Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 13 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Harrisburg, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 19.5 months. The average case processing time in Harrisburg is 650 days.The Harrisburg average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 40%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Harrisburg ODAR office was last updated on 6/14/2017.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Harrisburg 13 19.5 months 650 days 1.9 24% 40% 36%
Pennsylvania21.7 months671 days1.926%42%32%
National Average:18.2 months573 days1.921%45%34%
Hearing Wait Time: 19.50 months
Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ 1.90
Average Processing Time 650 days
Cases Pending 7808
Dispositions 3746
New Cases 2847
Hearings In Person 90%
Video Hearings 10%

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Judge: Melissa Hammock
8/25/2017 1:14:17 PM

Judge Hammock was very gentle during her questioning. I was very nervous but calmed down after i realized she was very kind and understanding. I have not received a decision yet but she was very pleasant to work with. Thank you.

Judge: Sharon Zanotto
7/26/2017 8:25:11 AM

Sharon Zanotto This judge was extremely rude and asked if I was a medical doctor when I supplied my conditions in written form. When I brought a witness in she said I have to ask my witness questions and that she was unable to ask them herself. I have PTSD, Bi-polar depression, learning disabilities, ADHD, Anxiety and Hypothyroidism. She made her decision and said it was unfavorable, and said I do not qualify with all my conditions. I went to a lawyer to find out what I could do next, and he said with my conditions I shouldn't have been denied. So to make my story short I'm reapplying for benefits from the beginning and starting over fresh this time with a lawyer. This judge is not a medical doctor herself and should not be able to make decisions on how my conditions are good enough for her or not. She has a job and knows it's stable income, but yet she can deny me of income I rely on to live and not be on the streets. She is a disgrace to the judicial system. She should learn of any medical conditions before she should keep her job any longer. I wish all the comments on here about judges were seen by social security and reviewed so they can decide whether or not she still qualifies as a judge.

Judge: Sharon Zanotto
7/5/2017 1:15:04 AM

This comment is not about the Judge personally but the system as a whole. I first applied in May of 2015 and was denied in September of 2015. I appealed my case in October of 2015 and it took til April 2017 to get a hearing. My hearing date was April 5, 2017 and it is not July 5, 2017 and I still do not have an answer one way or the other. In the mean time I have gotten a letter from the Energy Assistance program that I am going to be removed from assistance because I cannot afford to pay my electric bill on time. I have also received a letter from the Adams County Courthouse that my home is going to be sold at the next Tax sale because I cannot afford to pay my property taxes. I cannot afford to have my trash picked up so it its piling up in my house. I do not have a vehicle or money for one to get to my Doctors Appointments so I keep having to beg friends to take me and give them gas money to do so. I get a total of $398. a month in pension due to having to take early retirement and $50. of that has to go to the IRS for past due taxes so I am forced to live on $348. a month to pay for food and pay people to take me to the store and Doctors appointments, ect. Why does it take so long? I called on July 2, 2017 to see if there was an update and was told (by a very rude gum popping individual) it's with the Judge you have to be patient. Well if it is still with the Judge it means they haven't done anything with it yet and it still has to go from the Judge to the underwriter or whoever and back to the Judge which could take several more months. By the time I get an approval or denial I will be homeless and that is not acceptable to me. I will commit suicide if that happens. I have Diabetes, blood pressure issues, depression, anxiety, neurofibromotisis and several other things wrong with me. The depression is serious, I think of suicide everyday and the only thing that stops me is the fact my mother lost 2 of her children to drug over doses due to depression already and don't want to put her through that pain again.I have been homeless before and I will not live that way again so if that is my only choice then I am SORRY MOM but I just can't do that again. Why does it have to take so long? I mean if you commit a crime the Judge don't say let me think about it for several months and I will get back to you to let you know if you a guilty or not. They decide at the hearing then and there and either put you in jail or set you free. If they didn't take so long to make a decision maybe there wouldn't be such a back log of cases????? Again this is not on the Judge but the system in general, it really needs to be revamped. Maybe some GREAT politician like a Senator or Governor should look into this situation instead of worrying about giving themselves raises. I don't know everything that has to happen in the system but I know if everything took this long we would no longer be the USA just a third world country starving, dying of thirst while drinking dirty water and infested with all kinds of diseases and things because it takes to long to come to a resolution.

