San Antonio, Texas ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in San Antonio, Texas, 20 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in San Antonio, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 8.0 months. The average case processing time in San Antonio is 356 days.The San Antonio average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 30%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the San Antonio ODAR office was last updated on 6/11/2019.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
San Antonio 20 8.0 months 356 days 2.4 17% 30% 53%
Texas10.7 months406 days2.519%39%42%
National Average:14.9 months500 days2.120%42%38%
Full NameDismissedApprovedDenied

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Judge: Derek N Phillips
1/14/2020 2:30:28 PM


Justin Case
Judge: Kimani R Eason
1/9/2020 8:37:45 PM

I have taken over 100 claims to hearing, and many to the Appeals Council. I was naturally apprehensive about Judge Eason based on his stats but I found him to be one of the best ALJs that I have appeared before in my entire career. He is sharp, efficient, read my brief and commented on its degree of detail. He permitted witnesses, followed the regulations to a T, and I am confident that he will decide the claim correctly. He is the best that SSA has to offer.

James Fitch
Judge: David W Engel
12/20/2019 12:17:20 PM

A real piece of work for a Judge, doesn't care if you've stopped using drugs or not, if it's in you're record that you've used in your past you will be judged for it and denied unfairly without regard. Kinda makes a person wish they were dishonest about using in the first place, so while over half the population at the homeless shelter in Tulsa get free room and board all the drugs and alchohol they want they can collect for being disabled but let someone apply who actually is disabled but has a "history" of marijuana use and they get denied.. doesn't make ANY SENSE. So by this judge's actions i give him one star by my standards one star is too much have a great day.

Judge: Derek N Phillips
8/6/2019 7:00:35 AM


Anthony G.
Judge: Derek N Phillips
7/29/2019 6:03:20 AM

The honorable Mr Derek N. Phillips is a good judge. He listens, he's fair and thorough. If all your medical records are in order and your honest with your claim and real-life everyday limitations you could not ask for a better judge.

Judge: Tresie Kinnell
6/4/2019 3:38:42 PM

Amazing and very thorough!

Melissa Carbajal
Judge: Barbara Powell
4/19/2019 11:36:52 AM

After reading the many negative reviews on B. Powell, i went to my hearing scared.. The out come of my hearing was still up in the air.. however i found that Mrs. Powell was extreamly respectful, and understanding.. she let me talk and i represented myself. Now is just the wait. Thank you Mrs. Powell for seeing me.. Take care, God bless.

Judge: Derek N Phillips
2/21/2019 3:16:09 AM


Judge: Ben Barnett
11/23/2018 1:16:33 AM

I was not really sure he believed me because he asked several questions in different ways. Those questions had to do with my limiting my work hours to 20 a week. And then when I went out on medical leave due to the pain I was going through. Maybe he just wanted to make sure I was being consistant. When he asked the occupational expert what he thought, he said that he could find no other jobs to put me into that could accommodate my problems. That made me feel good. But when leaving I just got a bad vibe so I was not sure about it. Was very pleased that he rated me "Fully Favorable". Just be ready to answer a lot of questions .... BE TRUTHFUL!!!

Judge: Kimani R Eason
8/17/2018 1:24:00 PM

My ssdi claim was ON COURSE. Was even offered a possible OTR by a person at ODAR. Then after firing my 1st attorny at reconsideration as it occurred to me, it’s to Attorney’s ADVANTAGE by the protocol in place for 25% back pay. TO STRING IT ON. Now. ALJ EASEMAN I LIKED. I unfortunately 5-6 weeks before my SCHEDULED LONG AWAITED HEARING, began getting calls from a odar employee! Mind u, intentionally pushing and pushing and pushing me to hire a certain ATTOREY or risk LOSING. This is at the least, unethical. Oig special agent got involved and then it took 9 months of me using my seantor to GET SOME THINGS DONE. I’m not privy to the OIG findings. I’m looking into sueing tort and stress and pain and suffering for being intimidated into hiring A CERTAIN ATTORNY 4 weeks before my claim. I did not initially but gave in KNOWING AND FEELING I MAY LOSE, not on the merits of my CASE, but by not PLAYING ALONG WITH THE GAME. They gave 6k my yes MY MONEY AWAY. I’ll be appealing then looking into all my rights as a citizen against such craziness. I won on bench decision into the record. I appreciate THE ALJ EASMAN FOR SEEING THE TRUTH IN MY DISABLITY. But, beginning to look at the WHOLE PICTURE OF WHAT I STRONGLY BELIEVE IS GOING ON AND PREHAPS SYSTEMIC. If so? Well, I’ll find out. But only 1 way, and it’s a legal process. Before 6k was given away after this attorney LIED. Well, my theopist says; RIGHT THE WRONGS, if any...... We will see. Before the fee petition farce, I rated this ALJ AS 5 stars. Not because he APPROVED ME. Docs made that possible, but his attention to MY DETAILS, not attorneys is where he lost me.

