am very unhappy with the outcome. Mr. Gutierrez (Judge) denied my husband on a questionnaire that we filled out 4 years ago. We were honest on the questionnaire as of today my husband cannot do what he did back then. Letters from all his Doctors say that. If we didn't deserve back pay that is fine but my husband should have never been denied completely. We are so close to loosing our home we can't even put a full meal on the table for dinner. I work 2 jobs just to try to make it. My husband can't work. I am so upset with this outcome, I can't believe this happened.

The Truth Hurts
Judge: Angelita Hamilton
7/30/2015 8:03:27 AM

Whoever wrote the comment of 3-8-15 has obviously not presented very many claims to this ALJ, nor have they reviewed her record. While there is no doubt but that ALJ Hamilton is a very nice and kind lady, there is also little doubt but that she is either completely incompetent or just does not care. This is evidenced by the claims that she approves versus those she will deny. I have numerous examples of claims that ALJ Hamilton has denied where the evidence in the claim is much more substantial than in a claim she had approved. There appears to be little reasoning to her decisions and a complete lack of understanding of the law. To state that denials from this ALJ are because of some lacking "qualifications" or "documentation" is just being naive. Unless of course the "qualifications" referred to are the qualifications of this ALJ.

Abandon All Hope
Judge: Susan W Conyers
7/30/2015 7:55:32 AM

Well, ALJ Conyers is certainly very kind during a hearing and comes across as very concerned about the client. She does tend to allow the representative to begin the questions, but then interrupts quite often to ask her own questions. Again, though, she is very considerate about this and not at all overbearing. All this being said, she is currently approving only about 15% of all claims that come before her. I do not believe you could come up with those odds if you just rolled a pair of dice at the start of each hearing. Even before she returned to OKC ODAR she only had an overall approval rating of 25-26%, which again is less than the odds of just throwing dice. While it is nice to have a kind ALJ at a hearing, I am sure everyone would be more thrilled to see an ALJ that actually applies the law and evidence to a claim and awards those individuals that obviously meet the requirements for Disability.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
7/11/2015 9:34:58 PM

Whoa, easy, dawgs!...ALJ shopping? Wish it were so easy to pick and choose...

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
7/1/2015 12:29:22 PM

I might also add that both Article 3 Judges and State District Court Judges are also public servants. The fact that Social Security ALJ's are public servants, just like every other judge and state or federal worker, does not extend free license to attack them.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/30/2015 11:47:50 AM

I can assure you that I am a member of the Legal Community Mr. Mitzner. And, you have tried cases with me in the past. I can also assure you that I understand the difference between slander, opinion and truth. Your statements on this site contain a little bit of all three. Whether or not they are actionable is not the question, the question is slandering and promoting forum/alj shopping to fit an agenda.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/29/2015 12:36:31 PM

As a practitioner, I have seen decisions from Judges all over the country. I do not believe this judge understands the law or the disability process. If you get this judge and your case is not an obvious one, prepare your client for an appeal. As to the commenter below complaining about what is posted here, I can only assume (hope) that you are not in the legal field. There is no liability for defamation when the statement is an opinion, or when it is true. An ALJ is a public servant. If she cannot do her job adequately then public comment is entirely appropriate.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/24/2015 2:00:48 PM

It is not appropriate for an attorney or other representative to post these types of statements on this site, or any other. I know of no other site which would allow such statements to be posted about a State or Federal District Court Judge with complete impunity. So why are they allowed for Federal ALJ's here? They are slanderous and should be removed. If I were this ALJ, I would sue the site and find out who is posting these things. I suspect I already know, and then sue them as well. You may not like a particular ALJ, you may not agree with his or her opinion or decision, but to come here and make wild accusations and assertions based upon your own personal bias is unethical and promotes forum/alj shopping.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/4/2015 5:20:25 PM

FYI: many attorneys in our area HAVE filed complaints against Judge McLean. The complaints fall on deaf ears. Nobody, from the regional office to the local chief ALJ, can do anything about her issues. A lot of us found out the hard way that our complaints are a waste of time. However, you SHOULD appear at your hearing -- do not lose your "day in court" just because your representative doesn't wish to appear before her. As long as your medical records support your complaints, you should be ok. We do win cases with her, but it's few and far between. She only approves when the claimant is SERIOUSLY injured or ill. So you take your chances at getting her if your condition is "middle of the road." Just tell her how you are unable to work on a FT basis. What keeps you from showing up to work, what causes your pain, how often do you have symptoms of depression, etc. That's all you can do. GET GOOD STATEMENTS from your treating doctor. She can't beat you on appeal if you have good statements from a good doctor. You can always withdraw your claim and start over, but you need to make sure you are still insured if you do this because if you file a new claim, you may not be insured anymore. You should look at her face and tell her the truth and just answer her mundane questions (what movements have you made in the last 2-3 years in any direction). So if she asks you how often you drive, don't say something like "not often." Say something like "2 times a week." She will then move on. Answer the question and hopefully she will move on. You can also get an audio of the hearing a few days after the hearing.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
5/21/2015 2:20:15 PM

my attorney told me about this judge and he is trying to get me another.. even the ppl whom answer his calls all tell me the same thing and she gave me a hearing like 3 years after i applied for ssdi... i keep wating and my stuff keeps getting worse

