Fort Worth, Texas ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Fort Worth, Texas, 11 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Fort Worth, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 11.0 months. The average case processing time in Fort Worth is 449 days.The Fort Worth average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 41%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Fort Worth ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Fort Worth 11 11.0 months 449 days 2.6 16% 41% 43%
Texas10.7 months406 days2.519%39%42%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Will Cummings
Judge: Larry C Marcy
1/16/2020 8:06:29 AM

Nice guy according to my wife. Couldn't have been nicer. THAT SAID, he failed to agree with the vocational expert in the room and denied my wife her claim. Its simply a wrong decision. She has doctors reports supporting the fact she has a degenerated torn meniscus and requires surgical procedures. She can barely walk and has a terrible quality of life. Can only work 1 or 2 day s out of 10. I am her caregiver..HOW the conclusion was come to,that she isn't approved for disability is mind boggling. We are living below the poverty level and have a long work history. Paid into the system all our lives and THIS is what happens when she is in dire need? Its astounding. We are praying that maybe he just didn't have or review all the information and we will be appealing this. AGAIN, seems like a good guy, but this decision really may cause us to lose everything we have worked for all our lives, including her health. We have no way to help her without a favorable decision. I cannot convert our home to handicap friendly without the funds . We been devastated by offense is meant to anyone.Just trying to understand why. We will not be able to attend our sons military graduation now...she is bedridden. No means to travel whatsoever. I guess we will fight on and hope something positive is done. Godbless.

Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
1/8/2020 11:58:55 AM

I must agree. I assume all these 5 stars are because of approvals mine included. This entire process is just awful and takes much too long. This judge certainly doesn’t act above those he is judging I will say that. Certainly a nice change compared to the few other judges I’ve had to see in my 60 years on the planet.

Judge: Ward D King
9/2/2019 3:18:47 AM

This judge was horrible the decision letter he wrote was unfavorable and down right evil and heartless he look everything I said positive and used it against me he took bits and pieces out to use against me I know and my family knows how sick I am in that letter he basically tired to make me seem as if I was lieing he also didnt give a damn about my aunt testimony yes I am young yes I am smart but that doesn't mean I am not sick mentally and physically and he also brought up something that was the worse time in my life and made it seem like I just wanted attention and everything I told my psychologist he used against me this is a evil man and he just do not give a damn about anything just because I can get my own groceries I can interact with strangers that doesn't make sense he has no idea how bad my anxiety is and how it has kept me from living a normal life even graduating in a normal way and how sick I am physically he didnt mention anything that would help my case I know there are hateful people in the world but lord I never imagined this pray for me.

Kevin L Painter Sr
Judge: Carol K Bowen
8/20/2019 8:27:49 PM

Judge Bowen was very responsive, inquisitive and also attentive during our hearing. She was able to control the proceedings allowing our attorney to present his arguments uninterrupted. The climate was pleasant during the hearing. We felt as if the judge was truly listening and absorbing the information.

Judge: David J Begley
7/25/2019 4:07:45 PM

denied because he said i was deceitful in earnings. after denial i was informed by the IRS i was a victim of identity theft and could now prove income was not mine/ judge wasnt having it and now lost all my credits and i was telling truth. not to mention vocational expert agreed i would be unable to hold job with my back condition and the number of days i would miss. since have lost everything and homeless...awesome thank you for meeting your numbers and calling me a liar. hope you sleep well at night

Judge: Darren Hamner
7/4/2019 1:52:06 AM

I'm writing this *before* knowing the result of the hearing instead of just 5-stars because a decision was favored. I've been in pretty bad mental shape, and two years of expecting a functional capacity argument, come to find I qualified for a listing. I've been in such bad shape I was nearly hospitalized shortly before and after the hearing. I wanted to crawl under a rock and die during the meeting. But Hamner unexpectedly listened carefully to everything, even took into account things my representative advised I try avoiding which I knew wouldn't be possible. But overall it felt like he made his decision before I walked in. ... > He clearly studied my case extensively. It made me understand why the process took so long. I was hopelessly broken to the point even though the hearing went unexpectedly, extremely well, I, a 30-something man, exploded in tears. I needed my attorney to hold my hand and help me out of the hearing office. For my safety and safety of the security officers working at the building, she then escorted me off the premises and made sure I had an emergency meeting with my therapist. I've had recurring nightmares about the hearing for 8 days; it seems the experience left me emotionally traumatized. Mind, this is after a *good* hearing. ... > So, despite the sheer hopeless impossibility of making me feel better, Hamner patiently did his best to make me feel as comfortable, understood, and welcome as possible. If anything, his kind treatment was wise and might've saved lives that day. I understand there's a lot of pressure from the top to deny cases these past few years, and I hope his decisions are made with the utmost integrity and logical thought processes so he can continue serving as an ALJ.