Judge: Tresie Kinnell
7/18/2018 1:06:45 PM

Has anyone been to see judge tresie kinnell.What was the experiance.

Judge: Tresie Kinnell
6/10/2018 3:10:29 AM

Anyone know about this Judge.

Judge: Barbara Powell
4/22/2018 5:21:32 PM

Barbara Powell! Was very respectful to me and son !! She Showed no sign of disrespect. She listen to me and my attorney fairly!!! I can look in her face she was truly tryna get to the bottom of my son case. Now jus patiently waiting on a decision. Oct 2017

Judge: Sung Park
4/5/2018 1:26:37 PM

Judge Park was very fair and polite to my husband. We still don’t know if he has been approved or denied but as wife of a mentally ill husband I appreciate that the judge was nice to my husband.

Judge: Joseph Liken
4/4/2018 7:27:50 AM

I had my hearing November 15th 2017 and I'm still awaiting a decision from the judges office. My lawyers don't know anything other than it is still in the judges hands. I was told is have a decision within 90 days and as you can see, I'm still waiting. He was a great listener and i didn't feel intimidated at all. My issue is that the "process" takes entirely too long and some of us are in desperate need for a decision so that we know where to go from do i get my do i get the injections i do i keep paying my bills...what am i going to do about rent..All of this in some cases is contingent on a speedy decision. Thanks for listening.

Judge: Derek N Phillips
3/2/2018 9:56:35 PM

Judge Phillips was very fair. Paid attention to all my testimony, then he corroborated everything with my medical records. He was very nice, calm, and patient. He did not rush me and he seemed very caring. If you don’t lie and your records show it, I believe he is very fair. God Bless this judge! I pray for his health!

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
3/2/2018 2:45:43 PM

Guy is 82 years old and basically denies everyone.

Judge: Derek N Phillips
12/15/2017 6:59:49 AM

He seemed very kind and empathetic. He immediately tried to calm me and let me know that he understands I don't feel well, but to try my best and speak up. I am already a very anxious person, so I very much appreciated his calming and understanding nature. He was also very patient with my memory issues and issues with losing my train of thought, which sometimes causes me embarrassment, because it frustrates some people. Instead of making me feel embarassed, he would give me time to collect my thoughts or ask me questions. I never felt judged, only understood. I wish there were more people like him in the world.

Judge: Mark M Swayze
10/31/2017 1:39:41 PM

ALJ Swayze is a good judge - he is diligent with his knowledge of the case, and with his knowledge of the process. The biggest issue I have found with him is that he likes to micromanage his hearings to the point of correcting VEs and attorneys on their respective testimony and questioning. This comes off as aggressive and off-putting and can be demoralizing for an unaware claimant. Overall, however, he is relatively fair and reasonable.

Sandra Thompson
Judge: Kimani R Eason
6/27/2017 5:45:13 PM

This is Sandra Thompson 335-62-0969. you saw my case back around January 2017. I had been approved an all. But social security is giving me a real terrible time and will not take the time to explain which spend down they need. I have given them nearly everything and I feel they are playing games. I emailed my attorney also because I feel like they are playing games and not wanting to pay me anything. What is they want. We had estate funds and now that money is gone but what reciepts. The reciepts of each amount that was sent or what? No one is talking and I am about to loose my rental home. I should have already had this done and over. I will be in the streets again and this time right after I have surgery done. This Mrs. Villarreal is mean and all the others on that Aldine Mail Route office are. They keep saying no we need reciepts but will not ever take the time to tell me which sets of reciepts. Is there form of some kind the executor of the estate needs to fill out and have me turn in or what. I do not know. I total frustrated and very upset right now. I am being treated very unfair and it needs to stop. To let you know that Aldine Mail Route is mostly all blacks and I am white and I sense some discrimination going on here. I hope not but I have attempted suicide several times to no success because I cannot just do it. But these people are giving me the total run around and state they over power everything and anything the judge grants. That office is corrupt probably like almost all of them. Some please explain to me what I need. Thanks.