Judge: Trace Baldwin
5/6/2015 5:55:18 AM

32 month journey,,,,Date of disability..10-04-2012 (surgery for hip replaced) Date of Application 10-23-2012 Date of First Denial 4-08-2013 request for hearing 4-17-2013 (hired lawyer) notice of hearing 1-16-2015 (21 months) Date of hearing 2-19-2015 (best judge) Date of approval 4-27-2015(actually saw online the 24) Date back pay received 5-04-2015 (paper check) Above is a quick account to the journey some will go through to get Disabilty. If you have sever impairments and documentation. Be patient , get a good lawyer and wait, tay and wait some more.I know its so hard

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
3/23/2015 6:26:10 PM

She was very rude and showed no compassion. She had the wrong information on my file. She brought up a doctor's appointment that I did not go to, had no appointment with and according to her I went for the doctor to write me a note to obtain a floor apartment and not be forced to live on the second or third floor of an apartment building(problem with HER information, we live in a house that is paid for) the appointment was never set up and I wouldn't't have set it because we own our own house and make no payments. All of these judges need to be put out to pasture. They do not have a clue about the people and the information that pertains to that person. Out of touch with reality and human beings.The statement up above states that the judge may view your post. I hope she does, after the screwed up way she handled the hearing somebody needs to tell her she is INCOMPETENT.

Judge: Tela L. Gatewood
3/10/2015 1:29:46 PM

Took over a year with no decision on my case. I had to involve a congressman for help, then within a week she sent the denial letter. Looks like if she gets pushed she will deny. She is clearly unworthy of her position.

Judge: Angelita Hamilton
3/8/2015 7:59:52 PM

I initially filed in April of 2013, my hearing date was Nov. 2014. I was extremely fearful walking into the court room. When I saw Judge Hamilton, I felt a sense of calm. She didn't look stern like I anticipated. She was up to date on my condition, she had to if read my file in detail to know the facts she knew. She allowed me to speak without feeling rushed. I got very emotional several times during the hearing and she was patient and asked if I needed a break. Judge Hamilton asked several questions regarding my diagnoses. Here's my thoughts on the disability system...if you meet the qualifications and the documention is there from the proper people then the judge has no reason to deny. The denials are because something was lacking in either the qualifications or the documention. The negative comments left will be only from people who get denials. The positive ones will be from the people who get approvals...my opinion has never wavered...no matter what the outcome is, Judge Hamilton was kind, respectful and didn't make me feel less than or scared. Thank you Judge Hamilton.

helpless in okc
Judge: Kim D. Parrish
3/8/2015 1:56:11 PM

judge parrish got almost everything wrong ,gender, surgery, releasing drs name,opined surgical dr who i changed right after surgery.lawyer said it was one of the worst denial letters she had ever seen.he ignored mental and medication effects. ignored his own occupational expert.lazy lazy lazy!

Judge: Trace Baldwin
2/19/2015 5:28:00 PM

Its fair to say that you will be treated as a person and not a number, ,,,what he asked me I could tell he had read the file.Im sorry for those who deserve a fair chance to tell their story and happen to get a abusive judge, that, he is not. ,Even though it was quick ,I didn't feel rushed. Very consise and to the point.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
2/19/2015 2:29:32 PM

He was a legal services lawyer for a long time representing the poor. He is a good judge and a good person in general. He isn't simply just another ALJ, he is the Union Representative for the ALJs in Okc. In other words, he speaks for all the ALJs in that office and represents them in disputes with the social security. He has a powerful position in the agency, but you would never know by just meeting him. He has a high approval rate because he studies every case. He also uses extensive post hearing testing to make sure each person is evaluated essentially from head to toe.

Judge: Trace Baldwin
2/19/2015 11:42:00 AM


Judge: Trace Baldwin
2/19/2015 11:36:48 AM

Judge Baldwin, Is a very good Judge, real cool, Made me feel comfortable, swore me in and started asking questions about me in general and the specific questions pertaining to my case. I waited 683 days from request for hearing to this date.(22 months) My lawyer stated that the VE couldn't come up with any jobs that I could do....so she felt as if I won. The hearing was only 30 min. long . The tone of the meeting was not adversarial or confrontational.......Strong points of my case :::::work History , 31 and a half years at one job...multi impairments , total hip replacement,,30 percent loss of vision due to mini-stroke suffered while recouping from hip surgery, High blood pressure, and Bi-Polar. I hit the "grid" square in the middle. The luck of the "draw" caused me to be assigned to Mr. Baldwin. It was a "God send". To all the people waiting to see an ALJ. Just hold on and don't give up. If you have medical documentation, you should be fine. Tell the truth and trust that they will see it your way. Biggest point ,,,my lawyer had been in front of this Judge and the VE also, so the fact that she had "worked" them before is HUGE. The judge also asked me about some income after my onset date, I explained to him that I used some sick leave that I had earned over the years , and He said that he would NOT hold it against me and that the onset date would be the date I had put down on my application ,,what a great day in court,,,,,, absolute brilliant....Thank you Judge Baldwin. I cant believe with his approval rate that NO ONE has came here to SAY THANK YOU ,,,YOU CAN FEEL GREAT IN KNOWING YOU WERE HEARD FAIR AND SQUAREj, or at least thanking him,,,because if you get THIS Judge ,,,you Have just been assigned to the best ALJ in the state of Oklahoma .....bar none