Johnny Dao
Judge: Larry C Marcy
5/2/2019 4:44:33 PM

Seem really nice Judges. Hopefully outcome great??

Susie Hodges
Judge: Carol K Bowen
9/3/2018 2:15:05 PM

Gary Parker Hodges died on August 22, 2018 because he never received Disability. He went before Judge Bowen in December 2017 and she didn’t feel she had enough info even though she was given an 800 plus page record from Medical Center Hospital in Odessa. If we could have gotten help he would be alive today. Our system is a FAILURE.

Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
8/7/2018 1:29:59 PM

I had my hearing back on April 5th. I suffer from a host of issues that cause me to have serious issues with both paying attention and short term memory. While I am still waiting for my outcome I can say that this judge is a good man. He was patient and kind. Even when I struggled with remembering what was asked he took the time to say it again and didn’t get short with me for doing so. That is a rare thing for me at this point in my life. My doctors, friends, families, even my lawyers have a tendency to get frustrated after the second or third time they have to repeat the question because I cannot remember what was asked a few short minutes before. I feel like even if it is a no that he would at least have given me a fair shake based on how he was during my hearing. I have been dealing with ssdi for almost three years and he is the first time I have felt as if I was actually heard and my illnesses reviewed.

Ann Reagan
Judge: Brock Cima
6/13/2018 6:26:50 PM

I had my hearing in front of Judge Brock Cima on February 21st I believe and he made his decision according to my lawyer on the 26th of February and I still have not received my award letter. Has anybody else experienced says and has it taken anyone this long to get their letter saying that they were approved or denied. I really love the judge that I had he was very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable with him and felt very comfortable with the way things went is just slow process and this living on one income is killing us. Just wondering if anyone else could give me some advice on what to do next it's been 4 months since my court date and I still have not heard anything thank you

Debra Nolan
Judge: Anne H Pate
2/24/2018 2:17:08 AM

Anne Pate heard my my daughter's case. My daughter has a fever back injury from a four car pile up. This was in 2011. She also has PTSD, severe depression as was documented. This judge determined that she could work for six hours in a day a job that allows her to sit no more than 30 minutes or stand no more than 30 minutes. This judge isn't here when I had to call the Georgia crisis help line because my daughter has been suicidal. Her sister come see her. She doesn't go see them. Plus she had that Alisha worked five months ago which isn't true. She hasn't worked at all since 2013. After the wreckless driver smashed us, she had been out of work since 2011. She tried to work again in 2013. Many times I had to pick her up because she couldn't do her job due to pain. How can a person pay for medical bills on 6 hours a day? Is that really gainfully employed?? The vocation expert said if she missed 3 days at the 3 types of jobs she could do, she would be terminated. That would really go well being fired all the time for a person with PTSD. Where is common sense? I hope Social security reads my daughter's file and see that this judge was dead wrong! Alisha has a problem in that she isn't dramatic. Yet people with PTSD are not as a rule. They fold in. I will continue to pay my daughter's medical bills because I want to keep her alive as social security doesn't care if she lives. I'm selling my house so I can care for her. My daughter suffers due to no fault of her own. Yet if she was an addict she would get the help she needs. . Not right. Spondolothesis Spondolsis, and loss of disc height is a joint. It's the most important bones in your body. Back bones hold the person up. Yet I'm here when she is in tears from the pain. Ms. Anne Pate is not. I was here all the times she thinks life isn't worth living. Imagine as a mother hearing that from your child. Yet just like the ***** that hit us and broke my back in two places, we as victims always suffer. Alisha's back is ruined and yet no justice from this judge.

Judge: Ward D King
11/9/2017 5:16:29 PM

Judge King and the hearing was a sham. Social Security sent me to several of the doctors of their choice who all said I was disabled. Judge King had a doctor come to testify against me that had never seen me or examined me and the judge ruled against me based upon his testimony. My attorney was not even allowed to question the doctor. Judge King is not interested in doing what is just, fair, and right, he is only interested in putting another denial under his belt. I believe God will someday judge him as unfairly and harshly as he has judged others.

