Nashville, Tennessee ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Nashville, Tennessee, 12 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Nashville, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 12.0 months. The average case processing time in Nashville is 408 days.The Nashville average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 48%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Nashville ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Nashville 12 12.0 months 408 days 2.2 17% 48% 34%
Tennessee13.7 months483 days2.417%47%37%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Vicki Corkern
Judge: Michelle Thompson
12/27/2019 9:04:38 AM

The disability rules, law, I should of got my disability, but this judge denied me my disability. I am a very sick person, there is days I can barely walk, I honestly don't know if I am going to make it some days.. I have so much pain , so forgetful, the social security doctor said I was disable to work, because of my disease. She mention of me being obesity, and lack of education. It never stopped me working before. I have worked ever since I was 12 years old, worked hard for over 40 years. I have worked for everything I have, and now I am not able to work and about to lose everything I have ever worked for, because I am not able to work, and this Judge made this unfair and inhumane decision, on behalf I felt she is a prejudge Person. It is such a shame that a judge can make this kind of decision, because they don't like a person. What has our country become to. So sad that's it's become that such cases are treated like this. God be with us all.

Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
4/23/2019 9:10:08 AM

I have been fighting for my ssi and disability since 2011 I be in pain all day everyday for me to get denied it's overwhelming. She was nice but with lumbar spinal stenosis pinched nerve herniated disc bulging disc PTSD anxiety. I can't stand sit bend or walk without being in pain it's terrible. I will appeal it.

Josh Lyle
Judge: David A Ettinger
1/7/2019 7:47:10 AM

Worst Judge ever, not only did he make a comment saying he is trying to believe me but the negative glares I didnt care for either. Then the lies, oh yes, so you write on my denial that you advised me of no attorney present and that I wanted to represent myself, LIES, I had an attorney there who was a complete joke didnt know anything about my case asking me questions about an abscess in my ear when it was in my intestines then quit after the hearing. I had an attorney there though yet in judges words I didnt have one then and you took the vocational expert word for word on her testimony never writing your own words as to why you denied me. I had a picc line had numerous surgeries with crohns and PTSD and seizures. You denied me in 2015 then I almost died due to my crohns then I get disability because I sent paperwork myself to SSI and not my lawyer Jeff Levine who did nothing, then all of a sudden I have a court case nobody knows what's going on, I get 3 phone calls from SSI admins asking me questions why they have my paperwork etc. Backwards system and none of you people care about us who are really sick. I almost died several times through 2016 2017 but your denial in 2015 could have changed that 1 point I stood up and almost walked out during the trial because judge was rude called me a liar without saying the word then my lawyer didnt know anything about my case had his secretary call me on my way there to make sure I was coming then I get there my lawyer wants me to drop my case then vocational expert does not know my disabilities or the fact i have 0 immune system but states many jobs from what data she collected that info from i have no idea as the jobs she stated are not even open or are they even in my area or surrounding areas....I check online for jobs is how i know then for judge to say I want to believe you like I'm lying, I have seizures PTSD crohns pnes, you think I can remember exact details I try to repeat as honestly as possible. Worst trial I ever was apart of, made me feel pretty ****** knowing these people are lazy at their jobs do not care how sick you are or all the procedures surgeries hospitalizations yet they sit there looking at you like your trash. Well buddy I'm not trash and your vocational expert gets her data from nowhere and my lawyer Jeff Levine didnt even know a **** thing about my case!!! How is that a fair trial? Or the fact you wrote on my denial I represented myself and you advised me which was lies and bullshit! If I knew who to contact to investigate my case I would but then again you all work together so it wouldn't matter huh. If you get this guy better be prepared to lose because this was a joke....Pretty sad disabled folks has to go through their illnesses which are lifelong and come to an unfair biased trial like mine. I hope karma finds you all and 1 day you will see what it's like to live in my shoes for 1 day.

Edwin Frierson
Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
12/21/2018 11:08:09 PM

I was seen today Dec 21st, The judge was very professional, courteous and patience with me, not overbearing or insensitive I will accept the decision she makes in my case,I feel she will be fair

Roald Mark
Judge: Daniel E Whitney
12/17/2018 7:21:45 PM

Had my hearing today was approved Judge Whitney was fair understanding i had my medical records he listened to me and gave me my life back thank you judge

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
7/4/2018 7:33:16 AM

Terrible. Zero stars. No compassion and ignores medical proof. Where is humanity?