used to like
Judge: Kim D. Parrish
2/17/2015 11:44:33 PM

as a lawyer i just read the last post on judge parrish.i could not agree more!!!!!

cowboy down
Judge: Kim D. Parrish
2/17/2015 11:34:19 PM

gave very very quick denial.it was a little over 6 pages start to finish.called me a her and she three times ,i am male.said i claimed surgeries i never had. said i claimed no problem with meds ,i take 350 mg soma, 10 mg norco ,1.0 mg zanax ,100 mg linsopril,dulera twice a day and chronic sinus infection meds eveyday.got medical information wrong at least 5 times.said i was not credible,who was the real inept one[s] here?real lazy judge horrible info and effort writing denial.i see his denials are rising fast,is he on a qouta?a real idiot.

Judge: Tela L. Gatewood
2/3/2015 2:13:27 PM

I had an appeal hearing with her 11 months ago. She promised I would have a judgment within one week. Every time I call the ssi office I'm told she can not be reached or held accountable but that she takes longer than any other judge. I'm told there is nothing that can be done. I can only imagine my case folder has found the trash can or slipped between her desk and the wall, but nothing can be done.

Judge: Daniel Curran
1/3/2015 12:45:09 PM

I received a partial judgment from Curran and one can see from his decision he will hunt and peck what ever evidence he wishes to deny a favorable decision to a high income earner. He used my age as the main reason to give me a partial decision and not my disabilities I suffered when I first applied for back almost two years ago that made me unable to work anymore. ****** my lawyer and myself to no end. Whoever else comes into this man's court room come very prepared and make sure you have your RFC filled out and in your records. Have all your "i's" dotted and your "t's" crossed. You'll need to beat this guy at the game. He will listen more to the "vocational expert" than you.

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
11/20/2014 10:06:26 AM

I feel so fortunate to have been in the courtroom with this judge. He is very fair and knowledgeable about Social Security Disability. He listened to me and made me feel very comfortable in the hearing. He is a great example of a truly professional and intelligent federal judge!!

Judge: Douglas S. Stults
11/19/2014 12:46:00 PM

Judge Stults is a brilliant Administrative Law Judge. You could tell right away that he was prepared and knew the Social Security laws and regulations. He listens and is sympathetic to the sensitivities of others. He was very professional and caring. I'm so thankful to have had Judge Stults he has changed my life. What a blessing this man is to the Social Security Administration.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
11/6/2014 9:12:29 AM

To all of the Attorney's that have had to go before this judge. Why are YOU not filing complaint's against this woman. 19 months may not be illegal, but it surely shows incompetency!

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
10/30/2014 3:38:58 PM

The last time we had a claimant that had a hearing before Judge McLean we waited...get this...19 months for her decision to be written! That's right. Unbelievable. And the poor soul was denied to boot. I personally wish her no ill will, but she needs to step down from her position. Her insensitivity toward others and her gross lack of competency fails to meet the qualifications of an administrative law judge. 19 months?! That should be illegal. Really.

sheree jones
Judge: J. Dell Gordon
10/22/2014 6:00:00 AM

yes I had my hearing on August the 21st judge was very nice considerate pleasant thank you the best judge by far.I think it went really well

Judge: Gary R Shelton
10/15/2014 8:29:14 PM

Very nice man!! Listened to everything I had to say without interrupting. He seemed to really care!

Judge: Toni Shropshire
8/5/2014 5:38:11 PM

She's horrible and didn't even use the correct ruling for interstitial cystitis. Not sure how long she has been a judge but that was a huge mistake on her part. Now on to the judicial council

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
7/27/2014 6:29:07 PM

Judge Shepherd is a Very fair man, I thank him for what he has done,

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
7/27/2014 9:20:43 AM

Hmm, If she has treated claimant's and their Attorney's in the manner people have described here, Why hasn't anyone ever filed a complaint against her. After all you have that right. I would think that after a few complaints filed against this ALJ, she would have been removed from her position! I will reserve my opinion here, As I also am waiting for a hearing date with this ALJ. I have informed my Attorney of this Website, and the comments directed at this particular ALJ. We will be prepared!

jessica I
Judge: Karen Wiedemann
7/3/2014 4:08:17 PM

I love her she is very sweet and patient with her client......I would go back to her any day