Judge: Barbara Powell
5/23/2017 8:35:38 AM

If I could rate her lower, I would. Judge Barbara Powell is a nightmare. She is polite to everybody working in the office, but a disabled person? She is rude, condescending and tends to nitpick through cases without citing the actual medical evidence. People stated that she is racist, but I disagree...she's just cold and evil. She talks over disabled people, bullies them and does not give them the opportunity to actually speak. Her approval/disapproval ratings compared to most other ALJ is completely opposite. She does not belong in any form of office, approving or denying disability benefits. I had a panic attack during my hearing because she wouldn't let my wife in with me. She basically told me that I needed to be quiet or that she wouldn't be able to continue. I was quiet, but gasping for air. I cannot believe that this woman is in charge of anybodys life. I am confident that the appeals council will overturn her decisions, because I actually cited medical evidence, instead of using her opinions. She claimed things such as "presentation" when discrediting medical profesionals and to make matters worse, she agrees with the medical opinion of an ER doctor who ran no tests, over MRI and testimony from actual treating physicians. How she sleeps at night is beyond me!

Judge: Bernard J McKay
4/28/2017 11:29:36 AM

This judge did not seem very interested in my hearing when we sat down for the video conference. The only questions he asked were about my husband (which had nothing to do with MY SSD) I waited for his decision and when I received it in the mail, I have NEVER in my life felt so patronized, belittled, demeaned and bullied by his biased decision. He contradicted several of his statements throughout his "decision". His "medical" decision was totally mis-informed (or for what it seemed self diagnosis with not medical experience). I have never experienced a more **** person that can be so biased on his pompous statue. I truly hope he does not experience the pain I have been/am going through. But you know what they say about Karma!

Judge: Derek N Phillips
4/27/2017 7:51:07 AM

He seem to be a very caring person. He did not belittle or make you feel uncomfortable. He listens very close to the person with out showing bias towards the person. i do not no the judgement from him but it was way better than i had before.

Eulalio Torres
Judge: Bernard J McKay
3/12/2017 8:57:53 PM

I don't know yet if denied or approved. What I do know is has a nice man. Loves Tom Clancy as do I. Even if denied he was nice and fair to me.

Vote Powell Out
Judge: Barbara Powell
1/12/2017 4:36:27 PM

I didn't see a negative five (-5) stars option so I will just leave a comment. If agree with "Spouse", this judge is incredibly unjust and unfair. Powell is the worst human being I've ever encountered. My mother struggles daily just to do everyday simple tasks we take for granted, and yet this judge says she's (my mother) exaggerating her illness and don't get me started on her hearings. You are not allowed to explain, but simply answer yes and no to her questions. She intentionally words her questions to make you seem like a liar or wanting pity. She's a judge in a city that has a population mostly Hispanic and her race preference is evident. Powell, I wish you just a quarter of the pain my mother goes through, and I hope your judge denies your disability as well.

Bryan Buck
Judge: Matthew Allen
1/12/2017 3:11:09 PM

Fair Judge. He does not degrade you in his courtroom. He listens to your testimony; however, he rules according to the law and not emotions. I won my appeal, but I was denied a considerable amout of backpay. (14 months).