John Smith
Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
7/3/2018 9:24:43 PM

I saw the judge on my case a month ago and she was fair and to the point and very professional, regardless of the decision I believe she will be fair and impartial

Judge: Scott C Shimer
6/13/2018 6:50:03 AM

I went in front of Judge Shimer on 4/19. He was a very nice and courteous man. He asked me some questions about previous work history. He did ask about the onset date bc I have one date and my attorney changed it. He could also tell that I had been crying. It was hard for me to answer some of the questions he asked but he took his time and was very patient. My records show that I am getting progressively worse over the last 6 years that I've been waiting for an answer. He also said he would have his decision in 60 days, my 60 days is up on Monday. Please pray that everything works as God is willing

Judge: Robert Martin
3/22/2018 9:13:11 AM

Judge Martin was very attentive and fair. Asked questions to the point. Made me very comfortable in a worrisome situation

Corinna wallace
Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
2/5/2018 5:31:30 AM

Judge PIETRANGELO heard my case last week. Unaware of my outcome, however she was very clearly on her expectations, how the proceedings were going to happen, and what you expect. She was very thorough in my case notes, documents and questioning. The interactions between her and my attorney were very professional as well as the VE. I believe she is very fair and respectful. Her decision will be fair and based on facts and not opinions. Im looking forward to my decision 😊

Lacquita Clark
Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
1/10/2018 10:19:23 AM

Judge: Angele Pietrangelo Was my Judge. I feel she listened very attentively. I Think she will be more than fair on my case. Just wanted to rate her before the decision is made to be fair by her performance. Just wish the decision writers was a little bit faster. My case was August 7th but stayed open 2 weeks so the Judge could get a medical record that had not been sent.

Donald F. Levleit
Judge: David A Mason
12/8/2017 11:36:01 AM

I am trying to contact the lawyer that handle my mother's will. It was signed David Mason Jr. Thank you Donald Levleit

Judge: David A Ettinger
12/3/2017 12:27:10 PM

Have a heart condition nerve damage ptsd tbi bipolar with a veteran this judge treated me like crap and did not take my evidence in consideration I think he discriminated and I'm in process see what I can do against him because of this I'm dying and this jackass denied me... He is unfair does not do his job right at all.

Jeff Brooks
Judge: Renee S Andrews - Turner
11/30/2017 4:26:29 PM

I had my hearing Nov 8 2017 and do not know the results yet,,Judge Andrews Turner was nice and did not make me feel uneasy at all. I am a 100% Disabled Vet, she ask a few questions and i never once got nervous from her,,She seemed like a fair judge to me so i will see how my results go from here,,,

Judge: Alfred M Smith
11/30/2017 11:27:28 AM

very nice man very honest

Judge: Elizabeth P Neuhoff
10/24/2017 2:55:00 PM

I was nervous before the hearing, however, she outlined what to expect during the hearing. She was very courteous and professional. It took awhile for the decision, however, she did advise me during the hearing that she was short staffed and to please be patient.

Judge: Robert Martin
9/18/2017 7:03:54 AM

Very fair, listens to the case and knows the file. You can't ask for more than this when trying a case.

Lauren Williams
Judge: Alfred M Smith
9/13/2017 9:39:07 AM

He treated me and my 16yr old disabled son with kindness and made us feel at ease. He had patience and understanding that my son is autistic and has no filter and rocks A LOT. He listened and asked questions and wanted to get a true understanding of what we went through on a daily basis with my son.

Judge: Renee S Andrews - Turner
7/6/2017 7:14:41 AM

I went before Judge Andrews-Turner in May 2016, I found her to very thoughtful and very prepared. She was very accommodation and made me feel very relaxed. If you have actual disabilities and your file is in order, your hearing will go very smoothly.

6/12/2017 5:48:04 PM

Judge Taylor is very understanding am glad he was my judge

Judge: David A Ettinger
6/6/2017 1:48:00 AM

Judge David Ettinger was fair & caring at my hearing. I do not know the outcome of my case but I can honestly say no matter how it turns out he was thorough & compassionate.

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
3/28/2017 12:00:36 AM

I received this judge for my hearing. He was nice and listened to me without interruptions. He wasn't rude nor bias during my hearing. I don't know the outcome yet but I was respected and treated fairly. Just be blunt and honest with him. I was in pain during my hearing and couldn't focus he didn't mind repeating the questions and stayed patient the entire time. Thank you Judge Whitney.