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/24/2014 11:16:14 AM

This judge has a long history of being an opponent to claimants. She worked (not much though) as a respondent attorney in the workers' comp court, defending insurance companies. None of the lawyers at that court could stand her. It is a joke that she is now a Social Security judge. She is a class act idiot. She intentionally lowers her voice so that she cannot be heard, but then she jumps YOUR a** if she can't hear YOU. Her clerks inform us that her voice "miraculously gets louder" as soon as the hearing is over and everyone else has left the room. She has one goal: to demean anyone in the room. That includes the lawyer, the claimant, the clerk, and the vocational expert. She throws her hands up in the air constantly throughout the hearing and acts like she doesn't have a clue what you're talking about. She really does NOT understand the law. She asks hypothetical questions to the vocational expert that are not designed to discover the "truth," but are intentionally phrased trap and confine the expert to an answer that will be detrimental to the claimant's case. If something happens during the hearing that is not "straight down the black & white path" that only SHE needs (other judges do not!), then she begins to hyperventilate, screech, wine, with flailing hands in the air, and the insults begin. All the while, she is looking at the clock and making you feel that YOU have a problem. This is definitely not what the legislature intended for a poor unemployed disabled claimant. I wish every person would complain to their congressman about her barbaric handling of people in hearings and how she makes a claimant WAIT for a hearing. Other judges up there cannot stand her. She is a burden on the entire ODAR office. She schedules LESS hearings than any other judge. She is incompetent and truly a joke. Even the security guards talk about her behind her back -- as do all the clerks in that office. How the world she was picked for a judgeship will remain a mystery to me until the day I die.

Daniel Waters
Judge: Daniel Curran
6/3/2014 12:55:55 PM

Daniel Curran Unlawfully and willfully (Judicial Temperament)denied me my witness (Friends, family, Doctors and their reports/lab work/evidence/medical records)and asked me if I needed any one subpoenaed and when I said yes, he didn't make any of them show up for testimony. At one point his clerk looked at me and said "You don't need to be subpoenaing anyone, including your mother!" This is all illegal, including coercion by Daniel Curran toward me to try and force me to agree with what he is doing by unlawfully controlling the court room with no due process at all and not allowing me to have a fair trial and Daniel Curran is falsifying documents by filing reports and saying I have no evidence, and bringing in his friends and his own Doctors who have never met me or treated me or even talked to me before about my illness instead of my witness and Doctors to testify on my behalf to my court hearing. This guy needs to be looked at before "We the People" investigate him!

Judge: Ralph L. Wampler
4/22/2014 7:05:11 AM

Terrible judge Denied my SSA Case.

Bernedine Fontenot
Judge: Steven L Cravens
4/9/2014 6:23:59 AM

I can't immagine the decision how many decisions you have to make daily.I don't know what being in your position is like.All i know is that you LISTENED and took took everything said into consideration.All that me and my fience's been through to get to this point(disability hearing)and scary IT WAS!My fience has been through over a year of strain,disbelief,uncertainty and that no one cared or had any concern about what he was going through medically,financially and mentally.You Listened to him Judge Cravens,and you gave my life relief,i am free from strain for now,it feels like a vacation.My fience's worked since he was 12 yrs old,all his life until 2012,we have a five yr old.I had to keep things positive.this was a hard thing to do for a year and a half.When your decision was delivered to our home,i could hardly breath with tearsin my eyes for the rest of the evening. i couldn't stop.We understand the process after recieving your decision.Thank you for listening and asking questions that most wouldn't even care to ask.Bless you for our family releif.

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
3/6/2014 7:01:02 AM

She is a very compassionate and caring Judge. She do know if your are disable or not. The thing I liked most about her was that she took the time to listen to what I was saying composed to the questions she asked me. I would recommend her to review a case for me at any given time.

Allison L Wall
Judge: Daniel Curran
2/23/2014 7:33:31 PM

I felt that it was only right to update everyone after my previous post. My husband Wendell Lynn Wall 45 yrs old, husband, father, grandfather and friend to many passed away after fighting for 3+ years multiple illnesses and system shut downs. He went to be with God on February 8, 2014. He always said he would never live to see his disability approved. Congradulations Judge Curran another win under the belt.