Judge: Scott M Staller
6/20/2017 8:42:31 AM

Very sad that my sons case was denied I can not understand it This govrrnment is so wasteful and yet we cannot take care of own . Praying

Judge: Randy Riley
5/2/2017 3:15:46 PM

I had a hearing back in November 2015, Randy riley is not fair at all, turned all my information around and denied me. Said I was not credible. I am more truthful than a lot of people that go in there. I now have even more issues that I was hoping to get fixed. I went through an court appeals and lost that case to. So now where do I go from here it's been 3 1/2 years and I cannot work, I Wish I Could. I worked 23 years at one job and ten years at another. But I'm not credible, it seems like all the people that go from job to job and has low pay always get it whether they have enough evidence or not. This whole system is corrupt. Now where do I go from here. my medications qualify me for disability so who is going to hire someone on that much medication. Thanks so much Randy Riley. God will be waiting to judge you

Derrick Randall
Judge: Ronald Sweeda
2/9/2017 8:04:32 AM

I had my hearing with judge Sweeda yesterday and found him to be a very serious and stern which I have no problem with. He was very curteyous and made sure I understood totally what he was saying and doing. Judge Sweeda treated me with respect and dignity through out the whole process; I applaud his leadership!

Y. Smalls
12/14/2016 8:44:41 AM

Judge Train was very informative in our meeting with him. His throat was sore and I suggested peppermint he thanked me had some and said it helped. Glad I could be helpful. Nice person...

Mrs. Saunders
Judge: Sharon Zanotto
11/8/2016 1:03:42 PM

I never experienced talking to someone like Sharon the fact that I am disabled not by her but by the docter for mental health it is so easy to have a good job and judging cases you don't know since I have 9 year old I have been in and out of mental hospitals and I am 31 and still have mental problems for you to just think I am ok . I wish I don't have this problems so I can have a good job and keep that job and not depend in the government but I do have a problem and is serious and it's from years. If u would just hear my story and read the paper u would see that my mental problems it's not from today. I am waiting on the decision which I know it's a no go. But it's easy for ppl with ur position to look at us lower cause y'all never been or have problems like I do .

10/26/2016 10:42:40 AM

Great judge! He knows each file and is able to get to the heart of the matter right away. Very fair and objective. Great sense of humor.

kevin vann
Judge: Charles Bridges
10/14/2016 10:35:11 AM

just was wondering the actual time for decision on Appeal?

Judge: Patrick S Cutter
10/6/2016 6:25:30 PM

I've suffered from anxiety, panic disorder, depression and OCD for 22 years. Even with all of the medical evidence from my psychiatrist and 6 different psychologists/therapists I felt that I would lose my SSD case because I have the "invisible illness". I didn't expect to win but I was pleasantly surprised that Judge Cutter ruled in my favor. My case was very complex and I even had to fire my lawyer, but Judge Cutter looked solely at the medical evidence and made the correct decision. I'd like to thank him for helping me to get the help that I've needed for a very long time. Without his ruling I would have been in a terrible financial and mental state. At least I can fully concentrate on getting my mental health to where it should be for the sake of my wife and family. My life will never be as it was prior to 1993, but thanks to Judge Cutter I can focus on the future. Again, I thank him for ruling in my favor. He was very fair, helpful and professional. I'll do my very best to put my life back together. Best wishes to Judge Cutter.

Judge: Melissa Hammock
8/18/2016 9:27:04 AM

Melissa Hammock is a very pleasant judge. She is very thorough and fair. I was very upset and full of anxiety at my hearing although I tried to hold it inside. She asked to the point questions in a very calming and polite manner. I know I left out quite a bit of stuff due to my racing thoughts. You could tell she read my records and was somewhat familiar with my case prior to the hearing. I did receive a fully favorable decision in a timely manner. I personally believe she is a fair and honest judge. I am so glad that I had the honor of presenting my case to her.

Richard Manning
Judge: Scott M Staller
7/20/2016 2:59:41 AM

Very Fair

Judge: Scott M Staller
7/18/2016 6:41:50 AM

still waiting on my decision since 6-17-16

Judge: Daniel Myers
7/15/2016 9:07:35 AM

Most judges lead you to believe they are smarter than you and Mr, myers is not an exception. This worthless ALJ completely ignored most of my medical evidence, ignored and apparently thought that what i was telling him in court was not believable, he didnt believe my lawyer and he didnt believe the work guy that was there that said i could do no work. How is this guy even allowed to be a judge? I've not worked in 4 years and i'm homebound most of the time. I'm in the process of appeal but it shouldn't have even gone to that had certain people known how to do their jobs.

