John L McFadyen , Kingsport, Tennessee ODAR Office, Administrative Law Judge

For the 2017 *fiscal year, Judge John L Mcfadyen has disposed 472 cases at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Kingsport, Tennessee. Out of those 472 dispostions, 55 were dismissed, 214 were approved and 203 were denied. This means that the percentage of dispositions that Judge McFadyen has approved in Kingsport for the 2017 fiscal year is 45%. The information below for Judge John L Mcfadyen was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
Office*Fiscal YearTotal DispositionsTotal DecisionsTotal DenialsTotal AwardsCases
Kingsport 2010 508 460 202 258 9%51%40%
Kingsport 2011 466 414 205 209 11%45%44%
Kingsport 2012 612 551 236 315 10%51%39%
Kingsport 2013 494 439 197 242 11%49%40%
Kingsport 2014 555 507 248 259 9%47%45%
Kingsport 2015 497 429 200 229 14%46%40%
Kingsport 2016 474 400 183 217 16%46%39%
Kingsport 2017 472 417 203 214 12%45%43%
*The United States Government fiscal year is from October 1st - September 30th.
John L McfadyenNo Stats for FY 2020
All ALJs in Kingsport Office 12% 56% 32%
All ALJs in Tennessee17%47%37%
All ALJs in the Nation20%42%38%
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Judge: John L McFadyen
2/2/2019 10:31:55 AM

Pompous, arrogant, ***. thinks he is God. Worst judge in entire building. May he **** in eternal fire.

Judge: John L McFadyen
10/17/2016 12:30:35 PM

Just what I expected, when you go to court to argue something like this, one has to be prepared to prove it. I was ready, but at the same time, I was never 100% sure how it went because he is hard to read. Upon getting the notice in the mail he described in detail why he approved my disability. I think he is fair, but a word to the wise, answer clearly, truthfully and be prepared.

Judge: John L McFadyen
6/22/2016 6:07:59 AM

This judge is so problematic that when I was searching for a new lawyer majority of attorneys wouldn't even take my case when they heard it was McFadyen. He is a jerk. He didn't ask me anything either,most of case taken up with vocational expert and him what jobs I could do. I was told by my attorney that because McFadyen has had 3 back surgeries he has no sympathy for any one else. You have to have had as least as many surgeries as him for him to consider you. Yes well we all don't have health insurance or paid sick leave OR a job to come back to after recovery time,do we ?? He is rude,impatientband frequently over ridden by appeals Court. Good luck if you get him because you're STUCK with him!

Judge: John L McFadyen
9/2/2015 12:44:59 PM

The "Judge" and "impartial Dr" had already made a decision on my case before I even entered the room. Dr wouldn't answer any of my attorney's questions, Judge didn't ask me any questions or give me a chance to speak at all. He acted like I was wasting the precious 10 mins the hearing took & only looked up at me once. I left knowing I'd be receiving a denial letter any day. Unfortunately in TN if you appeal, it goes before the same Judge! Now I have absolutely no money, will be losing my home any day, and cannot afford the necessary medical care or prescriptions and if I appeal but haven't complied with my Dr's treatment I will be denied for that.

Judge: John L McFadyen
6/6/2015 6:27:29 PM

Very unprofessional..Sitting up in his chair with his eyes closed smiling while I'm hurt and trying to get help..Denied me after 3 years of waiting..I will have Lamar Alexander on the one should be treated the way.

Judge: John L McFadyen
5/19/2015 6:12:57 AM

EXTREMLEY DISAPPOINTED WITH "JUDGE" McFadyen... WAAAY TO CONSERVATIVE. Did not seem to care too much about me or my case. It made no difference that I was homeless, many physical/mental problems despite evidence to the contrary just like the doctor at the dhs office. Judged this book by its cover. Thought because I was a man and had glasses I didn't need any help. Almost died, froze/starved to death. Worked hard for years and paid into my share of ss and stayed on the right sid of the law. Contradicted himself on the stand and said if problems were mostly mental he would approve but did no such thing. Got a letter saying denied again and would have to sue the Fed. Come to find out my "lawyer" wasn't even a lawyer. Trying to get my SSI/DI made my problems even worse. Like a war of attrition I wasted what I had left to my name to try to do this. Seems these judges are giving benefits to these punks who don't need them and never worked sit around and have kids smoke cigarettes have tattoos and commit crimes don't have a thing wrong with them and then knock those down who REALLY need help. SYSTEM TOTALLY BROKEN. Had to fix my problems in "other" ways and done it... Would have made a diffefence if I had a minority/female/hispanic judge. Voc expert was no good either. I am aware of folks with same said problems who are younger than myself who get benefits first time and who NEVER worked one day IN THEIR LIFE. Appreciate all the help the doctors/psychologist/lawyer etc have given me (eyeroll)-CHRIS

Constance E. Crosby
Judge: John L McFadyen
6/21/2013 1:41:02 PM

I was very pleased with my experience with Judge McFadyen. He was very fair in listening to the vocational expert's opinion, and made his decision based on the exam by the doctor that the state initially sent me to early on in my case. I never even seemed to need all of my own records and was very surprised, pleasantly so. I also never expected such a positive experience, but I am very grateful for it. With my mental condition, I would never have been able to cope well with an awful experience as described above, and I am sorry to know that others have not had good outcomes. I waited a long time to get mine, but it was worth it in the end. Judge McFadyen, I can't thank you enough!

Robert Dunbar
Judge: John L McFadyen
12/27/2012 2:11:37 PM

Judge John L McFadyen is a wonderful judge that approved me after several months. He did ask for a drug list dating back 4 years which was tough to get. Overall he is a great man.

Judge: John L McFadyen
9/7/2012 10:39:04 AM

Mean spirited. I think he actually IS part of the NJ Mafia. If he ever feels threatened to have to pay a case, he will reschedule with VE, ME, PE and anyone else he can think of. Likes others to do his dirty work for him, as he absolutely manipulates what can be asked and how it can be asked. That said, he's a tough bird and I personally like him. He does a lot of amended onset dates and closed periods. Seems to ask for pharmaceutical records frequently, so be prepared.

Terry Lewis
Judge: John L McFadyen
5/8/2012 7:11:16 PM

He's fair.

Judge: John L McFadyen
5/2/2012 9:58:15 AM

Mean spirited. Looks like he should be in the NJ mafia.

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