Allison L Wall
Judge: Daniel Curran
12/31/2013 8:44:21 PM

After waiting 7 months for your judgement, we get it on the same day the doctors tell us that my husbands time is limited. He is on continuous o2 now and is unable to get out of bed even on somedays, leaves the house only for MD appts or hospital. So here the last day of 2013 all I can say is I WILL PRAY FOR YOU. We started this 3 Years ago and God willing we will see it to the end. DISAPPROVED, WE WILL TAKE YOUR ADVISE AND APPEAL WITH A LAWYER.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
12/18/2013 9:53:20 AM

I will be going before Judge McLean in August for my ssdi hearing. I have been waiting on a date since June 12, 2012 and I have to wait until 2014. I hope this Judge is not discriminating against me because of my age, but after hearing your comments I believe she is. I am one of the rare ones that truly is disabled and I hate all of the people that don't really need it because it gets taken out on people like me. I just found out from my attorney how much longer I have to wait, we thought I would get it soon. When I found out I wanted end my life, but then I read these comments and realized she would like nothing more, and I will not give her the satisfaction. I also thought, I was a Paramedic for many years and I was nasty mean like her after awhile because I always had to deal with trash. Its actually called burned out. So maybe everyone should be a public servant for awhile and then you would understand. However, I will probably be arrested in court because I will not put up being treated like crap, my mouth will get the best of me, maybe she needs to be put in her place guess i will bring some duct tape! You all do have me scared. But she has me severely depressed. I don't think I can go much longer without my money. I think she is making me this way because that's how she feels about herself. What comes around goes around.

Judge: Toni Shropshire
12/5/2013 7:33:10 AM

Had my daughter hearing with Judge Toni Shropshire the end of September, per her statements there is no job that she can do! But got my denial letter in the mail yesterday 12/3/13... which stated that she could so a unskilled secretarial work. Which I have not seen any listed in our newspaper for her. So where is she to get a job listed as that? So her Atty. is appealing her decision. Wish she would have had a different Judge. After reading through the Judges decision... well I am not very happy with how she twisted some of the statements that my daughter put in the forms she filled out. She has Depression, Anxiety and a few other thing going on one of which is a problem of concentrating and sometimes getting out the work she is thinking of. But the Judge thinks my Daughter was I guess not truthful in her statements and the Doctors reports were not very truthful or something. Just my the way she worded some of the statements. I don't see how on one hand you can say there is not Job someone can do, then to turn around and deny them benefits. For someone that has paid in just like everyone else. So I guess thanks to the new rules and the New President My Daughter will probably not get to draw what she has paid in...and has not become disabled! This is a person that wants to work... but can't. She had rather make the money she was before she came off them to have no income. If I could come face to face with this judge I would tell her this. What is it going to take for the hard working AMERICANS THAT HAVE PAID IN DEARLY TO THE SYSTEM TO BE ABLE TO DRAW THE BENEFITS THEY ARE DUE WHEN IT IS NEEDED? NOT FOR SOME JUDGE TO SIT UP THERE AND BE PREDIJUSE TO US AMERICANS THAT HAVE PAID DEARLY TO THE SYSTEM... JUST SO SOME OTHER PERSON THAT HAS FRIED THEIR BRAIN ON DRUGS CAN DRAW INSTEAD OF US... HELLO AMERICA WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE.... WE NEED TO FIX IT.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
10/21/2013 5:45:29 PM

Judge Parrish is extremely prepared for his hearings. He works to listen carefully to issues related in the cases. I wish all our Judges who represent our courts were as dedicated and sincere as Judge Parrish.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
9/20/2013 1:47:32 PM

Arrogant and very narcissistic, not competent to hold such a position . He treats disabled very unfairly. Needs to be reported to federal social security officials about the way he treats disabled individuals and how he makes them feel.

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
9/16/2013 2:21:15 PM

Judge J. Dell Gordon had completely read my case prior to the hearing. He demonstrated thoughtful consideration of each separate health condition, and the affects as a whole. Judge Gordon was open to discussion and input from all parties. He is a five star judge because he is fair and just.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
8/30/2013 3:30:54 PM

I know this judge; I worked with her in an appeals office (not Okla.). All the adjectives used to describe her in the comments so far are ones I've heard used about this judge and I probably used some in the day-to-day frustration of attempting to do the work of the office with this woman. As one post mentioned, I too don't understand how she passed muster to become an ALJ. The day she left our office was a day of rejoicing. Each and every one of you with personal experience in a hearing with her should write a description of the judge's behavior and words as quickly as possible after the hearing and send it to: 1. HOCALJ of her office, and, 2. Regional Chief Judge, and, 3. Office of General Counsel, and, 4. U.S. Social Security Commissioner. There likely are others to whom these letters should be sent; do some research. Yes, I understand that you may be fearful of retaliation. If so, send the letter anonymously and state that you fear retaliation. If enough pressure is put, someone somewhere will at least ask a few questions about this judge. Good luck.

Gloria Davis
Judge: Joseph Liken
8/9/2013 7:42:36 AM

I LIKE TO START OFF BY THANKING THE JUDGE FOR GIVING ME MY HEARING.AND HE ISa very. Good listen. Thank you very much and God bless you and your family.

Judge: Kim D. Parrish
6/28/2013 10:58:56 AM

I have had a couple of hearings with Judge Parrish. He appears to be in his 60's. Has a very pleasant, low key demeanor. He is thoughtful and clear in his questions. I believe his normal practice is to ask one hypo based on DDS RFC and one based on treating doc's or client's testimony. He does use ME's, although sometimes their specialty is not related to the client's impairments. In my most recent hearing the ME was trying to be an advocate against the claimant and offered a number of speculative opinions.