Susan Dawson
Judge: Larry C Marcy
7/19/2017 7:45:29 PM

I don't know what my outcome will be my hearing was in March. He allowed my service dog to come in with me and truly made me feel like he wanted to hear my issues. It took me a lot to go in there. Judge Marcy was very professional and allowed me time to send the records that the SS office didn't. He is what all judges should be. He traveled to Abilene to hear my case.

Judge: Kevin Batik
6/30/2017 8:45:00 PM

This judge has the highest denial rate in Texas. I just happen to be an unlucky person and ended up with him. Based on his questions he was looking for a reason to deny me. He just doesnt like awarding anyone even when they are ill. Hes a hard ***. Has no compassion. I'm waiting for my denial letter because I know whats coming.

Susan Love
Judge: Larry C Marcy
6/26/2017 10:55:38 AM

Judge Marcy has to be one the nicest people I've ever met. I was a wreck going to the my hearing because of dealing with other social security employees that offered no assistance or information only judgement. Judge Marcy listened to me and treated me with respect. Even though I haven't received a decision I feel fortunate to have gotten Judge Marcy and for the first time in over 2 years I have some hope. Everyone in this Social Security office are kind and compassionate people which is so refreshing. Thank You!

Judge: Ward D King
6/2/2017 5:52:18 PM

******of a judge. He's a joke & seems to only care about denials!

Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
1/20/2017 11:17:56 AM

This judge seemed very fair but also very thorough. I didn't have any suprises from this judge but my attorney also did an excellent job of preparing for the case.

Yolanda Acker
Judge: David J Begley
10/24/2016 4:46:20 AM

I have an appeal case for my daughter on file and I beleive the judge will expedite on her behalf...Everyone has different cases and the position of a judge isnt easy. Sometimes we tend to think they dont know what theyre doing but they only base your case on evidence and facts...I have a disabled child and its nit easy doing my job either but I deal with it and dont complain..Noone asks to be born this way.

Kim B
Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
7/14/2016 9:28:11 PM

Judge Sherrill LaPrade Carvelho was very patient and kind. I pray all is in my favor and just wanted to express my experience. Thank you !

Judge: David J Begley
10/20/2015 12:43:29 PM

It took the judge 5 months to issue his unfavorable decision. His 28% pay rate tells you everything you need to know. In our case the record was uncontradicted and I had 2 solid "less than sedentary" RFCs from the treating physician to support our allegations of disability. The ALJ totally disregarded the treating physician RFCs, and relied on the outdated opinions of the non-examining State Agency reviewing physicians to support his denial. With no other contradictory opinions from any other examining source, the denial was a clear case of the ALJ substituting his opinions for those of the treating physician, and I will definitely be appealing the decision to the Appeals Council. If you have the unfortunate luck to appear in front of this judge, develop your record for the appeal. No stars because he had no evidence to support his denial, just his slanted opinion.

Jack Lee Jones, Jr.
Judge: Ward D King
9/21/2015 12:43:40 PM

My decision was not favorable. As for the judge like us all will answer for his insecure decision making. Very much a stickler and didn't seem to care of my praise for the Dr.'s great accomplishments. As such dismissed her concern of my continued therapy in the decision paperwork he mentioned my medication..while she mentioned therapy. Yet was a stickler about getting it "right". FAIL. But I love life and fruitful lanes so I'm looking forward to this new chapter of my life. Godspeed. Jack

Judge: Ward D King
7/30/2015 4:29:48 PM

I have been before him three times. Even though the appeals council sent me back,he has made up his mind.

Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
7/14/2015 2:27:44 PM

I had a hearing in front of Judge Van Dyck today. He hasn't rendered his decision yet, but he was very kind and did not try to intimidate me as he asked me questions. He allowed time to answer and when I would forget, he didnt' get frustrated with me. He was very kind and professional.

Michael Cates
Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
6/2/2015 12:40:58 PM

I was blessed to get this awesome judge. I knew this Judge had a heart and compassion and a real understanding of the word disabled. I was approved after about 6 weeks after the hearing. I was so relieved with all the problems I am having. I just feel like God was watching over me when I got Judge Christopher Van Dyck..Thank you so much Judge if you ever read this.