Judge: Scott M Staller
6/17/2016 10:46:36 AM

i had a hearing 6-13-16 with judge staller although i didn't get a decision yet i think he was very fair, listened to what i was saying.

Judge: Sharon Zanotto
5/10/2016 5:31:07 PM

This judge is a disgrace to the robe. I have come to find out that she keeps dragging out disability cases of persons who are not only extremely disabled. They can be a risk for other people on the roads and streets. They could have seizures and other problems that could cause harm to other people. She does not believe peoples Doctors. Then she makes people see Social Security Doctors and when they agree with the other Doctors she dismisses This and still says there is insufficient evidence to approve Social Security Disability. It is very funny to me that people get in fights in bars. Then get shot. They can walk better then I can and they get Full Disability Income. This I know personally.

Judge: Richard E Guida
5/9/2016 5:55:46 PM

I have a hearing on Friday the 13th with this judge, I feel like I will not be approved because my disability is not obvious. Can I get some "pointers" or does anyone have any helpful suggestions for me? Thanks, A

Judge: Randy Riley
4/5/2016 12:37:17 AM

Judges? Cant believe people call they Judges. Even my Lawyer said you can refer to them by calling them anything you want! Lol.

3/15/2016 10:31:45 AM

Hearing before Judge Train was very thorough and concise.he is a excellent Law judge and has full recognition of his job.he makes the process and hearing understandable to all involved.he takes his time and explains what he is asking so that he receives a qualified answer to help with the adjudication process and with that I felt comfortable.

Judge: Richard E Guida
11/18/2015 12:31:52 PM

Here it is in a "nutshell"...this judge has a terrible approval rating....it is crystal clear to me that he does not listen to any witness testimony at all...he disregards all medical records, he disregards your lawyer testimony, he disregards his own disability doctors, he disregards all the claimants doctors and his own vocational expert...with that being said...how could anyone win a case that is brought before him?...it is clear to me that he already decided on a "denial" before the hearing started...In my humble opinion, his top priority is denying claims no matter what and that is SAD....so very sad that this is how our country and lawmakers treat people who have become medically disabled...the only witness he found credible was the insurance/disability doctor that looked at the records before the hearing (never examined me at all) and stated "that I am not disabled at all and can return to my previous job".....wow.....really? Funny how he listened to her testimony huh? Talk about a scam.....yup that's right....A SCAM

Judge: Randy Riley
11/16/2015 9:29:51 AM

I felt this judge was fair. I represented myself and I didn't feel he use that against me in anyway. After my first year and he requested a medical expert to review my medical records. I had a list of problems with the medical experts findings so he granted me another hearing. I had my Doctors write me letters. The second hearing was pretty fast before The medical expert agreed I was disabled and the judge did not disagree. After seeing his stats as well as reviews on this website I was quite scared to face this judge. Looking back if I was doing it all over again I would hire an attorney. Even though I felt I was doing everything I possibly could, I couldn't help but second-guess myself throughout the entire process. But as far as the judge goes I have no complaints. He seemed relaxed fair and it seemed as though he genuinely wanted to get to the truth of my situation.

Judge: Lawrence J Neary
8/7/2015 8:30:22 AM

This judge is a poor excuse of what our Judicial system is about! How is he allowed to go against evidence, from a Vocational Expert, a Social Security doctor and 2 other doctors that all said the same thing! He is a judge where did he get his medical degree? How can he judge someone's pain through a video? All my doctors agreed I was disabled, so how can he go against medical evidence! My opinion is that he seen I was almost out of work credits since fighting disability for 5 years so he did not even read my file and it was a lot easier to deny me knowing that I could not re-file! But the joke is on him cause now we are going to District Court, then Federal Court, not to mention I am turning him in for Judicial misconduct for not following the laws of irrefutable evidence! I have a right to a fair hearing, I have rights! In a criminal trial they have to follow rules of evidence, there is no way around professional witnesses! All attorneys are afraid of Judges because they have to stand in front of these Judges and these judges will deny all their clients, but this judge does not scare me because I am allowed to air my opinion!