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
6/14/2013 3:58:36 AM

This judge looked to be ok but she isn't , she listed somethings that wasn't true on my deny.

Judge: Peter M. Keltch
6/9/2013 12:43:22 AM

Judge Keltch passed away this week. RIP Judge, God Be With You

Judge: Angelita Hamilton
4/2/2013 2:50:19 PM


Judge: Peter M. Keltch
3/27/2013 7:25:31 AM

ALJ is pleasant; tends to bounce back and forth between experts and claimant in unusual fashion; I didn't have the sense that he was all that familiar with the file. Definitely focuses on clinical medical evidence to support RFC opinion.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
3/27/2013 7:20:14 AM

All the above are true. I have had two hearings with this ALJ and she seems to hate her job and everyone who walks in the room. She is rude to claimants and reps. She will start a hearing an hour late (taking 2 hours on prior case) and then tell you you have 45 minutes and if you need more there will be a supplemental hearing. She asks a standard set of background questions that are often redundant and time consuming involving thorough questioning on criminal history, drug/alcohol history and things like "How many times have you traveled more than 25 miles from your home in the last 3 years?" She does not appear the least bit objective or unbiased.

Judge: Peter M. Keltch
3/22/2013 11:07:57 AM

I thought this judge was very respectful as well - but over a year later my son who has a severe disability - got an unfavorable ruling from a judge who had never seen him because Judge Keltch has been out for a long period of time and no one said a word. These are people's lives. Can't wait for Obamacare!

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
3/19/2013 3:39:57 PM

Sadly, these comments are spot-on. She is a joke of a judge that needs to be smacked back real hard by the Appeals Council.

Judge: Karen Wiedemann
3/19/2013 7:49:41 AM

My clients were in El Paso ODAR and ALJ did hearings via video. I had heard horror stories about bad tempers of some LA ALJs, so I was pretty nervous, but I was pleasantly surprised. ALJ Wiedemann is very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. She really goes out of her way to put nervous claimants and attys at ease, and I have no doubt that she will render a fair, expeditious decision in my clients' cases.

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
3/18/2013 12:44:15 PM

Not familiar with rules or regs, has mind made up prior to hearings regardless of evidence and testimony. Basically someone who took a government job for the pension and benefits, has no observable interest job or claimants. Just showing up and putting in his time and case numbers.

Judge: Daniel Curran
3/11/2013 11:16:18 AM

A bias joke of an ALJ who likes to play GOD and thinks he is a ME and VE.

Judge: Peter M. Keltch
2/8/2013 11:55:50 AM

18 months meaning to get a notice saying IF your approved after you go to court?

Judge: W Howard O'Bryan
2/6/2013 12:36:28 PM

Based on the percentages above, it looks like the Honorable O'Bryan has turned an about face! Wonder why? Should we ask Mr. Coburn? Is he related to a formerly disbarred attorney of a similar name? Wow.

Judge: Karen Wiedemann
1/12/2013 11:05:24 AM

Very professional. Wish more of the ALJs I see when representing clients were like her--businesslike, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly in a professional way. She made sure the client knew what was going on, made him the focal point of the whole process. Whether she rules in our favor or not, I believe her decision will be honest and that she made certain to get all the information necessary during the hearing.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
12/20/2012 1:16:01 PM


Judge: Ralph L. Wampler
12/19/2012 10:43:21 AM

Threatening a Federal Judge and a Federal Agency is a crime. I notice you are too much of a coward to put your name up there. Judge Wampler is a good Judge and if I could find you I would "explain" it to you in person so that you might better understand my point and re-consider your impression of Judge Wampler.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
12/18/2012 5:00:57 PM

She was asking questions irrelevant to my case. Made me tear up in regards to why I visited a near by town where a loved one was buried. She is very rude. I think visual taping she be taped because eating and drinking is not appropriate during a hearing. All around not a good representative of a Judge in my eyes.

Judge: W Howard O'Bryan
12/14/2012 8:20:39 AM

Truly one of the very best judges I have ever seen. Considerated, very intelligent, the very top.

Judge: Ralph L. Wampler
12/14/2012 7:47:05 AM

Unfair comment! Judge Wampler os a truly great judge!

Judge: Tela L. Gatewood
11/1/2012 5:43:34 AM

I think Judge Gatewood acessed my hearing very well, she listens without judgeing you. God Bless Your Honor

Judge: Daniel Curran
10/30/2012 2:04:39 PM

The man is unstable. Behavior totally inappropriate. Denies African-Americans no matter how severe their medical conditions. So sad that after waiting so long, he was uninterested and dismissive. He must be stopped!

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
9/29/2012 2:38:42 PM

I waited three years to see her. I wish I would have looked her up before! Do not even go in front of her without a lawer! She has no idea what manual labor is like. She has no business being a disability judge. I think she should have to clean toilets until she is too old to do it and then get thrown out on the sidewalk with all the homeless she created! Instead of living in a mansion and having people clean her toilet and mow her yard! I have lost all faith in state and federal government in oklahoma.