PA Waldmannstetter
Judge: Bernard J McKay
1/9/2017 7:00:22 AM

This judge denied my case that he heard via videoconference in the summer of 2016. I have narcolepsy with cataplexy, which I acquired through a flu shot I got in 2010 while pregnant with my daughter. My body reacted adversely to it as was the case with many people that year and the previous year ( Most people are familiar or at least aware of narcolepsy. However, 70 percent of those with it ALSO have a sub-disorder (and in my opinion the worse of the two) called cataplexy. I'm one of the lucky 70 percent. Cataplexy is a sudden and transient loss of muscle tone, which begins upon or shortly after excessive daytime sleepiness starts. Key words: SUDDEN AND TRANSIENT. I cannot guess when the attacks will occur, and medicines can only control the severity, not eradicate the attacks. The muscles lose complete tone and oftentimes I hit the floor for up to 5 minutes. Not so good when one is carrying a child or trying to cross a street with traffic. Although I am currently driving, my local DPS said they want a letter from my doctor saying it is ok to drive. I have not received that form yet but I am now looking at the very real possibility of my license being taken away from me. I cannot work full time, even close, NOW, and with no car? And yet he said I am not disabled even though my local DPS says I am. This is a core issue...I am an intelligent middle-aged woman. I can speak well when I am not in a cataplectic episode. In the PAST, I held some very good jobs. THIS WAS BEFORE I ACQUIRED NARCOLEPSY WITH CATAPLEXY. Now I struggle to get my daughter dressed, fed and ready for school. I hit the bed after I get her to school, and my functionality goes in spurts. A GREAT day is when I can do this and go to the grocery store AND be able to play with her for half an hour. This is not a life and so I get to struggle with depression on top of it all. Depression that in and of itself is affecting my will and ability, not to mention my relationships. You have NO idea. Mr. Bernard J. McCay, I invite you to add this book to your library: "Rolling a Path: My Own Narcolepsy, Skateboarding, Cataplexy and Lifestyle," by Solomon A. Briggs. I would be happy to send you a copy, gratis. You have no idea what we are going through and this book may provide some insight. I am crushed, angered, bewildered and SCARED for those who are in my shoes who are going through this process. Please sign all the petitions you can to have NARCOLEPSY and CATAPLEXY considered disabling in the SSA Blue Book. Our lives and livelihood have no real quality in our OWN minds, and no importance in many SSA judges minds. Mr. McCay....I realize you see frivolous cases on a daily basis. But for those that are not, you are dramatically affecting many lives. Thank you.

Judge: Barbara Powell
12/22/2016 4:16:06 PM

These people state this Judge is good are *****. She might pretend like she cares and to be polite during the hearing. The person that stated that she denies the people who are a burden to taxpayers, let me ask; did you review all the cases she has denied or dismissed, just look at her stats she is evil. Im thinking you must work for her or be related. This judge lies and is an arrogant selfish human being. She is the burden to my tax money that pays her salary. She seems to look for .0001 % of of all the evidence presented so she can deny a case. She is not smart or fair. She was hired to deny cases, look at her stats. A fair judge would take the totality of the medical proof and not go off the notes of one bias doctors input. She picks and chooses what to use to deny a case, so unprofessional. This Judge sends claimants to see a doctor of her choice and then she discredits those doctors as well. What a waste of taxpayers money. Why send them to independent doctor and not go off their medical evidence. This shows she thinks she is all knowing, and it also shows that she is ignorant. She accepts the word of these independent doctors when it is convenient to her. Why even spend taxpayers money on these doctors if her Law Degree is all knowing and mighty that it trumps one of a Medical Doctor. Sickness and disease does not discriminate at any age and I see my spouse suffer. We provided plenty of medical evidence to show that my spouse is ill, my spouse pretty much died but was revived. My spouse has spents numerous weeks hospitalised and this ignorant judge says my spouse exagerates fully documnted medical condition. Well how the hell does she know, she wasnt there. I have been there and so have our children. My spouse is a great human being that has provided for the family in the past, working 16 hour shifts before this horrible disease. My spouse is always sick and doesnt lie. I see my pouse in pain everyday, nauseous, vomiting etc. THIS dishonorable judge states my spouse exaggerates, but Powell is the one lying. May God forgive this judge for she is the Devils advocate. I served my country so that this Judge could freely and grossly categorize my spouse as a liar. Well ill tell you Powell, you are the liar. My spouse is young and you are old. You are fortunate to be healthy, but a burden and a whip to the disabled. I wish you a long life, so that you can remember all those people you did such harm to. I hope you too get a disease as terrible as my spouse. You should be taken off your high horse. They should do an independent study of your case review. Your words and prejudices are not law. You are not a honorable judge, you are a disgrace to the seat you swore to be fair and unprejudiced. Your perceptions are criminal in nature. So for those that says she is nice, so too are the Devils advocates.

Edward F. Block
Judge: Jonathan P Blucher
12/2/2016 12:02:28 PM

Boucher used circular logic to discredit my specialists' findings then he misinterpreted evidence to undermine my credibility. I met all other criteria but he opined that I was exaggerating my claim and could still do some work somewhere.

Judge: Charles L Brower
10/11/2016 9:59:36 AM

I found Judge Charles Brower to be very just and willing to hear the claimant expressing himself. Judge Brower was very humane and polite to the claimant and myself. He explained the whole hearing process to the claimant, he then went to admit the evidence into record. He swore the claimant and VE in. Then Judge Brower immediately interviewed the claimant, he then asked me if I had any questions for my claimant. I then interviewed my claimant and when done the Judge asked the VE two questions then got off the record.