Judge: David A Mason
10/28/2016 11:04:52 AM

I went before Judge David Mason Jr on May 27th 2016. As I stated in my last review my Attorney and I had all of the documents including X-Rays, Mri's, doctors notes, ALL the forms that SSD requested from my doctors and after the hearing the Judge sent me for a mental and medical exam paid for by Social Security. My attorney told me that the medical exam from Social Security looked like the doctor agreed with my doctor and that I couldn't work. The SSD mental exam was done by psychologist, it took maybe 25 to 30 minutes. The mental exam wasn't as strong as the psychiatrist's whom I've been seeing every 2 months for the last 7 yrs. My Attorney told me that Judge Mason Jr received everything on his desk around Aug 17th 2016. In my last review I had wrote that the judge had no remorse. I meant compassion, he was tough and seemed angry. From his statements about my Dad's suicide, to how many FB friends I have ( which I took a guess, I was so scared) to how much money I had received and how much I gave my son out of my inheritance. My Attorney had said he had never witnessed a Judge act like that and that I'm able to have as much money as I want. I was told at least 10 days ago that the Judge has requested a Supplemental Hearing and that the Judge hadn't stated why. I was told that he has to give a reason why and until he does we just have to wait and then be set up for another Hearing. So we have to wait even longer. I had a breakdown in front of this Judge, it was horrible. I'm so confused as to why we have to have another hearing and why the Judge isn't putting in a request as to why and getting the Date set. My stomach is a mess, I can't sleep and my psychiatrist has made one of my meds stronger and my mind is swirling. I'm worried that I might puke in the courtroom, this Judge scared me. I hope this Judge will make a decision soon. I started working making around $400 to $500 a month, I have pain so i'm unable to work, I'm not sure how long I can go. I don't want to spend the money that my Father left me but I'm slowly using it up. I'm so scared to go before this Judge again ALL of this. I've worked since the age of 16, I'm 46 now and I've always judged people who I found out receive SSI. I'm eligible for SSD and it's been a nightmare trying to get approved. I just hope he approves me soon. Feeling scared since I met this Judge and even more nervous to know that I have to wait and go before him again. 10-28-2016

Ronald D McKelvy Jr
Judge: Elizabeth P Neuhoff
10/28/2016 5:41:19 AM

Judge Neuhoff was a good and understanding Judge very nice and helped me through my hearing

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
8/18/2016 2:26:30 AM

Extremely discriminatory against invisible diseases. Actually had the nerve to say he "didn't believe" my specialist/surgeon OR psychiatrist, even though there was medical documentation, X-rays, scans, etc, to back up my diagnoses. Very rude, sarcastic, condescending. Stared at computer screen entire time & would not even look me in eyes. Also obviously didn't look at all of my medical documentation, because a lot of his reasons for denial, were simply untrue; and he would have known that had he actually looked at all of my records. Left me feeling like just a lazy loser or something. Shame on him for his treatment of those coming in & completely at his mercy, for dishing out denial after denial without thorough review and/or education on the disabilities in question and for his complete lack of empathy for those of us hurting and already embarrassed to have to be at a court's mercy in the first place!

Larry Hester
Judge: Scott C Shimer
8/3/2016 1:41:26 PM

I had my meeting in front of Judge Shimer yesterday, and I will say he is the nicest and fairest ALJ, I had a meeting in front of Judge Kimmelman almost 2 years ago, and she was not as nice as Judge Shimer. I do not know if he will approve me, but my attorney told me I have a very good chance to get approved. I will rate him 5 stars, and recommend him as a very good Judge. He knows the law, and was very helpful with me, because of my severe arthritis that I have.