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
9/28/2012 11:29:33 AM

Great judge if you have a good case with actual evidence. Seemed symoathetic and thoughful. Not so much in cases with weak or missing evidence, an unprepared lawyer, or only the claimant's testimony to prove the illness or injury.

Judge: Daniel Curran
9/24/2012 1:33:02 PM

Curran I could say a lot of cuse words about his decision on my wifes case.This would'nt help at all and I would get upset futher more,but I can say tho.He does not read what is important.If you need all this information to prove your case then why in the heck is it all not read ??? If you did'nt have it then they would say why dont you have it &^%$#@#$%^&* My wife had a great job and pay was forced to leave because of a botched back operation,the doctor Kevin Teal did and he still works on people. Justice there is none.If you get it praise the lord and run with it.

Judge: W Howard O'Bryan
9/17/2012 7:46:07 PM

Seems like a low IQ fellow...wasting tax payer dollars in such a frivolous way!

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
9/17/2012 10:38:19 AM

She is a very fair and accurate Judge.she listens to what people really has to say. She has a heart unlike so many in her type of position.

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
9/16/2012 6:19:48 AM

Judge Shepherd was fair to me with my claim that took a year from filling date to a decision, But very slow getting out decision letter

Frustrated in east Texas
Judge: Daniel Curran
9/12/2012 5:01:56 PM

There should be no stars at all for this judge. I hand delivered evidence yet his assistant pulled only what she wanted him to see. She did not pull my financial records for which I had my SSA 1099s and bank statements to back me up. I had a letter of proof for reporting work but it did not use the word work so he would not even allow me to show it to him. There are major discrepancies in my case money wise but he would not allow that either because he was not aware of it. My case is three combined in to one. One took place years ago and I have a letter that proves I did not owe. Yet the monies were taken from me 5 years later without 60 days notice. I requested a waiver after receiving the notice yet the money was taken a few days later even though the letter stated they would take $50 a month out. I requested a waiver which was approved and made no difference. Did the judge know about that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those papers and like I said he did not know it was three cases rolled into one. A social security worker took it upon himself to write a letter that stated I was being re-evaluated medically, I never reported workers comp. and I never reported my marriage. I have proof for all three which makes him a liar. Did the judge allow that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those records to put with his files. My husband was no where around when these incidents occurred with exception of our marriage. We went to the social security office three times and they made a copy of our license. The license had an error on it and had to be corrected. We went before our marriage, after our marriage and when the license was corrected. How in the world was I able to get a new social security card and a new Medicare card and use them the next month after our marriage if I had never reported my marriage? Get real. Part of the monies have been paid back either by my agreeing to pay back $100 or $200 a month and by money being withheld without my knowledge or agreement. Those monies have not all been applied to the monies supposedly owed. Did the judge know that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those records from my files and add to his. My attorneys filed for an appeal and a waiver the same month i received the letter of overpayment on one case. The local office lost those papers. That attorney no longer works social security cases for the Texas legal Hotline for Seniors so therefore he could not take my case back. The other attorney no longer works for Texas Legal Hotline for Seniors. Did the judge know that? No he did not because his assistant did not pull those papers from my files to add to his. Did he go over my files with a fine tooth comb as he stated? NO HE DID NOT. Why? His assistant did not pull those pertinent papers and therefore he did NOT have those pertinent papers to go over with a fine tooth comb. I have 90 days from the date of that hearing to come up with why my husband who was no where around during these incidents save the marriage...why we cannot afford to pay it back. We are both senior citizens and this is all so asinine. If you are working with a Vocational Rehabilitation Service your benefits continue. Then why did mine end?

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
8/30/2012 7:21:08 PM

A bias and brutal ALJ and probably crazy. This previous statement was meant for ALJ Mclean not ALJ Levine who is fair. ALJ Mclean is a terrible ALJ who needs retraining.

Judge: Ralph L. Wampler
8/27/2012 3:40:24 PM

He denied my case. I think he is unfair

Judge: Peter M. Keltch
8/23/2012 12:29:34 PM

Nice guy, just takes about 18 months to get an order.

Judge: Daniel Curran
8/23/2012 12:00:21 PM

Oh Danny boy Curran This judge is way out of touch with reality if you get him fold in your cards he is pure dog paste.He is on a sandy foundation on his decisions,dont take in medical statements,FROM A DOCTOR THAT YOU HAVE TO GO TO ,TO SHOW WHATS WRONG, THE DOCTORS DONT WRITE LIES,THERE JOB WOULD BE ON THE LINE. He is heartless and dont give a darn MAYBE IF I AM LUCKY ONE DAY HE WILL HAVE TO HAVE BACK SURGERY AND LET IT BE A BOTCHED JOB AND LET HIM SUFFER !!!!!!