George Yarbrough
Judge: Ronald Sweeda
7/17/2015 2:50:20 PM

I had my hearing today before Judge Sweeda. although I do not think I will win my case,I feel he conducted himself as a professional. I appreciated that I was treated with respect,dignity and compassion.

Richard Manning
Judge: Scott M Staller
7/16/2015 3:05:05 AM

I would just like to say that Judge Scott M Staller was very nice to me and listen to everything I had to say. I didn't get a decisions yet, but thats ok I no i went in there and told the truth about my condition and now it's in Gods hands.

Judge: Susan L Torres
3/11/2015 8:25:37 AM

excellent judge, gave bench decision in one case and very fair in the other one as well. would love to work with her again. She had reviewed the case before sitting down that day and had her questions ready and then turned the case over for any additional questioning.

Judge: Theodore Burock
2/26/2015 5:05:50 PM

Seemed decent, seemed to get annoyed easily. make sure all med records are CORRECT and SUPER recent, Like days recent. Talk loud, and very clear. He seems to try to jump for perfection. I was in for mental health and he reminded me like my father, be perfect or get out.

2/4/2015 6:29:45 AM

As an attorney who has also appeared before Judge Wesner, I am amused by the earlier comments. They must necessarily have emanated from a claimant or attorney in a case which was unfavorable. That, or possibly from an advocate who was intimidated by the Judge's superior intellect.

Judge: Randy Riley
1/30/2015 11:26:18 AM

Never lets medical evidence get in the way of denying the disabled. Never listens to what the disabled have to say. He needs to be retrained or be removed for incompetence.

Ana Maria Rodriguez
10/12/2014 1:49:53 AM

I'd have liked to see more approvals than 68%. This judge seems to be fairly fair though. I give her bet. 75-85%. Ana Maria Rodriguez, (former client to then atty.Landesberg).

michael formosa
9/26/2014 6:22:27 PM

I was an EMT for a very long time and in the medical field all I wanted to do is help people I had a fractured back went through KEMO and then broke my back in two places and had two surgeries the last surgery was Bilateral of both my left and right side of my back I was also Told by an SSA doctor that I also had PTSS PTSD ADHD ADD this was a life changing experience in so many way's it so hard to Explain I only wish I had more time to Explain to JUDGE SWEENEY how this affected my day to day life I don't think I did a very good job and on top of it all the bottom of my right foot and little toe I can no longer feel any sensation it's permanent DAMAGED I wish I could of had a little more time well god bless Also my right knee right ankle and right hip I have waited so long I can only pray now THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME JUDGE SWEENEY.

Katherine Clark
Judge: Ronald Sweeda
9/17/2014 7:28:09 PM

I went in front of this judge on March of 2014. He came in with obvious bias about my disability from the beginning and nothing was going to change his mind. He focused on questions that had nothing to do with my disability. He was very rude, intimidating, and condescending. Many of the things he said in the hearing were incorrect, but I did not get a proper chance to defend them. He dismissed everything that I said, my doctors said, and even the vocational expert in his denial letter to me. There were so many false statements in the denial letter that I cannot even count them. He gave very limited weight to all of the people I mentioned above except for doctors on the Disability Determination Board who never even saw me. He even listed doctors in my denial letter saying they had seen me, but I never even heard of them. I was advised by my attorney that there was no use appealing because it would take over a year and probably just go back to him. Since his opinion was the only one that mattered in my case, even above my doctors, why would he ever change his mind. My attorney said there would have to be legal errors to even be considered for appeal, and that appeals rarely win. I was told it was better to file an entirely new claim after three years since my first claim so as not to wait a year to be denied an appeal, just to have to file again then anyway. My doctor even had to write a rather scathing letter to Judge Sweeda, as his comments about my doctor were so incorrect and liable. It was the most awful experience I have ever had. I am going to new attorneys because I do have a good case I have been told to have my closed file reopened for General Bias, among many other things including provable mistakes by my medical records and the hearing transcript itself. I just warn you to beware of these things if you get him as your judge. Good luck!