Judge: David A Mason
7/22/2016 6:12:32 AM

I'm doing this review as I wait for my decision. I met Judge David Mason Jr while waiting for my hearing with my attorney, he walked into our waiting room and informed us that he was running about 10 minutes behind. He had a nice smile and was in great shape. It was nice of him to come out and tell us himself. My 1st memories of my knee defect was at age 9, my 1st surgery at age 12, my next surgery was at age 41. I have been diagnosed with a R Knee Osteochondral Defect, Osteoarthritis, R hip and severe back thigh pain. It is a disease that as you age the knee becomes bone on bone and that's where I'm at, in severe pain when I walk and pain in my back thigh butt area when I sit. The only surgery I was told is a osteochondral allograph transplantation to fill in the large defect, which involves receiving part of a femur from a cadaver, but due to my age it is not recommended and because I'm 45 yrs old I should wait until I'm closer to 50 and hopefully technology will have advanced. I have went to PT around every other week for about 20 months and now I'm able to do the exercises at home and my husband helps with the hands on . I see my medical doctor every 3 months for the last few years and he filled out the forms that SSD requested and from his answers I'm unable to work. I've paid into social security since 1986. I worked very hard for many years to make sure the mortgage was paid and raising my 1 and only child who has became much more then a mother could ever dream of. I'm being treated for anxiety and severe depression along with possible bi polar, I started therapy with a psychiatrist in 2009 and as the years went on, I've tried many different medications. I go to my psychiatrist every 2 months for my medication and have documentation of this, which I'm embarrassed about. After almost 13 years of my FT job I was terminated in 2012 after a return to work of only 7 weeks from my knee surgery, I was having a hard time getting around and it was noticeable, so they found a reason and let me go. That's how I feel about it. In April of 2015 I started to feel suicidal and was put on more medication which has made it even harder to get around, stay awake and concentrate. My Psychiatrist filled out the forms for Social Security stating all of this and from his answers I'm unable to work. When the hearing started the Judge was TOUGH, HARD, and seemed mean, I cried so hard due to the memories of my Mother's death and then the memories of trying to take care of my Father and trying to get him out of his severe depression, plus working, while in severe pain myself all of those years and the realization that here I was in court asking, pleading for disability, I almost got sick. The memories of finding my Father's lifeless body due to suicide in the same spot my Mother died in their home 5 years previous due to cancer was horrific but the ALJ judge showed no remorse for any of my memories or disabilities. He was TOUGH! The ONLY reason I'm giving him 5 stars is due to the FACT that this Judge is For The People of this Country and to know that he treats people like this is a hard thing to swallow but good to know that the system isn't weak, this man-Judge is TOUGH... I just hope he looks at all my documentation and even though I have a ton of medical records, X-rays, MRI's, and regular treatments, exams, and proof from treating doctors this Judge STILL had me go to a Mental and Medical Exam after the hearing. Now I just have to wait for his decision.

Judge: Renee S Andrews - Turner
6/27/2016 5:02:00 PM

I seen judge Andrew's on June 8th for my hearing she was very nice and understanding. I was not able to sit for the duration of the hearing due to my disabilities and she did not mind at all that I needed to stand. Thank you judge Andrew's for a pleasant hearing.

Ron Raines
Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
4/16/2016 5:17:24 AM

My hearing was today. She was very nice polite and to the point. My impression is that she will be more than fair. I wanted to rate her today before any decisions were made as to be fair to her.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
2/16/2016 6:04:42 PM

In the last three years I've appeared before Judge Roberts about seven or eight times (maybe more, memory fails). What I've learned is, to do well in her courtroom, the representative should: 1. submit a prehearing brief, and 2. be prepared to argue the case before her, citing exhibits and applicable rulings or listings. The times she's been irritated or exasperated, she took it out on me, not my claimants, which is exactly what I'd want. I'm always happy to appear before her.

Bridgett Graham
10/18/2015 8:22:41 AM

My first time before a judge and I am glad it was Judge Taylor. I felt he was very fair, understanding, and truly listened.

martha e moore
Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
8/31/2015 7:57:59 AM

she denied me and i have lung cancer. i would give her the opportunity to explain how someone that says they have a bad back, yet plays golf, darts and does an array of other things can be more disabled than someone with small cell lung cancer. and i was just denied

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
8/28/2015 7:36:46 AM

I find Judge Roberts to be one of the most hard working judges I have appeared in front of, she is knowledgeable about disability and the claim that is before her, very straight forward and to the point, you just can't ask for more than that from an ALJ.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
8/17/2015 6:01:16 PM

Judge Roberts issues more awards, on average, than other ALJs in this area, so it's probably worth putting up with her quirky behavior. She is generally courteous to Claimants but is frequently insulting and rude to representatives.