Judge: Ben Barnett
10/11/2016 9:10:36 AM

I Judge Ben Barnett to be a very patient and understanding Judge. He will ask for both an opening and closing statement. As well as ask 75% of the questions. Judge Barnett will give the representative a chance to ask claimant questions before questioning the VE. I found Judge Ben Barnett to be quite fair, as he followed all of the SSA guidelines.

Emergence Health Network
Judge: Ilene B Kramer
10/6/2016 8:55:52 AM

I found Judge Kramer to be extremely fair and caring. She made my client feel comfortable and asked detailed questions pertaining to his disability. A licensed practitioner was also present and explained what she thought of evidence. An opening statement and theory was given. She's very knowledgeable on the rules of Social Security.

Judge: Charles L Brower
9/15/2016 8:27:25 AM

I recently represented a claimant before Judge Charles Brower. Judge Brower was very humane and polite to the claimant and myself. He explained the whole hearing process to the client, he then went to admit the evidence into record. He swore the claimant and VE in. He immediately interviewed the claimant, he then asked me to explain and prove on the Medical record evidence, the client's dx that meets the SSA Listing, I presented the evidence to prove dx limitations he experiences and history his symptoms. I believe this Judge was very just and willing to hear the claimant expressing himself.

J.C. Clarkson
Judge: Lissette C Perez
9/14/2016 1:25:35 PM

Judges tend to be cold and uncaring when their decisions do not benefit us. Otherwise, we praise them and their professionalism. It is just human nature I guess. The bottom line is that the law is the law, whether we like it or not. The same happens when we get a traffic ticket, Damn cops, so cold & uncaring. The light was yellow, I swear. Judge Perez seemed professional to me. Perhaps because she ruled on my favor.

Kristi D
Judge: Janice L Holmes
8/3/2016 1:02:12 PM

Mrs. Holmes is a very kind and compassionate judge. I recently went in for my hearing and she is a very good listener and ask questions that pertain to your disability and how it effects you. She does not try an minimize your limitations what so ever. She is very awesome and sweet and not a scary person at all. I have a social problem and she did not come across scary at all where it put me in one of my panic modes. If you have an attorney representing you I wouldn't even waste the expense on them cause she will do all the questioning to the ve is their is one present and she believes your testimony is truthful... I highly recommend her and don't even know what the outcome of my decision is but it is what it is. She does her job very well and I appreciate her in all aspects.... Kristi D.

Judge: Derek N Phillips
6/28/2016 8:02:55 AM

Really like this ALJ. He is extremely calm and soft-spoken. Very clear about how he wants the hearing to be conducted. Basically he does background and leaves work and RFC to the rep. Very measured in his approach but thoughtfully so. I had a client who was difficult to elicit testimony from and he was very patient with my methods and the results. Not sure what the outcome is, but he appeared to be fair and he was very polite and decent to my client, which is always appreciated. Hope he stays this way.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
5/15/2016 10:56:23 AM

Is he in Las Vegas now? I have a May 2016 hearing with a Judge Gary L. Vanderhoof in Las Vegas.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
4/4/2016 7:46:50 PM

I find him to be conservative but very fair. I have been a disability lawyer since 1984. He knows the law and follows it.

Judge: Bernard J McKay
3/11/2016 10:43:20 AM

Judge McKay is rude. He took one look at my husband and already knew he was going to deny his case. Him asking questions is just for show. His job as a judge is just to deny cases. He probably gets a bonus at the end of the year for every case he denies. My husband is 100% permanent and Total disabled from the VA, medically retired from the military and that judge thought nothing was wrong with him. My husband has too much stuff in his medical file not to be granted but yet this judge found something petty to deny his case. This judge is a joke and good luck to the next victim.

Judge: James A Burke
1/4/2016 2:26:50 PM

Judge Burke was very fair, and each time I called ODAR the person who answered my request was very helpful and professional! (and I called often)

Judge: James A Burke
10/21/2015 2:42:01 PM

Judge Burke was a very kind and professional Judge! He was very respectful and really listened to me , he gave me advice which I followed and I was successful in my case! Thank you Judge Burke!