Judge: William H Helsper
5/6/2015 1:19:23 PM

For those people who are saying Judge Helsper isn't rude and he just wants to make sure people that are being granted disability are TRULY disabled, you are all living in a fantasy land. This man is the most horrid, judgmental and dishonest judge I've ever heard about. He should NEVER have been put into the place of deciding whether very ill people who have worked for decades and decades, who have TRIED to keep working, even part-time, are truly disabled. He has no ability to be kind, caring, understanding, and to honestly look at the whole case before him and make an honest judgment. The fact that he had to actually LIE in my decision, makes me even more disgusted that this man has sworn to tell the truth and uphold the Constitution. I have almost 30 years of work experience and tried until the very last day I worked to keep my full-time job - heck, I worked since age 15! He has not once ounce of good character, or compassion, in his system and he shouldn't be allowed to judge one more case. If you can have 4 specialists, PLUS THE VOCATIONAL COUNSELOR, tell this judge you are 100% totally and permanently disabled and there is not a single job you can do, then he still denies you, something is seriously wrong with allowing this man to judge one more case. Yes, I totally agree with being strict as a disability judge. I know several people in different states that recently got approved for disability, but they still hold down full-time jobs under the table. So yes, I think judges should be strict. But this man isn't strict, he's very dishonest and should never judge another case. I will get the news and law involved, I don't care how sick and exhausted I am. I have to fight this man for all the other sick people that also get denied just on his whim if he likes you or not.

Frances Glorian
Judge: Ward D King
4/29/2015 2:49:44 PM

I know of two different people who had hearings with this joker of a judge! He told them both they could be "maids". REALLY???? Sounds like a system to me. Same outcome - denied! Well, Ward, wonder what the next person's denial reason will be - let me guess - they can work as a maid!

Judge: Darren Hamner
4/10/2015 8:46:45 AM

He asks most of the questions. He asks in a way that sounds sarcastic or like he doesn't believe the answer. But he is very nice and properly applied a Grid from the Bench, so I am happy.

Judge: David J Begley
4/10/2015 6:46:30 AM

I had a hearing with him in October 2014 and as of today-- I am still waiting on a decision. Every time I call his office some rude guy named Reggie answers. All he tells me is that the Judge is still deciding my case and that he works at "his own pace." Really?! In the meantime, I'm sick and on the verge of losing everything. I understand that this is a long process and that checks & balances are important. But at the end of the day this is a broken & corrupt system. SHAME on you, Judge Begley.

Judge: Herbert J Green
2/20/2015 12:46:22 PM

Although he may seem gruff. I find that Judge Green is the fairest Judge around. He truly listens to his claimants and realizes that the hearing is not a rubber stamp on what has been decided in the case previously. Tell it like it is, and don't over do it.

Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
1/31/2015 10:10:51 AM

I want to personally thank Judge Van Dyke for his professional and courteous manner during my hearing. I am a very introverted and have never handled situations such as this hearing without great stress even before my injury and was absolutely sick with worry over this event for two weeks prior. He introduced himself with a smile and went about the business at hand without intimidation or verbal combat and left me feeling like a person, something even some of my doctors have not. I have not received a decision on my case, but feel that I at least will receive fair and honest consideration, something I feel I have not always received during my three years of dealing with Social Security. Sincere thanks.

Judge: Ward D King
8/5/2014 10:33:55 AM

This Judge has NO clue about me and the PAIN I go through everyday, nor does anyone else who sees me due to the fact I have lived with this pain all my life and just because I do not SHOW pain does not mean it is not REAL!!!! He asked me one question about a past job and if this is enough to say I can work wow you need to reexamine the way you "JUDGE: people!!!!

Marshal Holiday
Judge: Anne H Pate
4/24/2014 2:20:19 PM

I believe that she is fair and really wants to help a person if they really need it she listens and puts a smile on her face she doesn't look all grumpy and mean she lets you know and feel that she also is human, And God has the last say. Thank you Judge Pate!! (smile)

Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
3/6/2014 11:33:14 AM

Prepare your client to be cross-examined. This judge is not rude or hostile, but she comes across as not believing anything the client says. My client testified that a doctor told her something, and the ALJ crossed her on who and when. She did this repeatedly.

Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
2/7/2014 1:56:01 PM

He's a real good judge. made me feel comfortable and real knowledgeable I was approved after 4 months so he takes a little longer but I think he really does his studying about u before he gives an answer and he's nice. Thank u judge van dyck.