Judge: Karen Wiedemann
8/16/2012 12:44:45 PM

pj attorney
Judge: J. Dell Gordon
8/15/2012 8:17:33 AM

He is genteel in his mannerisms, but he does not give an indepedent fresh look at a case. He makes up his mind prior to the hearing and the claimant's testimony and additional evidence proving disability is irrelevant. Therefore, he is not open to reversing the government's prior decision. He is essentially a rubber stamp for the government. He gets one star because I can't give him a negative star.

Judge: John R Morris
8/10/2012 11:01:33 AM

Judge Morris is one of the most compassionate judges I have worked with. He really listens to claimants' testimony.

Judge: Sylke Merchan
8/4/2012 12:52:26 AM


past victim
Judge: Jennie L. McLean
8/1/2012 10:49:52 AM

she is a class *****

Judge: W Howard O'Bryan
7/8/2012 10:10:38 AM

Such a nice man. He's been around so long and is so respectful towards the claimant and representative. He lets everybody come in and tell their story.

Judge: Peter M. Keltch
7/6/2012 11:13:12 PM

although i havnt got a decision yet i feel this judge was very respectful in his questioning as well as being very informative about the law. i feel as though he was very fair and precise in his courtroom

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
7/3/2012 8:29:23 AM

Judge Shepherd undoubtedly has never cleaned toilets for a living and undoubtedly has no idea of the physical capacity requirements for the one who so cleans. Too bad I can't show him how.

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
6/29/2012 11:11:31 AM

Better than most. Top producing judge from Medicare, same at SSA. Decent to lawyers, claimants; tolerant considerate hearing style.

Judge: David Gutierrez
6/8/2012 1:40:24 PM

Very nice and professional. You will win with good evidence and a good representative.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/8/2012 1:33:49 PM

Coo Coo for coco puffs....thinks she's judge judy...

Judge: J. Dell Gordon
6/7/2012 2:56:21 PM

Agreeable enough. Not especially well versed in SS regs & rulings. Appears to be of the opinion that in most cases, a "truly" disabled claimant would have already been found disabled at the state agency level (which is laughable to anyone who has any experience in the field). Basically a time-server.

Judge: Edward L. Thompson
6/7/2012 2:14:10 PM

Well, if your client lies about ANY "run in with the law", you lose. If your client has had a drug or alcohol problem in past, you lose. He is very nice but twists the knife while smiling.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
6/7/2012 7:39:15 AM

Well all the other comments are actually nice! She is without a doubt certifiable. I wish she would just contact me and let me file disability on her behalf as she would be approved. I always make a habit to point out her "eye rolls" or desk pounding while we are on the record. I can't figure out how she passed a background check.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
5/21/2012 3:35:21 PM

thank god i didnt get this judge

Judge: Tela L. Gatewood
5/12/2012 12:08:07 PM

Honorable Tela Gatewood is very thorough and considerate. Looks and considers the evidence. Very reputable. Thank you your honor. God bless.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
4/30/2012 12:33:45 PM

Obsessive compulsive, irrational, paranoid about "airborne diseases, mean, rude, ignorant of the law, hateful to claimants, lazy, obtuse, mistreats everyone around her, even her own staffers joke about her behind her back, did I mention stupid?

Judge: Daniel Curran
4/15/2012 8:35:36 PM

This Judge seems to be an idiot. He not only disregards professional reports on one's disability, but he appears disinterested in the whole hearing process. He can't wait to get it over with and deny the poor soul's fate. Someone really needs to review him and make sure he doesn't affect anyone's life ever again. This is serious. He has no idea how devestating his decision is to a disabled person. Get him out of here.

Judge: Daniel Curran
4/13/2012 7:39:27 AM

To the individual who thought Judge Curran's decision was fair. You were lucky and fortunate not like the many others who were denied without justification

Judge: Larry D. Shepherd
4/11/2012 3:19:21 PM

Judge Shepherd gave careful consideration to what is a very long and tedious process. His decision was based on 15 years of medical history and it truely a life changer for my wife and our family. It will ease the burden most of us face to survive, especially in this bad economy, and allow us to enjoy the little things in life that we have struggled with over the past 5 to 6 years. I want him to know he has made a positive difference in our lives.

eugenia c gleason
Judge: Daniel Curran
3/27/2012 8:16:30 AM

Judge Curran knows how to elecit information needed to make a thorough assessment of a case. I found his decision to be fair and did not feel as if he were trying to trip me up on testimony I provided. Very impressed!!!

Judge: Daniel Curran
3/26/2012 2:57:24 PM

Another negative ALJ out of this office. Look for him to try and trip up Claimant's in regard to their testimony. His decisions appear poorly written as well.

Judge: Jennie L. McLean
3/21/2012 1:04:15 PM

The worst ALJ I have have ever been in front of. She is rude to everyone involved. VE's refuse to be around her. Court reporters file complaints. Claimants are very beat up by her.

Judge: Joseph Liken
3/18/2012 1:16:37 AM

This judge is a good listener and very fair