The Packard Law Firm
Judge: Ilene B Kramer
10/1/2015 2:24:36 PM

Judge Kramer is an extremely fair and impartial Judge, who really listens and cares. I recently had a case where, due to a clerical error in a previous Judges Decision, the claimant was improperly denied. I raised this issue with Judge Kramer and she agreed to hear a motion to revisit the prior case. This just shows how Judge Kramer is willing to take a comprehensive approach to her hearings. She could have easily dismissed the motion and focused only on the present case. After Judge Kramer listened to our motion, we were able to correct the clerical error in the previous case. It made a huge difference to my client and restored his faith in our government. Had it not been for Judge Kramer's vast knowledge of Social Security laws and procedures, as well as the claimant's file, this wrong may have never been corrected.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
8/24/2015 6:38:23 PM

you have a better chance of winning the powerball than a favorable decision from him. completely dismissed all my dr diagnosis. you wouldnt win if you were just a head on a stick.

karla beyer
Judge: Barbara Powell
8/13/2015 1:23:59 PM

I had a hearing with judge Powell on August 12th, I found her to be very polite,respectful, and understanding of my situation, I had no issues with her. She was great. Not scary at all.

Judge: Joseph Liken
8/11/2015 4:10:21 PM

I saw Judge Liken today and I believe he is a very good listener. I felt very comfortable in his courtroom. He was not intimidating like many judges. Regardless of the outcome I was happy to be seen by Judge Liken.

Judge: Charles L Brower
5/19/2015 1:00:54 PM

Please hope that you dont get this judge. He was not only arrogant but also unprofessional. Talking about the case before me and how he knows shes faking it.. That he can tell when someone is in pain. Really? How can you physically see pain. Because of this judge i am bed bound, unemployed, no income, 35 and living with my parents. Im legally disabled, yet a man with no medical degree decides if i suffer or starve. I never got to bring in my witnesses, my lawyer was unprepared, ssi never sent me to their doctors, and I couldn't even read my statement.. seam fair?? What a joke.

Judge: Mark M Swayze
3/30/2015 8:03:04 AM

Very detailed oriented knows the file expects the attorney to know the file . Spends a long time with vocational issues.

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
3/23/2015 6:26:10 PM

She was very rude and showed no compassion. She had the wrong information on my file. She brought up a doctor's appointment that I did not go to, had no appointment with and according to her I went for the doctor to write me a note to obtain a floor apartment and not be forced to live on the second or third floor of an apartment building(problem with HER information, we live in a house that is paid for) the appointment was never set up and I wouldn't't have set it because we own our own house and make no payments. All of these judges need to be put out to pasture. They do not have a clue about the people and the information that pertains to that person. Out of touch with reality and human beings.The statement up above states that the judge may view your post. I hope she does, after the screwed up way she handled the hearing somebody needs to tell her she is INCOMPETENT.

Judge: Matthew Allen
1/31/2015 8:44:02 PM

It great to see the how the process works even though I did get it got turned down. everyone in the court was very nice. hope next one goes better

William F. "Rick" Breare III
Judge: Bernard J McKay
9/10/2014 10:21:43 AM

I received a very fair and thorough hearing from Judge Mckay regarding my SSDI case. I sincerely appreciate his attention to detail in my case, and am thankful for his personal recommendation to find a copy of the book, "Listening to Prozac". Judge Mckay is very professional and very sincere.

Judge: Barbara Powell
8/11/2014 7:41:47 AM

Judge Powell is an intelligent hardworking professional who believes that people who deserve help should get it and that those who seek that to which they are not entitled should not serve as a burden to the taxpayer. We need more judges like her.

J. C. Clark
Judge: Lissette C Perez
7/23/2014 3:34:06 PM

I found that this judge was cold & uncaring. There was not even a doctor( Lic. physician) present at hearing. All & all the performance was BAD.

Gloria Moore
Judge: Ilene B Kramer
6/12/2014 9:56:42 AM

Judge Kramer is a impartial and fair Judge. She really listens! Weighs in the good and throws out the garbage. I'm glad to know that she cares about Texans and sits on the bench fairly for the people and the law

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
3/6/2014 7:01:02 AM

She is a very compassionate and caring Judge. She do know if your are disable or not. The thing I liked most about her was that she took the time to listen to what I was saying composed to the questions she asked me. I would recommend her to review a case for me at any given time.

Judge: Ben Barnett
3/5/2014 6:28:05 AM

I found Judge Barnett to be a very good listener he asked for opening and closing comments and let my lawyer ask all the questions, when she was done he had 3 questions for me and 1 question to the vocational expert and even though he has a 31% approval rating i found him to be quite fair, not because he found me disabled but because he followed the guidelines of the ssa.At this time i would like to thank my attorney from Freedom Disability Michelle Huerta for a job well done.