Teresa Lee Wright
Judge: Christopher Van Dyck
2/5/2014 4:27:58 PM

February 5, 2014. Today I had a ALJ hearing with Christopher Van Dyck. I had been overly anxious before going into the hearing. As I sat down in the hearing office, Judge Van Dyck swore me in. I just want to post that he's a Awesome ALJ. During my whole time in the hearing, he never once made me feel uncomfortable. He's polite, and very nice. I thank God for giving me this knowledgable Judge. When time came to end the hearing, I left feeling good. My name is Teresa L. Wright, Haltom City Texas.

Mr M
Judge: William H Helsper
11/11/2013 10:07:53 AM

He is not rude and is fairly friendly. But the disabled appearing at his bench is not likely to be approved anyway. His standard may be too strict for anyone trying to still function and be useful; in spite of the disabilities.

Beverly Moncrief
Judge: Darren Hamner
3/5/2013 3:05:09 PM

I was apprehensive and feeling defeated when I walked into the courtroom. Judge Hamner had declined me on my first hearing and the Board of Reviews sent me back on a remand for a second hearing. This second hearing was in the middle of the afternoon and the closed-circuit medical specialist had been heavily batting against me. I had 400+ pages of medical documentation to support my medical maladies. I was certainly disabled. Judge Hamner with his quiet demeanor listened patiently and at last he said he had heard enough and gave me a favorable decision. God bless you Judge Hamner! I have been vindicated. I grasped my walker and stumbled out. Thank you Fort Worth Tarrant County for recognizing the unmistakable dignified quality demonstrated by Mr.Hamner,and allowing him to bring forth justice to those who deserve it.

Andrew Smith
Judge: Anne H Pate
1/9/2013 5:34:30 PM

Something needs to done about this woman seriously she gives the social security system a really bad name.

Judge: Larry C Marcy
10/12/2012 10:59:01 AM

What a swell guy!

Judge: Larry C Marcy
8/22/2012 9:08:47 AM

Judge Marcy is one of the most fair judges out there. He does not grant all of his cases, but he is extremely fair to all claimants. He is always polite and courteous. He usually asks questions first and will often ask about your theory of the case, so be prepared.

R Hinds
Judge: William H Helsper
8/2/2012 9:02:41 PM

I recently had Judge Helsper at my appeal hearing, and found that he is a fair but just. In my opinion he will help those who help themselves and meet the required criteria. However if you plan on milking your injury and continue to do nothing to attempt to rejoin the working society that you have been unable to be apart of your"barking up the wrong tree".I personally hope all the judges are as keen on those who want or expect a free handout and see an injury as nothing more than a free ticket to laziness. If you think for one second you are going to sob story Judge Helsper into a favorable descision you better do yourself a favor and file your appeal now because he will shut your dreams of an early government paid retirement down and he and the other ALJ s should. Do your part to be a true " working or attempting to work again American" he will do his part!! Thanks Judge William H Helsper for noticing someone willing to try, and trying to support his family even though they were dealt a bad hand

charles huesers
Judge: Ruth Markart
8/2/2012 8:26:05 AM

Iam trying to find out about her appeal i need to get her to a dr. cause she is hurting again with her neck, i dont have the money to go to the dr. medicad turned us down cause they said she has have a pending case with her disability we need to see if a discion has been made asap. i have to make all the discion for her cause she forgets alot of stuff.

Judge: Larry C Marcy
6/29/2012 7:55:50 AM

This judge is one of the few judges that will travel to Lubbock to hear the cases. In my hearing, he took into account I was having one of my headaches and dimmed the lights in the room. Regardless of the outcome, I think this judge is an outstanding judge and think that anyone that gets this judge is extremely lucky. Almost all the other judges do their conferences via teleconference but not Judge Marcy. Again, count yourself lucky if you get Judge Marcy.

Judge: William H Helsper
6/7/2012 7:32:18 AM

Usually nice during hearing but has a bad tendency to close his file before the rep completes all questions. It is obvious he has already made up his mind, but I always point out his actions on the record. It can't make me lose any more with this ALJ!

Judge: William H Helsper
5/10/2012 11:19:05 AM

This judge is not rude, but he just doesn't think anyone is disabled.

Judge: James S Russell
3/20/2012 9:53:14 AM

he was awesome, but passed away. A loss for this hearing office

Judge: Sherrill A. L Carvalho
3/14/2012 10:30:29 PM