Judge: Lawrence J Neary
9/8/2014 3:07:15 PM

This man lied. That is all I will go into here. Applied due to Chronic Pain due to back issues, and Depression, General Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Panic Attacks. He says specifically in his findings/judgement that I seemed to be comfortable at the hearing and DID NOT change positions. I asked, audibly in the hearing if I could adjust the mic so that I could stand at points in time as I can sit for more than 5 minutes at a time. That should have been recorded? My nephew (24 yr old vet) was there too, I stood SEVERAL times during the hearing. I was visibly shaken, sweating (I left the place with a wet shirt, essentially.) and I hurt extremely due to how long it took--even though I DID change positions AND stood/alternated. How is he allowed to lie? I mean, an OPINION on a finding is one thing. This man specifically said something that several people & mic recordings CONTRADICT.

Judge: Scott M Staller
8/30/2014 7:04:27 AM

Waste of time.. unless you have a lawyer...social security pays such lawyers a small fee and award your case JUST so they DONT have to pay so much back pay..its a corrupt racket!

Judge: Scott M Staller
8/30/2014 6:55:28 AM

Know it all! Makes decisions without all medical records...cocky ,doesn't care or listen. Just because he s a judge doesn't make him any more human than anyone else!! Some of us don't have the money to have a EASY government job...if we did no one would need social security!

Judge: Richard E Guida
7/8/2014 1:14:19 PM

Judge has a "God complex". You sir are charged with administering the LAW. YOU do not hold a MEDICAL license. YOU have no right to discredit what a doctor or several doctors state is a real disability to the point where someone is disabled.When a medical team including the IME's state a person is disabled what right does this idiot have to say a client is not? He is a joke and a discredit to anyone who rightfully administers the law. He is not concerned with protecting and upholding the law. He is focused on denying claims (see this clowns track record).When a judge dismisses 49% of all claims halfway through the year (2014) it should be an alarm to the court system that he is corrupt and should be investigated. He is completely clueless on how to do his job and should be disbarred and tried for his dis-service to the American people.

Judge: Charles Bridges
6/11/2014 10:40:17 AM

72% approval for claims. Come to Reading Pa, and meet some of these recipients. Our prison is full of them. Some of the biggest drug dealers on the east coast receiving SSD. I just read a report from 2005 thru 2013 judges approved $153 BILLION in lifetime benefits. Anybody wonder why the system is going broke?

Judge: Richard E Guida
6/3/2014 6:56:56 AM

Awful adjudicator with a very poor knowledge of the Rulings and Regulations. His decisions are easy to appeal: they are so full of holes you could drive a Mack truck through them. My advice to you is if you are given a video hearing with this judge, OBJECT. Ask for an in-person hearing at your local ODAR because this man will do you no favors.

Daniel Myers
Judge: Daniel Myers
5/29/2014 3:52:32 AM

Daniel J. Myers has served as an ALJ for Social Security since September 2009. For nine years prior to that, he was a hearing officer presiding over special education disputes throughout Pennsylvania. Prior to becoming a hearing officer, Mr. Myers represented the Pennsylvania Department of Education in administrative, state and federal courts. Judge Myers also has served as an attorney in Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Department of Education, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the U.S. Department of Labor. Judge Myers received his J.D. from the George Washington University Law School in 1984 and a B.A. *** laude from Bradley University. He is a past president of the James S. Bowman Chapter of the American Inns of Court, a certified mediator, and a frequent speaker in special education and administrative law training programs.

Nunzie Agobi
5/28/2014 6:56:49 AM

This guy is one of the smartest judges in all of ODAR by far. A bit brusque at times, he knows how to get to the heart of the case.

LaJune Jones
Judge: Charles Bridges
5/26/2014 12:29:03 PM

I am so glad that we at least have one judge, The Honorable Judge Bridges, that truly cares about our needy.

5/19/2014 10:14:02 AM

Unfair Judge by faR

Average claimant
Judge: Scott M Staller
3/11/2014 10:54:00 AM

He is awesome! That is all!

Judge: Patrick S Cutter
3/4/2014 10:39:22 AM

Judge Patrick Cutter is a wonderful judge. He is truly one of the best LAJ. in the county. He was very fair in the way he handled my case he took it step by step explaining the procedure before we ever got started. He took control of the entire hearing asking all questions that were important and concerning my case. If he didn't get the proper answer he wanted to hear, he rephrased it much easier for me to understand. He also allowed me time to explain my total conditions without interruptions. He also understood my entire situation and conditions and handle them in a very Professional matter. The hearing was lengthy but it needed to be in order to produce a fair verdict. He asks a lot about your conditions in order to be fair. Despite what other people may think of Judge Cutter. He handle the case the in the most Professiional way a judge could handle a case. I personally want to thank judge cutter, for hearing my case and giving me the proper and most fair hearing a client could receive. I Took the time to evaluate Judge Cutter because he deserves the credit for all the hard work he puts into each and every case he hears. If you are truthful with the Judge he is true to you.