Judge: Charles L Brower
2/4/2014 6:16:48 PM

Judge Brower started my hearing by asking about how I was and breaking the ice with Super Bowl small talk. He asked why I thought I was disabled and I went on to explain. He sincerely viewed all the medical evidence that my lawyers turned in prior to the hearing And asked me questions about my various Dr. visits. There was some evidence and things I said, however, that did make him have some doubts about the validity of my claim. In the end he gave Me sufficient opportunity to explain myself and he took my sincerity into serious consideration in regards to making his final decision. He apologized for upsetting me emotionally and thanked me for "fighting for myself". Things look very good. He's a good and fair judge.

Frieda Parson
Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
2/3/2014 10:42:13 AM

Wow I was sitting here reading everyone's comments about this ALJ I was denied also and I have stage 3 colon cancer and have a statement from my treating doctor stating I was permanently disable and he threw that out so I'm going through the appeal process I hope each and everyone of you guys appeal your cases because I don't think his decisions was the right decision on all of our cases

Judge: Jonathan P Blucher
10/15/2013 4:46:49 PM

70% of his cases denied? I am sure he is proud of that and must get some type on Bonus..! #1 in San Antonio for not helping the disabled people he is there to serve under the LAW.

Judge: Jonathan P Blucher
10/11/2013 11:36:32 AM

He is a good listener, then Play's GOD and changes your statements to his own benefit to deny your case. SAD!

Gloria Davis
Judge: Joseph Liken
8/9/2013 7:42:36 AM

I LIKE TO START OFF BY THANKING THE JUDGE FOR GIVING ME MY HEARING.AND HE ISa very. Good listen. Thank you very much and God bless you and your family.

Misty Coley
Judge: Jonathan P Blucher
6/24/2013 12:28:32 PM

i was a case he denied. he flat out lied as well as deleted some information. i have 4 mental illnesses and many physical illnesses. he only named depression and said i did not complete high school. that is a lie. depression is a SYMPTOM not an illness. it is a symptom of the Bipolar type 2 i suffer. and the PTSD. i also have a learning disability with numbers. discalcula. i did not complete high school. but i am sure my lack of diploma has no effect on the medical fact that i suffer many mental/physical illnesses. i was unfairly judged simply because ALL my disorders were not even mentioned in my entire file. this is NOT OKAY. and i am doing all i can to fight this abomination. it is not justice.

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
6/14/2013 3:58:36 AM

This judge looked to be ok but she isn't , she listed somethings that wasn't true on my deny.

Judge: Jonathan P Blucher
6/11/2013 9:12:55 AM

This judge likes to think he knows more than doctors in all fields. Even the Pysch that he sent me to he dismissed her findings. He dismissed the findings in my ongoing chronic illnesses, mental disorders, and 3 other government agencies placing me on a perm disabled listing. He did not take into consideration that with all the Pysch doctors I had to see, both in the VA and his own, had my GAF score all over the place, knowing from my testimony and several others that they were changing my medication still trying to find the right combo, so of course my mind and thinking will be different. He also dismissed several of my medical conditions because, since the va already considers me totally disabled, the va doctors but that my illnesses were being managed. Not taking into consideration the statements of many close to me that *being managed* in the VA term was that I was heavily medicated and having to be in bed for hours several times a week making it impossible for me to gainfully employed. This judge thinks he is right and doctors are wrong on to many occasions. When he writes his final denial he leaves out much of the real problems to make his own case of knowing more than actual trained medical professionals. If you are not in a wheelchair and completely unable to speak or move around on your own, this judge will deny your case.

Cynthia Barrientes
Judge: Peter F Gazda
4/3/2013 8:52:06 AM

Today was my hearing, and I had Judge Peter F. Gazda. He was very detailed in his questions and listened to my case. On a personal level he thanked me for serving our Country, which made me feel proud of myself again.

Judge: David W Engel
3/27/2013 6:56:35 AM

This ALJ is thorough and methodical. Will ask for opening statement and do general questioning. Usually does one hypo based on DDS opinions of RFC and one based on FCE or client's testimony.