Judge: Scott C Shimer
8/17/2015 5:26:33 PM

Judge Shimer is courteous and prepared. If he has concerns about an issue, such as an alleged onset date of disability or about some evidence in the record, he raises his concerns during the hearing to give Claimants an opportunity to explain and to give representatives an opportunity to address his concerns. Unlike other ALJs, he doesn't sandbag. I may not agree with all his decisions, but I have not found him to respectful, which is not typical.

Judge: David A Ettinger
8/17/2015 5:09:05 PM

Although Judge Ettinger probably thinks he is doing his best to apply the rules to the evidence, his disposition and behavior is insulting and rude to Claimant's representatives. A number of representatives I know refuse to practice before him. If one of their clients' cases is assigned to this judge, the representative withdraws. Life is too short to take abuse from this ALJ.

Judge: Renee S Andrews - Turner
8/17/2015 5:01:02 PM

She strongly suspects that all claimants and their representatives are liars and cheats. She looks for anything in the record to support her speculation that a claimant is lying. She doesn't ask about any of her concerns during the hearing, when the Claimant could explain or the representative could point to clarifying evidence. Instead, she sandbags. She thinks she is smarter than medical doctors or Ph.D. psychologists. She does not hesitate to second-guess their opinions, even when opinions from multiple doctors are supported by substantial medical evidence in the record. She is a disaster and a nightmare. She makes up her mind before hearings.

7/6/2015 5:09:31 PM

judge taylor not fair,has spanish voc lady,

kevin hooper
Judge: Elizabeth P Neuhoff
7/1/2015 1:36:28 PM

Judge neuhoff Was a good judge she help you throw the hearing

Elva Bias
Judge: Donald E Garrison
3/4/2015 8:34:25 AM

Dear Judge Garrison, I need your help. I have been waiting for three and a half years to have a hearing. My atty Spencer Barnes in Jackson,Tn had spoke with you about my case about six months ago and I got a letter to approve a hearing by your office but still nothing has happened. PLEASE I AM BEGGING FOR HELP. I can't get any help from anyone. If you could just look into my case and help in some way I would be so grateful. Thank You for your help.

Judge: Renee S Andrews - Turner
2/26/2015 3:03:47 AM

Her demeanor told me at the door I had a tough fight on my hands. She is very cold. She was far from thorough as she just agreed with the previous decisions without considering or addressing ALL of the evidence. You'll need an overwhelming amount of agreements from your own doctors if you're going to win a fully favorable decision with her at the bench, not just a treatment history. She used my medical history of treatments against me. Get opinion evidence from as many of your doctors as possible who agree on your onset date or you'll be sorry when you get your backpay. If you even get a partially favorable, be glad, she's definitely a tough cookie.

Judge: Elizabeth P Neuhoff
2/24/2015 12:16:15 PM

My attorney sent Neuhoff 120 pages of med records the day before my hearing. I show up and sit for nearly two hours then the judge decides she won't hear my case at this time. So now I have to wait again. She could have told the attorney she wasn't hearing it asp we didn't waste our time. Idk if I should be pissed at the judge or more at my attorney

C. Clemons
Judge: Scott C Shimer
2/5/2015 8:48:27 PM

Judge shimer was extremely nice when I went to court last August and I thought I would win my case because the advocate told him along with my Drs that I could only work a few hrs a day but would have to sit a lot and lay down due to my back problems. I agreed with that then but apparently he didn't consider what would happen in the future. Now I'm having lots more issues and can't handle the 16 hrs I do work per week. I just got my denial letter today and I just want to cry because I don't know how much longer I will be able to hold out. I just pray he will change his mind when I appeal the decision.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
10/19/2014 4:34:58 AM

Judge Roberts is a fair judge. Yes it is true she does not like to be called "mam". She is a tough judge who does not mind saying what she thinks, to include talking to attorneys. She practically tore my attorney down to midget size, but overall her questions and judgment was fair and honestly straight forward. I have to say that she was a good judge.

Judge: Scott C Shimer
10/7/2014 8:51:57 PM

Judge Shimer heard my case last week. I don't know the outcome. But, he was very nice and thorough. He was familiar with my case and asked few questions. He left impairment questions to my rep. He was also thorough with the VE, and was sure to gain her agreement that I would not be able to gain or keep a job. I did cry a lot. And he told me to get it together. It wasnt mean though. I just think he wanted me to get through it. All in all, I think Judge Shimer was fair and knowledgeable.