Ronald b. Gray
2/10/2014 9:54:06 AM

I have been in front of this judge in 2 very uncomfortable occasions , she is a very rude and uncompassionate person . I had 2 total knee replacement , carpel tunnel in both hands , lower bad problems , I a m to see a specialist to try to find out why I have a constant pain in my neck and arms. This judge contradicted everything my doctor s said , and found a medical expert from South Dakota to review my medical records , why didnt she get someone in pa. This Dr . sabow could not have review my medical record over night it was 170 odd pages.she very rude , quick asking questions before I had a chance to reply . I was told I could work on a assembly line, house keeping. , and some other crazy job.but then I was not to work around moving machines , chemicals,ladder stairs , stand long periods of time ect... I can't run ,jump , climb stairs or come down them very well . I cant drive for long periods 1/2 hour , sit longer then a hour ,,, I am truly living a painful life. If I could work I would but at any job they would fired for lack of production ,, I can walk 3 blocks at a time with out pain .. Look I don't want to bore anyone with my struggles but this """"""" is someone who need to be disbarred , or removed from the bench,,,,mind u I've been fight this since 2008

1/8/2014 9:43:23 PM

She's smart, extremely well-educated, and completely predisposed to using her skills to kill any disability claim at any cost. Counter to a previous comment, she refused my entry to my wife's hearing (my wife was melting down) and appeal without having ever met me, and in her denial refuted the testimony and records of multiple doctors of different specialties in favor of her "experts" who had no working knowledge of my wife's case. If I had a "back of the book" law firm I'd hire her in a New York Minute, but as a citizen with a disabled wife I'd like nothing more than to see her exposed for her bias against the disabled and kicked the **** off the bench.

Tracy L Parthemore
12/27/2013 1:11:33 PM

I was very happy with judge sweeney. She made a special effort to make me feel comfortable, allowed my parents in the hearing to help keep me at ease. She was extremely knowledgable on my case, and took a special effort to help me understand the hearing process, she slowed the hearing down to have me calm down as I am bipolar type 1 mixed state. The honorable judge sweeney is a consummate professional, and while I don't know the outcome of my case yet, she made me very pleased with the respect, and professionalism she has shown me during this process. Thank you

Ashley D. Lloyd
Judge: Ronald Sweeda
12/5/2013 6:55:02 PM

I received my hearing date letter in the mail today. I am very hopeful. I probably should not have read these reviews because they are frightening. I will have judge Sweeda and I have read both good and bad reviews. He has one of the highest denial rates listed on this page however I feel if I am truthful and show him how my RA really affects my life that he will approve my case. I was born with this disease and always said I would never go on disability but that is not always was God has planned for us I guess. Good Luck to those of you going through the same things and I pray that Judge Sweeda truly hears me and is understanding. I am nervous but ready to speak my case and hope for the best.

Judge: Randy Riley
11/13/2013 11:04:11 PM

Corrupt judge working to prevent deserving disabled citizens from receiving financial help. "judge not lest ye be judged" Wonder how he sleeps at night.

An Attorney
Judge: Richard E Guida
8/7/2013 8:59:45 AM

Tells you to "present your case" and then interrupts, interjects, cross examines and humiliates the claimant. If claimant's treating source has the audacity to charge a fee for a medical source statement, this judge will use it to discredit the opinions of the treating physician.

Mark Wood
Judge: Patrick S Cutter
2/20/2013 8:47:10 PM

I am truly impressed by Judge Cutter. I had a stress disability and he went out of his way to make me relaxed and comfortable. When the vocational expert gave his input, Judge Cutter asked great questions in order to accurately describe my disability. His highly verbal communication skills were an asset to the hearing. Legally, he was very fair and precise and explained himself well. He made his decision and sent me all the information in 8 days! He really must of worked hard to make me less stressed. Thank you Judge Cutter, you are truly one of the great ones in your profession. More people should evaluate you.