Judge: Barbara C Marquardt
2/27/2013 10:11:39 AM

I am writing this on behalf of my son. My son has an average IQ. He has excellent verbal skills but cannot put his thoughts in writing. His doctor has diagnosed to have brain damage. He also has ADHD, bipolar disorder, post traumatic syndrome and sleep apnea. The judge ridiculed and belittled my son and told my son that he belonged in prison and would amount to nothing but a janitor. The judge denied him and failed to understand that his deviant behavior has to do with his ADHD, bipolar and post traumatic syndrome. I rate this judge #1. She has no working knowledge of mental disabilities and is not current on how bipolar leads to violence, crime or other deviant behaviors.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
1/10/2013 10:13:30 AM

Judge Vanderhoof statistically denies almost everyone. You are very unlucky if you have him. Apparently he is dumped in the Corpus Christi, Texas area so he does not deny everyone in San Antonio, Texas.

Judge: Barbara C Marquardt
1/3/2013 12:02:22 PM

I think she was a worker's compensation ALJ. Not Claimant or attorney/representative friendly. Appears to have already had her mind made up prior to hearing. Very negative ALJ.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/11/2012 7:02:10 AM

Judge Vanderhoof denied my case, I have medical evidence that shows 3 different dissabilities,Essential tremors,Anxiety disorder and Degenerative Arthritis and he still denied me. When I did receive my letter of denial he failed to mention in the report my Degenerative Arthritis which would have qualified me. I have trouble walking,sitting,standing because of my arthritis,my body is in a constent tremor which keeps me from holding an eating utensil or a pen to sign my name if I need to,my Anxiety disorder is because I cannot function like I use to. Why I was denied I will never know.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
12/7/2012 6:14:41 PM

He does have difficulty hearing but I have always found him to be very fair. That isn't to say he can't make mistakes but I don't believe his denials are based on bias.

Judge: Gary L Vanderhoof
12/2/2012 7:00:02 PM

The guy denied my claim, based on not believing the psychiatric evidence that clearly showed my severe depression and my inabiity to work.Funny how a guy that needs a psychiatrist himself gets to deny my psychiatric case

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
12/2/2012 6:53:19 PM

This judge presided over my hearing. At all times, he was very proper and professional and showed a deep knowledge of the law. He corrected the vocational expert in his testimony and that led to an allowance in my case. People that bad mouth him are very unfair and very ignorant.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
11/24/2012 6:35:11 PM

The guy is not only totally clueless, he's also totally deaf. Crazy how someone with these deficiencies gets to play God with my life.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
11/20/2012 3:06:44 PM

Judge Mariani needs to retire. I was rude to me from the start. Needless to say, he had made his decision on my case way before I had a chance to speak.

Judge: David W Engel
9/27/2012 6:27:50 AM

Fair judge, but be ready to address unemployment, inconsistent statements in the file, or drug and alcohol issues. He does not overlook that kind of thing at his hearings but tends to be cool that hit those issues head on honestlyrather than try to cover them up as if they did not exist.

Judge: Gerardo Mariani
9/23/2012 4:26:04 PM

Judge Mariani is very knowledgeable and very fair. Although he denied my claim, he conducted himself very properly and very respectfully. That is a JUDGE!!!!!!

Judge: David W Engel
9/17/2012 7:14:42 PM

With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my interent hope alive.

Judge: Melinda W Kirkpatrick
9/17/2012 10:38:19 AM

She is a very fair and accurate Judge.she listens to what people really has to say. She has a heart unlike so many in her type of position.

Judge: Alvaro Garza
7/12/2012 12:37:39 PM

senor Garza, I am still alive. Eli Salinas, El Paso. Ed Elizondo is visiting in El Paso. 07/12/12.

Judge: Don A Harper
6/27/2012 7:02:33 PM

REally knows the law and is very efficient in his manner of conducting hearing.

Judge: David W Engel
6/9/2012 8:22:36 PM

A lot nicer than wolfe but approves less cases. Pretty cool judge.

Terry Wilhelm
Judge: Don A Harper
4/15/2012 9:33:16 AM

Went before Judge Harper on April 4th, 2012. I was impressed with Judge Harper. He listened to all sides equally. He asked precise questions and listened to my answers. He listened to my lawyer as well as the medical and vocational experts. All you can hope for is a Judge that will listen to all points equally. Even if I am denied benefits I do believe that Judge Harper gave me an honest and unbiased day in court.

Judge: Ben Barnett
4/2/2012 8:02:18 PM

Friendly and fair judge. Will ask for opening and closing. Will do 85% of the questioning.

Judge: Jonathan P Blucher
3/21/2012 12:13:51 AM

Judge: Joseph Liken
3/18/2012 1:16:37 AM

This judge is a good listener and very fair