Judge: Michelle Thompson
5/28/2014 8:27:26 PM

I would like to just say she is a fair and just judge she truly listen and provide fair decisions based on the evidence if more judges were this unbiased and did everything on a case by case basis and not under any preconceived stereotype this world would be a better place

Judge: Michelle Thompson
5/19/2014 8:08:53 PM

She took the time to listen to me and was very caring.

Judge: Donald E Garrison
3/16/2014 6:26:14 PM

I had a hearing with him a few days ago. I have no idea how he ruled but he was very thorough and seemed fair.

Judge: John R Daughtry
1/30/2014 9:00:07 PM

This is a very through Judge and one that will not beat around the bush. He will know the answer to the question before you answer, so you had better be honest. I think he is very well studied and a great reader of people. I think he has heard it all and probably seen it all too. I do not know the decision of my case yet but I will go ahead and say I am not sure there is a better Judge, if you want a fair shot. I think it is going to boil down to 2 or 3 things with this Judge, truth, credibility and evidence. Not necessarily in that order. You had better not lie because he will know. You had better be credible because you will be tested. Also, you had better have lots of evidence because he will not just give you a favorable decision without it.

Judge: John R Daughtry
1/19/2014 4:53:51 AM

He is very professional respectful and very detailed. He will read every word of every file you submitted. Make sure you are prepared to answer every possible question because by the time he gets finished asking questions your lawyer will not have any to ask. Make sure your answers are consient with your records because he will call you on it if your answers do not match. IT IS OBVIOUS HE READS YOUR ENTIRE FILE BEFORE YOUR HEARING. KNOW YOUR ANSWERS BEFORE YOU GET THERE. He is a good ALJ in my opinion.

Judge: Alfred M Smith
12/20/2013 1:37:25 AM

I also have not recieved my letter of decision in the mail yet. Judge Smith made me feel very at ease, the anxiety level went down the longer he spoke to me, I felt like I could trust him more than my own attorney at the time. Judge Smith is a real person, like one you would have sitting in front of your tv with you at home. Good luck, if you are reading this you are probably worried about your appearance date in front of him, it will be fine as long as you are legitimate and honest.

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
12/19/2013 9:20:52 PM

I think judge whitney was pretty fair thank you

Judge: David A Ettinger
6/9/2013 8:51:54 AM

Judge David Ettinger distributes justice with knowledge and compassion. Don't go in front of him unless you are truly disabled. I know this from a recent personal experience. Their needs to be more men like him.

Judge: Alfred M Smith
5/14/2013 7:48:24 PM

I have yet to receive my decision in the mail on my case, so this is an impartial review. Judge Smith seemed like a very professional, compassionate and caring person and even though I cried through most of my testimony and had to tell him about some of the more embarrassing truths about my disability, he made me feel at ease. He seemed like a good person. I would say say IF you find yourself in front of Judge Smoth, count yourself lucky :)

Judge: John R Daughtry
4/16/2013 10:49:53 AM

Though I donot know the decision yet he was courteous professional and seemed to listen to me.

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
3/13/2013 2:30:46 PM

Sounds like this Judge is rooting out the fakers

Judge: David A Ettinger
3/13/2013 2:24:14 PM

you are getting a big retirement check and free medical at the VA. You don't need this money

Judge: Elizabeth P Neuhoff
2/25/2013 2:53:10 PM

This judge treated me very respectfully and helped me to understand how my hearing would operate. I felt like I was listened to and understood. I may not win my appeal but I do feel like this judge understood what I was going through. I do not agree with the earlier comments about this judge. Those comments must have been made by someone who is not very nice and does not understand the process.

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
2/15/2013 12:38:25 PM

This judge is Biased.

1/9/2013 12:24:25 PM

He is very nice, understanding and caring. I have never met anyone like him!!

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
1/7/2013 5:24:00 PM

How can his awards be shown for 2013 and today is only 1/7/13 my hearing date unless the decisions are already made before we get in court, Judge whitney is a hard judge to figure out and beware of the VE they must be trained to say that everyone can be a surveillanc monitor tech, this is the job they say you can do when they can't find anything else for you to do,in reality This job does not exist!

Judge: Barbara Kimmelman
12/9/2012 5:02:12 PM

Very caring person, listened to what I had to say.If you get her as a judge just be respectful to her.She seems to really care.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
9/28/2012 6:44:25 PM

Roberts is unbelievably lazy. It's clear that she doesn't read the files before the hearings.