Justine Ellinger
Judge: Daniel Myers
2/5/2013 9:25:56 PM

I'm unsure whether Judge Myers reads these posts but either way I would just like to sincerely thank you for your decision about my case. I could imagine there are numerous cases in which the claimant tries to pull a fast one & just wants to get out of working but I truly am unable to work in my condition & I greatly appreciate you acknowledging that my disabilities are in fact real. I wish I wasn't in this situation, I was always a very hard worker & would give anything to have my life back to where it was over 4yrs ago, but unfortunately, physically & emotionally my body won't allow it. So again, I'm truly thankful for your decision to allow to get the help I need!

2/3/2013 1:55:44 PM

Not a nice Judge at all above I agree with above comment

1/30/2013 8:53:09 AM

Very scary Judge

Judge: Susan L Torres
1/29/2013 11:00:06 AM

Fair, reasonable, lets Attorney do most of the questioning. Requests opening argument. Pleasure being before her.

Judge: Charles Bridges
1/27/2013 4:50:26 PM

Judge Bridges is a good man, and truly does care about the Claimants and their conditions. He is one of the few judges who doesn't get himself involved in the back and forth of asking every question he can only to deny it later. He knows when a Claimant is disabled and makes his decisions accordingly.

Judge: Randy Riley
1/4/2013 11:11:09 AM

Condescending and arrogant.

sherry wileman
12/16/2012 1:03:59 PM

mr train is one judge who asks proper questions to ne answered. he explained everything and went over every thing with me. Mr Train is a true judge , wasnt mean or nasty. mr train is there to determine disability and that is it...my hearing was in nov 5 and he just made his decision so i know i am waiting for desision to arrive...

Judge: Susan L Torres
11/30/2012 9:20:42 AM

Awesome judge! She righted the wrongs of two terrible judges.

Judge: Ronald Sweeda
11/22/2012 6:27:13 AM

I had my hearing on Oct.19,2012 with Judge Sweeda.He was very professional.He made sure that I understood everything that was said.That was 5 weeks ago and I am still waiting for a decision.

Judge: Ronald Sweeda
11/7/2012 10:23:33 AM

Very firm,serious, and Professional. He took everything in account for my disability at 58 years old. Awarded me my SSDI in 15 minutes!

8/31/2012 4:38:16 AM

This woman has alcohol issues! I was in a high end local restaurant and observed this person being rude and condescending to employees, while chatting it up with every male at the bar! She ordered in a very demanding way, then sent her food back , when she received a new meal, she ate the entire thing then demanded to have it removed from her bill. Talk about abuse of power! Let's get this obnoxious person off the bench. Someone like this has no business making crucial decisions about a persons life when she cannot behave like a normal person in public. She is an embarrassment to her peers.

Judge: Ronald Sweeda
8/17/2012 7:32:56 AM

Has he transfered to the North Charleston,SC ODAR ? Hope not..He sounds like a real JERK

Judge: Richard E Guida
8/6/2012 12:57:52 PM

Disregarded the opinions of my medical professionals, also no regard for the social security doctors opinions and denied disability. This judge gave no weight to overwhelming evidence proving disability. It is shameful and unprofessional. Looking at his track record he denied almost half of all claims.

Jennifer Scales
Judge: Ronald Sweeda
6/15/2012 12:17:26 AM

I went in front of this judge on may 11th of this year 2012. I felt very intimidated by him from the minute i walked in the door. I felt he was rude and fake. I also felt it was inappropriate of him to say to me "so I hear you are in a new relationship" and "are you on the internet" and are you on facebook?" i felt very violated to say the least. i felt those questions were too personal. I also feel that he overlooked alot of aspects in my case. such as the fact that i failed my psychiatric examination. I feel that he did not give that enough consideration. I filed for my second appeal and i hope to NOT have him as a judge again.

Judge: Daniel Myers
4/24/2012 12:35:19 PM

Judge Myers reviewed my file and denied my disability case without reviewing the file's medical evidence. After notification of his mistake, he again denied and ignored medical evidence submitted. He contradicts himself in his decision and totally ignores the medical documentation submitted.

3/20/2012 10:43:14 AM

Very rude ALJ. She will use any resources she can to deny claim including the opinion of several medical experts just to find one who agrees with her to deny claim. She dismisses treating source opinions and makes assertions regarding their credibility without any merit.