Judge: Ronald E Miller
9/17/2012 6:06:05 AM

Apparently he had reviewed my file thoroughly and seemed to have an understanding of my disability and the impact it has had on my life. He was very professional yet empathetic. So I guess we'll see what happens.

Judge: Michelle Thompson
8/23/2012 5:03:21 PM

I dont think she took in to consideration what I have to go through everyday dealing with children that have ADHD and ODD have twins one approved other one keep being denied I wish she could walk in my shoes and see how it feels to get calls from school because your child cant stay in her seat or that the child is being suspended for fighting hope she one day look at the whole picture and not just her question she asked us

Judge: Michelle Thompson
8/23/2012 4:57:14 PM

I don't understand her decision I have twins one approved other denied several times never went to court one other twin but the oldest getting denied they both have the same medical history and they take med everyday which is five to be exact and hopefully when I appeal I will have some type of representation because why do one get approved and the other one keeps getting denied keep in mind they are only three mintues apart bug the oldest twin keep getting denied ever chance I apply

Neil Rogers
Judge: David A Ettinger
8/21/2012 1:11:15 PM

I had a hearing in front of ALJ Ettinger on 14 June 2012, my medical condition CONSTRICTIVE BRONCHIOLITS which is the condition I was disability retired after 21 years of active duty Army service, with 4 12 month combat deployments, 2 in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. My first deployment I was exposed to Sulfur gas over a 4 week time period. This is the cause of my CB, it was diagnosed by an open lung biopsy at Vanderbilt. During my hearing and contact with my lawyer I was not informed that CB had been added to the COMPASSIONATE ALLOWANCES list, in April 2012 as one of 52 new rare serious conditions by the Commissioner. These would take effect 11 Aug 2012. My appeal was denied several weeks later for a long list of reasons that did not pertain to CB. Surely the Judge would of known about these new conditions added to the Compassionate Allowances list, so why was I denied, CB is incurable, untreatable and progressive. This was proven by evidence provided. Is this because the judge did not know even though he is the expert, if he did know according the SSA website says it is an almost guarantee that you will be approved. So I am confused why something so important was not addressed.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
8/16/2012 2:05:25 PM

If you are under age 50, it is extremely difficult to be awarded your benefits.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
8/16/2012 9:06:47 AM

YES SHE IS A *****

Judge: Donald E Garrison
8/16/2012 9:04:39 AM

I don't like him. Must have been having a Bad Day the day I went before him. I've waited so long and for what a BIG NO? Its not fair, who are they? Hate it if you get him as a judge.

Judge: John R Daughtry
8/11/2012 5:28:00 PM

This judge is not accurate, fair or even "objective." He's made several determinations in our case that are NOT the privilege nor RIGHT of an ALJ. He is NOT a doctor, nor can he say which Doctors have credibility or not. The bottom line is that this person WILL review your case FULLY before you set foot in the hearing room. He will disect your case after and pick apart, based on what we saw, from his own feelings/perceptions/opinions...none of which were truly and legally binding. In other words, John Daughtry treated me like I was a lying, manipulative faker. I hate to put it in the kinds of words, but if you get this judge, I would recommend having all of your doctors come to your hearings so he can tell THEM to their faces that their medical recommendations and diagnosis are "extremely pessimistic" like he said about all 7 of our doctors. He based his whole decision concurring with the SOCIAL SECURITY HIRED DOCTOR who spent all of 15 minutes examining me vs. my doctors who have examined me countless times over the last 7 years.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
8/9/2012 11:07:32 AM

She's a *****

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
7/8/2012 4:15:35 PM

Very nice and understanding. Listened to me with a compassionate ear.

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
7/2/2012 1:36:28 PM

Very fair , Christain,and truly cares for the truly disable

Judge: Michelle Thompson
6/7/2012 4:49:36 PM

Hottest looking ALJ I've seen. Very cute french sounding accent and a nice demeanor as well.

Judge: Linda Gail Roberts
5/2/2012 9:56:44 AM

Don't call her "mam"...she'll get angry.

Judge: Daniel E Whitney
4/9/2012 1:09:36 PM

Very unprofessional and biased. Sarcastic, rude, and used ridiculous reasoning to deny me. He actually holds it against you and says it's proof you're not disabled if you manage to get yourself to a specialist. He could care less about the rules or ethics. Pray you don't get this guy.